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  1. At 4-5 tons it would only be for very lite earth moving it could be a good handy size logger. If it is not turning rite both ways the same ... you have brake and or steering clutch issues now. You can fight it and likely get by doing some work with it but you are better off pulling it apart rite off and go through some things that will lead into more things. So you will spend several hours with this machine when you are doing all the giving in this relationship. Picture it (her) with her sheet metal off a very syrupy pan of gear lube dripping out of the trans, your waiting on a $ 2K shipment of parts on the way......now do you still love it? If you go the easy route and just go for it consider what it will be like to do some of these repairs out in the bush broke down do you have the means to recover it to a good spot to do repairs? And as said when the UC is done it is a stationary engine until you can get Mike up here to teach his craft.
  2. injectors would be my next stop. Feel the lines for the pulse. Pull the one with a week pulse and clean. That might not be all it needs but I think it does need that.
  3. That is quite a gauge in the lathe ways. Machine tools are special just like tractors.
  4. I had to go with a sealed bearing in that position because of availability. The way it presses in it would have to have the hole for the grease to get to it. Thanks for your dedication!
  5. You seem to have some exceptional sources for bearings, I've never seen canned bearings. It reminds me of the GI surplus cans we used to get a scout camp. Does the outboard support bearing for your steering clutches have a grease hole in the outer race?
  6. I spent my last several years in the work force managing union craftsmen there were a few worth twice there compensation but through the years I noticed the hard workers becoming more and more frustrated with the ever growing majority that were not going to work hard on the basis that the company would just expect more. The good just plain got sick of carrying the fat ! The breakdown starts and it is hard to stop................. I salute each and every hard worker of the world they EARNED my respect
  7. There is a certain amount of restoration you can do without parts. especially on gear pumps. It is not likely ALL bad. What have you done to determine a problem?
  8. Buy tools not gold !
  9. It sounds like you have a tiny burr at the snap ring grove. Try a little smooth file or fine sand paper on the groove. good luck!
  10. If you make a proper plasma torch guide it will insure correct size and location. It will take seconds per hole not minutes costs nearly nothing and you will have it for a life time. If your torch head is 1 inch in diameter you need a ring ( short piece of tube) about 1 5/16 inside diameter it will make a perfect hole for a 1/4 " bolt. Try a couple on scrap at the bench. A 2 or 3 inch long tab welded to the side of the guide lets you clamp it in place for exact hole location.
  11. The cam follower on the points will wear off quickly on a dist. cam that has set a while, it gets a lite abrasive rust.
  12. Darned if you don't make work look like fun. The leaf spring fix is a classic! First time?? You have a more interesting life than the Discovery Chanel. As usual the photographs bring it all to life for us. Thanks Mike
  13. I have mfg. parts for cranes ,tractors. dam projects, machine tools, you name it. I have never in my life told a customer to do without while I figure out how to do what you were counting on me for. I replace with new correct perfect part ASAP. In machining all aspects are given a tolerance, if something is in tolerance it is perfect if not it is scrap. A new tractor I can't use is scrap
  14. I understand mistakes happen. A major tractor mfg. can replace that lemon with the plethora of non lemons that they make and take that one back to the factory to find out were in the process they need to do better
  15. 10 hp is not going to be very efficient in single phase and like 12 Guy said This will happen even in the 5 hp range on single phase. That compressor will be to loud to be near anyway. A gas motor and a shed out back of the shop might be a good solution.
  16. Until the lemon builder shoulders the loss involved it is a risk that can break a small operation. For big money I don't want good odds I want perfect performance.
  17. Cut a very short piece of tube/pipe to be a guide for the plasma torch. The dia. of the desired hole will dictate the dia. of the guide tube. Weld a tab on the short section of tube, center tube on proposed hole location and clamp.
  18. I believe that most New New machinery requires less work less stress to operate and a much larger cash stream. If you do not find it stressful to generate that cash stream then you deserve a new tractor . If you love to take care of your machines, giving them attention, talking to them (Not the bad words) trolling old yards now and then for parts and putting cash into your further enjoyment of life then maybe you should quit looking at that good smelling color brochure and take your family out for some ice cream. There is no shame in wearing a dust mask and ear plugs. You will out live those that are to tough to do so. Thanks again to all you Ag Guys whatever you run
  19. There is a lot of store room inventory from shut down industry on the market these days. E bay and several auction sites sell it regularly. Persistence gets the deals.
  20. Great photos of the times of your life. Your devotion to family is outstanding and your devotion to machinery exceptional. I can't imagine the pride you feel when you see your son working that Cat!
  21. A lot depends on fabrication skill level. The more you spend generally the less you need to fab up. The more complete set ups seem to come with extra weight, a pound on the coupler is one you can not pick up on a load. Most machined products are made quite the same way, the more expensive choices generally have a little or a lot more finish work done. Finish work is time consuming but not that hard to do and it does not require expensive tooling. I used the Titan two piece unit, which was the cheapest thing out there, on a 50 hp uniloader. It's been on a few years now and works great. Watch that angle at full roll back when at ground level, you will want to be able to tilt back especially with forks and a heavy load. You alone control that angle until you weld it on then it is set. Good luck!
  22. Have you ever seen a Gunsmith (not gun shop owner) straiten a barrel? They use a variable spaced v block below and a big acme screw overhead, it is a dedicated barrel press. Aside from the bending the measurement of progress is done by eye, looking through the barrel for concentric light patterns and adjusting the barrel until they are perfect. I have seen this done even in large automated arms mfg. the end of the rifle line has a mans eye and a manual press. What I am getting at, I like to slide my bolt out set my rifle on a bag rest or fancy rest if you have one, look through my bore and rough in my scope by eye. You will be surprised how accurate you can get it. You won't need three box's of ammo to kill the paper๐Ÿ™‚
  23. If you put the floor in your self or watched it done you will have a good idea about tube spacing, that helps settle your fears when you drill. I have 6" spacing at the edge, then 9" on the second and 12" space on the third row and then 24" for the balance. The tubes are only 3" deep on 3" chairs in a 6" slab. That said I would not drill unless i could see a clear image on a screen whats what. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  24. My Granddad farmed a quarter section in SE Nebraska he came out of the late 1800s. When Summer came along I would always spend some weeks with him. He was getting pretty old by the time I was old enough to know anything so most his land was tended by a couple of Cousins. Grandpa still kept about 1/2 an acre for a truck garden and when we went out to the farm each day the first thing to do was hoe the garden row by row I walk along behind watching the weed sprouts lifted and set on top in the sun to die. He worked like a machine no noise no smoke no maintenance just him maintaining the fuel we burn. He still had an old Farmall in the barn but we only used that to tour the field to see how the Cousins were keeping up. I think he really enjoyed the personal contact with his crop. That was the end of an era Mike, that old man with a hoe. We will talk about old characters like he was and you are, for a long time to come. Thanks doing your part, all of you Ag guys.
  25. I have couple Sons your age that have inherited the Fix It gift and a promising Grandson. I would like see Old Iron achieve a status something like a Historical Landmark. It should be a crime to kill a tractor and stern warnings for neglect. Enough of this nonsense I need to get to work on one now. Waldo, truly remarkable work on the pump, I don't have one giving me trouble but you make me want to tear one apart anyway. I salute you ๐Ÿ™‚
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