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    Motorcycle Touring, IH Trucks, especially 6 Speed Specials and demonstrating Grandpas 1934 Jay-bee portable hammermill powered by a Ford Flathead V-8 mounted on a Six Speed Special.

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  1. Isn't it great.

    Where ever it is I don't want to be there if they have snakes this large. Dennis
  2. Is this not discrimination?

    Yep sure is. Heard that some Amazon owned companies as well as Enterprise Car rental owned companies , At&T, and Chubb Insurance who carries the NRA Carry Guard insurance and other companies might follow suit. If they follow we need to be aware of what companies do and boycott them. My .02 cents worth. Dennis
  3. New joke

    Took me a few minutes,
  4. Eastern Iowa IH Dealerships

    That is cool, especially like the old and new together. Keep it up. Dennis
  5. A little testimony for IH engine oil

    Great, I'll get my Cheetos and favorite beverage and stay tuned. Dennis
  6. Forum issues

    Way to go BJ. Thanx Dennis
  7. Something You Were Always Told As Kid

    He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you. Dennis
  8. Rear engine '77 Loadstar

    When I sold my Loadstar last fall the guy took a test drive, put us both against the windshield on first stop. Dennis
  9. Old bismarck nd dealership

    Look like 6-speed specials on the trailer. Close to 12,000# on that trailer if they are indeed 6-speeds. Interesting to see how they were delivered back then. Dennis
  10. New joke

    Heck, I'd pick up his toys! Dennis
  11. Things to see on way to red power

    If you are into motorcycles the Barber Motorcycle museum off I-20 east of B'ham is a must see. Dennis
  12. New Guy

    I used to come up to Farmers to buy paint. Talked to you in there. Last time I was in there you had just retired and was filling in when needed. Forgy is where Tecumseh high school is on route 40. Was between Union rd and Lammes lane. Been off the map since 1960. Fifth generation on the property. I am also membership Secretary for Chapter 6 IH Collectors. If my old red f-250 is in the drive I am somewhere close. Feel free to stop in if you are in the neighborhood. 9867 w. National Rd.(old US 40) Dennis
  13. Weather sayings and other quotes.....

    If the wind is blowing and you see the underside of maple leaves it will rain before too long. Never took time to see if that is true. If Barn Swallows are feeding high a storm is coming. Could be if they are feeding low there is a storm coming. Don't remember. Again never took time to see if that is true one way or another. Not necesarily related But Grandpa said if you smell the outhouse while sitting on the back porch the wind is coming out of the south. As a kid I do remember that one was true. Dennis
  14. New Guy

    New p-valve on the way. Thanx again for the tip. Dennis
  15. Old bismarck nd dealership

    Not hard to imagine the truck sitting in front of that building. Dennis