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  1. I know where a 83 w-350 is if you want to round out the fleet.
  2. Welcome. If you can't find what advice you need on this forum it's not to be found. The guys are great and we do like pictures.
  3. The original facial quality tissue.😁
  4. that is the great thing about this forum, people that want to go over and above to help a member in trouble.😁
  5. Looks like a home made lighter for large oil field engines. I think they were called hot tube ignition. Could be wrong, maybe some one into oil field engines can correct me.
  6. jingles1928

    $1.88 E10

    1.54 just north of Dayton Ohio. Diesel 2.56
  7. That was my thought. After I told the wife that she took my tin hat and threw it away.😧
  8. Not quite enough for a red tractor that I would want. I am thinking a new pistol, hopefully there will be a better selection when this is over.
  9. Willie and crew bought it back from AMF.
  10. Depends on how full of sh!! they are.
  11. I have transitions and while I don't weld a lot I don't have any problems. Some times I will weld for two or three hours at a time. I use auto darkening hood with #10 lens. Worst part about transitions is on a cold sunny day it takes a minute or two to readjust when you go inside.
  12. When I was in high school I did a lot of bailing. One of the guys I worked for would not let anybody use hay hooks for that reason.
  13. Painting wood spoke wheels and adjusting brakes on the 6 Speed Special. Maybe replace wood floor in bed if I get real ambitious.
  14. Just hope you never have to go to trifocals. Plenty of light humor when trying to see. Lot of swearing too.
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