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  1. This is the unit I put in our 5488. It came from Shoup@ 188.00. It came with the faceplate and both speakers. The speakers were around 50.00 extra. It is am/fm, Bluetooth and weather band. Sounds much better than the original which finally quit. It was a easy install.
  2. I’ve had three sets but only have one set right now, I think I have about 15 sets of the smaller 6788 weights.
  3. Here is a pic of the difference
  4. #6788 fits super C thru 450 #9042d fits W9 thru 650 wheat lands and high clear tractorsWith the 20” wheels , the smaller weights are easy to find around here , the larger 9042 are much harder to find.
  5. Hour South of Louisville, a lot of farmers will start harvest in the next week or so, saw several combines outside the sheds today with the side panels up getting them ready. Some wait until it’s dried down more to save drying but when you have a lot of acres you have to get started
  6. Neighbor started corn Harvest Saturday, we are about a week away from starting. Moisture was 22% with a 190 bpa average
  7. Soon as we get finished planting I’ll start working on it. It’s been so wet here in Ky we are way behind on planting , did get to plant the last few days. Blew a hydraulic line on the 5488 steering cylinder late this afternoon . It was a original hose from 1984 so I guess it was time. Have to fix that in the morning. We plant with. 350HD and. 5488. Our courses the planter I use doesn’t have the bulk fill tanks
  8. The tractor did nothing but heavy work and we never had any issues with the snap on duals when they were on the tractor. 1566’s get a bad rap about only being a 3 speed but it had all the speed needed in each gear.
  9. NO my Dad bought it around 1980, it was our main tillage and planting tractor for years. We pulled a 7-16 plow, 13 shank chisel plow and a 23’ 480 disk with a cultipacker behind it. The 1566 dynos 220hp. Here is a video of my late Dad plowing with it in 1993. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVVBC7KNBl8
  10. Here is a few pics of our other 66 series(1566)
  11. He is a good guy, we have known him forever and have farmed his land for a long time. Those fenders have been on there since the 80’s so I don’t think they are repo but something isn’t right on them . We will be changing all the fluids and filters, it needs a few other things also.
  12. He said we can have it , he doesn’t need it or want it just sitting there. He would rather see it running and doing something
  13. Not sure but you can tell it’s never had any on the front of the fenders
  14. It did, but there are a lot of people with half empty barns and sheds around here who leave a lot of their equipment outside year round. We keep everything inside when not in the field.
  15. I’ll get some more pics when we get it home. Plan on power washing it and putting the metal back on along with going over it. He put a new seat on it right before he parked it. The seat still has the plastic on it . The tractor has a little over 5000 hours on the tach. It chopped a lot of silage back when he was milking.
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