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  1. This is a bash Ford thread not a bash 86 series thread lol
  2. Is that the super low hour 4055 that sold at auction not to long ago? 1456 is beautiful!
  3. B.B.

    New to us tractor

    Not much, few updates, and JD adopted the Magnum corner cab exhaust. 4960 is a few years newer.
  4. Searcy, I just now seen your thread. Hope your new truck is treating you well, and I really appreciate you answering all my 6.0 questions I have had with mine. How's the foot?
  5. B.B.

    New to us tractor

    Congrats!! One of these days I'm going to get myself a 4960 just cause. I like those Deere's, mostly because when I was young I drooled over the brochure wishing we could have such a nice tractor.
  6. Thank you so much for the advice. I will check into that!
  7. In the console/under the actual shifter? I've not looked and seen what actually moves on the transmission.
  8. All, My 7130 shifter has started doing some goofy things. When you first slide over to forward the first notch at the bottom is supposed to still be neutral, however it's in first gear. Reverse, is hard to get it into. It's a four speed reverse, and I have been thinking about updating to the newer plate to avoid all the low gears but haven't bought those parts yet. I've adjusted at it without much help, so I am thinking I may need a new cable? Does anyone have the page or two our of the service manual on adjusting the shifter? Any and all advice is welcome, and
  9. Did a thing today. Browning A5 light 12 full choke 28" barrel. It's been RE-blued at some point and it's a nice deep blue. Stock us in pretty good shape and it appears to be a 1953 model. Serial number on receiver and barrel both match. 5 bills.... think I did OK? I needed another shotgun like a hole in my head and I would of rather had a 20 but I couldn't pass it up.
  10. B.B.

    Bear problems

    I don't understand why??
  11. B.B.

    Bear problems

    Oh man..... Yuck! **** of a way to go.
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