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  1. I am an Appalachian American and I love pierogis. Also soup beans, cornbread and ham. Don't know what that makes me but I really don't give a rodents rectum!!!! Agree all this BS is getting out of hand.
  2. Gene Tracy, funny guy. At one time I had a lot of his tapes (8 track if IIRC). Don't remember what happened to them. EX wife probably burned them about the time of divorce.
  3. NO, it was international motor and was changed to Mack. Not sure what years. Mack museum in Allentown PA. Great museum. I was there 10 or 15 years ago and I think they were thinking about moving it to Macungie Pa. out by the plant. Not sure if they did.
  4. Came yesterday perfect timing., Great way to spend time recovering after prostate surgery
  5. IIRC Metros used them in the fifties and sixties also.
  6. Ya know with tricycle front wheels you can stuff more it that space.😁
  7. What others say, Training is the key. Have trained two Aussie shepards both picked it up real quick. Training our german shepard mix now .He is a little stubborn but is just about there. Time and training!
  8. I think you left it at my house after the last meeting of "The Society"
  9. Did anybody hear about the explosion between the 18 wheeler and the pipeline? Oh wait that was a 18 wheeler and a train.👿
  10. Sympathies for those left behind.
  11. Makes me sick to think about it. Prayers sent.
  12. She wouldn't believe it unless she saw it on MSNBC
  13. Wife told her sister about it and she went off the deep end. How could you take animal medicine, it's not safe, bla bla bla. Was first in line for covid shot and is to get her second one today. Total nervous wreck.
  14. Don't look like it bothers the kiddos.
  15. Wouldn't make much difference, siphoning gas is a long lost art. Most people now a days wouldn't know where to start, except some of us old guys.
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