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  1. Spent some time on the Southern Mountain Rifle kit. Now just gotta finish the wood and metal parts.
  2. Oh I be doing stuff. Just with less recoil lol your last sentence is probably good words to live by.
  3. I've shot a Taurus judge in 454 casull and that recoil just ain't my thing anymore lol The older I get the more I appreciate a good 20ga over a 12ga. Lighter and softer recoil In fact I've really come to prefer a 20 over a 12 which is not what I would of said as a younger man. I'm getting old at the ripe age of 44 lol
  4. It's a real deal flintlock. 42" barrel that is swamped. Fancy maple stock etc. I hope to get started soon.
  5. Agreed most "truck" drivers today won't even notice it's gone. 4lo is useful and I personally can't see owning a truck without it but I highly doubt I'm the average truck driver. On another note Ive been a GM guy my whole life but I like my Ford. My buddy called it a boomer truck so I named it Boomer lol
  6. I looked at those pretty nice for the money.
  7. Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle in .45 showed up a couple weeks ago. Some assembly required.
  8. Real Nice Clark lol. That turned out great!
  9. I did that withy 07 Silverado. Got caught in a blizzard in OH coming back from PA. Red truck was white with salt when I got home. I bet I spent half a day with the pressure washer cleaning that off. It worked truck still looked real good underneath when I sold it this year.
  10. It's a thing. Here's my 2012 that I had just taken bed off to install gooseneck puck system. This hadn't been washed and you can see how clean it is underneath but I had one cross member start to rust as well as this has been taken care of. I wire brushed it and hit it with primer/paint and will keep an eye on them. I got this truck in January. One owner traded back into dealer it was bought new from with 63k miles on it. Clean as a pin and completely stock. Dealer even put it's only set of replacement tires on about 9k miles ago.
  11. Is the dash surround red on early 66 series? Mines black but it's also a 76 model BS. Looks great and can't wait to see finished pics. Would love to go to HCOP to see it in person
  12. Used the new little tractor some. Landscaping isn't much fun....
  13. I can head over with some good ole .490 round balls, pillow ticking, and powder and we can make boom boom noises like it's 1750 Kentucky Rifle for the win!
  14. Completely agree. Road speed isn't as fast as a 10 or 14 but otherwise gears work out pretty well. Low 3rd or high 1 are field gears which kinda stinks because you gotta change ranges depending on what your doing. Grunt though you can't beat them.
  15. Sounds like you and I should have a discussion about how to get mine corrected
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