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  1. Started the garden today as the temperature is 80 degrees here in Ky. Wanted to get a little in the ground before we start planting crops in the next few days . We put some broccoli, cauliflower, potato, sweet corn, and a few tomato plants . We’ll plant more in a few weeks. It’s early but the extended forecast looks like no frost . As my papaw Bowen used to say sometimes you just have to take chances !!
  2. Only at some events, Diesels get to add 200 extra pounds over the alcohol tractors when they run together. Several of the diesel super stockers had trouble early in the week and didn’t make the finals Saturday night. Most of the super stock diesels are pushing 400 pounds of boost now.
  3. A 19 year old girl here had her wisdom teeth removed then got sick the day after. Her parent found her passed away the next day in her bed . She was healthy before the removal. Probably very rare but after googling this it does happen . This happened last month.
  4. We have bought several pieces from them. Everything they have is very clean and have had good luck with them .
  5. We have Arlo cameras, easy to use and set up .
  6. I hate going into the sheds and seeing the tractors etc.. sweating due to the temperature rising and high humidity this time of year. We were in the mid 60’s yesterday after a cold spell . Does this happen all over or is just a Ky thing . You couldn’t take a water hose and make them any wetter .
  7. That’s what broke , he said no brakes , steering and no control of the stick, happened real quick after turning into a side road.
  8. Thanks , it was a freak thing the tension rod broke that keeps the belts on the hydraulics. No break downs all year but a few dollar rod caused a lot of problems
  9. In surgery this morning , broke the head off the femur where it goes into the hip. It wasn’t a spring that broke it was the tension rod .
  10. Headed toward the last field of the year with one of our two 2588’s today when the spring on the tensioner broke sending the belts off the hydraulics. Instantly no steering, brakes or hydro function . My brother was driving the machine and was along for the ride. It was right after a turn and the wheels wouldn’t straighten up and the combine ran up a bank and flipped back on the road. This was a 1500 hour really good machine before this happened. He is in the hospital waiting surgery. The impact broke off the head of his femur and did a lot of damage to his hip . Combine will doubt will be totaled .
  11. Couple weeks on corn , not real behind yet but a lot of unsettled weather coming the next 10 days .
  12. Been a cold wet Spring here in Ky but finally getting some corn in the ground. Most are planting corn and or soybeans this week . A lot of rain coming in the next week so looks like it’s planting will come to a halt. Also have some garden planted. Potato are coming up and early corn is sprouted . Usually plant a few rows of corn every 2-3 week to spread it out . Strawberries are in full bloom also. We put out three rows of Tomatoes this morning, kinda early but hopefully we are done with frost . We plant with 16 and a 12 row Kinze planters.
  13. Watched a online estate auction close to me this week. Tractors went really high. 100 pound weights brought 225 each and a front weight bracket brought 425.00. Super C front wheel weights brought 240.00 . They are usually around 125.00 around here .
  14. Yes, he had a lot of Fords and Cadillacs, along with a few Rolls Royce’s and other sports cars. Had a big Harley with 1 mile on the odometer. It’s a good tour to go thru, took about 3 hours to see it all. He had alot of stuff and most is on display. Wasn’t impressed with the town of Memphis though. Downtown was real sketchy specially at night around Beale street .

    vhs to >

    I use this Panasonic dmr-ea38v vhs to dvd recorder, it also plays both. Does a great job on converting vhs to dvds . It’s very easy to use, probably a newer version of it out now.
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