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  1. I know the spikes are supposed to stick into the bale but my little brother had a bale come down the loader arms and hurt him pretty bad. He had stuck it in the bale but too close to edge. I welded 2 heavy channel irons on the top to keep that from happening again It only take once to be once too often.
  2. If you want to learn about pulling before you start spending your money, I would suggest helping so old puller. They always are glad to have help throwing weights, pulling them around the pits and just riding along on the way to and from the pulls. You be amazed how much valuable information they will share once they know they can trust you. Before I built my tractor I spend 7 years helping out a gentleman who has pulled for 30 plus years. I learned a lot. now that I am in my upper sixties, I would love to have a young person that want to help out. I would gladly share information to help them out.
  3. Easy to spend $50,000. O well you only live once. What class are you building for? Good luck with project.
  4. Looks like a piston out the rare 1937 Henweight V5 motor. LOL
  5. My Father bought a new 1974 1/2 ton IH pickup new and on the way home one of the front hubs for the 4 wheel drive came apart. Had the truck for 9 months and it spent 6 months in the dealers shops. Brakes froze up with mud.
  6. I had same issue with dropped seat on my pulling tractor this summer luckily I had a spare piston, But my engine builder said that we could have run the piston if we would have needed too. I just picked the pieces out of the piston and put it away incase need a piston in the future. The pistons I run have a 3 month lead time to get. Good luck and have a Blessed New Year
  7. Merry Christmas to all and a Blessed New Year
  8. twood1954


    I bought my son a Remington model 7 260 when he was 12. It's a tack driver with low recoil. He is now 33 and this is first year he used a different rifle for deer hunting.
  9. Briscoe County Jr. Western and sifi mixed together. I also like the western radio shows on XM.
  10. I found this picture of my friend Ross Richwine SS tractor . I love the looks of the old tractors.
  11. I agree with board for pulling. If the RPR had a pull and it was close enough I would bring the 5240
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