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  1. B.B.

    These 68s are just getting to high

    Since they are junk, if anyone has one they don't want, I'll offer my services to take said junk tractor and properly love it like it should be! They do look cool, and I think most all of them are now retired to a life of ease and parades. I've never seen one in the field actually working. I wouldn't mind to have one as a conversation piece! 😍
  2. B.B.

    DT414 vs DT436

    No harm meant. I'm not sure what I said that got your attention, but I promise there wasn't any malice behind it!
  3. B.B.

    DT414 vs DT436

    I grew up making hay with a White 2-35 that had a 4 speed with a high and low range, so even 12 fwd speeds is a giant plus to me! A 1586 wouldn't be an ideal hay tractor but if a person could buy a nice one of them vs a clapped out 10 the choice to me is pretty easy. Even if the 15 only has the 2K PTO, a 540 can be pretty easily added. Regardless hopefully leeave96 can find a suitable tractor that meets his expectations and needs.
  4. B.B.

    DT414 vs DT436

    If it has a TA it has 12 forward speeds. But yes it is a 3 speed instead of a 4 speed. I think you can still find an acceptable gear to cut and bale hay!
  5. B.B.

    Caught the IH Flu

    Following! Good luck with your project, be sure to keep us updated! 1086, and 1486 sure do make fine tractors when they all work like they are supposed too!
  6. B.B.

    DT414 vs DT436

    1/4" is the difference. A 436 has a 1/4" more stroke than a 414. I can't see you would ever notice much difference between the two, and has already been pointed out a quick turn of the fuel screw in the pump will set the 414 to the 436 factory power settings. As had been previously said, I think you'll do much better finding a tractor that' in the best condition for what you are wanting to spend than what actual model you want. IH made a lot of different model tractors that will all fit the bill of making hay. A 1566 or 1586 would be overkill for making hay, but if you found a real nice there isn't any reason it won't work just as well as a 1066 or 1086. Good luck on your search, I'll be watching to see what you end up with!
  7. That racking is junk. I'm sure the poor forklift driver will take the blame though. Granted he did nudge the rack, but good grief you wouldn't of expected that! I sure hope he's ok. I showed that video to my operations folks here at work. The look on the face of our forklift trainer was priceless!
  8. B.B.

    I like these retro paint look

    A quick you tube search of people purposely trying to show the difference between Ford Aluminum and anything steel might change your mind about "perfectly strong". I feel as though Ford made a mistake with the aluminum panels, especially in the bed. That said it hasn't seemed to hurt their sales, and GM and Ram may follow suit, but I just can't bring myself to drop the coin on a "truck" that's made out of aluminum. I wholeheartedly appreciate the weight reduction, but they lost a lot of weight in other places and not just from the aluminum panels. Years ago I had a little Saturn car, aside form it burning oil at 70K it was a great little car. Fenders, doors etc were all composite material, and looked great with no dents when I sold it with 175K on it. But it was a car and I hadn't ever hauled rocks, or hay bales, or garden tractors in it..... And I think it was steel underneath the composite skin. I know the roof and hood were steel. If Ford had chose that route to hang aluminum panels on a steel truck bed I wouldn't be so opposed!
  9. B.B.

    Year-A-Round Cab for 86 series?

    LOL I got myself a 1586 this past summer. I loves it!
  10. B.B.

    I like these retro paint look

    You can't really compare semi truck bodies and the new Ford Aluminium bodies. Semis at least what I've been exposed too are made out of much thicker aluminum. Plus a cab and dog house made out of aluminum is one thing, but a truck bed needs to be steel if you plan to use the truck. Again though most everyone buying a truck in today's market the most they are going to haul is a bag or two of mulch.
  11. B.B.

    I like these retro paint look

    Good looking truck!
  12. B.B.

    I like these retro paint look

    Really? Chebby went pop can too? Truth is the yuppies don't need anything more and they are the ones who buy most of the trucks I guess. They don't even need a truck they just want a truck.
  13. B.B.

    10 Chevy suburban with afm or dod

    F350…. Aluminum..... oxy moron if I ever heard one!
  14. B.B.

    I like these retro paint look

    That's a good looking pop can..... Yeah I'm not a fan of the new Aluminum trucks....
  15. B.B.

    10 Chevy suburban with afm or dod

    I have an 07 Silverado I bought new when the new body style came out with the 5.3 AFM engine. It now has 80K on it, and at about 70K it got low on oil. That concerned me so I read that the AFM, in that year truck could cause oil consumption. I then ordered and installed a programmer that turned the AFM off. It's not used oil that I can tell since. I've been a Chevrolet guy my entire life. My dad had Chevrolet, his dad etc... This truck has made me reconsider that notion. I bought it new, and other than sitting outside I've taken excellent care of it. The dash cracked and I ended up installing a dash cover over the top. Most of these trucks you see have that issue if they set outside. The speakers quit working, and had to be replaced. The AFM/oil consumption thing which is absolutely ridiculous. And to top it off my transmission is starting to act up once in a while with being slow to shift once in a while. I've tried to take excellent care of this truck, and yes it's 11 years old now, but it's only got 80K on it too. It sits in my driveway most of the time and all the miles that are on it are HWY miles with about half of them pulling a 16ft car hauler with a moderate load. I hope to get another 10 years out of this truck no more than I drive it, but if I had to get a new one today It's doubtful it would be another GM. Ford trucks are now aluminum and I'm not going to pay what they cost for one of them, and I'd hate to think about driving a Dodge, but I'd have to look at them seriously.... Good luck with your Suburban and I hope you can get it straightened out.