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  1. jingles1928

    The wisdom of Johnny Carson

    Met Leno at a motorcycle rally back in the nineties. Common as dirt. Good guy. Dennis
  2. jingles1928

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    Thought this was going to be Dr. Pepper trivia. Don't use knobs. Dennis
  3. jingles1928

    Nice COE

    High binder in the middle, Emeryville on the right. Dennis
  4. jingles1928

    Hitch hikers

    Reminds me of a funny story. I had to go to town on a -5* day. When I got to the city limits there was a guy carrying a battery about three blocks from an auto parts store. Figured I would give him a ride because of the cold. Stopped and offered to give him a ride which he accepted. He opened the door and just stood there for a short while. About that time my dog stuck his head between the seats from the back. Forgot he was back there. Finally convinced him the dog wouldn't attack him and we made the ride to the parts store without incident. Dennis
  5. jingles1928

    Sugar for diabetics I guess

    Back in the 70s a guy asked me if I wanted to invest in bottleing water and selling it. I told him I would just keep my money. Who in the world would pay for something they can get for free. The rest is history. Dennis
  6. jingles1928


    If that is a cattle dog you have a trifecta.😁
  7. jingles1928

    Needing high crop attachments

    Gonna have to find a braille computer, just ripped my eyes out.
  8. jingles1928

    Happy Birthday Bill

    Happy birthday from the guy across from the school. Good seeing you at Farm Science. Dennis
  9. jingles1928

    Safety question about gloves

    Could you put the glove on a steel plate and then put one lead of an ohm meter on the glove making sure it touches only the glove and put the other lead to the plate to see if there is continuity? Dennis
  10. jingles1928

    engine swap.

    Used to deliver into GM plants, I saw too much waste and laziness to support Generous Motors. Not saying it doesn't happen in Ford plants, just that I didn't see it. Wasn't a fan of the government bail out either. Other than rusting down around me the drivetrain has been great in my truck. Sounds like I need to drive it until it looks like a 70's scout. Thanx for all the input. Dennis
  11. jingles1928

    engine swap.

    Found a real nice rust free southern 99 f-250 with bad v-10. I have a 01 f-250 that leaves rust droppings every where I park it. Thinking about putting my 5.4 where the v-10 comes out of. only difference is the 99 is 4 wheel drive. both automatics. Will it work and what would I have to look out for as far as fit, computer, etc.? Dennis
  12. jingles1928

    Muscle Cars

    Probably had nothing to do with the car.🤣 Dennis
  13. jingles1928

    Northern guys ready for the cold?

    Climate chance collusion. Dennis
  14. jingles1928

    Handyman corner

    My wife will not let me within 25 feet of her machine. Fine with me. Dennis
  15. jingles1928

    Over driving lights