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  1. When has the media ever waited for official details before reporting on anything?
  2. Put a CO alarm in there if you’re going to have any sort of gas heat. Especially if you’re sleeping in there.
  3. The only pictures I got this spring were of roller packing some plowed ground that is going into edible beans. I’ll try to remember to get some when I’m planting them. I got corn planted as early as I ever have and earlier than my dad ever remembers. Started the 28th of April and finished the 1st of May.
  4. ZG6E

    1066 width

    That’s what the book says for my 145 rollover plow. Apparently not. A tractor set on 60” centers won’t be 30” from the inside of the tire to the center of the tractor. With an 18.4, a tractor set for 36” rows will run about perfect down the furrow, maybe even a touch narrow.
  5. ZG6E

    5288 Hard Steering

    Maybe someone resealed the hand pump and drove the bushing in a little bit crooked
  6. Whatcha got planned for the 7140 Troy?
  7. The pioneer conversions come with a square o ring and regular o ring both. You are suppose to replace it with whatever style came out. I suppose the housings are cast a little differently. I would put a regular o ring back in it.
  8. Have grown pearl millet a couple times. I had a hard time getting it to dry to make dry hay but did get 2 pretty good cuttings on dryland ground on a very dry year probably 6 bales to the acre. The other time was after a July hail storm wiped the beans out and it chopped at 8 or 9 ton to the acre at 65%.
  9. ZG6E

    1220 Early Riser

    Yep, the pump needs to be able to move. I actually just swapped the vertical bar the other side of the pump and did away with the drawbar bracket. The vertical bar can the contact the drawbar directly to prevent it from spinning.
  10. ZG6E


    While most of that is true, it was long after 2005 as I was still in high school in 2005. It was around 5 years ago it was repealed. The WTO ruling was outrageous and needs to be leaned on. Consumers have a right to know the origin of their food.
  11. ZG6E


    Hey guys if you could all take a moment and sign this petition started by RCALF I would greatly appreciate it. This is pretty common sense stuff to me- everything you buy has a label stating where it came from. Why not beef? I’ve been a huge advocate for this as long as I can remember and thought we were going to be in good shape when it finally passed years back only to be revoked a short time later. Let’s get this common sense legislation on to President Trump’s desk! https://r-calf.jotform.com/201124604377044 I hope this thread doesn’t cross the political line but if it does it’s for good reason that I think we can all get behind. Thanks guys
  12. I’ve got 100 acres in so far. A couple more good days and I will have all my corn in then a couple weeks or so I’ll hammer in dry beans. This is a first for me planting “green”
  13. I don’t see any reason to have a switch in, or run wire to the cistern at all. Maybe I’m too used to setting up cattle water tanks.
  14. Yep I would just have a pressure switch at the pump and a float valve in the cistern.
  15. Do you got enough tractor there? 🥴
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