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  1. Sorry for double post, not sure what happened. Dennis
  2. Wasn't talking about drivers. I am hurt that you think all of us rednecks are fat, although I do resemble that remark.
  3. Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks Dennis
  4. Oxy-acetelyne also good for removing hair from back of hand. Dennis
  5. Wow. Crappy way to start the day. Praying for a speedy recovery. Dennis
  6. Looking good. Glad some of those problems are getting taken care of. Dennis
  7. Might want to check on that. I believe you need to be a national member only, not necessarily a state member. That was the way it was at Lima. Dennis Membership Secretary Chapter 6
  8. That will buy a lot of meth. Dennis
  9. Favorite show when I was a kid. ………….militia or the state highway patrol. Dennis
  10. Try Superscoutspecialist parts or any lightline truck or scout parts suppliers. I think they used these switches in scouts. 937-525-0000 is super scout phone number. Any body can help you but ask for Rob, very knowledgeable. Dennis
  11. Happy Birthday Bruce (Metamora Farmall) and others. Dennis
  12. Have a local parts store that the guys treat me pretty good but some odd ball stuff can be a problem. Needed a wheel cylinder for my '39 d-35 they could not get. NAPA is my backup twenty minutes away. Said they could have it in the morning for only $160.00. Called local auto parts that if it isn't in the computer they can't get it. Said it would take a week to get for the sum of $34.00. I opted for the week wait. Part said Taiwan but it works and nobody will see it with the brake drum on. Dennis
  13. They should get her parents for child abuse. Dennis
  14. Is the saw on the regular OSHA approved? Put a lot of wood through one when I was a kid. Dennis
  15. It's good to know they talk about tractors to.😀
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