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  1. ZG6E

    Upgrading balers

    I think maybe while the baler is still brand new with no chaff to risk catching it on fire I’ll weld the rods all the way across. I think I’ll just lay a cold bead with my mig since it doesn’t need to be strong and that will minimize chance of warpage and splatter.
  2. ZG6E

    Upgrading balers

    The only reason I’m not crazy about the 540 is because it limits the tractors I can use on it. I have used my 5488 on the baler before and I liked it- plenty of power pulling hills compared to my 186. I’m all ears for modifications. I do plan to build a bracket to hold the hoses and wiring.
  3. ZG6E

    Upgrading balers

    Well I made a deal on a new 2017 holdover rb560 specialty crop. It’s not exactly what I want but for the price no one could come close. It is very oddly equipped which explains it not selling already. It doesn’t have the 21.5 tires or endless belts and it’s a 540 pto. It’s also going to be a 900 mile pull to get it home but I plan to take the tires off my old baler so I’m not wearing out the brand new ones. https://www.swiderskipower.net/inventory/?/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/195176697/2017-new-holland-roll-belt-560?dlr=1&pcid=2937439&domainid=0&crmid=0
  4. I’ve got used antifreeze in my 1256. It’s the only tractor I’ve got fluid left in- I hate the stuff when it comes time to fix a flat.
  5. ZG6E

    Upgraded trucks

    This c12 runs at least as good as the 430/470 12.7 Detroit it replaced. I’m not sure what it’s set at though. I’m not running a pot load of miles and I’m usually not in a big hurry so I think the small motor will serve me well.
  6. After driving around with a DOT bullseye on me in the International for some time I decided it was time to upgrade trucks into something that would get me thorough a dot checkpoint with a few less dollars worth of fines. The International needed all 8 drive tires, mud flaps, exhaust, and a handful of lights among other things. Not to mention the hay trailer was a basket case. I found this 01 Pete up in Mandan, ND along with the Wilson flatbed and the price was right on the pair. 1.7 million one owner miles, 680k on an out of frame OH. It has a c12 and a 13 speed.
  7. I am thinking about sidelining my br7090 to backup duty and buying a newer baler. I have been very happy with NH balers thus far so I am thinking of going to a NH RB560 or Case IH RB565. Is the upgraded pickup worth the extra money or would I be better off to just find another BR7090 (preferably a specialty crop) with lower bale count.
  8. I can think of plenty of ways to tear that thing up. I’m surprised you need advise on how to do it. Use it to auger crushed gravel and fill her full.
  9. It’s tough to beat a good pearl snap.
  10. ZG6E

    I love 86s

    There might be something I’m not thinking of but I’m having a hard time coming up with something used in the 70s that required running a hydraulic motor and using another function.
  11. Not that it helps you now but you can turn the pto on and off from behind the tractor by pushing or pulling horizontally on the actuator rod.
  12. ZG6E

    I love 86s

    Without a doubt a wet clutch and closed center hydraulics are better but I’m able to get A LOT of hours out of a dry clutch even having two 1086s as loaders. And back in the 70’s what was the big advantage of closed center hydraulics?
  13. ZG6E


    Sounds just the the c-ram I used to watch and listen to while I was in Iraq. There were a few of them that covered the airfield and they were used to shoot down rockets and mortars launched at the aircraft and airstrip. Luckily I spent majority of my time around the airfield but there were a lot of people not as lucky as me. Most weren’t under coverage because tent city was away from the airfield and not under c-ram.
  14. Cutting down the last 40 as I type this. Hoping for good drying weather but to be honest I feel overdue for getting some nice alfalfa rained on so we will see how it goes.
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