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  1. Steering Clutch.com has several books online a 125 track loader will be nearly a twin to the Drott loader
  2. Change is coming, always has, a some point I believe things will turn for the better. Maybe our Grandchildren will lead that charge. How we prepare them for the future they will steer is on us.The world is a lot like an old tractor in the row. Is it really worth fixing, we really need a bigger one, I’m not sure if I can fix it. One hand you have a challenge, an opportunity, on the other hand …. Nothing. Things are looking up around here, I only have the one Grandson, but man is he smart. Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms
  3. Here too, you have to learn to enjoy the swirl.
  4. just Dave


    It looks like non replaceable jaw pads? Optional I guess.
  5. just Dave


    This interesting the Reed has a much heavier base but thinner neck supporting the jaws. Opposite on the Columbian. No breaks in view , nice find.
  6. True Value Hwd has sales a couple times a year on DeWalt, very good prices.
  7. I run a desulfateing charger regularly on my batteries. I think it helps, I get 5-6 years out of Wally’s batteries before I change them and then a few more years until death in a tractor.
  8. I can’t imagine how it must feel to have an Operator or a ground man . This little excavator sure helps, my first one so I would welcome the expertise. We eat about 5 CDT
  9. Mine was 4 cyl gas straight slant w/ 2 side draft carbs. Nice car but it had cancer.
  10. That’s what I think Peugeot 504 mid seventies, I had one
  11. Interesting project. I don’t know sleds so why the second clutch ? Wouldn’t the first clutch work for both inline ?
  12. Being grounded is how you increase your value/deepening your pockets. Never hire anyone to do what you can do or learn yourself. I have had the same washing machine for over thirty years, fixed it now and then. The worst problem it ever had was a squealing transmission. I tore it down cleaned and lubed, added an oring to an upper bushing that went dry, to prevent reoccurrence. That breakdown cost nothing to speak of. People have more than they think, it just slips away from them on restaurant food and new car payments. There is a young population of move stairs and professional athletes, dot com billionaire's, that get paid many times the value of any human, people like that have priced collectibles way out of range for regular grounded people. The car I drove as a teenager now sells for 75K so I certainly am not going to buy one but every hot shot out there has a collection of several.
  13. I did the death crawl out of a skid loader way to many times, this excavator is truly a life saver.
  14. I got the last of this old 40 foot van folded up and to the recyclers. I paid $300 for it 35 years ago. It was good storage for about 10 years, until some giant rocks came out of the cliff on it. The scrap paid me back over $600. I have to burn the wood remans still then I’ll be digging a road up this bluff starting in the footprint.
  15. The lower stake is to insure the stud is inserted the minimum required depth in the hub , much like double nutting a stud to screw it in a sticky hole. Once in the stud is stationary and you are torquing nut only to create tinsel (pull only) . With a bolt it is twisting at same time it is torqued . After you remove wrench pressure the pressure untwisting = loosening a bit. This can be demonstrated somewhat by removing nut bolt connections on large machinery. An impact can often spin a nut off but can’t spin the bolt side loose due to the bolt shank twisting, robbing torque from the impact wrench. B7 all thread is pretty cheap, that what we used on HP steam pipe connections
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