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  1. Your tractor but I’d get the original parts from a donor tractor tractor looks nice!
  2. If I had a safe it would be in an undisclosed location inside the house somewhere that was convenient... if I had a safe(s) Being a pacifist gun safes and what may or may not be inside them scares me That being said I've known people who keep them in their garage without too much issue.
  3. I've not been goose, duck, nor live bird hunting but I've smacked a few clays. Just not my thing I guess
  4. Anybody gotten any new scatter guns lately they want to share?
  5. No guts no glory lol I snuck a 15 out of Iowa about a year ago
  6. And here's a really nice early 986. https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/210842271/international-986
  7. I know you said 986, but this is a cherry 886 https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/210940225/international-886
  8. Fair enough, and thanks for answering. I don't follow him or know much about him other than I have read most of his tractor books just for fun and remember his segments on Sunday morning. And I might be a contrarian too? googled it "a person who opposes or rejects popular opinion" yeah... that shoe fits
  9. LOL I was really impressed someone thought to make fenders like that. Definitely thinking outside the barrel err I mean box... I betcha if I found a black barrel I could make some nice looking fenders for the front of my 7130!
  10. Always like hearing Baxter Black's stuff, but I gotta ask why is Roger Welch a clown? I grew up hearing his pieces on Sunday mornings, and have read/own several of his old tractor books and found them entertaining.
  11. I've done that several times. Problem is it don't last very long. Even clear coated a set and that worked well until clear coat started to come off after a while. In fairness it was just rustoleum
  12. That's why I mentioned trying it in a spot that wouldn't be seen some plastics acetone will clean up like no other and not harm it other plastics it's pretty rough on.
  13. I brightened up a cub cadet plastic hood one time with a rag and some acetone. Had to be careful but it took off the top layer of sun faded crud and made it look really nice again. After that I waxed it. If you try this try it in try it in a spot that isn't noticeable. Acetone and plastic reacts sometimes!
  14. Matt, I have nothing to add to the thread, but I kinda feel like through the forum I sorta know ya, and just wanted to express my condolences about your folks. It's tough losing your parents. Now carry on with your heat quandary hopefully you can find something that works for you.
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