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  1. Just checked temperature only -15 F. in Twin Cities MN. Stay warm and safe.
  2. My wife told to build the shop of my dreams after I bought her her dad home. I told thanks but not going to happen. I figured out how I was going to use it and went with size that meets that. I am planning on heating it with in floor heating so up graded insulation package. One other thing to check is your county building permits requirement. if had gone any bigger would have required the building and soils to all be engineered. The engineering for the building would add 3000 to 5000 dollars to building cost. Would have had to do soil boring and soil classification to design site. I used to work for consulting engineering firm and minimum cost for that is another 5000 dollars. When we did site preparation, I did compaction testing and know that what I have would work for interstate highway. One advantage of working for company that builds roads. I also was frustrated with Morton; they did not get back to me until after they seen that I had pulled building permit. Last piece of free advice is to think of yourself being the general contractor. Make list of all the steps required and then build spreadsheet to create budget. Here is example of my list. Building, building permit, floor insulation, heating system, grading and site preparation, concrete floor, electrical, and driveway. Hope this helps.
  3. I also recommend putting vapor barrier, insulation. and plex in the floor. The vapor barrier and insulation will help the floor not to sweat. You only get one change to do anything in floor. Have fun with your project.
  4. The one weakness of 400 series block is if you make much over 115 lbs of boost they like split along cam line. gridle helps tie the head to bottom of engine. My point was in LLSS class I run you don't need them. But if you're turning over 4500 rpms you need better pistons. This is where a good engine builder that wants what best for you and not to just sell parts is worth what they cost.
  5. I agree, I bought the chassis complete less the engine. It still took 6 months before we were ready to pull. This was before all the supply issues.
  6. I thought I would share somethings that i have learned about building a tractor puller. Hopefully this will save someone some headaches. 1. Determine what class you want to run in and is that class offered locally. Having to travel long distances to pull can be frustrating. 2. Determine if you can afford not along to build it but to keep it running. Alot of people can afford to build it but can't afford to keep it running. 3. Do you have time to support your hobby? I figure at least 3 to 4 hours of routine maintenance for every pull. If you need to change oil or adjust clutch, you will need more time. The minimum that i do before every pull is to check and fill all fluids, check for loose or missing bolts, check tires and etc. You also need to budget time for checking your hauling rig also. 4. Building tractor. Have plan and follow it. Use the best parts you can. Build it to live. It may take you longer to get the tractor on track than you think. 5. Find out what parts you really need. I see people buy parts you don't need. One example is for my class a lot of people griddle their block when not needed. There is a couple thousand dollars spent. Then they run truck pistons had have issues with them. Put your limited money where it counts the most. 6. Make sure your family is supportive of your hobby and costs. I have seen family destroyed by the time and money spent. I am lucky my wife is very supportive. 7. Have fun. It's just hobby. Use it to have fun and meet new friends. At best you're going only break even with cost to go to pull. An old puller told me a good night you covered your cost to get to pull. A great night you can buy a hamburger. 8. The most important thing is to be safe. Even if your class doesn't have safety rules requirements, please use all safety equipment. Remember you need to protect yourself and fans. One way to get into pulling and see if it fits is to become crew member of pulling team. Find and older puller and offer to help move weights and who know you may be driving their tractor or truck sometime. This how I got back into pulling. I hope this list help someone out. Feel free to contact me for some free advice. Remember it's worth what you pay. Have fun and be safe.
  7. He like anything involving wrenches. Yes 1954. Sorry for wandering off topic
  8. Thank you. I was very nervous when I was young, and my grandfather took me to events to help me get over it. Just trying to pay him back. He was a great man only fault was he was a John Deere man.
  9. 4500 rpms. I come offline around 5000. As far as cost $30,000 would be closer to what it costs engine. Having a good engine builder that you can find out what parts you really need helps with cost. I have a young grandson that is autistic, and he helps me work on it. He going to be a very good mechanics. He has issues with crowds but loves to go to tractor pulls with me. My hope is to densify his fear of crowds. Seems to be working. If it helps him later in life, I would spend a million dollars to make that happen.
  10. I am running single 3X4 turbo on DT466 and making over 1500 hp. The only warranty is my checkbook. But if you build it with good parts and take care of it you can push them hard. IMO the 400 series engine stock is one of the most overbuilt engines from factory.
  11. There are some concerns with pressure, with stock block, crank, and rods as long as you stay under 110 pounds of boost you should be fine. Someday I should write article about what I have learned from the King of Smoke.
  12. With turbo charged engine lower compression more room for air, more air, more fuel you can burn. The more you fuel you burn the more power you make. I am running less than 14 to 1 compression ratio. Tractor does not start too bad. At 90 degrees only takes being plugged in for hour and about half can starter fluid get it light. The super stocks run even lower ratios. The timing has a lot of factors as to what is recommended. Grind of cam, cam timing, is the injection pump quick delivery or stock. Rule of thumb more timing the cooler EGT's and more RPMs but less torque. It a balance act between performance and longevity. As far as cool down time for turbo the more the better,
  13. thank for birthday wishes. Have a great day.
  14. Merry Christmas to all and blessed 2023
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