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  1. I really like the looks of the White Field Boss MFWD tractors. I’ve never so much as sat in one but they sure look sharp.
  2. The problem with the dodges was with the main shaft- not the counter shaft. Having had both transmissions apart I don’t remember either of them having a nut on the counter shaft. As far as my memory serves me the only thing heavier in the dodge trans was the input shaft.
  3. Amsoil makes an oil for it as well. Last time I bought some it was a little bit cheaper than from GM or Mopar.
  4. How many places did you tack the nut? I don’t remember how many miles I put on mine after I tacked it but it was quite a few. I tacked it in 5 or 6 places though figuring if it gave me fits I would get the fully splined shaft from that outfit in Montana.
  5. I don’t think it was all a power issue. I think a lot of it is the damper gm used. I put a 12v in a 98 Chevy and was less than impressed with the power it had. By the time I turned it up enough to be happy with it I couldn’t keep it cool. I sold the whole project and built a 7.4 to put in a similar pickup. It pulls better than that 12v but it does use twice as much fuel.
  6. If you can still get ahold of your old input shaft and it wasn’t damaged it takes about 2 minutes to swap them.
  7. I don’t know about a 1066 Hydro but you can’t beat a 186 on a round baler. My feet never leave the floor. I guess it could use a touch faster ground speed in low. When I’m in lighter hay it isn’t quite fast enough and it doesn’t brake near as well in high. 17gpm pump snaps the door open plenty quick.
  8. Looks to me like whatever literature you posted is referring to an older deere hydraulic system when it is referencing pressure compensated. (30-60 series) On an 88 you would want to use the flow controls to control pump speed- not a restrictor orifice. 88 series definitely use a signal/load sense line.
  9. The 88s are load sensing. IH called it PFC but it is the same thing.
  10. Danny, Please review this schematic and note that the outside lever has a smaller splined hole which in turn drives the inside valve. The way they arranged the linkage on the 88 series reversed lever location from valve location.
  11. The Lever for the motor run valve which has priority is located furthest away from the seat and I don’t think he was talking about the locking pin but about the tab that slides over and forces you to shut the valve off in float rather than centering it. Either way, as others said I have found it works better to run the motor off either the inside lever or middle lever and then run your booms on the priority(black handle) lever. That way you can always lift your boom even if it you lose a little pressure on your sprayer pump.
  12. ZG6E

    Upgrading balers

    I should add that the monitor is showing that the knife is being engaged (the knife extend button goes shadowed and shortly after that the retract button goes shadowed. So I do believe it is extending or at least attempting to. I plan to make sure the net pull is within spec with a spring scale but just by me pulling on it it seems close.
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