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  1. I have a couple 2MH pickers and would love to know the years, unfortunately the tags on both pickers are gone… does anyone know if the serial numbers are stamped onto the picker anywhere or how to identify the year without the serial number?
  2. Anyone ever tried to make a pair of the side shields that would go on an M with a corn picker mounted on it? like these
  3. So would this mean since my tractor has that, it probably would’ve had an older pick like that one on it at one point?
  4. Does anyone have pics of how this setup would work
  5. Interesting, this tractor had a 2MH on it, they weren’t connected to anything
  6. What model corn picker would these be used with for example
  7. Innnnnterrrresssting, what exactly for
  8. Anyone know what this little piece that sticks out on the front wheel hubs would do
  9. Ok, so, I have a 2MH I’m gonna mount on my M, how far out do the wheels need to be on the axles?
  10. I’m not gonna fight with you but I’m sure it will be fine, it was fine on the last 2 tractors 🙂
  11. Yeah I read about these Dzus or something like that
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