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  1. New sneakers look good 🙂
  2. So that can/bomb I put in the cab yesterday with blower running for about 20-30 minutes seems to have done the trick. I drove the truck a bit tonight and it smells much better. Still isn't perfect, but at least it won't gag a maggot now lol I need to order parts from AP air and get that addressed. I have driven the truck a few times now and am liking it. I think a new set of shocks all the way around will help how it rides. It rides rough, and I know it's a 350 and isn't going to ride like a half ton, but I think a new set of shocks is in order. I have also been looking at exhaust/muffler and cat deletes. I don't want a crazy loud obnoxious truck, but in Indiana they also don't check much and I can't help but think the truck would run better without that. I would also like to add a tuner to deal with the EGR delete and add a tow tune to increase the power a little. For those of you familiar with these trucks do they ever smoke unloaded? I have yet to see this one smoke any, even when floored on take off it just simply won't do it. Not that I'm trying to "roll coal" but I would of thought it would of smoked a little? And for the record I think the 9" exhaust systems with the 24" tips, and roll coal on demand is just obnoxious so that is not my end goal, I'm just a little disappointed in the low end grunt.
  3. Do you have any other "big fish" pics you'd like to share? Asking for a friend!
  4. Years ago when the interwebs were new, and forums emerged I belonged to one about RC airplanes. Still do for that matter, but one guy in particular there wasn't a day passed that I didn't want to dot his nose because he was a jerk online. I was just a wee youngin back then, and after a couple of years on that forum I met him face to face at an event. We "had words" and settled our differences, and I said exactly what I wanted too straight to him. Would you know we've been good buddy's ever since then, and I've learned that yes he's a troll at times but he is a good guy and it's just his way of kidding around. But I wholeheartedly agree people will say stuff online that they'd never say in person.... and that's not cool.
  5. And take it to work for everyone to enjoy lol
  6. I may do that. Just hate to waste good coffee
  7. Are you going to leave the cab on the 15?
  8. Yeah those are nasty
  9. No pictures tonight but interior is back together and I took truck for a little drive tonight to run out as much of the old fuel as I could. I didn't let it get real low because I don't trust the gauge. I'm going to try some of you guys suggestions on getting the smell out. I have some other work to do and I'll keep ya posted.
  10. I'm not a Ford guy either, but hey why not lol Work has been a circus. About 1/4 of our employees didn't come back after furlough. Those who did drop like flies if they are around anyone with a cough as they know it will get them a few paid days off if they go get tested "seeking treatment". So what happens is those of us who are dedicated get worked like rented mules. I've very thankful for the crews of people that I oversee but my good ones are getting burnt out and I'm right there with them.
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