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  1. Colt shoots well. Cold hands and I've lost my trigger discipline shooting scatter guns.
  2. I wanted an 86 series a 986 specifically because one left such an impression on me as a young kid. Neighbor had a 986 and it was hands down the coolest tractor around.
  3. That little 782 is set up to plow. 100lbs of weights on each tire plus filled with washer fluid. Front weights help too.
  4. That's probably fair but people also collect what they grew up with.
  5. Yeah 86 series have no collector value... They've went up in price too I'm last two years.
  6. I've got a buddy that's in engineering at Cane and he's told storys of either barrels or big Gaylord boxes of 1911 parts all disassembled. Thousands of them.
  7. Plowing an established garden isn't so bad. That sod however was a pain. Wished I could of went a little deeper.
  8. The inexpensive Tisas shot very well yesterday. Ran about a box of FMJ through it and some random hollow points I had laying around. I'm impressed with it. Haven't shot the Colt yet
  9. Funny you say that. Picked up a Tisas from Rural King on Friday for $319.00 haven't shot it yet but looking it over and the Colt can't really tell any difference. Cheap one came with two mags though lol From all the reviews and videos I've watched I think the Tisas will be a good gun. And for the price I figured I'd give it a try. Of course I also didn't plan to buy a Colt a few days later... Colt 1911 has been a bucket list gun for several years for me much like the Anaconda
  10. I thought a 1586 was the worst ever.... You know only 3 gears, backwards doors, shifter trip hazzard, hard to put fuel in with a 5 gal oil jug, can't see drawbar, TA handle too stiff, doors are backwards, light duty front end, too much hp, planetary gear brake issues, only 3 gears, and worst of all the doors are on backwards. I forgot the left handed can't get through the backwards doors shifters being in the way and the muddy tires because the doors are backwards. In all seriousness for me it was an Allis WD I hated that tractor. In fairness it was about wore out when I had the privilege of using it.
  11. I had long forgotten about cans like that. Thanks for bringing back a memory. Those work a lot better than a plastic oil bucket lol You guys know I love my 86 series tractors. Love the 82 series cub cadets too and they are much easier to fill with a 5 gallon oil jug I grew up planting corn 2 rows at a time on a Allis WD. A 86 series with working air is pretty dang nice to me.
  12. Here's something no one talks about.... Fueling these tractors from a can or 5 gal oil bucket. It's not fun lol From a hose it's probably not so bad 🤣
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