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  1. My debt card from a small bank here in Missouri got hit will the same think in Virginia and the Virginia Lottery. They had a very long list of customers that got hit on Thinksgiving.
  2. Been wanting to pick up a silage chopper and found an 830 with a two row narrow head and a pickup head. Just wondering if anyone is still using one and what you guys thought of them that have used one in the past? i have also been told to look for a New Holland 900 as it is capable of running a 3 row head. Thanks Curtis
  3. Will try to let ya know if I make it up there again next year, I won’t find out till after the first of the year
  4. The last one with the orange sled, I believe it was in Henry, Illinois on a Thursday night
  5. My 3588 was doing the same thing when I bought it. Wouldn’t fold the wings up on the 496 disk. I replaced the hyd pump and compensater vavle, they come as a complete unit when you order a new one. Get one from Hy-Capacity as the one I got from Case didn’t last 20 hrs and twisted off the shaft in the pump. Been running fine since I put the Hy-Capacity pump in. Curtis
  6. Thanks, will look into doing that in the future. Got lucky tonight and it just needed a little freon and was cooling nicely tonight. Going to give it a small work out tomorrow evening baling hay. Thanks
  7. Going to look at the AC in the new to me MX 180 thinking the water valves won’t shut off with the controller. Would it hurt anything to put ball valves in the heater lines and just turn them off in the summer? And where is all the AC and heatercore stuff located in this cab? Under the seat? Thanks Curtis
  8. So a while back I was asking opinions between a couple of tractors and after a lot of thinking I pulled the trigger on a 2001 MX180 CIH. Probably a little bigger then we really needed but it will last our operation for a long time. Of course this tractor for some reason decided that after a long road trip from Wisconsin that it would blow a steel line after 10 minutes and 300’ of driving after being unloaded. Guess it’s just following after my 3588 when I drove it home and it blew a hyd line in the middle of the highway. But I guess it’s all to be expected since it has just over 4800 hrs. Get the kinks worked out of it and it will be fine.... I hope. I also bought this with out my mom and dad knowing about it till it came pulling in the driveway. Dad wasn’t just real thrilled at first but has settled down and is kinda excited about getting to run it now. I just told him it was his Father’s Day present even though it showed up a week after Father’s Day.
  9. Glad to know we’re not the only ones facing this problem this year. Planning on replanting some this weekend
  10. Nice video! Just wish I could talk my dad and brother into using ours more then we do.
  11. Well after a few weeks of thinking things over I’ve settled on the MX180. Will share pics when it gets delivered Thanks for all your guys thoughts and opinions Curtis
  12. The MX180 I’m looking at is after the serial number break. I’m really leaning towards this tractor cause everything is on the arm rest, I’m not sure what to think of the hyd levers on the Puma being over by the right window
  13. Looking at getting a new to me tractor. Both the tractors I’m looking at have around 4000-4500 hrs. Just wondering what your guys thoughts are on these two tractors. Thanks Curtis
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