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  1. You have to be careful with them pop up campers. It doesn't take much for the canvas to come out if you get carried away.
  2. What TomH said. Had that happen last year. Don't take long for vine borers to decimate a patch.
  3. If that is not factory or aftermarket that is a job well done.
  4. He He....your reputation precedes you.😁
  5. Thinking of making a fire rig here. Trash pump work off PTO or gas engine and HP of the engine?
  6. My last trailer was a 14,000 # 30 ft deckover with stand up ramps. It had a beavertail so the ramps could be laid over all the way to make 30 ft of flat deck. Depending on the load distribution I could move equipment foward, drop ramps all the way over and then drive to wherever the load rode best. when I got rid of the F-20 didn't need the deckover. My new trailer is a 14,000# but with a lower deck with 83 inches between the fenders. It has the slide out ramps. You have to be careful with the slide outs because if you aren't lined up perfect the ramps can flip. Don't ask how I know. Looking for a way to secure ramps to keep from flipping when loading as I am typing this. Other than the ramps slipping I like handling the slide outs better. At 70 with a bad back, Bad legs ,etc the standups were getting pretty heavy.
  7. Don't know of a special use but you wouldn't have got it for ten bucks if I was there.
  8. ten Trump signs to 1 Biden sign around here. I have two, Trump flag on flagpole under the American flag 18x18 decal that says "Trump 2020 making liberals cry again" on back of pickup and of course the NRA sticker. Get a lot of thumbs up from other drivers.
  9. That is what happens when you pass on the right.😄
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