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  1. I used to dance like that. It's the reason I get spinal epidurals every three months and Bursa injections in between.😁
  2. He will need that coffin if Mrs. Mto finds out he is showing that rig to his old girlfriends.😆
  3. First fireworks with new to us rescue pup. Slept through most of it.
  4. Could be gender neutral.
  5. Just seen a BLM protest in Dayton on the news. 95% white, could this be white guilt or toxic shame?
  6. Only liked one thing on the menu anyway, no need to stop there anymore.
  7. If you didn't know better you would think that was factory. Nice job
  8. Don't know about Iowa but in Ohio you buy a historical plate from the state for your vehicle. twenty five dollars lifetime. Then you find the plates you want to match your car and take them to deputy registrar and they make a copy of them and match it up with your historical plate. You do have to carry the historical plate in the car in case you get stopped for some reason. I have 1928 plate on my 28 six speed and 66 farm plates on my 1200A.
  9. There is a video somewhere of a whale on a flat bed blowing up in town somewhere in Japan. Probably on u-tube.
  10. Shame they are so stupid to do a little research. Oh, can't do research with history being erased.
  11. Worked with a guy who said if he saw an atomic bomb falling he would run out an try to catch it.
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