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  1. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    I need to put together a hawk target/backstop so I could actually practice lol Yours looks great!
  2. B.B.

    Axes Anyone?

    Tomahawk I stained the handle on with iron nitrate and then tried and true oil. It's for throwing.
  3. That's awesome. But where this shop is? Ya know in case I need something worked on
  4. Still need to brown the lock but otherwise it's ready to shoot. Jim Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle in .45 I'm really pleased with how the wood turned out. It's finished along with the metal like it would of been back in early 1800s I'd like to think I could of went along with Old Hickory down the mighty Mississip with a little bacon and a little beans to send the English back home lol I'm just 200 years and some change too late.
  5. While I'm posting pics. Farm cat doing farm cat things. Actually this isn't a farm cat as much as a back porch feral cat that the wife rescued from the animal control office. As long as she kills mice or at minimum deters them I'm pleased
  6. Actually there's just a gate in front of the 986 and I parked them all there to go through gate at same time.
  7. I really need to get these all restored. Maybe someday.
  8. Spent some time on the Southern Mountain Rifle kit. Now just gotta finish the wood and metal parts.
  9. Oh I be doing stuff. Just with less recoil lol your last sentence is probably good words to live by.
  10. I've shot a Taurus judge in 454 casull and that recoil just ain't my thing anymore lol The older I get the more I appreciate a good 20ga over a 12ga. Lighter and softer recoil In fact I've really come to prefer a 20 over a 12 which is not what I would of said as a younger man. I'm getting old at the ripe age of 44 lol
  11. It's a real deal flintlock. 42" barrel that is swamped. Fancy maple stock etc. I hope to get started soon.
  12. Agreed most "truck" drivers today won't even notice it's gone. 4lo is useful and I personally can't see owning a truck without it but I highly doubt I'm the average truck driver. On another note Ive been a GM guy my whole life but I like my Ford. My buddy called it a boomer truck so I named it Boomer lol
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