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  1. I ordered a two wheel drive with electric locking rear end, regular cab eight foot bed, It is very maneuverable .
  2. It should be required that every kid (and adult) plays in a creek at least once a month during warm weather.
  3. Sorry about that. It is Garrett GT42 with different center section. It's too big for farming with, but for pulling you should be able to light it. Not sure if you can stay under it at the big end. .
  4. sheet medal is 5240.
  5. try this one. It lights very easy.
  6. fast chisel plowing.
  7. Have you tried a Hyper Max head gasket.
  8. Danny, they are stock head bolts. I went back and checked my book and 200 was what the master told me to twist them to. That's what i get for trying to remember at this senior age. As far as head leaking water I have friend with a pro-farm that leaks a little anytime he is under boost. I would check to make sure the head is flat. I hope we do get to pull this year. I am getting close to the broozers in power and would like to scare them a little.
  9. I agree with Danny, We torque the stock bolts to 250 lbs. My tractor's boost is north of 100 psi.. PS Danny hope to see you this summer.
  10. Get ahold of Karl at Atlas Tractor he can fix you up. https://www.atlastractor.com/
  11. 500 hp should be easy change turbo to 3X3 and better injection pump. If you just want to roll smoke you should be fine with stock pistons.
  12. For the pulling fans here is a couple of pulling videos to take your mind off the virus. Please add yours.
  13. You have lots $$$ once shell the corn. The cobs are going fast. LOL
  14. FVP makes great injectors. I would guess their recommendation should be right.
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