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  1. Do the synchros have a shuttle shift with a neutral as well?
  2. I like that suspended mezzanine. Did you upsize the trusses for the additional load? I am assuming the supports go all the way up to the top chord?
  3. I am curious about the improved technology the Cummins uses over a 400 series. I’m not trying to be a smart-alec I am genuinely curious.
  4. Well I suppose the lower rpms do equate to fuel savings- maybe they should have just ran the IH engines at a lower rpm if that’s what they were after. The ambac pumps are very simple to adjust and I would be willing to bet a dt436 would pull the nuts off a 5.9 Cummins even at lower rpm if the pump is set correctly.
  5. Well I found a pretty good matchup here between a 5.9 in a white 120 and a 436 in a 1466 at 2166rpm and 2071rpm respectively. Apples to apples I sure don’t see a 25% fuel savings- looks more like a 1% in these particular tests. I’m thinking your guys may be experiencing a placebo effect after doing a Cummins swap. Are the guys doing these swaps adjusting the pumps so they don’t lose road speed? How does the Cummins in that 1486 posted like humming down the road at 2600 rpm? I had a 3200 rpm spring in my 12v and it seemed like it fell on its face at about 25-2600 or so. I suppose it was defueli
  6. Not exactly a perfect comparison, but as close as we will get with hard data.
  7. I would be curious to see those tests rerun with the Cummins spun up to 2500rpm or the 1066 backed down to 2200rpm. I bet the gap would be closed considerably.
  8. So this comes back to when finished you have a who knows how worn-in Cummins vs. a rebuilt IH engine and you’re spending more money on the Cummins- and if someone is putting over 1000 hours a year on their tractor I would surely think they would want to start with a rebuilt engine.
  9. I can’t quite believe those numbers on fuel savings nor the cost. Why do the medium duty trucks and school buses with each engine get nearly identical mpg? Maybe those people are comparing clapped out IH engines against a tight Cummins. The plate alone for a Cummins swap is 2k from leamans. What’s a compete rebuilt 5.9 cost with an injection pump? How much to add a tach drive, exhaust manifold, fuel linkage brackets, water temp sender, alternator and a/c brackets.. etc. If someone isn’t capable to doing an inframe they probably aren’t capable of doing the swap either. How much does t
  10. How about you stop hoarding those hydros so I can find another one!
  11. I can’t see any situation that would warrant swapping a Cummins in place of a dt. You’re dreaming if you think you’re paying for that swap with fuel savings. I would also think you be dedicated to running a rack of weights all the time due to lower weight and the fact the engine is shorter so the weight is shifted more toward the back. (It would be very apparent particularly with a 4bt.) I’ve swapped my fair share of engines into places they don’t belong and it usually starts with me trying to justify it somehow but at the end of the day the only way to really justify it is “becau
  12. The description reads “very unique piece” but I think it got censored from “very unique piece of sh**”
  13. What do guys suppose parts availability is like on this mower? https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/151753451/custom-made-3
  14. I have found that the only door hinge bushings that truly hold up are the GM ones. Watch for NOS on eBay to save a few bucks. Dorman bushings aren’t worth the time it takes to install them.
  15. I’ve got them both ways here. Usually if the lock washer breaks when I’m mounting a rim I don’t replace it. I’ve never had one of those bolts work loose either (knock on wood)
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