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  1. Not to hijack but when they came up with the federal mandate that truck drivers have a CDL one of the best truckdrivers I know quit driving. Not much education and could barely read. Knew he couldn't pass the written test and close to retirement he didn't bother with the oral test. Dennis
  2. At least they are leading in the right direction. Dennis
  3. Can't imagine there would be enough pieces to make it worthwhile to pick up. Dennis
  4. There is a donut hole when you reach a certain dollar level you have to pay for the meds all out of pocket, then when you reach a higher dollar level medicare starts paying again. I usually get to a thousand dollars from the donut hole every year. I take seven different meds a day so it adds up pretty quick. If you don't take any meds or just a couple you probably won't reach the donut hole unless you take high dollar meds. Sounds like he got a good agent. Dennis
  5. Sitting here watching the tube on a cold rainy day and a commercial for third party car warranties came on. Do you guys accept them and is it a PITA to get paid. Personally I just suck it up and pay for the repair itself if I can't fix it. Dennis
  6. If you have a company local that does vinyl graphics and readable decals they can make them. I have had several different decals made this way. Dennis
  7. Happened to me. I was having trouble with a six-speed special. Mentioned it to a guy at work and he would see if his Uncle Bill would stop in a take a look. Saw that I was going about it the wrong way but at least was making an effort. Uncle Bill took me under his wing and taught me more about old trucks than I could ever learn in a book. He had a restored 6-speed and offered to sell it to me because of my interest and willingness to learn. Long story short I bought the truck six months before he passed. About once every two or three years his nephew stops by wanting to buy it. Claims his uncle never gave him a chance to buy it. All I can do is bite my tongue to keep from telling him his uncle thought he was the most useless person he knew and would have junked the truck before the nephew would get it.
  8. Maybe it should say Santa makes a quick stop at ------------------------ fill in the blank.
  9. Sounds like I may be on the right track. Nine foot ceiling in main room, Eight foot ceiling in side room ( media cabinet drill press, bearing press, storage etc) . R-40 in ceilings and nothing in seventy one year old eight inch block walls. Approx 900 square ft and furnace takes care of both rooms. 60* feels pretty good with sweat shirt.
  10. Didn't want to hijack other thread about working in winter. What temp do you guys with furnaces set your thermostat when not using shop and what temp when using shop? Been expirementing and have kind of settled on 45* at night and 60 or 65* when working out there . takes about 40 minutes to get up to temp. Is more fuel used to bring it up to temp or is it better to keep the degree spread closer, say 55* to 65*? Some times I don't go out for two or three days. I am an enviromentilist and was to thry to save the planets resources cheap and want to save a few bucks if I can. Dennis
  11. Used portable propane heaters until this year. worked ok. Use torpedo heater to warm oil in tractor engine before winter start.. Santa brought me a 55000 btu overhead heater using propane wow what a way to go. Dennis
  12. Don't know about recovering the decal, but I have had some reproduced at a sign shop that does graphics for cars. Dennis
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