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  1. Saw this old video from the Wisconsin Dells from 1978 and it reminded me of how it was around our area during that time . Life seemed more laid back then.
  2. It was on a large banner, I remember it hanging at our local dealer
  3. The flow adjusters are in the fast mode, having a tech look at it today . He thinks it’s a stuck valve?
  4. Everything on our 5488 was fine when we put it up last fall, the steering cylinder on one side was leaking so I had it rebuilt back in January. I put it back together with no issues but didn’t start it . We got it out to hook to the salford and the steering works fine after the air got out but now none of the hydraulics work on the remotes. They tried to work real slow but now nothing on any of the three remotes. Oil is full and we changed the filters . Usually the hydraulic pumps we have had go out on other tractors in the past does it while being used . Any ideas , thanks
  5. We have a 42 H on our farm that still has the dual fuel manifold on it running gas with no problems. It’s been that way ever since I can remember.
  6. Thanks will it need sealer after that
  7. Thanks for the help, I’ll try some of these , I noticed the shop who has an ad in the redpower magazine has tank sealer. Should I put sealer in the tank after I get it clean.
  8. Back in the Spring I posted about this 966 that one of our landlords gave us . It had been sitting for about 30 years. We put a battery in it to see if it would turn over and it started right up. We got it home the other day and power washed it and changed the oil, and all the filters on the tractor. After I drained all the old fuel out and started it back up it ran fine for a while and I hooked it to the old corn shelled then it died in the field. Checked the fuel filters and they were empty. It plugged the elbow under the tank with black flaky stuff. After a hour or so getting tank off I have washed the tank out a bunch and the black flaky stuff keeps coming out. Is this stuff algae? I can’t seem to ever get it all out and it’s hard to wash inside anyway? Any ideas how to clean it completely out? Don’t want to put it on and have the same issues. Thanks
  9. This is the unit I put in our 5488. It came from Shoup@ 188.00. It came with the faceplate and both speakers. The speakers were around 50.00 extra. It is am/fm, Bluetooth and weather band. Sounds much better than the original which finally quit. It was a easy install.
  10. I’ve had three sets but only have one set right now, I think I have about 15 sets of the smaller 6788 weights.
  11. Here is a pic of the difference
  12. #6788 fits super C thru 450 #9042d fits W9 thru 650 wheat lands and high clear tractorsWith the 20” wheels , the smaller weights are easy to find around here , the larger 9042 are much harder to find.
  13. Hour South of Louisville, a lot of farmers will start harvest in the next week or so, saw several combines outside the sheds today with the side panels up getting them ready. Some wait until it’s dried down more to save drying but when you have a lot of acres you have to get started
  14. Neighbor started corn Harvest Saturday, we are about a week away from starting. Moisture was 22% with a 190 bpa average
  15. Soon as we get finished planting I’ll start working on it. It’s been so wet here in Ky we are way behind on planting , did get to plant the last few days. Blew a hydraulic line on the 5488 steering cylinder late this afternoon . It was a original hose from 1984 so I guess it was time. Have to fix that in the morning. We plant with. 350HD and. 5488. Our courses the planter I use doesn’t have the bulk fill tanks
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