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  1. Didn't Uncle Joe say something about women using a shotgun for protection a while back?? Is a cool gun. Dennis
  2. Fine with me. I am twenty minutes from Scout Nationals by back roads and two and a half from Ft. Wayne. Can't get much closer to both great shows and won't have to make a decision on which show to go to. Dennis
  3. To say overwhelmed would be an understatement. Still a good show being the first year. I am sure they will learn where they need improvement. Already planning to go next year. D-35 should be finished by then. Did you see in the Scout program book that they are going to every other year? I think maybe they don't want to conflict with Ft.Wayne, That would be two big shows within a week of each other. Dennis
  4. Was there most of day yesterday, left about four o clock today. Pretty good show. Usually go every year. Was at Ft. Wayne last weekend for the first annual Harvester homecoming, another good show. Dennis
  5. I have lived on the same property since I was eight years old. Only time I wasn't here was when I was married to the first wife. After grampa died I bought the big house in 1982 and have never left. The house is directly across from the school I graduated. Was on the could not find list for the 45th reunion. Did get a personal invite from a class mate to the 50th and went because I had a good time at the wifes 50th the year before. Same old same old at mine. Probably be the last one I go to. Dennis
  6. Don't know if he is a forum member but he is a member of Chapter 6. He also has a Super M with a New Idea mounted sheller that looks just as good.. Had them both at Lima RPRU in 2013. Probably be at Springfield 2022. Not 100% sure but I think he farms some where east of Wapak. We made an exception for him because a lot of them New Idea pickers were mounted on M's and Super M's back in the day. Made locally (Coldwater Ohio ?) and very popular. Dennis
  7. bed liner, powder coat can chip. old trailer was powder coated, once it chips it starts peeling off in sheets leaving exposed metal. also hard to repair Dennis
  8. Gas cans don't kill people, people kill people. I have at least ten gas and diesel cans of all sizes and as far as I know have never killed anyone. Dennis
  9. Chris, you might try oldihc.org. It is all truck so you might get more hits over there. Does the whole cab assembly lift or just the front part? Dennis
  10. Nice set-up. Thought about doing something like that for my 6- Speed Special. Dennis
  11. Drove a bunch of them. Retired Teamster here. First one was 4200 Transtar for a Dayton Steel Foundry in "72. IIRC leased from Hertz. Had about ten of them. Last one was a freight truck for USF Holland in 2007. Don't remember series number, but they had a bunch of them. Lot of them in between. Favorite one was the 4200, 903 Cummins with 10 speed fuller. Pretty thirsty truck but would pull top off of mountain. Dennis
  12. Brake problem on my D-35. If I can get it fixed I will bring it. If not I will bring my 6-speedspecial. Hope to see you there Dennis
  13. In Ohio if you can see the tow vehicles lights you don't need them on the trailer. (disclaimer) Unless it has changed in the last few years. Dennis
  14. Good Grief Howard. I am glad we have someone on here that understands this stuff. Are you going to be at the Harvester Homecoming ? Dennis
  15. Never had to use warranty but I do disconnect in the winter and use battery tender on the old stuff. Also make sure charging system works like it should. Have five year old battery on my f-250 I use everyday year round. Just check connections every once in a while for clean. I am a little anal about batteries but I guess if you check every once in a while and keep up with them any battery would give you decent service. Dennis
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