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  1. New Hy Capacity spindle arms took most of the slack out of my 1586 steering. Isn't such a squirrel going down the road now....
  2. Thanks for the heads up. These took care of 90% of my loose steering issue.
  3. That's my dad from a few years ago. I had just put new tires and wheels on it. Wheel base is nearly identical to a IH350. It is a little bit lighter but otherwise in size pretty similar. It's a new Holland TC45D if your interested in seeing for yourself. I've used it way more than any other tractor around the farm. It's a very handy size.
  4. It's just the small tractor market. My little 45hp New Holland is actually a Shibura (Japan). It's been a great tractor and I would recommend one, but it too may be out of your price range.
  5. Take rods loose from crank, and a block of wood and a hammer.
  6. Rockers sure are rusty, but liners look pretty good.
  7. Apparently Hy-Cap is out of stock on these, and I'll have to wait a couple of weeks. Hopefully it's not too much longer than that.
  8. I hate to admit it but I had to google that one!
  9. The men that signed the declaration of independence would never stand for all these taxes.
  10. I put 4 on the front of my Cub when I move my trailer. Makes it so you can steer!
  11. Congrats on having some property, anymore that's quite an accomplishment.
  12. I'd come mow a few rounds with that! Nice tractor! 28 years old and still a solid reliable machine!
  13. I've thought about doing just that at some point. Probably when I refurb the inside of my cab.
  14. Some updates, nothing really major except 72 had muffler and stack as one unit instead of muffler under hood. Late 72 series had push button pto engagement for example. 89 series even more updates and the start of emissions tier 1 I think? 89 series also had stamped steel wheels instead of cast centers. Early 71 series only had 2 reverse speeds, but that is easily updated with just a shifter plate.
  15. I ended up ordering a set from redrunrite. His website has a shipping glitch that once parts are ordered he can fix. These should hopefully take care of a lot of the slack in my 1586 steering. I wasn't aware this style was available till you posted that picture! Thanks for the heads up on that!
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