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  1. If I had a safe it would be in an undisclosed location inside the house somewhere that was convenient... if I had a safe(s) Being a pacifist gun safes and what may or may not be inside them scares me That being said I've known people who keep them in their garage without too much issue.
  2. I've not been goose, duck, nor live bird hunting but I've smacked a few clays. Just not my thing I guess
  3. Anybody gotten any new scatter guns lately they want to share?
  4. No guts no glory lol I snuck a 15 out of Iowa about a year ago
  5. And here's a really nice early 986. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/210842271/international-986
  6. I know you said 986, but this is a cherry 886 https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/210940225/international-886
  7. Fair enough, and thanks for answering. I don't follow him or know much about him other than I have read most of his tractor books just for fun and remember his segments on Sunday morning. And I might be a contrarian too? googled it "a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion" yeah... that shoe fits
  8. LOL I was really impressed someone thought to make fenders like that. Definitely thinking outside the barrel err I mean box... I betcha if I found a black barrel I could make some nice looking fenders for the front of my 7130!
  9. Always like hearing Baxter Black's stuff, but I gotta ask why is Roger Welch a clown? I grew up hearing his pieces on Sunday mornings, and have read/own several of his old tractor books and found them entertaining.
  10. I've done that several times. Problem is it don't last very long. Even clear coated a set and that worked well until clear coat started to come off after a while. In fairness it was just rustoleum
  11. That's why I mentioned trying it in a spot that wouldn't be seen some plastics acetone will clean up like no other and not harm it other plastics it's pretty rough on.
  12. I brightened up a cub cadet plastic hood one time with a rag and some acetone. Had to be careful but it took off the top layer of sun faded crud and made it look really nice again. After that I waxed it. If you try this try it in try it in a spot that isn't noticeable. Acetone and plastic reacts sometimes!
  13. Matt, I have nothing to add to the thread, but I kinda feel like through the forum I sorta know ya, and just wanted to express my condolences about your folks. It's tough losing your parents. Now carry on with your heat quandary hopefully you can find something that works for you.
  14. I have a Dewalt and I do not have the lock in lube, but I want to upgrade to that. I didn't even know they made an electric grease gun till a couple years ago, but after using one I ponied up the 200 bucks to have one of my own. It's hands down one of the best tools I've ever bought. The Milwaukee may be better IDK, but you definitely want a quality electric grease gun I do know that!
  15. Matt covered a lot of it, but these tractors range from really nice well preserved to absolute junk, and the prices range just as much. The good news is anything on them can be fixed just about and they are solid tractors. 986 was a bucket list tractor for me and I was able to find a pretty nice low hour one. Some farmers take care of their stuff and some don't. I can tell you though it usually pays to buy a tractor that looks like it was taken care of. The TA can kind of be tested by using the brakes in a higher gear to see if you can stall the tractor. If it slips you have TA trouble, and while that's not a deal breaker it certainly does effect price. I'd also crawl up on the fender and look at the roof of the cab. Where the black stripe goes over the roof is notorious for rusting through just like a vinyl top on an old car. The good news is there' still some nice 86 series tractors out there, the bad news is right now they are bringing about half again what they were just a couple years ago.
  16. My last garage floor had a place in it just like Ace described. I left a battery sitting (my dad's words had been overlooked cause it was only going to be for the night) and after several weeks, I had a spot in the concrete that wasn't there before.
  17. Apparently he's not too afraid of taking a whooping!
  18. Here's the first time and no not same day.
  19. 90% of Fords are still on the road.... The rest made it home. LOL I got Ford jokes for days Picture below is the second time my Ford left me beside the road.
  20. How are you liking the new 7.3? What kind of mileage are you getting? That motor certainly has gotten my attention and I'm not a ford guy! Have you pulled much with it? Now I know I posted a Ford above but that does not make me a Ford guy! LOL
  21. This was my old beater truck. 97 GMC K3500 with the 454 auto. Bought it in 2009 in NC rust free truck on ebay for 6K and flew down there and drove it home. Sold it in fall of 2019 on ebay for 7,800 and about fell over as I thought it would only bring about 4K (and I'd of been really happy with that) Had 135K miles on it when I sold it, was a rust free truck, and was mechanically sound. It was a good truck to own as in 10 years of ownership it didn't cost me anything! Only reason I sold it is I bought that previously mentioned Ford and then had 3 pickup trucks... Here's the parting shot of the 97 GMC as I dropped it off for the winning bidder. It was shameful being pulled by a Ford, but it had to be done! The Ford in case your curious I bought not running "blown up" at an auction pretty reasonably and then between myself and a qualified Powerstroke mechanic fixed it. It wasn't blown up just hydraulically locked from a leaking injector. I had the heads off, and gone through, engine studded, deleted, and and with straight exhaust and a tune it runs really good, and pulls a lot stronger than that 454 did. I also really like the flat bed. It's a 2006 with 130K on it and is a rust free truck that I will keep out of the salt. Only rust on it is those doors on the tool boxes under the bed and they may soon get cut off!
  22. I know you said you don't like Stihl, but from about 25 years of flying model airplanes and running outdoor equipment it's some really good oil. The engines in these planes run on 2Stroke oil and regular gas same as a chainsaw or weedeater, but cost a lot more. I've yet to ever have a problem caused by oil in the fuel. Over the years I've seen lots of engine damage from some other oils which is usually caused by an engine running a bit lean, and without a good oil to help it can over heat and score the cylinder. I use the same fuel jug for these as I do my chainsaw etc and the only thing I do different is I add a cap full of Marvel Mystery Oil to a 2.5 gallon jug of gasoline along with the Sthil Ultra silver bottle. The MM oil seems to help with carbon deposits in the cylinder and I've found that to be true in the Kohler air cooled engines in my Cub Cadets as I run a little in straight gas in them as well. Desert Aircraft makes the best model airplane engines in the world and they will only guarantee two oils to be run in their engines. They recommend redline oil, but will also warranty Stihl ultra. The big orange and yellow planes had this engine in them. https://www.desertaircraft.com/collections/da-engines/products/da-170 and you can see what they cost, which is only about a 1/3 of the total cost of the airplane so I'm very very picky about 2 stroke engine oil. Just my two cents worth, but for anything outdoor power or model airplane I run Stihl Ultra at it's mix rate and a touch of MMO just because it makes me feel better!
  23. Federal yellow is what the cub cadets were as well.
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