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  1. No I sold a lot of toy tractors a few years ago. I like them but they get out of hand if you let them.
  2. I tend to do that too. Guess I should find a white 2-105 or 155 but I don't know where I'd put it lol
  3. B.B.

    Best hay tractor?

    Agree 100% on the hydro for a bailing tractor. I've used both and a hydro on the baler wins out! I've always wanted to try and bale with my NH TV140. It's a hydro, has AC, and the seat will turn to make looking behind you easier. I've never baled or for that matter ever used a tractor with AC to make hay with. Sure seems like that would be nice lol
  4. B.B.

    Results of the 986 vs Farmall 140a

    So are you saying the 986 burns twice the fuel as the new one? How do you know the 986 would only pull at 3.5 mph? It looks like the 140 is a nice tractor. Add a loader to it, and it would be a perfect tractor if it holds up!
  5. That's what I use my TV 140 for. Neighbor Dairy farmer currently has it last few weeks to level off and pack his silage pit. It feeds hay all winter long and I used to have to haul wood up to the house to cut for my mom who still lives on the property.
  6. Double Post, but I sure am enjoying all the replies!
  7. I have to agree, my grandfather owned a WD narrow front with the Allis hitch and a few attachments for it. I used it several times as kid to plant corn in small patches on rough hilly ground. I absolutely hated that tractor. It did not have power steering and by the end of a day I'd have blisters on my hands and be absolutely worn out from steering it. Plus the hand clutch was awkward and difficult for a kid to use. I think I used it for some other jobs as well with nearly the same result. Did I mentioned I hated using that tractor? I sold it a few years ago after dad passed and I may or may not of flipped it the bird as it went down the driveway leaving the farm! 😨 Looking back I don't think my dad liked it either as I can't ever remember a time where I seen him use it?? Now that makes me think he knew it was horrible and gave it to me to use in the small patches mostly because he probably didn't like it either! 2 rows at a time...… 🤬 Did I mention it never did have a good battery in it so if I accidently killed it, I'd have to walk to wherever dad was and get a pull to start it and a butt chewing... LOL Always parked it on a hill so you could roll it off starting it too.
  8. B.B.

    Made a little progress finally!

    50K for a "new" 200hp 4WD tractor isn't bad. I understand it's probably a lot more than you had hoped to spend but it should last a long time now. I look at things like this or vehicles on a cost per year vs a cost of the unit. I bought a new truck in 2007 and paid right at about 30K for it, which I thought was a lot! I've owned it 11 years now and it's still in good shape. 30K over 11 years is less than 3K a year, or about 227 a month which is a pretty cheap truck payment. 49K over 20 years is a pretty cheap tractor payment! Thanks for sharing your story I for one enjoyed watching it progress!
  9. Only if you leave engine red and rest of tractor green lol That's some imagination you have! 😛
  10. That's a pretty neat tractor. I am guessing getting out the left hand door was fun with that jug there!