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  1. An update. I started this thread nearly 7 years ago... Yeah let that sink in a minute for those of you who remember LOL I started with a 1486, and then added a 986, 1086, another 1486, (2) 1586 tractors, a 1566 and a 7130 Magnum. Fall of 2019 life leveled me on a personal level and I've had to rebuild my life. I sold the 7130 Magnum to my best buddy growing up last year. (He pestered me till I let him have it) I sold the 1566 to the family that owned it new as of last Friday. (just felt like the thing to do) Last year I purchased a new Case IH 70a tractor to use at my house and 12 acres for general use, bush hog, loader etc. after selling my little NH TC45D I had owned for 15 years. (another buddy wanted it) Here's what I am thinking. I really think I am going to sell both 1486, both 1586 and the 1086. I also plan to sell the NH TV140. I have 2 cub cadet 3240 anniversary models and attachments I plan to sell as well. I plan to keep my Cub Cadet 782, the Case IH 70A (I bought new last year) and my 986 (986 is what I originally wanted). I then plan to buy a new or nearly new Case IH 140A or a NH TS6 140 with MFD and a loader. I will only own 3 tractors and a Cub Cadet. I bought a new Scag 60" Patriot last year to mow with so the Cub is just for garden duties and because I like it. Looking for input on the New 140A or TS6 140? I'm at the point where I don't want to work on much anymore and I really only "need" a tractor to clip pastures and some loader work.
  2. B.B.

    Ford 6.0

    This topic reminds me of my own 6.0 adventure. I appreciate all the help I received with that truck. 6.0 can be a good engine, (key word being can) and at nearly 20 years old it will need some work even with the low miles.
  3. I can strongly identify with the themes in this thread. Thanks for sharing, I was born in 79 so yeah 90's was my era. Thanks for sharing your photos.
  4. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    I need to put together a hawk target/backstop so I could actually practice lol Yours looks great!
  5. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    Tomahawk I stained the handle on with iron nitrate and then tried and true oil. It's for throwing.
  6. That's awesome. But where this shop is? Ya know in case I need something worked on
  7. Still need to brown the lock but otherwise it's ready to shoot. Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle in .45 I'm really pleased with how the wood turned out. It's finished along with the metal like it would of been back in early 1800s I'd like to think I could of went along with Old Hickory down the mighty Mississip with a little bacon and a little beans to send the English back home lol I'm just 200 years and some change too late.
  8. While I'm posting pics. Farm cat doing farm cat things. Actually this isn't a farm cat as much as a back porch feral cat that the wife rescued from the animal control office. As long as she kills mice or at minimum deters them I'm pleased
  9. Actually there's just a gate in front of the 986 and I parked them all there to go through gate at same time.
  10. I really need to get these all restored. Maybe someday.
  11. Spent some time on the Southern Mountain Rifle kit. Now just gotta finish the wood and metal parts.
  12. Oh I be doing stuff. Just with less recoil lol your last sentence is probably good words to live by.
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