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  1. bigbirdbushhog

    Vintage Ads

    It's b
  2. Hi Max i don't know if i ever added you as a friend but here is a hello friend. I think i have but i'm no computer wiss so i have trouble getting this thing right from time to time . John PS I love the miurroll of what your doing to your trailer .

  3. I loved your post on guns , ar-15 enough said . That would be my choice too.

  4. Hi there john grott from nw. in. hope i can help with some of your problems .

  5. Hi there Hi Pockets . I have a good friend that has the same nick name as yours , he is an operating engineer runs crawler cranes . Well have a good one will catch you later John

  6. bigbirdbushhog

    F-14 Heisler overdrive pictures

    Sorry for messing up the last reply i still have to learn how to do the multyquote thing. Yes i think my uncle still has it . Lwas uver there last summer and he still had it . I'll try and get overthere asap and try and get some pics. to post.
  7. bigbirdbushhog

    F-14 Heisler overdrive pictures

    Awesome story John. Is that tractor still around? This will go in an F-14. Unlike the overdrive you had in the F-30 which basically gave you only one 'overdrive' gear, this gives you dual range in all gears including reverse. I believe the gear ratio is around 2.3:1 so it will over double the speed in every gear.
  8. bigbirdbushhog

    F-14 Heisler overdrive pictures

    Hi there 49 h John Grott here what are you going to put the overdrive in a f- model farmall. Back when i was a kid , my dad picked up a f-30 farmall from the nieghbor motor was siezed . Dad pick up a 4cyl. continental diesel some where . He pulled the old motor out of the f-30 and got some heavy walled i believe it was 3 x 6 in. box tubing and remade a new fraim . HE had to drop the motor 6 in. to get the crank and transm. to line up . iIt took about a steddy week of enginering things but she fired up and we were able to pull 4 - 16s with it . It also had one of those overdrives in it , we would get the tractor rolling in 4th gear and when it got to wide open rolling you put the tractor trans. in neutral and shiffted the od . into gear and reengaged the clutch and hang on . Boy that thing would fly , don't now the mph . but i wouldn't be scared to say around 40 mph .
  9. Maybe you like cutting people down that aren't as smart as YOU . I don't have a college edjucation like i think you have . I'm sorry for that . I'm just trying to get a long. So if i have offended you i'm sorry but if i haven't quit makingf me look like a dumb a s s .

  10. HI ART john grott here . I'm sorry i'm not as smart as you . I don't try to start any trouble by my postes . I just want to inform some of you incase you missed the show . I would think these drilling co. would look into what hazards they could create even though it's big money .If you have some wells and you have no hazard prob. good for you.

  11. WELCOME ! I'm sure you'll enjoy red power as much as i do .

  12. I'm 57 yrs. old have been around IH equiptment all my life . Have been on everything from m's to 8930,s

    1. bigbirdbushhog


      I do what ever i can with farming . Back in april of 2000 i was trimming trees on my dads farm . I was using uor scooptractor and a haywagon I got to a tree that had branches that were big and going in every direction . So i cut what i could from the bucket of the scoop tractor . Then i got in the crotch of the tree to cut one branch it was shoulder hi from me . [ You should NOT cut anything hier than your shoulder ] You should always be hier than what y...

    2. bigbirdbushhog


      our cutting . To make a long story short . I got hit by that limb and it knocked me out of that tree and broke my neck , i crushed 2 vertabrie and broke 2 more , i'm somewhat parilized on my left side , so i do what i can on the farm . i still drive trac. and do some mech. work and gardening .