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  1. B.B.

    1586 rear axle planetary

    šŸ˜² I'd say I'm surprised but I'm not. See stupid stuff like that all too often because people don't think..... Makes a great story though!
  2. I thought it was a magnum but wasn't sure, as I was distracted. No more hours than you've put on it in 17 years it should last you forever! Maybe one of these day's I'll buy a Magnum. It would be nice to have a front wheel assist one with a loader. A Maxxum would most likely be a better size for me though. My new seat came in yesterday and it evidently is not from High Capacity as it doesn't have the correct stitching. It will hopefully work though! The floor mat did however come from Hy-Cap and we'll see where the foam kit comes from as it just shipped yesterday.
  3. B.B.

    1586 rear axle planetary

    Thanks for the video! You should do some more as you continue on!
  4. Good to know I'll pass that along. What was that tractor you helped us load with? seemed like it had duals on it. I had so much on my mind and was focused on loading I didn't even pay attention to what it was! šŸ™„
  5. B.B.

    Either injection?

    Old farmer once told me either button was for extra HP when the plow hit hard ground! And then laughed that laugh that we all know that says he knew he shouldn't do that but had tried it at least twice! šŸ¤£
  6. I seen that, I am hoping the cushions I got are at least close. If not I'll eventually put them in the 1486, and put the correct one in the 15. The 15's seat is ripped and while functional it won't be for long if I continue to use it like that. I may be trading my buddy for that 1086 we got from you that is hard to start. The really rough 1086 evidently runs good, but it has several gears broken in the transmission. So our other buddy wants the 1086 I got with water in the oil to put the good motor out of the rough 1086 into. Take 2 tractors and make one. Then I'll just pay the price difference for the nicer 1086 and hopefully figure out why it's so hard to start. I realize I may be in for a infame kit and head rebuild, along with fuel pump and injectors. At least that's the plan they keep telling me.
  7. I finally bought a pressure washer for the farm, and was able to do some degreasing on the 15 and the 9 this past Saturday. I didn't take any pics but I did get a chance to work on the 986 a little. The dump valve needed adjustment as when in direct TA, it felt like you let the clutch out twice, which was the TA shifting immediately after letting the clutch out. I didn't notice it before I bought it, but I did after getting it home. I read the manual a couple times, and a couple old threads here and then started wrenching! I now have the Clutch and Dump Valve adjusted to where it doesn't do that anymore. Lube light now goes out before the clutch starts to engage. Last week Ebay had a 15% off coupon off a single purchase, so from All States AG Parts I ordered new red seat cushions and red interior foam kit for the 15 as well as a new black floor mat. I really would of liked to get a new Red carpet mat like they originally came with but I can't find anyone reproducing them. The seat and matt are scheduled to be delivered today. The headliner in that tractor looks brand new so no reason to change it. I also attempted to work on the AC on the 9. I did not have the right fitting to attach the vacuum pump I have to pull the air /moisture out of the system. It currently appears to not have anything in it which I know means it's probably leaking somewhere. I am learning about the AC system and plan to get a can or two of dye charge so I can see where it's leaking. I've always been kind of hesitant to work on AC systems but I figure on these old tractors it's not working anyway and between what I remember from being a kid working with my dad and youtube videos I'll be an expert in now time! I also must say I enjoy this forum immensely. I have learned so much from old threads and even new ones. Taking what I have read on here, and then applying it has helped me learn about these tractors. I just gotta remember as of last August I knew nothing really other than I wanted one! A year later I now have 4 šŸ™„
  8. B.B.

    What Can You Tell Me About This 986

    You read the serial number after the U. That's is in the 10K range and they started at 8601, so it's a 1976 but later in the year as 77 started with 11,145. It all depends on the price. It really doesn't look too bad, from what little we can see of the pics. Door bottoms don't looks too rusty, sheet metal looks straight? 34" tires are what they came with at first and wheels look original to me. If the transmission gears all work like they should no clunking like Danny mentioned, and the motor ran well ( fires right up, no smoke, very little blow by) I wouldn't be afraid to buy it if the price is right. In my area, with the TA out that's at best a 5K tractor if everything else is ok and that is being very generous. More likely a 2,500-3,000 tractor with the TA issue. If you can get it cheaper than all the more power to you! Water filter's were an option on the first tractors, and could be added later. They are a short filter that is right behind the alternator. 86 series tractors prices range all over the place. I've seen them sell with issues for scrap price all the way up to 30K for a super nice one. I personally like the 86 series tractors as they are a rugged hunk of a tractor that is pretty reliable and fairly easy to work on. Even if you dropped 20K on that tractor for a full restore and with a purchase price of say 5K were are you going to buy a 100hp tractor in excellent like new condition for 25K? Another thought I have, is this. I've know of some folks have bought some really nice looking used tractors for lots of dollars only to drop thousands of dollars on repairs as they didn't know what they were getting. I'd rather buy one cheap that I knew had issues, and rebuild/go through what all it needs as then I'd know what I have. Parts for these old tractors are out there and they really aren't all that expensive compared to anything more modern.
  9. B.B.

    Weed experts

    I think this guy qualifies as a weed expert!
  10. B.B.

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    LOL the ends are made of rebar it looks like! šŸ˜…
  11. B.B.

    Almost Finished

    I have no idea, I just know with rifles of several brands if you get them wet out hunting you had better clean them up and oil them when you get back in the house. Handguns for some reason don't seem to be as rust prone? I've known of several stainless handguns to ride in old trucks and tractors for years and never rust.
  12. B.B.

    Almost Finished

    Seems like a lot of stainless rifle barrels will rust but stainless handguns I think you could leave laying on the beach exposed to salt water and they'd still look like new.
  13. B.B.

    Almost Finished

    Wished I would of called.... I had to figure it out on my own.... took a little trial and error to get it perfect too, but it works as it should now. had a 25MN I bought years ago. It was a much better quality gun than the new one. But the trigger on it was about 15lbs lol
  14. B.B.

    Taking my hog to market tonight.

    My dad always called them counter weights. He always said the breakout force on the tip of their snout required some extra weight back there to keep the hind legs on the ground! LOL
  15. B.B.

    Guess Iā€™m not completely worthless at 44

    As a kid we always put up square bales. When I went away to college dad bought a round baler! As a teen while dad baled I'd hitch the Allis C to the wagon, and get it to the field. Carefully let the clutch out in low gear with the motor at idle and pick up as many as I could stopping every so often to stack. Mom worked a factory job in town but she got home just after 4. It was great when she got home as I didn't have to constantly run up and steer the tractor! I don't know how many bales we put up every summer but several, enough to feed 40-50 head of beef cattle through the winter. A couple summers ago I was helping my best friend growing up Kieth and his younger brother put straw in the barn loft. He had two full wagons, and three of us got it unloaded. Covered in straw chaff we found the garden hose shirtless. Just as we were finished hosing off a car load of Jehovah's Witnesses came up and asked us "where the man of the house was" without blinking we both pointed to his mom saying she's over there! LOL Kieth's dad wasn't around that day, but even if he had been we'd of still sent them to deal with mom!