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  1. So finally got a gauge on the port where the low oil pressure sensor goes last night. I have 30 psi with it running just above an idle and 20psi when I move the dump valve by hand. So it still has pressure above what the low pressure sensor trips at. Will it hurt anything to have the lube pressure at 30psi or do I need to adjust something to get it down to 20psi??
  2. The light hast worked in this tractor for a while and I have even changed the bulb, so that’s another problem I have to figure out. The dump valve isn’t dumping pressure as it has the double clutch feel to it and will roll after taking it out of gear in the shop and will not roll freely pushing in the clutch after you stop
  3. Put a new clutch in our 1086 and trying to get all the adjustments right and can’t the dump valve adjustment right. So today I hooked a test light to the positive post on the battery and the test light will light up with the tractor off and the light goes out when the tractor is started. Now the problem is it will not come on with the clutch pressed down, I also moved the dump valve with a crescent wrench through its entire range of motion and could not get the light to come on. So what do I need to do next? Remove the MCV and see what is going on inside the valve? Or can the dump valve be removed without taking the MCV off? And what do I need to be looking for? Thanks Curtis
  4. I was 12 or 13 the last time our 2MH was put on but I remember how most of it went. We a 13.6-38’s on the M. Slide them all the way out as you can. Drive it in the picker and finish putting the rest of the picker on then sliding the wheels in till it had 2-3 inches of clearance from the picker. Think we spread out the front wheels as well
  5. Found a CIH 2008-2011 L780 Pro loader and was wondering if the mounts will fit on a 2001 MX180, or if there was mounts available for it? Thanks Curtis
  6. Does the 3 point work? If not then it’s the pump
  7. Sounds like it twisted the shaft off in the pump as that’s what mine did with a CIH pump in 20 hrs. Had an A&I pump put in and running fine for several years now
  8. Everything it went down last week was erased today. Haul gas and diesel every day, so I keep an eye on it.
  9. I put one in from Shoups like what is pictured above. Like it so far! Was easy to install and works good!
  10. Have two Allis’s at home, a 170 and a 185. The power director is just a high and low with a neutral in the middle like others have said. They will hold up to more slipping then the main clutch but they won’t hold up to very high HP and shifting on the pulling track. Our 170 and the neighbors 185 I know personally have over 12,000 hours and the power director clutches have never been touched. As far as shifting gears while the power director is in neutral and main clutch still engaged for PRO use, with the right motion on the hand while completely stopped you can shift from 2nd to reverse and back with no trouble all day long till you take just a little to long during the shift. Under normal field conditions they are great and take getting used to using like any other tractor but they are not the tractor to let just anyone drive.
  11. Looking for one of those plows myself, waiting for the right place and right time like you
  12. Clutch is an easy job and can be done in a few hours if you have the parts on hand. As far as jumping out of gear, it’s usually third gear. Never have had that trouble ourselves but there are several in the neighborhood here that have. If it is a gear the whole rear ended needs to tore apart to remove the shafts and gears. I don’t believe the gears are that expensive for them just a pain to do with everything that needs to disassembled. They are the last thing out the first thing back in. Don’t hold me to it but I think the two gears for third gear are about $150 a piece.
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