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    IH Trucks, especially 6 Speed Specials and demonstrating Grandpas 1934 Jay-bee portable hammermill powered by a Ford Flathead V-8 mounted on a 1939 IH D-35.

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  1. I am 10 miles from the fairgrounds west of Springfield. You are welcome to leave it at my place One more trailer won't hurt.
  2. Does that mean I was getting a thrashing instead of threshing when dad was beating my azz.
  3. Sponge Bob Square Pants in a blue suit.
  4. Talked to a guy that is bringing his to RPRU.
  5. I think the KB-3 was considered a one ton. Could be some one with more knowledge can confirm this.
  6. Couple weeks after my prostate came out I was at my brothers place and his one year old grandson was wearing pull ups. Told my brother and sis-in-law that he and I were wearing the same type under wear. Brought a few chuckles.
  7. If you can get somebody to set up a fan in front of the sawhorse and throw bugs into the airflow it enhances the experience.
  8. One I had was not to bad of course I was in my mid twenties. As far being the first at the accident you could also get a birdseye of it.
  9. Blasphemy!!!!!!!!
  10. My kids will be passing out sale bills at my funeral.
  11. Thanx, I was doing my WES 806 imitation all day, mowing grass.
  12. If you cut the bottoms out and put them together you can make down spout extensions.
  13. Honest truth, knew a truck driver named Jack Schmidt. Worked for CW Transport.
  14. Use them to tie plastic bags on the mirrors on my new truck so birds don't crap on it. Works great.
  15. Is there a decibel meter with a high enough range to test it?❤️
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