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    IH Trucks, especially 6 Speed Specials and demonstrating Grandpas 1934 Jay-bee portable hammermill powered by a Ford Flathead V-8 mounted on a 1939 IH D-35.

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  1. dirt floor poor had the right answer. the actuarater rod is not catching the ignition switch properly. now to find somebody to crawl under the dash and adjust the rod or the ignition switch. also need to find parts . thanx for the replies.
  2. jingles1928

    7.3 help

    Went out to start it the other morning. It would crank but not start. As long as the starter was engaged it would run. Checked fuel system and everything OK. glow plugs are working. tried electrical system and as far as I can get under the hood. Could it be the switch or something under the dash? I can't get under the dash because of back problems. I'll have to send it out somewhere if I cant get to it. Thought I would check with you guys before I hauled it to the shop. Thanx.
  3. Back in the 70's or so WWL out of New Orleans had a night time Trucking DJ named Charlie Douglas. Had a story about mule eggs and a city slicker wanting to start farming in Georgia.🤣
  4. Got on the scale this morning .True statement.
  5. I have a Revelation 150 (Marlin 49 I think) semi auto with a tube magazine. Can't remember any misfires with cci ammo. Probably 1 or two misfires with thunderbolt per magazine. Have a Heritage that doesn't like thunderbolts. Also have a J C Higgins (Marlin) not sure model but single shot bolt action Short, long, Long rifle to shoot all my duds. CCI seems to work good in all of them.
  6. Last time I actually had a watch on my person was September 24 2007 at 11:00 PM. Although I did cave in when I got my flip phone.
  7. You probably won't find one here.😁
  8. Don't forget the bag of lime in the corner.
  9. Every body needs a person like that in their life. Sorry for the loss.
  10. Tuned up the 1200a a couple years ago new points condenser rotor and new cap. No start. Everything checked out put an antique engine analyzer on it. and turned out to be a bad condenser. Put the old one back in and has never failed to start since.
  11. I'm sure you already checked connections for being clean. If so I would think bad starter would be the problem. My 6 speed special and 3 D-35 both acted up this spring with slow crank. Had them both rebuilt by a local starter/generator shop and they turn over like new. Still run on 6-volt.
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