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  1. Excitement here at the Proving Grounds

    How did I miss this thread??? Congrats on your "new" tractor! I just love the 86 series so it's been interesting just to read this thread. Again Congrats! Are you going to restore it or leave it all original?
  2. Gold 1026

    10-4 I understand about preserving the past, but I also know that tractor was built to work!
  3. Gold 1026

    Are you going to use it or is it just a really pretty toy? Looks fantastic!
  4. I was able to play with my "new" 986 this weekend, and get a few things done to it. We even took it for a short tractor ride Here are a couple pics from Saturday. I believe the weights that are on the front are Magnum weights? I plan to pull them off and sell them if anyone close needs any. There's only 3 of them. I also took pictures and listed my other 986 for sale on Craigslist and Facebook selling pages.
  5. Gold 1026

    Absolutely Beautiful! Congrats!
  6. 10's are easier to find as they made twice as many of them. Plus with a 10 you get a little more tractor. Turbo, heavier clutch, axles, and rear. 10's are cat 3 where as a 9 is cat 2 if that makes a difference to you.
  7. No I plan to sell it. I wish I could though. Mechanically it's a sound tractor it's just not as cosmetically as nice. But I only have so many extra dollars for toy tractors!
  8. Good to know. But still I only "need" 4 86 series tractors lol
  9. I am going to sell the other 986 I bought here soon. Then I want a 1586. While a Hydro 186 is cool, I never cared for the left handed Cub Cadet hydros and doubt I would much like the 186 configuration. Same goes for a Hydro 86. An 886 and a 786 I don't have much use for either as they have the more expensive and less HP engines in them. The 400 series are pretty cheap to work on it appears and parts are out there. A 686 would be nice one of these days, but a 666 just sounds cooler! I do have a barn that needs a few repairs that these will fit in. I put up that Car port in the back of the picture specifically to put the 1486 and 1086 under for the winter but it has kept my NH TV-140 out of the weather instead. I have a lot of work yet to do up at the farm that does not include these tractors. It would help if I lived there but I'm 2 hrs away and usually only get up there on Saturdays. I really do need to come up with a new machine shed at some point. I started all this really just wanting a 986, and then found a cheap 1486. If I can find a 1586 one of these days I think 4 of these tractors is enough! But they do need to be under roof.
  10. 1086

    She's definitely naked now! 1086 sure don't look like much all stripped down!
  11. Look what got delivered today too bad I don't get to play with it till Saturday
  12. Not having AC is not OK unless you remove doors.
  13. It's not perfect but for 40 years old it's pretty nice. Everything seems to work except the AC. I didn't try the radio either but I could care less about it. I will fix the AC though!
  14. I've been working a part time gig and saving that money for tractors