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  1. I got bearings for my MD several years ago from CIH if I remember right
  2. Using my MX180 tonight, it doesn’t mind pulling this cultivator Trying to beat the rain tonight
  3. Worked a few acres last night, the 3588 doesn’t like this 25’6” cultivator to well but she’s pulling it!
  4. Don’t give up yet, there’s a couple people here in Mid Mo that never plant corn till July and do ok with it, but the one guy never even combined the one field yet from last year
  5. Thanks Mike, was hoping to get lucky and be able to do that! Curtis
  6. Thanks for the help on the part numbers, I got them ordered this morning. So my next question is can I change the shaft out without splitting the tractor? Curtis
  7. So our 986 decided it wanted a break again this year. The shifting fork (#1)for the high/low has been piping the C clip (#3) off the shaft (#2) and pushing the shaft it slides on back into the rear end case allowing it to fall off. This is the third time it’s done it since we’ve owned it, the last two time have been about a year a part now. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did you do to fix it? Thinking of drilling and tapping a hole in the shift fork and putting a set screw in it?? thanks Curtis
  8. Dad decided to rewrap some hay yesterday that had some tree limbs thrown all over them and found this bale.
  9. Was cleaning up the top side of the bluff across from the house this afternoon
  10. We came through better then a lot of the neighbors. I have several pics in the MO Storm thread.
  11. Was cleaning up this mess the tornado left us Thursday morning
  12. Well guys I saw this thread yesterday as I got a quick bite for lunch. The tornado came right through the home farm where mom and dad live. They made it to the basement just in time and are ok and uninjured. The house only had one bent vent on the roof, but the rest of the older buildings all got some damage. Here’s a few pics of the farm and some houses up the road that got hit hard. The farm is just south west of Jefferson City off 54 by Burzito.
  13. Things are going to get interesting here in central Missouri later today and tomorrow. The Missouri River is forecasted to get to 32’7” tomorrow afternoon in Jefferson City. That’s high enough to breach all the levees around here. It’s been since 1995 when that happened last. Curtis
  14. Thanks for the replies guys, the tractor has been running to well all winter for something to be wrong. Thinking it might be from and old repair. Thanks again Curtis
  15. So tonight I drained all the hydraulic oil and pulled the suction screen as I have been wanting to do this since I bought the tractor last summer and found the remains of a plastic blue ring. Tractor has been running fine with no noises or problems that I’m aware of. Anyone have any idea where it’s supposed to be in the transmission?? Thanks Curtis
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