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  1. Thanks for bringing this topic up I want to paint my 1566 one of these days. So the 2150 Red at the CNH dealer, what hardener do you all use with it?
  2. You probably have signatures ignored, which I didn't realize you could even do till just now.
  3. See under my post where it says I drag too much trailer? That's the signature line. It will add that to any post I post. I used to have an IH picture as a signature but now I've upgraded to reflect my actions lol
  4. I haven't looked into it yet it's been way hotter than I want to fool with lately. I still have some other work to complete on it yet, such as replace those cab mounts, install passenger side seat cover, change oil, tidy up some wiring on bed, replace dryer and flush AC system and recharge.
  5. Just posting to see if my new signature line shows up Took a minute but figured it out!
  6. Drove my truck to work today as I haven't driven it in a while (have a company vehicle and gas card) and I noticed battery light on for a minute this morning and then when I just went through Wendy's drive through for lunch it was back on. I've not checked anything yet but batteries were new at time of all the work I had done and I will check voltages and cable ends when I get home in a bit. I've looked into some of the alternator and wire upgrades and don't really see an inexpensive option here so I want to make sure it's money well spent and if it's even needed. Silly ole Ford it's always something!!! It's set for last several months for the most part as with diesel prices I can't afford to drive it unless I actually need it and I seldom actually need it.
  7. Time capsule there... Looks minty mint!
  8. One thing about that the cows would come running to the Side by Side if you did that consistently. My dad's cows you didn't walk out into the pasture with a 5 gallon bucket unless you were used to being swarmed by cows looking for a treat! LOL Neighbor kid fell for that trick one day... "betcha can't walk across that field while carrying this bucket LOL" Poor kid probably has PTSD from that.... I might be a bit of a horses butt??? 🤣
  9. B.B.

    318 lawn mower

    LOL My magnum probably does identify as an 86 series considering that's what the bulk of my tractors are! LS swap... hmm only if it's boosted! BOOOOOOOOOOOOST!
  10. B.B.

    318 lawn mower

    You guys are spelling GARDEN TRACTOR wrong. 318 is capable of ground engaging work. Anyway! I'd repower the 318 and keep it as previously said you can't replace it with anything newer and expect the same quality. And yes I'm aware when I mow my yard with one of my big Red tractors and Bush hog technically it's a lawn tractor!
  11. Growing up I raked a lot of hay on a JD H and an Allis B and a C. The orange tractors was my dad’s and the H belonged to my great uncle Roscoe who lived across street. 88 series with AC would of been a dream to that kid lol
  12. I see nothing wrong here. AC is a good thing on a haying tractor 🚜
  13. Congrats! looks nice
  14. When you get yours fixed can ya work on mine? It’s got something similar going on too.
  15. Wages are up everywhere, and seems like every industry is in need of help and retaining help. Yeah the ball is in your court.
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