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  1. Friends shop burned a week ago. Most hand tools made it through although a lot of miscalaneous(sp) big tools and parts are toast. Quonset type building sky lights gone. Steamer and collector tractors in attached shed not damaged. Fire chief thought it could have started from Battery powered tool charger plugged in without a battery being charged.
  2. I saw an interview with Mel Brooks, said Blazing Saddles would be a ten minute movie today.
  3. Mr. Patterson eighth grade history class. Remember him crying. Also Dads birthday.
  4. Wifes nephew, niece, and youngest daughter were in the band. Daughter and husband met each other in the band, Both in T-row. Nieces ex even dotted the I one year. Rabid Ohio State fans. As for me, meh.
  5. With my vehicles I would have to degrease and clean oil off whatever I hauled before I could use it.
  6. They left to my place.☹️ '84 W-350 took up residence on slab behind my shop. You can throw a cat through it and not hit any metal that would hurt the cat. Probably never get it done. Other more interesting projects in front of it.
  7. Had blue glitter toggle extensions on a '78 Freightliner with a blue interior. I swear it gained at least 10 HP with the extensions.
  8. I often wonder how the jake break drivers would do before the jake break was invented.
  9. I bet all that good help made it a piece of cake.
  10. Underneath that plate with the spark advance/retard rod there should be a hole that it horizontal made for a quarter inch bolt 2 or 3 inches long. The hole is in the pot metal casting on the back of the generator where the distributer goes in. What does the timing rod hook into if it doesn't have a plate? Maybe a pic of your distributer would help. That casting is very fragile so at one time or another that hole might have been broken off. That casting is made of unobtanium so be care full with it. That distributer is different than mine but that hole in the casting should be there unless it was broken off .
  11. No sticker = no sticker shock. Looked at a plain jane 2017 F-250 yesterday 8' bed extended cab 6.2 engine 57,000 miles $39,000. Wouldn't come off a nickel. Best she could do was put different running boards on it. Couldn't even talk her into a light plug in the bed. I'll just keep my old F250, winter is coming anyway. Body shop manager at local Mopar dealer I work part time for said they had a virtural meeting with district people. Chrysler believes things will open up second quarter next year. Girl at Ford dealer said they got some chips and are clearing out a lot the trucks at Kentucky Speedway. Hopefully this will help.
  12. I might have missed it at one time but what is the history on the Moline?
  13. I drive 675 more than I care to. It does have underpasses and a million idiot drivers. State route 444 runs right along side Area C and has no underpasses. Fairly straight also. Area C is where the flight lines and runways are. Area B is where the Air Force museum is and does have a runway but is only used to bring planes to the museum. True most of Wright -Patt is underground. I used to deliver to base head quarters every once in a while. You stopped at the gate and a guard rode with you to the building and from the building. They opened the trailer doors unloaded and closed the doors. I was not allowed to leave the cab. There is no dock, you pull through the building into the first basement. I have been told there is six stories below ground but don't know for a fact.
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