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  1. All the IH parts are heat treated alloy steel. 4140 is a good choice, but only if you are going to get the parts heat treated. I say that because there are steels that machine much better.1144 Stress Proof would be an excellent choice for a free machining steel, and it will take a case hardening. How you plan to work this machine would play a huge part in material selection and extent of replacements. Good Luck with it!
  2. A gear train with a bad bearing can sound very normal with no load. The noise comes from the associated shaft moving out of its intended position a few thousandths, when you put a load on it. Soon the bearing on the other end of the shaft will loosen and the whining noise will become a grinding noise. Good luck with it.
  3. When people get cold they will burn there finest furniture to keep warm. I think the power situation in Europe is getting cold due too near by war. Smelting aluminum is very dirty and it takes as much power as any industry out there. We use massive amounts of it , but we don't want the mess in our backyard so China is doing every thing they can to meet the demand,and collect our money... what ever it takes. Coal is the cheapest answer. Now how about that neighbor so many of us complain about, making a wreck of that beautiful property that's right across my fence, it was always kept so well now that idiot is dumping trash 4 wheel-en mud ruts etc................. So they are crapping on our world are we going to join in? I don't know the answers but you can bet I'm looking for them. In the mean time I'm going to conserve what I can and use what I have to. I am thankful for this place to speak.....and listen. Have a great Holiday to you all.
  4. 3901 Ave.O about 15 blocks from Stewart beach . I don't afford the premium locations any more. I ate at a seafood buffet on the end of the pier around 1981, the food was good the bill was great (big).
  5. Great idea, Shrimp and Stuff, Galveston Texas. Great seafood in a paper tray.
  6. Cheers to your years!
  7. The Docs have better equipment to work with every day. Best wishes for a full recovery. The seat belt can be a hard sell for us kids that grew up in the bed of a pickup truck. I can,t remember anyone ever telling me I wish I hadn't been wearing that dam belt!
  8. Thanks for the action shots Mike. I envy your water activity, no time to play in the water but fun all the while, looks warm there. Work is life. If I did not have work to do .............. . . . . I always enjoy the way I feel at end of work, only one way to get that feeling.
  9. Sort of; they are close but not the same, just as the gap in an open end wrench does not measure the same across all brand and styles. When you are only going to get one chance at a fastener use the wrench/socket that fits best. I worked at a little foreign car Auto Shop in high school, I figured out early that when I had a 13mm that felt like it was going to slip put a half inch on it. It is .011" smaller, that almost a 1/64", that like the Grand Canyon in the Machine World.
  10. BSPT is the only thread form I've seen on pipe threads that are a part of a metric bolted mechanism. The metric system (to my knowledge) never had specifically metric pipe threads. Most all of the big American machine tool manufactures as well as gun manufactures made there own bolts, often with special flat drive heads and and odd TPI . I think this was done some times to achieve ultimate strength in a particular cross section and sometimes for the finished look of a Filister Head bolt or something similar. Around in the 90s some where ISO9000 became a big topic around Machine Shops. This has updated several times since then, it is a world standard of sorts intended to round out some of the rough spots between the National standards. On old tractor tear down work the Metric sockets are very handy on the heads shrunk by rust what fits is the right size. When it comes to the threaded portion of the bolt: calipers and thread gauge are a must. IH was big on odd size pins and lesser used sizes of bolts, not a big deal of you stock and sell all the parts you designed oddly.
  11. I have 3, they all have in the middle a gel type lead acid battery, 2 of them had batteries replaced after several years if use . The first one I bought was a HF 1200 amp rating. It is now 22 years old and still works for small engines and as a power supply for a winch. IT"S about due for a replacement battery. I keep mine inside my temp controlled shop in charge and throw one in the truck for adventures. All 3 see use on winching mainly a few times a year each and some jumping as needed. I do de-sulfate them with different charger then they come with about once a year or so. They don't like heavy charging...trickle only.
  12. The National WW1 Museum and Memorial was built in Kansas City in 1919. The 2 1/2 Million it took to build it was raised by Kansas City Citizens in only 10 days. It is well worth a trip> I like the fact that it was built for the Solders and and their Survivors right after the war. As we all know " Timing is the Essence of Life " I'll let you Fellers decide which monument is the" official " National WW 1 Monument.
  13. CR is a very long running brand of oil seals. While they were once made of rawhide they switched for the most part to rubber type elastomer long ago. If you can read the number or measure it and buy one; that will be your best best. If it is an odd size that you cannot replace then you need to clarify if you have an old actual rawhide seal or a CR branded rubber oil seal. Leather may rejuvenate if not worn to far. I like silicone grease for them. Rubber rejuvenation is a band aid at best. Parker Hannifin makes the best I've seen, and it did not impress me much.
  14. Air opp diaphragm pumps are very hungry for air supply but they will move a bunch of fluid fast if you have the air. Mainly for industrial situations where you have big screw compressors.
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