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  1. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    It's not a full on addiction till you are mandated to go to meetings. Carry on LoL
  2. I like my 1566 and I hope one of these days she'll get some new paint
  3. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    You're probably right, but I went and looked at it and bought it. I may never use it, or probably won't use it much but for 80 bucks I'll be alright. I looked into the brands you suggested Hulls Bruk? And they look like good axes, but I can't justify that in a tool I will rarely use. I also can't justify a 20-30 dollar lowes or home depot brand piece of chinese junk, so this seemed middle of the road to me. Stihl makes 30 dollar axes too, that I'd bet are orange painted Harbor Freight junk lol
  4. I for one will sleep soundly tonight knowing that stray found a good home! I'm sure as time allows you'll get it checked over and up and running like it should be. If the pickup was saying 20 I'd say it's in high on the TA. 15mph is about top speed at pto speed for a 15 so if the TA was in low I don't think the truck would read 20. I really like a 15. Good stout tractor. Congrats on saving that one! Neat tractor to have around and certainly will start many conversations with any enthusiast who really takes a look at it!
  5. If the compression is good, I'd clean it up, install new carb and fuel lines, and spark plug and run it. If you have the muffler gasket you certainly can pull muffler for a look see, while it's apart I guess. Looking forward to seeing the post where you say it runs like a top again!
  6. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    So... I have a $20 dollar off $100 dollars spent coupon for the local rural king for a Stihl product. I don't have an axe, and they sell (I think) this one for $99.99 https://www.stihlusa.com/products/forestry-tools/axes/proforestryaxe/ There are times when an axe would be handy and I know I don't want a cheap one, but also don't want to spend 300 bucks on one. Any thoughts on the one above. $80 bucks for a pretty decent axe??
  7. Couple cans of break clean and the air hose will have that looking like new pretty quick! Makes me wonder if it over heated and that's why it's "tired"?
  8. I saved and saved and for my birthday this year I bought a trap for the homestead. I bought this tri axes base, https://www.atlastraps.com/Tri-Axes-Wobble-Base--AT50-AT250_p_131.html and the AT50 thrower https://www.atlastraps.com/AT-50_p_10.html We've shot clays at the house about 3 times since April and it's been a lot of fun. I've got to set up a little better rifle and pistol range at the house too. What I have now works, but I have a vision to make it better!
  9. That makes more sense now. I'll never be a serious shooter, but I do on occasion go have a lot of fun shooting clays. There's a local muzzle loader club that has a woods walk and I go on occasion and shoot with them guys and my ole KY rifle. Local .22lr 50 yard competition that's a lot of fun and I occasionally go shoot with them guys Few local guys shoot long distance rifles and that's a lot of fun to shoot with them. Local IDPA matches and again a lot of fun to go shoot with those guys... The point I'm trying to make is I'll never be a serious competitor at anything because I try and do everything. So I don't need a super high rib on a gun, plus I'd rather shoot sporting clays or 5 stand, or crazy quail any day as trap is kind of boring!
  10. If that's the original bar I highly doubt it's tired! Paint isn't even hardly worn. Good luck with the project, hopefully you can get it going well for not much more spent. 90 dollar carb on a 50 dollar saw gets spendy, but it looks like a new one is about a grand so 140 bucks so far don't seem bad!
  11. I don't know much about fitting a shotgun to a person but I do know for me when it feels right it's right. If I pick up a gun in the store to feel it out, I get in my shooting stance, (boxer's stance, weight on front foot) close my eyes, and mount the gun. If it fits me well I'll looking right down the barrel my cheek has a good fit on the stock, and the but pad is firmly in the pocket of my shoulder. Feels natural, and if it don't then I probably won't shoot it well. I bought an 50's model Browning A5 a couple years ago, broom handle stock, nice condition, and for a good price. True piece of history and a gun most would be proud to own. It fit me terrible, and both times I shot it I came away with a bruised shoulder. I also didn't shoot it well. Buddy of mine came along and wanted it and I sold it to him for what I had in it. Super nice gun, just didn't work for me. Glocks are the same for me. Nice reliable quality guns, but when I point one I always have to readjust my aim because the grip angle is different and they just don't fit me well. Another thing I don't understand about shotguns, is the guys shooting trap with the vent rib about 10" off the barrel (slight exaggeration) I don't see how they hit the broad side of the barn little alone a flying clay pigeon. Granted I've never shot one... Shooting trap, or skeet, or sporting clays really is a funny game. Those guys that do that on a regular basis have guns that range from 2K to 200K in price and it just baffles me how some folks can drop 10, 20, 50K on a shotgun??? I'm over there with a Beretta at $2,500 thinking I'm really something LOL 🤣
  12. I know, I just love to see a good news story, and I also know how contrary ole farmers can be about selling something and then changing their mind. My dad once traded some work for a Minnie MO U302 that hadn't ran in years after an electrical fire to the wiring harness. Some fresh gas, and a few jumper wires and about an hours worth of work he drove it home. Farmer wasn't happy that it ran and then didn't want to let it go. We used that Minnie Mo for several years till it just got too tired and needed a rebuild.
  13. I'm surprised the Mossberg doesn't feel very short in the but stock for you. Both of my mossbergs are a little short for me. I have a 500A and an 835 both great guns but I don't shoot them as well as my Berettas simply because they don't shoulder as naturally. I have to "work for it" to get my eye looking right down the barrel. I bought my 500 at 13 in 1992 after a summer of work doing any odd job I could find for a few bucks. Even picked up and sold walnuts. That gun means the world to me because it's one I truly earned.
  14. If your young, you don't need sleep. Seriously man... I'm on the edge of my seat! Get that thing home already.
  15. And that's why I tend to stick with Beretta shotguns. They just fit me well.
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