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  1. RichardDSalyer

    Professional restoration

    What is tractor worth as is, $800.00 to $1,200.00; and if you spend several thousand on a restoration, the tractor may double the value. It is quite likely you will not recoup the restoration costs, however on most tractor restorations the value of the tractor does not increase commensurate to the expenditures for the restoration. The pride of ownership is worth the additional expenditure!
  2. RichardDSalyer

    Gotta love farmer ingenuity!

    I would be very reluctant to refer to this as any form of ingenuity.
  3. No words are adequate to describe the restoration project. Exquisite does not quite describe this pickup. Congratulations on a fantastic project.
  4. RichardDSalyer

    Sticky fingered women

    You missed the pun - I did not mention divorce, but devoiced. The doggone spell check will play games with a poster on this forum if one is not careful!
  5. RichardDSalyer

    Sticky fingered women

    That must have been painful! Through good and bad I have been fortunate to have one (1) wife for over thirty (30) years. She has not devoiced me however she believes I ignore her. I am certain she also ignores me from time to time as well.
  6. RichardDSalyer

    Life in Alaska

    Indeed. I too am guilty of owning green and yellow varmints, model 420 mower with a Honda 20 HP replacement motor and 6o inch deck and a model 322 with Yanmar engine and 54 inch deck. These were late 1980's model Deere mowers prior to introduction of the cheaper model mowers.
  7. RichardDSalyer

    New joke

    Edit! Deleted response!
  8. RichardDSalyer

    Life in Alaska

    What is that green and yellow varmint hiding behind the electrical pole and meter?
  9. RichardDSalyer

    IH Neuss D358 Water Manifold Gasket(s)

    Is this the gasket part number 3055306R3? I generally use a generous amount of Permatex Indian Head Gasket Shellac on both surfaces, the manifold and the engine block. Do you recommend a different product? Also, I do have a tendency to overtighten most everything, tight and then an extra snug torque. As I understand it the manifold is delicate and just needs to be snug? I had planned on using 1/4" ratchet and socket instead of the normal 3/8" or 1/2" drive to lessen the amount of torque.
  10. RichardDSalyer

    What, NO Mention Of The 5.8 Montana Earthquake?

    Stating that you apologized is fake news! You did not apologize you simply said: That is far from an apology! We do agree most all of the press has an extreme bias against Trump and conservative values.
  11. RichardDSalyer

    1973 IH 666 Restored By High School Students

    I hoped for change and after eight (8) years, my prayers were answered. Donald J. Trump is my President!
  12. RichardDSalyer

    IH Neuss D358 Water Manifold Gasket(s)

    Does the water manifold for the Neuss D358, part number 3132435R1, have a gasket or is there a series of gaskets for each port? At first glance, and having not yet removed exhaust manifold and water manifold, it appears several old GM small block thermostat housing gaskets would fit. Just a thought, probably a bad one!
  13. RichardDSalyer

    Steps/battery box 66 series

    It will serve you well!
  14. RichardDSalyer

    Steps/battery box 66 series

    The grates for the steps look very sturdy but I wonder about the side plates. It is probabley an optical illusion but the plates do not appear to be as sturdy as the grates. Great job indeed!
  15. RichardDSalyer

    1973 IH 666 Restored By High School Students

    I voted the allowed three (3) times for this entry.