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  1. jingles1928

    An Observation for the Fuel Debate

    This has been my experience in SW Ohio. Dennis
  2. jingles1928

    Pickup Glider Kit

    You are good in Ohio too. No inspection. Dennis
  3. jingles1928

    Shocking Error in an IH Film

    I wouldn't crank that old tractor that way. Pretty neat film. Dennis
  4. jingles1928

    OT: RE: Great depression/old people stories.

    Mom said their cow got into some garlic and the milk had a garlic smell to it for a while. She didn't talk a lot about the depression but that story stands out in my memory. Dennis
  5. jingles1928

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    What happened to this, did you bring it home? Dennis
  6. jingles1928

    The Great Depression

    Mom always said they were so poor that they didn't know there was a depression. She grew up on the five acres that I live on know . They had a cow, a few chickens and Grampa butchered besides having a garden. Dad would roll over in his grave if he knew we had a Nissan in the garage. Dennis
  7. jingles1928

    Pickup Glider Kit

    The reason I have these old trucks is so I can spend time under the hood and not spend time with family. Friends are OK. Dennis
  8. jingles1928

    Got it home

    Could be SW Ohio. Dennis
  9. jingles1928

    New joke

    Well it is 4 door short bed 4 wheel drive. Probably on the way to get groceries after the salesman said "Let me sell you a real truck" Dennis
  10. jingles1928

    farm home turn over

    Going through estate planning now. Am following this thread with great interest. Already learned a thing or to. Thanx, Dennis
  11. jingles1928

    IH fire extinguisher

    Got one but it is going in my d-35. Took it to a fire extinguisher place to have it looked at. You would have thought I had a hand grenade in my hand. He turned white took two steps back and made me promise never to come in there with one of these again. Sounds like it will kill you if you use it. Told me display is OK but never pull the handle and keep out of reach of children. Dennis
  12. jingles1928

    How Tough Is a G-Shock?

    Same thing with chemical tanker. Still have scar around finger. No watch, ring or any loose jewelry. Dennis
  13. jingles1928

    I always wondered

    I believe back in the early seventies I went to a concert that had Dottie West, Gatlin Brothers, with Kenny as the headliner. Dennis
  14. jingles1928

    New joke

    I'm with OT. Dennis
  15. jingles1928

    New joke

    Brilliant! Dennis