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  1. My Granddad farmed a quarter section in SE Nebraska he came out of the late 1800s. When Summer came along I would always spend some weeks with him. He was getting pretty old by the time I was old enough to know anything so most his land was tended by a couple of Cousins. Grandpa still kept about 1/2 an acre for a truck garden and when we went out to the farm each day the first thing to do was hoe the garden row by row I walk along behind watching the weed sprouts lifted and set on top in the sun to die. He worked like a machine no noise no smoke no maintenance just him maintaining the fuel we burn. He still had an old Farmall in the barn but we only used that to tour the field to see how the Cousins were keeping up. I think he really enjoyed the personal contact with his crop. That was the end of an era Mike, that old man with a hoe. We will talk about old characters like he was and you are, for a long time to come. Thanks doing your part, all of you Ag guys.
  2. I have couple Sons your age that have inherited the Fix It gift and a promising Grandson. I would like see Old Iron achieve a status something like a Historical Landmark. It should be a crime to kill a tractor and stern warnings for neglect. Enough of this nonsense I need to get to work on one now. Waldo, truly remarkable work on the pump, I don't have one giving me trouble but you make me want to tear one apart anyway. I salute you 🙂
  3. Depends on the grade of hill but third is a high gear for hill climbing. You should be able to load your blade until you start slipping track to ground a little without stalling.
  4. Outstanding , I can't wait to hear how she runs.
  5. On Aug 16, 2021 I posted a TD6 dealer brochure, you might want to check it out. If you need a blow up of a section I can do that.
  6. The seals them self will have .010-.015 squeeze per side and the piston should have about .002" clearance per side. Diameters have two sides to a cross section. If the piston is not made of bearing material like bronze or aluminum it will need wear bands also called bearings to keep it from contacting the cylinder walls. Stick to book specs on the gland sizes ( groove ) for the seals.
  7. If you can't put your face, your reputation with your words, they aren't worth much.
  8. Still waiting on those rollers? Time ti build that track press!
  9. You can fit a common seal to your piston if you can accurately measure the one you have. At worst it may require a little machining. Parker is one of the biggest in hyd.seals, they have tons of info free online, look up Parker seal design handbook PDF. A hydraulic seal shop that sells seals and makes hoses is your best bet or online sales is good. A shop that does tear down and repairs often does not carry a big line of seals they get them from a seal distributor. We have a excellent seal store in Kansas City called Swan Engineering I go to often, I'm sure they ship also or you may find one near you. Polypak is a trade name but that is the type you would wand in a hyd. track tensioner. That is the seal I use for 10'000 psi cylanders, very tough. Good luck
  10. I'm not taking sides i just want us all to get along. Well done! When my wife and I used to argue I would notice we both would make the same ol tiered points back and forth so... we came up with the new information rule. if I don't have new information to add it is time for me to listen. Over time I have noticed we don't argue ant more. Thanks for the tractor site I am enjoying it.
  11. Wearshield 44 a Lincoln product will get you 40 -50 Rockwell C scale. Rc 50 is a spec to look for. That is about as hard as a Gr8 bolt. Manganese is the key alloy in standard abrasion impact situations. Look for that in what ever you buy. Alloys make the hardness in the rod and alloys are expensive, cheep rod has less. Harder is not always better, it depends on the base metal. I would guess you are surfacing low carbon or med carbon steel. Most important, keep tags from rod you use and if you like a product staple it up on the shop wall and order it by name. Looks like we have a couple nice cool days here to weld on that combine
  12. The deals I have missed haunt me with a mystical power that lasts thru the years while the ones I got are waiting in line... lonely in the field. I used to get joy from seeing them there .......Now I wonder if I will have the time. At least they didn't get melted!! Now that I have been thru my IH crawler thoroughly I have identified ways to see without disassembly how much steer clutch and engine clutch are left. I would not hesitate a deal like that on a machine I know. You might want to print out a lube chart for the HD7 and look at those hard to reach zirks greasy or rusty? I hope it works out and I hope you have the time.
  13. Have you ever seen one run backwards, they can do it if you stall just right.
  14. There is likely. at least one thing that made someone say.....I think it's time to park it. It is probably in the middle some where stuck between two immovable castings with a heat treated shaft rusted solid thru the middle of it. At least you will be able to find a parts book that will show a sketchy picture of the parts you won't be able to find. Those old Detroit's can play some funny tricks too. The price is parts machine price so ...........
  15. Congratulations. The blood, sweat, endless wire brushing pays off when you get a big ol bite of earth with a crawler you saved yourself!!
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