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  1. I agree with board for pulling. If the RPR had a pull and it was close enough I would bring the 5240
  2. Nice run. What weight was the class?
  3. Here is video from side line of the above run.'
  4. You will know when it's too much. If you get much higher I would fire ring it. The bottom end will hold over 100 psi. Then you would need billet rods and griddle.
  5. Auto correct got me. I agree with hills being beautiful. I always take hwy. 64 to hwy. 79 to enjoy the hills . Reminds me of home. About a week the colors should be great. Now back to the pull, I got 3 third out of 6 tractor in our class. I was very happy with the run, I beat 2 tractors that I have never been able to beat before. It appears that my biggest issue has been fixed. The loose nut behind the steering wheel.
  6. My run in 6200 lbs. at Boyceville wi,
  7. 4th in both classes. Too nose heavy in first class and too ass heavy in the second. Tractor ran good. The changes we made a couple weeks ago are working good. Need to adjust tire pressure slightly. This Saturday I hope to do better.
  8. pyrometer. I found a loose wire.
  9. Pulled on dry track tonight. First pull was a lot of spinning. 45 minutes later with similar set up was wild ride. Track really chanced
  10. My first run in the mud at Isanti County Fair on muddy track
  11. Balance was good. Should have run a gear slower. Almost snuffed it a the end.
  12. I recommend going to ARP studs.
  13. I get mine at IH truck dealer. Part #1809784C1. I run two and have no issues.
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