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  1. National Farm Machinery Show

    Went to the show today in Louisville and according to my wife's Fitbit we walked 7.6 miles, here are a few pics. The 1206 on display pulled at the very first pull of the NFMS. Lots of stuff to see and a big crowd of people. Talked to some nice pullers from the Netherlands, they brought two tractors over to pull. If you have never been it's a real big show. It is 1.2 million square feet of space with 850 exhibitors
  2. Dog

    My son has a friend who has male and female golden retriever’s and it looks like we will be getting a new puppy soon. Looking for suggestions on should we get a male or female? We will get either one fixed or spaded. Just want one that will stay home and be a good pet . Thanks
  3. 5500 Soybean special

  4. 5500 Soybean special

    We have a 30' 5500 drill , we have used it for several years without any problems. Make sure you unfold and fold it on real level ground . We also use a Kinze 16/31 interplant planter . When combining the beans this fall there was no difference in the yields between the two . The only thing is doesn't like is real hard ground when it gets real dry later in the planting season where the ground has not been worked .
  5. Preserving home videos?

    I use a Panasonic DVD recorder, it's real simple to use, you just put in a VHS tape and a blank DVD and hit one button and it will record your VHS footage right over to a DVD. It will also record footage off your camera onto a DVD also, they are around 150-200 dollars. VHS tapes start losing their color and quality after 20 years, DVD's are supposed to last at least 70 years from what I have read.
  6. Do you happen to have a picture of JC Phillip's 1206 that he pulled at the NFMS back in the 70's. He was from Hardyville, Ky, My Dad used to talk to him down at Gerald Richardson's IH Dealer in Hardyville many years ago.
  7. Vintage pictures

    Old Pic is our 1942 All Fuel H in 1958 with my Dad and Pappa hooked to the corn picker, I took a pic of the tractor this Summer in the same spot.
  8. 806/1206

    Dad Loved IH equipment and GM cars and trucks, here is a old pic of one of his engines back in the 60's, it has 6 carbs. I have several pics of his old race engines. Most has two four barrel carbs.
  9. 806/1206

    No I don't wish I did, he traded it at a local dealer back in the 70's for a new 1568 which he didn't really like after using it. The 1568 was traded for a 1586. The guy who bought the 1568 put on dual turbo's, turned up the fuel and installed duals on the rear. I remember he tore the rear end out of it and had a lot of other issues with it as we saw it at the dealer often getting shop work done to it.
  10. 806/1206

    Yeah I will scan a couple more tonight and add them into the post.
  11. 806/1206

    Here is a pic of my Late Dad's 806 back in 1972, He went up in central Illinois and bought it in 72. It was the biggest tractor in our county at the time. He said it had a over size turbo at the time, I think it was one of the King Bros. setup. He pulled a 6 bottom plow with it and it dynoed 163. People around used to come when he plowed just to watch. He traded it in for a 1568. He called it a 1206 and badged it with that way with a 1206 paint scheme. He painted it and added some chrome to go along with the added stripes on the fenders. It was one bad tractor at the time.
  12. Tennessee Tobacco

    We raised 10-12 acres every year until a couple years ago, almost every farm in Kentucky had a tobacco base (pounds) and raised tobacco. Now it's only big tobacco farms. One farm in our area raised 500 acres last year and has about 350 acres of tobacco this year. He has 28 full time migrant workers. We always did most of the work and didn't hire out much. Tobacco is a very labor intensive crop. Here are a few pics of setting (planting the plants), then the a old pic of stripping in the late fall. If you go to youtube you can see the cutting of the crop. It's hard work.