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  1. B.B.

    Looking At A Career Change Again

    If you are going to change jobs, you probably have some room to negotiate your salary and vacation. Unemployment right now is really really low and finding good workers is tough. The ball is in your court to ask your new potential employer to at least match your previous salary, and vacation time if you have any. Everyone I know that employs people complain about how hard it is to get qualified people in positions. It's really an employee's market and a 180 degree turn from where it was in 2009. One of the things I always want to know for myself and for others when looking at a new job is there room to grow? Opportunities for advancement are a much needed objective in my mind as it helps us want to do a good job in hopes that we might be able to better ourselves. Best of luck with whatever you choose.
  2. B.B.

    The right green

    That looks factory!
  3. B.B.

    1086 problem

    Is your dump valve adjusted correctly? Does the Lube Light on the dash go out before the clutch starts to engage? When the clutch is in the dump valve dumps the hydraulic pressure to the TA effectively putting it in low if the sprag still works. When you let the clutch out the Dump Valve closes, pressuring the TA again. I'd check to make sure dump valve isn't hanging up and is adjusted to the manual.
  4. B.B.

    Should have bid higher?

    Tractor house has a lot of dreamers on it. Auctiontime (same company) auctions off tractors and in my opinion is a little more realistic. You can search completed auctions to see what stuff really sold for. I recently bought a 1586 on Auctiontime for 7K with full set of weights on the front, and duals, in pretty good shape. Seems like every 1586 on tractor house is 10K plus and they have one on there now very similar to mine for 15,500.00 which he's had for sale for at least over a year now. I've watched this same scenario multiple times with actual auction prices vs "retail" price on tractor house. That said I do still like to look at tractor house and dream!
  5. B.B.

    1967 175b track replacement

    I have no idea on your track situation, but congrats on a "new" machine! I could certainly use something like that around the farm occasionally!
  6. B.B.

    Old ad

    Dad had an open station 303 that he bought from the farmer that bought it new. It had been waxed every year and put up for the winter so when we got it (late 80's) it still looked new. It sure was dusty in beans without a cab! Few years later her got another one with a cab for parts. Sadly when dad's health declined they sat out and got to be in bad shape. Both went to scrap after he passed while prices were up. Changing from the corn head to the bean head wasn't much fun on those machines, but they did do a great job in the field.
  7. B.B.

    Front wheels?

    I agree with that in spirit if you have a local tire guy! I ordered 4 new trailer tires yesterday. I'll put them on myself as I really need to paint the rims before installing the new tires anyway. I just was passing along if someone was sitting on the fence for ordering new tires, yesterday was a good chance to save a couple bucks.
  8. B.B.

    So ya think you can run a bobcat?

    That's impressive for sure.
  9. B.B.

    1086 Clutch adj

    The manual has pictures in it....
  10. B.B.

    Front wheels?

    Simple Tire has 15% off today and free shipping if anyone is looking for tires. Rear tractor tires don't ship free, but are still 15% off
  11. B.B.


    I hate chiggers.... We also have the little tiny ticks, and they are worse I think. Their bites itch for weeks and weeks sometimes. A few years ago I got into chiggers bad and was covered in bites. That was absolutely miserable.
  12. B.B.

    1086 Clutch adj

    If you get ahold of a service manual they do a great job of explaining how to set it up correctly. There's quite a bit going on for just the clutch, and the manual would be of great help. It explains how to adjust the trans brake, and the dump valve so everything works as it should.
  13. B.B.

    1586 rear axle planetary

    A quick search of messicks parts look-up shows 1086 and 1586 have same part number for rear casting. So if that's correct then all the extra 15 parts bolt on.
  14. B.B.

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    I also think sometimes we confuse the words stupid and dumb. To me dumb means without knowledge of something or the inability to learn. I can deal with that as knowledge can be shared, and with enough trials anyone can learn things if they keep at it. Stupid on the other hand is what gets me. Stupid is knowing better but still doing the wrong/not good/bad things. This is what irks me is when I know someone knows better and still makes bad choices. We've all done it, but I for sure try to learn from it and not repeat it. I should also apologize for this getting off topic! So with that said I'll tell ya a couple more I've heard . "AC works, just needs a recharge", "it's so clean you could eat off it"
  15. B.B.

    Lets hear your famous salesman phrases

    I guess maybe since it's the internet I should of explained a little bit better. He didn't act out anything or even act like he was stupid he simply let people talk and would ask questions. You can truly find out pretty quickly if a person knows what they are talking about by not giving them the answers and letting them speak. My father was at a level in intelligence that most of us can only dream of. But he never let on about it and if you didn't know that about him and hadn't seen him in action of something you'd of never known. I use the same technique when I work with my clients. I ask lots of questions and get them to explain things to me. I do it for a different reason, but if someone has an epiphany moment when they are explaining to me why they do (or don't do) something they are much more apt to do what they need to do to change vs me telling them what they are doing wrong! My dad was a character for sure, but he wouldn't of ever been insulting to someone even if they did deserve it. I have my own saying that I use sometimes. (The older I get the dumber I get). It's a fun way of saying the older I become the more things I learn, the more I realize I don't know. I've said that several times, and people will correct me with "you're not dumb" and then I'll explain what I really meant. In hindsight I shouldn't of said he acted dumb (even though that's how he said it) when in reality he just never let on that he knew anything about it, to truly figure out who he was dealing with. But he was always respectful.