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  1. Wow….. that's all I got.... People will work harder at not working than if they'd just go get a job.
  2. When I was about 2nd or 3rd grade, my dad who had a Bobcat and backhoe was putting in a septic system, digging footers etc for a distant family member who lived across from the school superintendent. Dad had me on an old M600 open station Bobcat backfilling the ditches and the Superintendent walked over to see how such a small kid could operate a Bobcat. Needless to say from then on he knew me. I remember I had to sit on the very edge of the seat to work the pedals! That worked well and at times didn't..... I was a good kid but certainly got in my share of trouble and they always called my dad who was not shy about sparing the rod when I got home! 🤣 Those conversations usually started out with something like this. "Hey boy something happen at school today I need to know about?" LOL Oh crap he knows..... I just turned 40 a few days ago, so it hasn't been all that long since I was a kid, but things sure have changed.
  3. Or loading hay on wagon by yourself with a Allis C crunched in low gear and running up to steer it every so often.... All went well till the front end hit a ground hog hole lol
  4. I got hit last week at farm. One of those spiral "gates" I unhooked and a couple spirals were up over end of handle and I didn't notice. Got caught on Pinky knuckle.... It hurt! It's the only gate on the farm that isn't wired to when you take it loose it's not hot and I didn't notice the sire up over the end. Quick reminder to be more careful lol
  5. B.B.

    New member

    Welcome from another 986 fan! Kiddo in the seat is a cute pic! Probably the best day care there is right there!
  6. B.B.


    R-O-U-G-H ROUGH! and TA delete on top of it. If owner can take a pic of serial plate it will say what model it is. That fuel tank and hitch don't jive though. Cat 3 hitch and small tank.... Might be a taco 1086 they built at the very end to send to Mexico. I hope they aren't asking much for it.
  7. I guess this way you know what you have and are making repairs that are minor but could be major later if left unchecked. I appreciate the pictures!
  8. I understand the other color bug.... there's a few tractors I'd love to have but I know parts availability and other issues keep me from buying one.
  9. I know ole Buddy you told me so lol I still love the 86 series. But that power shift and throttle setup in the magnum is nice. Steps and door are awesome too. Magnum has a chrome straight pipe with muffler deleted. It certainly will make you moist!
  10. 15 isn't going anywhere I was an ass as a teenager.... oh wait I might still be lol
  11. And finally same neighbor had these two old pictures of your truly as a teenager after winning the trailer backing contest and garden tractor contest at my local 4H fair. The two girls are his daughters who I think came in second. I think I was about 14 there?
  12. And if you've been following along you know that a neighbor dairy farmer had a 986 that inspired me to want one. He also had a Bi-Directional that inspired my TV140. He found a couple old photos of those two tractors while they were chopping and packing silage.
  13. Magnum got a new K&M seat on top the original air ride. Sure does sit a lot better. The magnum will spoil you too. It's night and day more comfortable to climb in and operate than the 86 series. Almost makes me want to sell the 86 tractors and find a 7120 or 7220
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