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  1. jingles1928

    Ih 80

    How much HP to run it?
  2. Maybe they didn't have a 7.3 IDI.
  3. Had a blue tooth connector plugged into power outlet in console that went bad and drained battery in less than two days.
  4. 1937 chevrolet can't tell if is a deluxe or master deluxe. Master had knee action shocks on the front. The deluxe had snubbers on the front. I had a 1938 , about the only difference was the grille.
  5. My favorite saying is : Do you understand all you know about that.
  6. Trucks on them are worth something just for the hardware.
  7. I thought they were flat. After looking real good I think they are plastic fenders.
  8. Any body look at the trailer tires?
  9. They also had a front end to look like a Rolls Royce.
  10. Snappy dresser. Boy, dog, and tractor. Doesn't get any better than that.
  11. Yeah, they aren't happy with screwing up their own state they have to move some where else and screw that up too.
  12. My local glass guy was able to get one for mine.
  13. jingles1928


    I talking about the TV show, not the movie. There is no implying.
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