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  1. @495man Ah, that's cool. Thank you.
  2. @SaskM Thank you! They look like a universal item with separate "885" stickers, but something is better than nothing! 99588C1 is available from CIH, as already mentioned. There is supposed to be two of 99587C1 at Beller and Buckes in Humphrey, NE. When I called he didn't know if they had them for sure, and he sure didn't sound excited about digging for them. Disappointing.
  3. Yes, non-cab. I mean the hood and grille are Case inspired.
  4. Thanks. It crossed my mind to have custom decals made that exclude CASE, but I don't have time to mess around with that. Plus, the tractor will always have the Case inspired sheet metal.
  5. I want to repaint my Case IH 885. Where do you source "good" decals from? Who makes "bad" decals to avoid?
  6. Definitely low resale value. Common wisdom around here is when the engine goes at 4-5k hours, you pull the wheels off and scrap the tractor. Not worth fixing.
  7. Didn’t experience this exactly, but when I put Charlynn PS on our M 8 years ago, the bracket from Steiner worked with the new torque generator that you have pictured there.
  8. This is disappointing to read. Being discouraged from answering questions or resorting to PM's does not add to the body of knowledge available to the public. I would encourage everyone to keep posting your answers based on experience and knowledge. Hopefully your demeanor and good reputation makes it clear to readers to recognize your responses as solid and allows them to filter out the crappy responses from others that are either wrong or regurgitated. I recently battled an EGR problem on my Buick and it was clear when reading GM 3800 discussion boards whether the author of a response was an automotive engineer, an experienced mechanic, an inexperienced mechanic that was maybe taught the wrong thing in tech school, or the person just regurgitating wrong or weak information that he has read on other boards.
  9. Does spring look delayed there also? Awful lot of snow to melt here before fieldwork can begin. Same location as last year?
  10. You need the trip lever: http://www.ihpartsandequipment.com/implement-parts/plows/misc-en/sa-4773b-ih-moldboard-plow-clutch-trip-lever.html I could maybe help you out with one if they don’t have one in stock. Your hitch is fine and ready to use. Gravity holds it down on the clevis or loop on your tractor drawbar. If the plow hooks a rock the hook will rotate clockwise, in your picture, and pull on the spring releasing the hook from the clevis.
  11. And, your plow was built in 1945 or 1946 based on the steel arm used on the furrow axle (connected to the furrow lever). For the rest of the production run the arm was cast.
  12. Don’t really know what you’re asking, but here’s pictures of a working plow:
  13. X2 on Facebook Marketplace. I just recently started browsing it and couldn’t believe the amount of vehicles listed there but not on Craigslist. I think the filtering and search works well enough. However, belonging to “ cars for sale” groups on FB are a waste of time unless the group is more specific, like Diesel pickups. You waste your life away browsing through posts for clapped out Honda Civics before you find what you specifically want.
  14. Agree. What also irritates me is the bro trucks that clearly haven't adjusted their headlights down after installing a leveling kit.
  15. How well a trust works depends on state law as dale560 has stated. It could be that your state has weak trust laws and a trust would not accomplish much. Also possible why the lawyers shoot down the irrevocable trust, it doesn't matter how old you are, with a 5 year "claw back" provision your parents need cash or income to pay for 5 years of nursing home expenses outside of the trust. Your parents could place assets in an irrevocable trust today and tomorrow could end up in the nursing home. State medicaid will say you have all these assets so we aren't paying your nursing home expenses for 5 years. Irrevocable means irrevocable, those assets are not coming back out to pay for the nursing home . Sounds like a mess. If you are the trustee of the irrevocable trust, why aren't you managing the assets: setting rental rates and paying the income to your parents? And to clarify, the irrevocable trust still owns the assets, but the 5 kids (your siblings) are beneficiaries? If that is the case, I don't know how they can fight over the assets. They don't own them yet. If you, as the trustee, mismanaged the assets like selling the land and going to Vegas with the money, they could probably sue you over that. But as long as you are managing the assets well and just paying the income to your parents, I don't see what your siblings can fight about. I'd like to hear more about the trust management part? A professional trust company wants $1 mil in assets and charges $10k plus fees per year? They act as the trustee?
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