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  1. There are also wet barrel hydrants that don’t have a buried valve. They are used in places that it never freezes- which I have always heard and referred to myself as simply wet hydrants. It could be a regional thing but “here”: Fire Hydrant- dry barrel hydrant Dry hydrant- drafting hydrant Wet hydrant- wet barrel hydrant
  2. I had surgery on my left shoulder 10-15 years ago. What worked for me before the repair was to have someone grab hold of it and pull slow but hard and then twist it while releasing and it would go back in. My right shoulder getting pretty bad not with dislocation but a lot of pain and is due for surgery now and has been for a number of years but I can’t seem to find a good time to be without my right arm for 6 weeks. My go to when my wife is chewing on ear my about it is “maybe next winter...” 😆
  3. It won’t be long before you’re upgrading to auto steer
  4. Does Missouri have a free CORS network you can tie into to receive corrections? I didn’t have any base stations close to me here so I ended up setting up my own base operating out of my house and broadcasting corrections over the internet. It was cheap and pretty simple to set up. Waas is good enough for tillage, spreading fertilizer, and spraying in solid seeded crops but rowcrops really need rtk.
  5. I would have to imagine wet hydrants are nearly non existent in VT and anywhere else it gets below freezing.
  6. The seller was a bobcat dealer in Miles City, MT. They traded it in on a skid steer and threw it on auction time. I think the location is why it went so cheap. It happens to be fairly close to me so it worked out.
  7. Both were auction buys so I really rolled the dice.
  8. I got the 2wd for $6500 3 years ago and just picked up the mfwd for $17,500 with the loader. The 2wd has been an honest tractor and I’ve done very little work to it. I haven’t even put a full hour on the mfwd yet so time will tell if it was a good deal or not. It does have a brand new sentry and all decent rubber on it at least.
  9. I wouldn’t sweat the exhaust pipe messing with the signal.
  10. Yep, I’m still around- just do more lurking anymore than posting. Mostly due to the fact that I got a new phone and I’m really bad at typing on it I did do a name change a while back which probably made it harder to keep track of me! I’m still adding IH tractors to the fleet though.
  11. Walk around? Yeah I guess I do those if I happen to be parked passenger side facing the house... (only kidding)
  12. I run only premium #2 with Howe’s all winter long. It was -30 a couple mornings last week and my loader tractor sits outside. I haven’t had any gelling issues (knock on wood) and haven’t bought #1 in a number of years. I usually add Howe’s to one of my bulk tanks in September so I know it’s good and mixed in by the time the cold weather rolls around then only fill out of that tank until spring.
  13. Yikes. $2k tops in my book.
  14. It’s just a seal in there- no o ring. I did mine last winter. I took the tire and rim off then used a cherry picker to take off the wheel center. They are pretty heavy. I don’t know exactly how heavy but if I had to guess I would say 500# +
  15. -25 here this morning with a brisk 10mph wind. I feel bad coaxing the cows up out of the creek from their protection to feed but I don’t have much room down there to unroll hay. Amazingly enough the creek has stayed open this last week and I haven’t had to chop Ice. I thought for sure with the wind blowing all night it would be iced over this morning.
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