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  1. Yep, married my first wife is probably the worst. Too many others to list. (not wives)
  2. If you are not there you can't vote. Unless something changed in the last month or so we were running unopposed. Dennis
  3. Springfield/ Clark County Fairgrounds is who they are working with. Right off I-70 Very easy to access. Lots of room and asphalt. Dennis Chapter 6 Membership Secretary
  4. Reminds me of when I was a kid I had haymow duty and was salting hay. Stepped in a hole between bales and the whole can of salt ended up on one bale. I always thought the cow that got it stayed at the water trough all day. Dennis
  5. I live within 15 miles of Denny's, Most locals go some other place. Dennis
  6. I might not steal it, but I would covet an early 1900's 13 letter s**t spreader truck if it was in my barn. Dennis
  7. Hello Dennis,

    It looks like I have finally found me an old six speed special.  The first challenge is getting it back to PA.  Do you or any of your buddy's know of an economical transporter who might be willing to haul my old truck from Colorado Springs back to PA ?   Unfortunately it's not running.



    1. jingles1928


      Already sent you a PM reply when I saw this. Can't help with transportation. Might put a notice out on this forum and get lucky. There is a guy that advertises on the smokestak website, might check with him. I think he advertises in the hauling forum.


  8. Had a pure aussie that the vet said to keep him close to 70 pounds. Said it is hard on their joints carrying the extra weight.. He was a little tall for the breed, I could scratch his head without bending over very far. I am 5'8". Dennis
  9. Also have picnic on the cemetery grounds with family. Dennis
  10. Had one when I moved into the house from Grandmas days. Now a laundry / mudroom. Dennis
  11. Gave up riding when the last of my five riding buddies died. Too old to break in a new riding buddy. Also health problems started getting in the way, sold it two years ago. Super nice bike. Would be on my list too. However life goes and I bought a used Porsche Boxster for less than the cost of that bike. Hang in there it can happen, all you have to do is sell a few tractors.😮 Dennis
  12. Nice truck. If you pull your gooseneck with a different truck make sure the hitch is set at the same height so you don't have to crank it up and down to fit the hitch. I pulled mine with an f-250 and a 1600 Loadstar and had to drop the hitch on the Loadstar a few inches. You won't have to mess with raising or lowering the hitch on the trailer either. Not sure how to go between air brakes on the truck and the electric brakes on the trailer. My Loadstar had vacuum over hydraulic so it was no problem. Dennis
  13. Add my wife to that bunch although she has slowed down due to grandkids. Dennis
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