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  1. Very cool design and execution.
  2. just Dave


    Glad to hear it's working out!!
  3. Tough crowd...I'm glad to see a few of you went to school and paid attention and think English is a well structured language.....but you might be surprised to learn what you don't know # still means pound to all that pull their weight I before e except after th............now that makes sense.
  4. My 150B was changed before I bought it, to a D301 engine (glow plug diesel) I don't remember all the details but 20 years or so ago my momentary switch stuck on my glow plugs and burned them up I guess. I was able to get replacements at a Komatsu dealer. They changed out without too much trouble, lucky I guess? Good luck with that fourth bugger.
  5. I agree Dave if kept as one unit hole pattern should mach right up.
  6. I am curious what you liked about the 850 Case I have never run one.It looks like 25'000 pounds or so ?? I run my 150B on my little plot, chipping away at the rock,,slowly. I had a 977 here for awhile, It did better but the expense was much more in fuel and I had to pay rent for it. I see an excavator in my future but I can only afford an old one.
  7. I would guess that the unit components would have been assembled on a jig/fixture of some kind to get the accumulated error out of the sub-assembly mounting holes (bolt pattern) prior to mounting to tractor??
  8. Spark test it to determine cast steel vs cast iron. If you need to learn spark testing touch the edge of a cutoff wheel to known cast iron and see the sparks color and star burst pattern, then same on piece of steel. It is an apparent difference. I agree with bittty , it is likely cast steel and will weld well with mild steel rod or wire. Fyi nickel rod for cast iron comes in machinable and non-machinable brass color nickel rod is the machinable type and silver/nickel color is non-machiable
  9. That is the $$$ part...... Even with the best of dust collection a mask is a good idea. Enjoy the blaster safely. I am guessing that flat belt goes up to a drive line? What are you powering the drive line with?
  10. just Dave


    Sounds like you got it going on now. I like to see repurposing of things on hand. I hope this takes some of the hard part out of your work.
  11. My 150B has hyd track tension, maybe a conversion is possible. They are similar in many ways?
  12. The power plants I worked at had black start units if the grid was down and we had to get a big coal fired plant started up. We exercised the procedure now and then but never had that emergency. We use a big diesel generator 16v ( think it was about 100kw). Once it is running we would start a Combustion Turbine using the power generated by the diesel. The CT is a 50 megawatt unit driven by a jet turbine engine, it could run on NG or diesel. Once you have the 50 megawatts of power you can begin the Coal Plant start up. We had 6000 hp fans 4500 hp pumps along with dozens of other motors that all had to be running in order to get the boiler going. The CT could be used for for peeking loads on hot days or to help the grid when a big plant had a blown tube or maintenance outage. Every plant has a cost per watt and the reciprocal diesel plants are just not economical to run unless there is no alternative... Hey @Dirt_Floor_Poor I was up in Falls City last Tuesday to visit my Aunt, I have a ton of cousins there too. My family has been around there since 1872. Also my Summer home as a kid. I love that town.
  13. Sil-bronze TIG rod (first choice) or machinable nickel stick rod. I use a 500F preheat and slow cool. Good luck
  14. We had a 2 ton size at a power-plant I worked at, it was motor on wheel no trany. 2014 model or so It was a poor performer.
  15. I have a little Ford V4 Industrial that doesn't start well after setter a few weeks. I have a squirt bottle with gasoline that works well on that. Cheaper than a can of spray. Maybe easier on motor? I haven't tried it on a diesel but I do not see why not. Maybe a little engine oil in the mix? Let us know on the glow plug deal . I hope Ian's recollection works out. If nun work because one is out you can jumper that one.
  16. Try selling a battery drill to a Carpenter in 1975. they would of chased you out of the room..You know the corded Black and Decker hand held came out of a need for war production. The future will not look like the past ...it never does. Do you remember when catalytic converters hit the auto ind., exceptions were made for farm trucks for Farmers. The world has big ideas but it takes food to feed this brainstorming. You will not be left out of the negotiation as long as you remember it IS a negotiation.
  17. I think I have to wined through 3 or 4 programs to post a pic, so I feel your pain Mike. Great shots nun the less. Thanks for sharing.
  18. That is a very nice rule you have there, don't let that go unless it is to me. The font looks Lufkin. My every day wood one reaches under benches to get that dropped bolt, it reaches overhead with one section at 90 deg. to measure the out of reach without a ladder, it bends into a c shape for a crude caliper while the other end slips in to measure the space spanned by the caliper end. The one my Dad used has the brass slide out in one end for inside measure, Lufkin of course. I have a Klien 6' folder in a glass reinforced resin that has the most vivid marks for my older eyes. As for pinched fingers, apiece of meat in the wrong spot when a 25' tape hits home can be a big blood blister too.
  19. I'm not knocking anything you did Tony, I just want people to know Machinists are people and people make mistakes so if you have something cut it never hurts to measure. Even the man cutting can be be sure he is doing it right when he is not. I always taught to our interns new hires,;you must do something to check that what you think you have done actually happened.
  20. I don't know how long IH used them, but many of the ones in my 59ish 150B are the self locking type using a nylon insert in the threads to lock. This type bolt has been largely replaced with thread locker products but for those looking for accurate restorations they would be a must. Virtually all machine tool manufactures made there own hardware and many arm manufactures as well. Very specifically odd, you wont find them at a store. Our shop made thousands of shoulder bolts for RO, Simon RO and Terex RO Crane. We were still making some nyloc (insert type) for the pole grabber bolts in the 90s You don't want to be too proud of your find. I buy Holo-Krome bolts ( arguably the best bolt in the world) in new condition on eb for a fraction of the price
  21. just Dave


    I am not so sure when I see a brand new one with only one arm. They must have an old Ducati Engineer designing this crap.Maybe they are used for stock piling toilet paper??
  22. If you haven't measured you are talking gibberish. Any one can measure you don't have to be a Machinist. A high end Machine shop has a quality control department. You will pay much more for that. Most shops do not have QC. Every machine loving Son of a Wrench out there should have a few basic precision measuring tools.....and USE them. I learned this in the 70s from a guy that would be 150 by now.... I now check my lapping with solvent and compressed air in the port.
  23. The big range focal length is nice but will limit aperture and macro focus.Frames per second is a plus for action. I use a Cannon D series something? It works quite well for most things. The batteries do not hold a charge well and the Cannon lenses cost a bunch but the pictures are crisp as frost on the lawn. Now there is a cool macro opportunity. I really hope you enjoy your tool. Please remember to make some prints and albums for your legacy. I think the future will see a pile of old Digital cameras with all there pictures stuck inside forever.
  24. Happy birthday neighbor. A day late ...sorry. Nun of my business but give your old man a hug today, I since some tension in some posts,
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