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  1. They can do it because IT HAS TO BE DONE. Row by row or link by link all the same..... We do what has to be done, or at least some of us do. Someone is counting on that chain for things crucial to their job and the person making it can take pride in that. Pride gets us up and going
  2. If you drill them out, you might want to tack on the manifold with a couple bolts to use as a centering template. Once you have some nice centered holes started take it back off and go on through. Good luck.
  3. That is a nice machine. Thanks for the pictures.
  4. Any chance you have a picture of the drill press?
  5. Time to get crafty, cheep wrenches are good to cut and bend. That is cool project and if your son likes it, that makes it even better. Good luck and enjoy.
  6. Thanks Mike, Funny you mention the crown gear, I found a tooth and a few chips during a recent three clutch overhaul of my 150B. Luckily it was poor housekeeping from a former owner, my set looked perfect. Your wealth of knowledge on this old equipment is like gold to an amateur Operator like me. Really most of my training came from pulling up to sites and watching an efficient Operator. Being a Machinist I seem to have a knack for stopping before I push past the yield point. I never have been one to go to the gym, I'd rather work out during my regular work day, so I don't begrudge pulling all those levers on my old Drott but I got to say when I get the rare occasion to run something newer, it does tend to make me purrr a little. Just a thought Mike has anyone ever tried a roller chain type track chain?? I never thought much of that roller pins arrangement that Cat came up with for their bucket pins. I re-line bored a few of those track loaders because of broken pins. Any way thanks for the wisdom. Dave
  7. In the late seventy's I had a 64 Scout that had a Ford strait 6 in it. I replaced the clutch once and it was a Ford clutch also but International trany. No adapter was apparent to me back then. I really wish iI kept that Scout, It was a vehicle you just don't forget.
  8. Starts on gas runs on diesel. The heads can have much cracking so I guess compression test should show if that's an issue on this one. @rustred has good info on these engines as I recall.
  9. So it's a TD6. If it starts and pushes dirt, backs up and turns, it would be a possible personal machine. Parts are rare, but if you don't need any?? What does the other side of the engine look like? Good luck
  10. It will be best to check now while every thing is exposed. Should be 15-16 amps per leg. No connection required , amp probe is held over ONE wire for reading. I did some reading on the DPS, it starts the motor with 2 ph and generates the third from the running motor. I could be wrong but that will make starting torque let than a 3 ph start . If amps are OK that should be fine but I would want to know that before I did a bunch of wiring. The slightly undersized wire is not going to have an appreciable difference in the reading. I would use the THHN wire mentioned . Good luck
  11. That is a beauty! Responsible care makes all the difference. It is not looking very Winter like down there?
  12. Hope the vacation goes well. You might want to read amps on each leg of the 3ph just before the motor. They should be balanced, maybe 10% variance. They are likely close since it is running cool, but it would be good to know for for anyone wanting to try the type phase converter you are using. I am looking forward to a update after it runs awhile.
  13. I get a huge kick out of finding a place for scrap pieces to fit the puzzle. Nice work on the ROPS. Did you split beams and re-weld to get the taper?
  14. Rich kids and overpriced toys. Man that is a world away from my reality. Jay Leno says he will not exorbitant prices in order to add to his excellent collection of historical machinery, it's just plain bad business.
  15. Thanks for the pics. I agree the wiring does not look bad. You might want to have a sit down with Grandpa and see what he sees for the future of the truck. If he is not on board, then talk it over to see if there is something you can do to change the way he feels about the truck. Remember that there may need to be some giving in on your side too. You can isolate the starter so it is the only thing getting power and ground directly from a battery. This way no worry of a short elsewhere. If she don't turn pull it. A starter is a great place to learn how to do a rebuild. Often times old engine starters can be gone through to the point of good working for very little to no money. I don't know you or your Grandad but if the two of you made it out to the truck to work the first time you can make it happen again. You have the beginning of a great story here. Good luck
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