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  1. I wish I did own it. Wish the track had been better, too dry, I only hit 22 mph, and two weeks earlier I went 33 mph using a slower gear. Just spinning and grinning, and being hard on the engine. Thanks for comments.
  2. Pulled at Rice County last night. Ran against combination of mod's including a turbo powered tractor. Track was very dry. Won by 29 feet. Enjoy.
  3. I run Mobil delvac 15-40 in my LLSS. Over 200 runs and bearings look like new. As far as stock clutch holding the hp I will not argue that point. But if you are turn over stock rpms on a old stock fly wheel then is possible accident waiting to happen. How may heat cycles has the flywheel been thru, has it been resurfaced? We are just one bad accident from not being able to pull. Just my $0.02
  4. Garett GT42 is very tough turbo for the money and moves more air the S2e.
  5. Farmall 1066, it's F350 so has Y non commercial plate around $120 a year. By having non commercial plate I don't have a dot number.
  6. I have regular cab (2 door) long box 2 wheel drive that I pull my goose neck and love it. Very manurable and has room to carry a lot of stuff
  7. I placed 1st out of 3 tractors. The track takes power if it has proper amount of moisture in it. It is one of the better prepared tracks, smooth with out soft spots. As far as hard on equipment, it maybe hard on "stock tractors" that have trouble coming off line easy. A slipper clutch makes it easy to come off line. Like the way they pull from north to south, make it is to get off track and shut down tractor. As far as staging IMO it works better than old way. You stage in front of the east grandstand.
  8. if you look close they wrinkle off the line, and once they break lose they grew. I was running a 70 mph gear and top speed was 27+. Could have used another 150 lbs. on rear-end. PSI was less than pound for thousand pounds of weight of the tractor.
  9. Got the tractor back together , new turbo seems to work good. A little noise heavy. Enjoy.
  10. You welcomed. What amazes me is how many stock parts are still in engine. For example, stock crank, rods, and head. Just shows how over designed the 400 series engines were. HP north of 1400 with single 3X4 inch turbo.
  11. Peak rpms was 5250, data logger rpms for turbo was just over 120,000 rpms. According to engine builder, the fins get so hot at the high rpms that aluminum loose all strength. Got luck and cross over pipe caught all the junk nothing went into the engine. Thanks for asking. I am willing to share some of the information, so that more people enjoy pulling.
  12. I never had very good luck with Hart's lasting. Wimmer's are much more durable and produce more power. I had over 200 runs on the turbo. Looking at data logger I over speed the turbo.
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