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  1. Few pics I took today. Met trailer after trailer on the way in today so I think we missed several. Still was a great day to be out with my sweetheart. It was indeed good for my soul.
  2. Congrats that is awesome!
  3. Yeah…. That escalated quickly lol
  4. That would also be good for my soul lol
  5. Looks like I am going to go Saturday. It will be good for my soul I think!
  6. As a kid I drooled over the 4960 in the brochure. I always thought they were huge. One of these days I’ll own one and maybe a 976 Ford versatile
  7. The head will just smash that down! What motor is that?
  8. One of these days I really want a 4960 because it's a bucket list tractor. That said though, I'll take a nice clean boxcar magnum any day of the week over the JD.
  9. My 2 3/4 old Sammie enjoyed riding in the magnum a while yesterday. It's hard to steer when she wants to steer lol
  10. Here's the video from when I brought my 986 home with a little of the backstory as to why I wanted one.
  11. Grandpa was making that last big purchase of the year so the tax man didn’t get it! thanks for sharing!
  12. B.B.

    My new project

    Grew up on one.... good luck with your project!
  13. 986 is what started my love for IH tractors
  14. Got tractor unloaded Saturday. It's going to need a new ignition switch and batteries. May swap in 12v batts in place of the 6v Steering column also started leaking at the top...
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