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  1. Anyone remember the hippy dippy mailman?
  2. First thing I thought of was too political to put on here.
  3. I think later 8n's with the side mount distributer had a place on lower right side of dash had provision for a tach. IIRC it ran off the back of the governor. Cab is factory accessary. friend had one with it on. I think that manure bucket is missing a couple things but the first farm I worked on had one that worked off the three point. PITA even for a 14 year old.
  4. That's enough to make you butter your butt and sit on a hill of red ants. Quote courtesy of Earl Pitts: AMERICAN
  5. It's a shame even that doesn't deter people from borrowing the trailer.
  6. Had them on my '69 Firebird. No vibration. Sold them when I needed some money.
  7. We have been blessed with natural gas for a long long time. Do them larger tanks need tested like the small tanks every few years?
  8. My '39 d-35 has that shift pattern. Former fire truck. My '39 D-35 has this shift pattern. Former fire truck.
  9. Where did you find my seventh grade picture?
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