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  1. Got tractor unloaded Saturday. It's going to need a new ignition switch and batteries. May swap in 12v batts in place of the 6v Steering column also started leaking at the top...
  2. I’ve wanted an open station to mow under trees, for a plow day tractor, and to honestly just look cool lol. I almost bought an open station setup for an 86 but just don’t think they look right and cutting a cab down doesn’t look right either. So I made my mind up I wanted an open station and it had to be one of these 3; a 1206, 1456, or a Black Stripe and preferably a 15 as I just really like the 15’s. I can’t wait to play with this some and put it to work a little bit this summer.
  3. I am actually thinking about swapping them with the real nice 20.8-38 on the Minnesota 1586 and then putting these 42" stones on my magnum.
  4. That's kind of how I see it $1,200 worth of weights, 2K of rear tires, duals another 1K and suddenly the tractor isn't as expensive I'm going to name this one Paul in honor of the man who had it.
  5. Found a 1566 Black Stripe not to far from my farm for sale. Upon talking with the guy he bought it at a farm sale local to my farm in about 1991 from a family I know pretty well. I spoke with them and it was in the family and they confirmed it really truly is a low hour tractor. Kind of cool to know where it came from. I was asked if I wanted to sell and explained I didn't but if I ever did I'd let them know. So here's my newest tractor. Seems to be a straight tractor that's tight. I've never driven one that shifted so we'll. 3900 hours that I 100% now believe to be acc
  6. My sweetheart bought a new 687 grade 3 Silver Pigeon in 20GA with 28" barrels for my birthday on Friday. She and my operations director at work were in cahoots on this one and he advised her well. She surprised me with it Friday and then I had to try it out on Saturday. It shoots like a Beretta
  7. Ugh family forum.... looks really good I so wanna play with my new to me plow!
  8. EquipmentFacts.com | INTERNATIONAL 826 Online Auctions
  9. B.B.

    8930 MFD

    That is gorgeous!
  10. You can come do the bushings on my 1586 now that you have practiced! Looking good!
  11. I think it would be hard to beat a 50cc saw with a 20" bar if you only had one chainsaw. I bought several years ago a Cub Cadet 5018 (50cc 18" bar) really cheap new in box on ebay. I quickly bought a 20" bar and it made a really nice saw out of it. I actually use that saw quite a bit. I have a smaller Stihl saw with I think a 16" bar and a Stihl 371 (I think) with a 24" that I use for bigger stuff. I got a great deal on a little top handle Echo saw that was the bees knees for trimming and fence line work, but gave it to my best buddy as he had wore his ou
  12. Want your money back? It's just money and where else can you have that much fun for 2K?
  13. B.B.


    It's because the 986 was going to be so awesome they had to put the 436 in it! 986 may or may not be my favorite IH tractor...
  14. Not to mention the TA "shifts" every time you step on the clutch because the dump valve dumps the pressure to it. The other thing that's not mentioned is if you have a heavy load and you are going down a steep hill the high side clutches are much bigger and probably should be used instead of the low side so you don't over run the TA. And from the condition of some of these 40 plus year old tractors it's amazing anything on them still works!
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