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  1. If you ever need parts or advice call Keegan at (605) 569-1070. There aren’t many that know those Case tractors like him out there.
  2. Maybe you could 3D print a 3 point for your M.
  3. You must be one of the Australians on the forum.
  4. 810 sounds way better on fm (105.5). Depending on the radio I can get it in Vale. Not sure if it gets to Newell or not.
  5. Have a couple dual 3100s on 1086s and they are great loaders. One is hooked into the remotes and one uses the loader valve that came with the loader. I personally love the 86 series on a loader. You can shift and run the hydraulics at the same time which is super handy. I handle thousands of round bales a year with them and every other loader tractor I use feels awkward. With the short hood I feel visibility is much better than a 66 series and the left hand shifting and vastly better cab is icing on the cake. I wish the hydraulics were as snappy as my 88s at low rpm but every other aspect is way better about the 86 for loader work.
  6. Irrigation pipe is very thin wall and I wouldn’t advise burying it. Also a good chance it is gated if it’s not transfer pipe.
  7. I never even cracked the manual- my advice is type “free cdl practice tests” into google, take them a half dozen times the day before and go take the test. Most of the questions were verbatim to what I found online in SD anyway. The worst part about the driving test was the alley dock because I had my 5’ hay extension on the rear and it was hard to judge when I was within distance of the cones. I had to use my get out and look.
  8. Best of luck with the new head! I’ve never had a harvest without at least some sort of breakdown. I always just pray for minor ones
  9. I really like the looks of the White Field Boss MFWD tractors. I’ve never so much as sat in one but they sure look sharp.
  10. The problem with the dodges was with the main shaft- not the counter shaft. Having had both transmissions apart I don’t remember either of them having a nut on the counter shaft. As far as my memory serves me the only thing heavier in the dodge trans was the input shaft.
  11. Amsoil makes an oil for it as well. Last time I bought some it was a little bit cheaper than from GM or Mopar.
  12. How many places did you tack the nut? I don’t remember how many miles I put on mine after I tacked it but it was quite a few. I tacked it in 5 or 6 places though figuring if it gave me fits I would get the fully splined shaft from that outfit in Montana.
  13. I don’t think it was all a power issue. I think a lot of it is the damper gm used. I put a 12v in a 98 Chevy and was less than impressed with the power it had. By the time I turned it up enough to be happy with it I couldn’t keep it cool. I sold the whole project and built a 7.4 to put in a similar pickup. It pulls better than that 12v but it does use twice as much fuel.
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