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    IH Trucks, especially 6 Speed Specials and demonstrating Grandpas 1934 Jay-bee portable hammermill powered by a Ford Flathead V-8 mounted on a 1939 IH D-35.

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  1. A little WD-40 and that will clean right up,
  2. 1.5 miles as the crow flies north of 52 mile marker in the Buckeye. Need anything holler. I need to meet Wes sometime anyway.
  3. Any 8-16 Pre-1928 Motor cultivator 10-20 Old stuff for old guy
  4. What kind of oil is best for the new equipment?😁
  5. A friend of mine who had connections at the Springfield truck plant told me Sunday they are having mass retirements. His connection was one of them.
  6. They live in South America, I think Brazil, they just come here to breed.
  7. Not to high jack the thread but how is the ride on the x-mark? My yard is pretty rough.
  8. Top nut on toilet supply line. (broken)
  9. Have an ez-go gas run the he77 out of it. That being said it seats three plus driver. Maybe a transport wagon like at tractor shows for more people.
  10. If I got a zero I would have to learn to fly. Can't afford one anyway.
  11. Michelle Obummer took on school lunches. IIRC
  12. 3 years ago when I put a new alternator and belt on it. Think I'll check the anti freeze and if it needs to be changed I will go with green. Thanx for the input.
  13. Three cylinder Yanmar diesel in my lawn and garden mower started getting hot. Let it cool down to add anti freeze. Did not have any green stuff but had a gallon of sca charged for my 7.3 IDI. Needed to get done so I topped it off with the SCA. DO I need to drain it and if so can I replace it with the sca stuff? Mower is a 1988 model with copper radiator. Thanx
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