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  1. The old IHC truck dealership was located right next door (on the right in picture in the above post) Raven Industries still uses the building as a fitness center and meeting room. Dad started working for the dealer in 1973 in a new building and he said they had to move because the ceiling wasn’t high enough for the cab over trucks to flip the cab up. I assume that was the CO-4000 introduced in 1965. There was a cool triple diamond logo on the side of the building facing the river before Raven remodeled a few years ago and replaced the logo with a window.
  2. “The Harvester Building” is found at: 196 E. 6th ST, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. Looks very similar in design to the one in Minot. I love the P&O on the elevator shaft:
  3. I agree, an F350 with the pickup box is a neat rig. Here is 1955 that sold last fall: https://vanderbrinkauction.proxibid.com/Collector-Cars/Collector-Trucks-Vans/1955-Ford-F350-1-ton-Pickup-for-Rod-or-Restore/lotInformation/50091794 I also know where a 1956 F350, single wheel, with the 9ft pickup box, is. It was for sale 15 years ago. They wanted too much money for it, so I’m guessing it’s still there.
  4. Given that he is president of a tractor club, and he added the remark of "you gotta pay to play", I would have had no problem explaining to him, nicely, that he was way above market price. Market price is market price. You don't even need to give a young guy a break, but thinking your junk is worth gold sure isn't helping a young guy out.
  5. From experience, I cannot haul my M with a 325 Dual loader facing forward only driving on until the rear tires hit the fenders. There is not enough tongue weight. The center of gravity of just the tractor is close to the clutch, which would end up around the rear axle of the trailer, and the loader just isn’t enough to add the needed tongue weight. You’ll have to back it on one way or another. I question if you would have enough tire on the deck where the wheels are set now (if you tried the block trick to get past the fenders) so moving wheels is probably mandatory.
  6. Soak the spot in Simple Green and splash some Simple Green in the wash water.
  7. Lower the mast relative to the frame. That will lower the line of draft and the tractor won’t be pulling up on the plow as much.
  8. @495man Ah, that's cool. Thank you.
  9. @SaskM Thank you! They look like a universal item with separate "885" stickers, but something is better than nothing! 99588C1 is available from CIH, as already mentioned. There is supposed to be two of 99587C1 at Beller and Buckes in Humphrey, NE. When I called he didn't know if they had them for sure, and he sure didn't sound excited about digging for them. Disappointing.
  10. Yes, non-cab. I mean the hood and grille are Case inspired.
  11. Thanks. It crossed my mind to have custom decals made that exclude CASE, but I don't have time to mess around with that. Plus, the tractor will always have the Case inspired sheet metal.
  12. I want to repaint my Case IH 885. Where do you source "good" decals from? Who makes "bad" decals to avoid?
  13. Definitely low resale value. Common wisdom around here is when the engine goes at 4-5k hours, you pull the wheels off and scrap the tractor. Not worth fixing.
  14. Didn’t experience this exactly, but when I put Charlynn PS on our M 8 years ago, the bracket from Steiner worked with the new torque generator that you have pictured there.
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