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  1. Yes, it is back farther towards the seat.
  2. Output is ahead further to clear the hydraulic box.
  3. Ken, you have some inside information or is it just a hunch?
  4. Was this the one at the IH Fall auction last week?
  5. Our 300 is a utility and looks the exact same. Don't know alot about the company, I think they did the 504s like pictured above but not for sure on that. I did see a 606lp that was like the 504 where everything lifted up but it was tough.
  6. That 350 is not a factory orchard. It is a conversion done by Gaynon Iron Works out of Florida. I got a 300 here just like it with the Gaynon tag still on it.
  7. All the 4,6 and 9 Industrials I ever saw had foot clutch. A hand clutch would be very rare.
  8. worm

    Gold 1456

    IMO, that is a shame you repainted that. Some day and I don't know if that day is here yet or when it will come, original paint tractors will bring a premium compared to a restored one. That one was plenty good to leave like it was, especially being a gold demo.
  9. A is distillate and and J is Rockford clutch
  10. 460 gas, 340 diesel, 340 gas
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