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  1. Interesting, I paid $25 for mine, with the shields and in way better shape
  2. Just got one today for my corn picker tractor. How common are these? I can’t seem to find ANYTHING online about these for a bigger tractor like an M.
  3. Yeah I saw these, I about had a heart attack when I saw some of these prices earlier lol
  4. Summit, don’t know the brand
  5. I uploaded it to YouTube so you guys could hear it https://youtube.com/shorts/_ybsrrh2a-w?feature=share
  6. I figured some of you would enjoy my Dixie horn setup lol. It sounds great btw.
  7. I’ll be there late Wednesday and all day Thursday.
  8. So if I purchased a brand new 2-MH corn picker package, what would come with it? Assuming I bought it with EVERYTHING you could get, all the bells and whistles. Stuff like super snoots, muffler guards, metal sediment bowls ect.
  9. I run 85-140 never had an issue
  10. Haha, great minds think alike, I drove 4 hours to pick the parts picker up!
  11. Yes, lots and lots of sheet metal to collect paint runs lol
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