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    International Harvester 1940's dealership

    Thanks for the pictures , love looking at old photos of early farming and dealerships.

    Let my Farmall M go after 23 years

    Just looking at your pic , what is the round gauge on the side of the governor. Good to see it went to a good home !

    Members who have passed on

    Was it Roger Rotter, for some reason that popped into my mind when I read what you posted

    Members who have passed on

    Was looking at my 450D and was thinking about all the parts I have bought for it and other tractors over the years. The NOS depth control indicator came from Glen Mlnarik and he said it came from a collector who was killed on a tractor rollover in the mid 90’s , he was a pretty big IH collector at the time, I couldn’t remember his name and it got me thinking about all the members who used to be one here but have passed away. If anyone has a list of members who have passed on list them on here if you want.. it bugged me when I couldn’t think of the name of the man who owned the depth control indicator, Thanks..


    I posted earlier we were there as the gates opened on Wednesday and stayed a few hours, great show but was just wondering have many more tractors etc.. arrived since then. Wish we could have longer and met other members.


    We left Panama City this morning around 4:30 headed back to Ky. and got to the show as the gates opened at the roundup. Worked out great as we had to go back thru Montgomery. Wish we could have stayed longer as more tractors and people were coming in . Met several red tractors headed south on I65 as we were headed north. Made it home by 4pm!!

    5488 Planting Pics

    Here are some other pics off my phone , didn't have the battery covers on the 1566! We have 9 restored farmalls.

    5488 Planting Pics

    We have been getting a lot of soybeans in the ground the last week or so. The corn is almost ready to begin knifing in liquid. Hard to believe how wet it was all spring and now we are beginning to need rain. We plant with a 350HD pulling a 16/31 Kinze planter and the 5488 pulling the 30' 5400 drill, we started with 1900 acres and are down to about 450 acres.

    Only in Kentucky

    Pic I saw on Facebook taken at a local beer joint recently

    National Farm Machinery Show

    Went to the show today in Louisville and according to my wife's Fitbit we walked 7.6 miles, here are a few pics. The 1206 on display pulled at the very first pull of the NFMS. Lots of stuff to see and a big crowd of people. Talked to some nice pullers from the Netherlands, they brought two tractors over to pull. If you have never been it's a real big show. It is 1.2 million square feet of space with 850 exhibitors


    My son has a friend who has male and female golden retriever’s and it looks like we will be getting a new puppy soon. Looking for suggestions on should we get a male or female? We will get either one fixed or spaded. Just want one that will stay home and be a good pet . Thanks

    5500 Soybean special


    5500 Soybean special

    We have a 30' 5500 drill , we have used it for several years without any problems. Make sure you unfold and fold it on real level ground . We also use a Kinze 16/31 interplant planter . When combining the beans this fall there was no difference in the yields between the two . The only thing is doesn't like is real hard ground when it gets real dry later in the planting season where the ground has not been worked .

    Preserving home videos?

    I use a Panasonic DVD recorder, it's real simple to use, you just put in a VHS tape and a blank DVD and hit one button and it will record your VHS footage right over to a DVD. It will also record footage off your camera onto a DVD also, they are around 150-200 dollars. VHS tapes start losing their color and quality after 20 years, DVD's are supposed to last at least 70 years from what I have read.