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  1. I get tired of people believing COVID is the end of the world. There is no question the virus is real, however with all the misleading and changing information regarding the number of individuals sick and the often edited death count statistics who really knows the truth. My position is has not changed since day one (1). If I feel sick, I will stay home. When asked to wear a mask, I will comply or take my business elsewhere. When I visit a customers business, I wear a mask. In my business I have erected plexiglass barriers in order to protect my customers and employees. I was forced
  2. I should post this fine OSHA safety picture next to the one below in my shop.
  3. I have never used a barn swallow chick for bait.
  4. The difference is Trump is reluctant to call out the National Guard with the election date so close. After the election, providing the good guys win, there will be no hesitation to call out appropriate law enforcement to enforce the laws. The only repercussion may be Nancy Pusslosi attempting another impeachment scheme. Once the rioters and disrupters realize there will be consequences for their actions, and the tie to George Soros affiliated groups is uncovered and assets seized, this behavior will very likely change. The media is complicit as well with their one sided coverage
  5. No. 16 – Whitey Ford The Chairman of the Board was the unquestioned ace of the Yankees dynasty teams of the 1950s and 60s, posting a lifetime winning percentage of .690 (236-106). Ford won the Cy Young Award in 1961 with career-bests of 25 wins and 283 innings. The lefty still holds World Series records for wins (10), starts (22) and strikeouts (94). Number retired: Aug. 3, 1974
  6. Architects Guide - The 10 Best Tap And Die Sets
  7. 10 Best Tap and Die Sets in 2020
  8. Hard to mourn the death of an admitted drug abuser. Van Halen's musical ability was over shadowed by his drug dependencies.
  9. In college I mostly threw down Budweisers and whatever was on tap. Occasionally I was fortunate and had a sorority girl throw me down. Doggone it, shortly after graduation one of those sorority girls threw me down, had me put a custom made diamond ring on her finger, and I have been thrown down since. I am still uncertain if it was the fault of attending the university, not drinking enough Budweiser or whatever was on tap, or the doggone sorority houses.
  10. Big old bucks. The young gal in picture number one (1) would be the envy of many hunters who have waited for years for the opportunity to get a shot at a buck with a rack that large.
  11. Interestingly enough, I would love to see the prima donna LeBron try to pull his nonsense against the likes of Gibson, Carlton, Drysdale or Nolan Ryan. LeBron would find his Black Lives Matter attitude promptly stuffed where the sun generally does not shine. I have not watched an NFL or NBA game this year simply because these athletes have injected politics in the game. I did not watch an NFL or NBA game last year until the playoffs. I own season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs and just cannot bring my self to attend. Tickets go to the employees.
  12. Yes, Gibby would have owned him! Nolan Ryan was of the same caliber. No nonsense!
  13. That Series is one of the few I did not cheer on the Cardinals. I have been a Yankees fan since I was in diapers. My dad played on a Babe Ruth league team against Mickey Mantle and had a friendship with the Mick. Back in that era, when Gibson, Don Drysdale (Dodgers) and Carlton threw high and tight, NO batter dared to charge to the mound or they would be met half way by the pitcher ready to throw fists. It is rumored Carlton would bite!
  14. Good times listening to the Cardinals on the old transistor radio. Jack Buck announcing play by play. Bob Gibson or Steve Carlton on the mound with Tim McCarver catching, Orlando Cepeda at first base and in the outfield were Lou Brock, Curt Flood and Roger Maris. I loved when the Cardinals stomped the Dodgers. Many are now playing extra innings at the Stadium "Field of Dreams".
  15. A friend told me once the hardening of the bed frame rails was to prevent bending the rails in the event a heavier young lady came calling after closing time. I do not have personal experience in this regard, as stated earlier, a friend told me.
  16. It matters not if CNH is happy or not, once I own the tractor, I am free to paint the tractor in original Steiger colors if I please. The paint scheme is certainly far more palatable than the old Case desert sand/orange. The old Case color actually reminded me of the color of vomit.
  17. Great companion, thank you for sharing.
  18. Congrats on the negative test results. I am sure your workmates will be happy to have you back.
  19. Are these what you are looking for? Consolidated Mill Supplies
  20. Sale Bill Leaman Auctions Link to Pictures Leaman Auctions Pictures
  21. I purchased three (3) of the kits from @Ed Leaman , not sure if he has any remaining inventory but it may be worthwhile to contact Mr. Leaman. Ed Leaman Leaman Auctions Ltd. 329 Brenneman Rd. Willow Street, PA 17584 Phone: 717-464-1128 610-662-8149 Please! NO Sunday calls..... Just email us. Thank you. ed@leamanauctions.com
  22. I am not a supporter of any t-shirt slogan which blatantly disparages another race. The Stars and Bars, in my opinion only, does not meet this criterion. A t-shirt glorifying or supporting the KKK is an entirely different matter. The BLM acronym connotates the same reaction as the KKK acronym and both support in some form discrimination against another race.
  23. I am an equal opportunity discriminator. It matters not if it is a member of my family or my wife's, if I choose not to go, I do not. If my wife chooses not to go, we do not. I have many more nieces and nephews on my side and we do not attend most of the weddings. My wife, not me, always sends a gift or purchases something on the registry. Me, I am a give the groom cash kind of guy, Lord knows he will need it.
  24. Workers are fighting for their right to wear Black Lives Matter gear. Here's why a lawyer says companies' decision to enforce bans is dangerous. Workers at chains including Whataburger, Ralphs, and Whole Foods are fighting for their right to wear Black Lives Matter masks and other gear on the job. Employers have the right to create dress codes that prevent workers from wearing clothing with any sort of messaging, according to employment and discrimination attorney Wendy Greene. However, if these policies are not regularly enforced, employers could be subject to discrimina
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