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  1. worm

    I-9 Operator Station

    All the 4,6 and 9 Industrials I ever saw had foot clutch. A hand clutch would be very rare.
  2. worm

    Gold 1456

    IMO, that is a shame you repainted that. Some day and I don't know if that day is here yet or when it will come, original paint tractors will bring a premium compared to a restored one. That one was plenty good to leave like it was, especially being a gold demo.
  3. A is distillate and and J is Rockford clutch
  4. 460 gas, 340 diesel, 340 gas
  5. 766 with a D360 is louder than #$%@
  6. worm

    IH 240

    Got a 240 wide front axle for sale here In Michigan. PM me for details.
  7. Numbers from the archives: 340 gas grove -10 340 diesel grove - 76 460 gas grove - 7 460 diesel grove - 47 460 lp gas grove -5
  8. Overall, I think we can all agree it was a fun auction to attend. Saw alot of the same faces I used to see at the Columbia City auctions years ago.
  9. You have no clue what you are talking about. Don''t know how you can make that judgement when you are 7 states away. I have no skin in the game but there were no games being played at this auction. I was standing right there and I thought too Jeff was in, but the auctioneer had taken someone else"s bid and then said sold. Mostly Jeff's fault. He should have made sure he was in before it was declared sold. Friend of mine who is an auctioneer in Indiana, who also was there, said technically it is against the law to re-open up the bidding up again between two people after an item is declared sold, even if both bidders thought they were in. Item can only be sold to the person the auctioneer recognized. Its easy to blame someone else if you are the one who f***ed up.
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