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  1. EquipmentFacts.com | INTERNATIONAL 826 Online Auctions
  2. B.B.

    8930 MFD

    That is gorgeous!
  3. You can come do the bushings on my 1586 now that you have practiced! Looking good!
  4. I think it would be hard to beat a 50cc saw with a 20" bar if you only had one chainsaw. I bought several years ago a Cub Cadet 5018 (50cc 18" bar) really cheap new in box on ebay. I quickly bought a 20" bar and it made a really nice saw out of it. I actually use that saw quite a bit. I have a smaller Stihl saw with I think a 16" bar and a Stihl 371 (I think) with a 24" that I use for bigger stuff. I got a great deal on a little top handle Echo saw that was the bees knees for trimming and fence line work, but gave it to my best buddy as he had wore his ou
  5. Want your money back? It's just money and where else can you have that much fun for 2K?
  6. B.B.


    It's because the 986 was going to be so awesome they had to put the 436 in it! 986 may or may not be my favorite IH tractor...
  7. Not to mention the TA "shifts" every time you step on the clutch because the dump valve dumps the pressure to it. The other thing that's not mentioned is if you have a heavy load and you are going down a steep hill the high side clutches are much bigger and probably should be used instead of the low side so you don't over run the TA. And from the condition of some of these 40 plus year old tractors it's amazing anything on them still works!
  8. Hey thanks for the pics. Lovely 1086 but what size are those rears?
  9. Hey thanks for the pics. Lovely 1086 but what size are those rears?
  10. B.B.

    IH Memes

    Just a few I made
  11. B.B.

    IH Memes

    Just a few I made
  12. You reminded me of a childhood memory I'd just as soon forget. Dad picked some ear corn with an old Oliver single row picker and a wagon obviously behind it. One year it got late in the year, I am thinking it was probably November by the time we got around to picking it, ground was wet and soft, and yeah that story about keeping the chain tight yep! Somewhere in that the pin slipped out of the drawbar that held the draw bar to the tractor so it appeared the picker was still hooked up so a quick tug with the front tractor quickly had an unhooked picker and only the half shaft of the p
  13. I’m going to need to see pics of this 1086
  14. Chrome being the key word I think! Dissipates heat more gooder! LOL
  15. Evansville IN you say?? Lucky for you I don't know the seller, or there might of been a surprise in the box!
  16. Do you have links where all this comes from?? Asking for a friend....
  17. B.B.

    New to 1066

    Congrats on a really clean looks to original condition tractor!
  18. Glad to see you’re still working on this.
  19. So not quite the same, but still funny and I laugh every time I think about it. Through college I worked for a fertilizer company and the man that owned it also farmed. He had a couple old Gleaner combines and our shop foreman Charlie was under the header getting the lift cylinder out to be rebuilt while out in the field. He had it completely off and asked me to drag it out so he could get out from under the machine. I grabbed the end and pulled which shot hydraulic oil all over him. Hearing him yell and seeing what I had done, I instinctively pushed the cylinder back i
  20. Any of us that have ever worked on equipment has shot oil all over something at least once! At least once lol
  21. Thanks for asking I needed to know this too!
  22. Dude..... I looked and looked at his pics and never did see the other tractor. I did finally find it but now I think I know where he keeps everything in his shop! If you misplace a tool I can probably help ya find it LOL
  23. B.B.

    New to 1066

    $11,600 divided by 150 bucks a day equals about 77 times I could of rented a trailer. Figure in I need a trailer about 3-4 times a year my trailer will pay for itself in 19 years lol Glad that's settled lol I agree with what's been said if a battery has no cold cranking amps they are shot. May still show 12V but ain't worth anything.
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