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  1. I have used this. Bought it at Mills Fleet. Dissolves tar fast.
  2. Congrats on your 1486 purchase. Looks nice.
  3. Firestone Deep Thread. Really stiff deep lugged tire.
  4. Very nice...I still farm with a 1688 combine and have no intentions of get rid of it. Works very well. You did a good job!
  5. Our new puppy. The kids just love her. She's a great pyrenees and golden retriever mix.
  6. Prayers from my family and I also here in central MN.
  7. Thanks, can hardly wait to get the chassis cleaned up and painted this summer. Then back in the shop and completely reassembled.
  8. No blow by,,,no smoke,,,no leaks.
  9. Located north east of Hutchinson. 35 miles straight south of St. Cloud. And yes we just had a 6 inch snowfall last week. Just melted here and now we're getting a forecasted rain of 2 inches. We were dry last fall but it can quit anytime. Probably start planting corn the 2nd week of April.
  10. Nothing here yet Dale. Located in central MN.
  11. Nice find. I've got a model 100 I would like to restore someday.
  12. I think your right,,that's probably all that's wrong but the farmer took off the oil cooler 5 years ago . Parked it outside with nothing covering the exhaust. Bird nest under the hood and mice probably living in the main oil gallery of the engine. I bought it cheap knowing I have to do a major engine overhaul. It's mine now.
  13. Wow,,,congratulations. Can hardly wait to see it!
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