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  1. I would start updating from back of the tractor: Do rear end, then Atlas max transmission, crower clutch, cage, clutch blanket, tie bars and then do you engine. You will have safe tractor to drive. Good luck
  2. IF you can run a bigger turbo, I would update to at least GT42, add water injection, and bigger pump. 1000 HP should be easy. I am running 466 that deno over 1400 hp.
  3. He has risen indeed. May the Lord bless you and your family.
  4. I have an Uberti 45-70 military carbine, fun to shot but kicks like a mule. Here is picture of 555 grain bullets that I casted.
  5. Yes it a Light Limited Super Stock puller. Dale it is combination of cam and a lot of timing. When the timing was a lot less it would start with out happy juice. With the timing more advance it makes a lot more power and EGT is lower and the turbo is a lot happier.
  6. actuality my tractor starts pretty good. Have an airplane starter that turns it over at 700 rpms.
  7. Only use JD happy juice the only thing they make that is good. compression ratio is around 13 to 1 static don't know what it is at 100 psi of boost but she comes to life then.
  8. To get my tractor to start any time the temperature is below 100 degrees, I plug into both block heater for at least and hour. Then it only take about 1/4 can of happy juice.
  9. Thanks very much for the birthday wishes. As I told my wife last night when she told me to act my age, :I said I don't know how to, I never been this old before!"
  10. From Kelly's Heroes. Kelly's Heroes - Maybe The Guy's A Republican - YouTube
  11. Here some more smoke. Happy New Year. (2) hamburg mn 2020 - YouTube
  12. In the early 1980'ies I was a township road commissioner in Illinois and we had a heavy snow and then the temperature dropped to 20 below and winds blew for 2 or 3 days straight. All the snow in the fields ended up in the road cuts. The township had a 400 gallon motor grader with 407 IH engine. With the radiator completely covered the heater would not put enough heat out to melt the snow in the cab on top of the heater. Being the grader was ridged frame you hit once in the middle and then once to right and left to widen the roadway out so you didn't get stuck with snow coming over the V p
  13. Thank you and the same to you and your family.
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