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  1. Frank you must live down copperhead road lol Except I think they burnt it in a a big black dodge not a red farmall lol
  2. You can add a Black Stripe 1566 to your list as that's a beast of a good looking open station tractor as well. I wanted an open station to play with. I narrowed it down to a 1206, 1456, or a BS 1566. I recently got a 15 but now I still want the 1206 and 1456 lol
  3. Glad to see you are going back together with it. I certainly enjoy everyone's project threads! I learn from the pictures for sure!
  4. Yeah of course! I did mine a few years ago. Was quite a bit of work but worth it.
  5. Looking good! That’s going to be really nice when you get it finished.
  6. Tri ribs on the front are the next thing it needs
  7. I got two old skewl 30-30 both lever guns of course. Winchester 94 ranger I bought new 20+ years ago and I have my dads western field (Marlin) that I think is a 1960's era gun. Still have a few rounds for them but not a lot either. Don't shoot them much.
  8. That’s pretty common. As mentioned before turn half a turn and most likely it will go next time around.
  9. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it and couldn't help but think about my dad telling me about tractors when I was younger. Sure wished I could of gotten him on camera like you have with your grandad! Most people don't understand why we like tractors but the man in your video certainly understands why! Made my day to watch this! Thank you for sharing!
  10. There's certainly worse ways to grow up! Sounds like you had a good dad!
  11. Any chance that's the original paint?
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