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  1. I was all on the get another magnum but it's broke right now too.... Seems a hydraulic hose under the cab let loose. Goes back to my theory of needing backups!
  2. Seems like all my tractors are junk..... So you need a backup to the backup in case the primary loader tractor goes down, and then your backup takes a crap on you as well!
  3. Is your new ball not larger than your existing hole? I need to do this repair to my 1586 as well, but haven't torn into it yet, but I thought the new pivot ball was oversized?
  4. I misread your question! I was justifying why I needed another loader! LOL Where the stands attach to the crossover bar on the loader had been torn some so they did not hold the loader upright like they were supposed too. That and the hydraulic hose for lift was damaged and wouldn't allow us to operate the loader, so it was just easier that way. The Bush Hog Loader is quick attach to the tractors and the bucket is too so once I get the stand attach points fixed and the new hoses it should be much easier to install in the future.
  5. B.B.

    8930 MFD

    Shows what little I know I keep thinking about updating mine with that plate.
  6. B.B.

    8930 MFD

    I think all 89 series had the shuttle gate? If you have two cross overs from forward gate to reverse gate then you have the shuttle plate already.
  7. LOL I used my Bi-Di yesterday to handle a loader too. Put a Bush Hog Loader on my 1486 and the TV140 came in handy.
  8. Minus a busted hydraulic hose the loader is on the 1486. Should prove itself useful!
  9. They are red in brochure pictures
  10. Brian I appreciate those tear down pics greatly. Thank you for posting! I'd say best of luck with your project but you clearly have it whipped!
  11. 10-4 and will do hopefully soon as I hate having such a nice tractor not usable. If it would ever freeze I have tons of turkey little to spread with it.
  12. B.B.

    966 custom

    Judging by the welds on the bottom of home made canopy and I'd say that fella who did all that work qualifies as a professional!
  13. I don't have great words of wisdom, but you have got your own hands full with that beautiful family you have. You owe your brother nothing, and he is a grown up and responsible for his own actions. Your parents are just that, your parents. You being a grown man can live however you want and do not need their permission nor blessing. A lot of parents enable bad behavior in a child so your family isn't the only one. You don't owe them anything either other than trying to be a good son. Who you do owe is your own kiddos and wife! I have no doubt you are doing a great job being dad/husband! Keep up the good work, and let the other people do what they do. I would also mention you do have the right to grieve for that poor child. That's horrible what happened and you absolutely have every right to be upset in whatever way you see fit. Eventually you will need to forgive them,( not for them) but for yourself. That may take a while! On another note I didn't realize you lived around Jasper. I live in Evansville and have a small farm outside of Salem. We're practically neighbors!
  14. B.B.


    Some folks are just really lucky that punching them in the nose is illegal. I'm not for violence in anyway shape nor form, but there's been a couple occasions with nonsense like you just told about that the thought crossed my mind!
  15. B.B.


    I'd offer a little better than scrap price (respectfully) and see what he is thinking. I hate pricing other people's stuff but it's hard to value something that isn't working right. That said I wouldn't be afraid to go to the 4K mark others have said. But he may think he's sitting on 10K too??
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