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  1. jingles1928

    post hole digger storage

    Thanx Guys, A lot of great ideas. I like the pallet idea but am limited on floor space. hopefully the new shed gets built next spring. Digging a hole and let it set is also an excellent idea but all my buildings have concrete floors and I don't like things setting out. I think I will make room so I can get it under a beam and use one of the hanging ideas. I thank you and my back thanks you even more. Dennid
  2. jingles1928

    post hole digger storage

    How do you guys store a post hole digger to make it easy too mount? I have carts that I set my box blade and finish mower on and it makes hookup really easy. Taking the digger apart is a real PITA by myself and putting it on is worse. Any ideas? Dennis
  3. jingles1928

    DOT Physical

    Maybe the fat girls and the waterbed.😀 Dennis
  4. jingles1928

    life in our corner

    Have two grand kids in Denver ages 4 and 6. Get fat free milk only from health conscious parents. Drives me absolutely nuts. Dennis
  5. jingles1928


    You sure they aren't your sisters trying to make you look good? Dennis
  6. jingles1928

    DOT Physical

    I was gonna ask what he did for the four hours after the physical.🤣 Dennis
  7. jingles1928

    Just bought this old girl and looking for info

    That is in really good shape. Definitly built I Ft. Wayne. IH would build a truck to customer specs so that is most likely came from the factory that way. If you could get the line ticket it would tell you. There is a saying that Harvester built three million trucks and none of them are the same. Looks like a fun project, keep us posted on progress. Dennis
  8. jingles1928

    Sold the Sandblaster

    X2. The only way I would let mine go is if someone wanted to trade me for a Highwheeler or a slope nose. X10 on the pressure pot. Dennis
  9. jingles1928


    Divorce...Water bed.....Fat girls.... Reminds me of … never mind, Dennis
  10. jingles1928

    Loading chute

    Looks good so far, great idea on the swivel,nice work Dennis
  11. jingles1928

    RIP burial at sea

    Hop A Long Cassidy Wrist watch down a well when I was a kid. Still get upset when I think about it. Thanks for the memories!😠 Dennis
  12. jingles1928

    Engine racing after carb rebuild

    Don't know about tractors but I rebuilt a carb off a 6 speed special and not paying close attention I put the throttle plate in upside down. Caused the engine to run fast. Turned it over and it worked fine. Dennis
  13. jingles1928


    Good to hear she is working hard and coming along. Dennis
  14. jingles1928

    Mowing the yard ,waste of time ?

    The main reason I mow is that my purple martin colony seems to prefer it cut. On a side note I do have a 50 MPH lawn. Looks good driving past at 50MPH. Dennis
  15. jingles1928

    How to Tain your dog where to drink.

    I don't know about that. The dog won't drink out of the one I have but the cat sure knows where it is at. Dennis