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  1. I got a huge pile of turkey waste. Irs pretty nasty smelling too. I need to get that spread.
  2. LOL Citidiots…. Move to country and complain when local farmer makes it smell bad for a day. My dad always replied if someone complained about the smell "smells like money to me" LOL
  3. I should of said I bought it running and have used it some around the farm, and a few weeks back brought it up to house and shut it off with no restart. When I reached down to shut it off it almost felt like it quit just as I was starting to turn it, but I didn't think anything about it till it then wouldn't crank over. Yes I am getting power to the switch as the fuel pump comes on as soon as you turn it on.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I need to keep checking. It's at the farm so I only get to work on it for a bit on Saturdays.
  5. Nope no seat switch, not any on the seatbelts. Brake switch will kill motor if it's in gear at same time.
  6. I've bypassed the neutral switches, and the park brake. We've swapped relays around and did get it to crank when bypassing relay for start, but I don't think it was getting fire when we did that. I agree on the oil level switch effecting ignition usually, and it's not something we have checked yet.
  7. Agreed, I think it's a mag and I know they ground out to kill. It's something in the wiring as it just won't crank. I had it narrowed down to what I felt was a faulty key switch but a new one makes no difference. Next thing to try is to see if it has an oil level switch and if it does see if bypassing that solves the issue.
  8. Isn't it just a shrader valve like on a tire to fill the accumulators? I guess I've never seen just a nitrogen tank, but then again I haven't looked.
  9. I bought a slightly used Cub Cadet Volunteer EFI back this spring and was wondering if anyone else on here had one? It won't currently run as it has something electrical wrong that won't allow it to turn over, and when we short across solenoid it doesn't seem to have spark either. We've checked all the easy stuff but I haven't tried to bypass the oil level sensor, and I'm honestly not quite sure it has one yet. I also need to replace the front boots on the CB shafts. Just was hoping someone else might have some experience with them.
  10. Where are you going to get nitrogen to fill them?
  11. B.B.

    CIH 7110

    I understand that. About 5 years ago I bought a HUGE New Holland TV140 that was insane too me at the time due to it's size. Way bigger than anything I grew up on, or that dad ever had around the farm. I had to laugh when I got it home as I knew my dad would of said "that's too big". After using it some I have gotten used to it's size and it's just become the norm. I bought a 7130 FWA Boxcar magnum at the first of this year, and it's my biggest most powerful tractor. It's really not any bigger than my TV and while I doubt I will ever need a bigger tractor I have come to really like that tractor vs smaller tractors. I mow all the pasture ground around the farm, and the last two years I have used my 1586 which is about the same size as the magnum and it's much easier to mow and safer on the hills with the bigger tractor. I say all this to simply say don't let the size intimidate you. You may have to cut some tree limbs around your place, but in reality that magnum isn't that big it just seems that way at first!
  12. Traded the black one in today on a new A400 sporting. I've always wanted a really nice Beretta and now I have a nice one and a really nice one lol Whittaker's guns just outside of Owensboro KY is a good shop to deal with.
  13. B.B.

    1086 makeover

    Following along on your progress just a little jealous
  14. My thermostat switch appears to be bad. It also appears cab roof has to come off to replace that too to feed tube up into coil? Anyone who's replaced that switch confirm?
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