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  1. What’s the numbers on the frame rail?
  2. I have one as well. Really like it and you’ll find muscles in your forearms you didn’t know you had if you run it much lol
  3. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  4. Thanks everyone, I knew you guys would know what this meant to me. It’s just rough ole southern Indiana pasture ground and woods but I wouldn’t trade it for anything and when I’m gone my little girl can have it. Lucky kid, a few acres of rough pasture and some junky red tractors, quite the inheritance lol
  5. Test the TA in both sides in a higher gear with the brakes. Make sure you can stall tractor and it not slip. Back tractor up and ride brake a little and listen for a clicking sound. If it clicks it’s probably got a chip knocked off the reverse gear from being put in park while still moving. Don’t discount a 1566. I know folks complain about it only being a 3 speed but when you look at the gear speeds chart of both a three and four speed they aren’t as off as you think because some of the gears in the four speed are nearly identical. What you do lose is a little bit of road speed. 17 vs 22 But a 15 had planetary drives and they have their advantages plus you can sometimes get a better deal on a 15 Personally I like a good 15 Some folks would argue but I would not want an IH tractor that did not have a working TA. You lose half your speeds with it gone.
  6. Thanks to all who have replied it's been extremely helpful. You all have given me a lot to think about, and check into. Thanks a million!!!
  7. Thanks for the replies I truly appreciate the input. In all my life I've never wanted to be a landlord and outside of this particular situation I would not even consider it. But yet here I am considering it. 🙄
  8. All, I am looking for a little sound advice. My farm property (which I do not live on and rent out for cattle pasture) is currently vacant. My mother lived in the house she and my father build 40 years ago but she has since moved into an apartment in a neighboring town to be closer to my sister. That leaves her house (now mine) sitting empty and it has since last fall. It needs cleaned out and several repairs, but could be livable with a little work. I have a couple who is interested in renting the house with the promise they will fix it up in lieu of rent for the first year. I've not rented a house, nor have a rented one out. Anyone got any advice or things to be aware of? My intention is to not just let the house sit vacant and fall into even worse disrepair. My parent's were a bit of hoarders so there's still some stuff left in the house that needs auctioned off and or thrown away. It would also be nice to have someone living there to keep an eye on things. But I do not want a headache nor to make things worse. If this actually started to make money at some point that would be a good thing as well.
  9. It's not tractor related but I was able to buy a piece of the original farm and that was finalized as of last week. The part in pink is the 86 acres I previously owned, and the part in orange is the 46 acres I was able to purchase from my Aunt's estate. The 20 acre field was broken into (3) 6 acre patches several years ago so I now own 2/3rds of it, and 3 40 acre squares. The other 40 acre square to the north of my two, and the the other 1/3rd of that 20 belong to another aunt and I doubt I will ever be able to regain control of them. She was the wife of my deceased uncle (dad's brother) and has no other family connection to want to let me acquire it other than pay full market price. I know it's not tractor related, but I feel safe sharing here, and I know my tractor buddy's will understand how ecstatic I am about getting this back and more importantly keeping an outsider from buying it. I paid for the property and I own it outright but it took just about every cent I had... But I'm stoked!
  10. Understand about a nice looking hood I waxed a J3 cub years ago in college for the man I worked for. He swore it flew faster. I was dead beat after that though there’s a lot of surface on an airplane
  11. Thanks for sharing. Truly enjoyed reading your thread! I also like that you just painted the sheet metal I wondered how that would look and yours turned out really nice.
  12. Got it running yet? I'd leave the wide front too 😛
  13. Probably a good thing it's not closer I'd be going to look lol
  14. Where’s it at? Maybe BB needs an Artie
  15. So that’s 3 tractors? Because in theory you could get all that in one! lol
  16. Love a good fence row find story lol
  17. Looks like a pretty nice tractor to me. Congrats and best of luck with it. I sure do like my magnum. I'm glad you guys talked me into it lol
  18. I lucked out at Walmart the other day. They normally only let you buy three boxes that day they said no limit. I'm really not a hoarder but I haven't been able to buy shot shells for some time so yeah I took advantage when I had the chance. I was really grateful to find some 20's
  19. Haven’t done much with the Ford lately. I did replace the fan clutch with a 7.3 clutch and left that awful fan shroud thing out. Haven’t pulled anything with it yet but at least the fan cycles now. Last thing I pulled with it was that 1566 and that was before I updated the fan clutch.
  20. I will add I may not have all the tractors I want but I want the ones I have! My 986 was a bucket list tractor for me and it just makes me smile when I see it. My magnum is 100% your guys fault and was a tractor I didn't know I needed! On edit the BS 1566 was your guys fault too....
  21. JD 4960 Ford/Versatile 976 Ford 8830 mfd or TW35 White 2-135/155 those were the tractors I grew up wanting Now since I became an IH collector… 1206 4386 would be interesting 1456 who doesn’t want one? 5488 mfd and for some reason I’d love to have a Ford 5610 or 7610 both in series II I may have a tractor addiction y’all!
  22. Few pics I took today. Met trailer after trailer on the way in today so I think we missed several. Still was a great day to be out with my sweetheart. It was indeed good for my soul.
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