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  1. ZG6E


    I was evidently typing faster than my brain was thinking- I would put the plug back in the power beyond plate and cap the line. Then see if your steering comes back. It if does- put a check valve in between the line and the power beyond plate.
  2. ZG6E


    If the steering, hitch, and remote circuits are checked separately and he tee'd into the steering Ls circuit without a check then the steering and hitch circuits would be unaffected.
  3. ZG6E


    I'm guessing wherever you tapped into Ls is a shared port with the steering Ls line. When the loader valve is at idle it probably bleeds Ls to tank- therefore the steering can't build pressure in the Ls circuit. All this is just a guess though. I haven't looked at the valve you bought and I'm unfamiliar with that tractor - I'm just going off the symptoms.
  4. ZG6E


    Throw a regular check valve on right where you tapped into the Ls on the tractor.
  5. ZG6E


    They would come out perfect if you're planting narrow on one marker and wide on the other which is usually what happens because of how people sit in the seat and are seeing the marker.
  6. How does that mx magnum work as a loader tractor? I'm on the lookout for another loader and I sure have alot more uses for a 200hp tractor than 130 horse tractor.
  7. Looks really nice. Are those hog barn slats for your apron?
  8. My father in law's ranch is about 20 miles west of grassy butte. He always ships out at the scale - it works pretty slick for them.
  9. We just leave it in piles- storage is generally not a concern. It's always fed up before spring thaw.
  10. I've posted these pictures before but we pick a few hundred ton every year to sell a little and feed a little. Usually feed it during breed up (fall calving cows) and shovel it out of the pickup while it idles along in 1st gear. It's a job I look forward to starting but I am real glad when it's over.
  11. Nice work. I'm awful about fixing oil leaks. The rear main has been leaking in my 96 GMC for years but every time I think I may actually fix it something else more pressing pops up.
  12. I haven't ever tried it but I have given it some thought - Maybe someday I'll see how it works
  13. I also have an R2300. I haven't tried to spread it out all the way with the new mower but I know behind my Hesston which was also 16' it really wouldn't even come close to grabbing two. It probably left a foot or two on each side. I would guess the windrow was 8-10' wide. The conditioner in the new mower is over 10' wide so it would probably drop a 12' wide windrow easily enough. I think I want to go back to wheel rake for dry hay but keep the Vermeer around for doing haylage.
  14. Although I wouldn't ever take the conditioners out I would like if I could lay it wider. However, my rake only goes 23' wide and by the time you lay 2 16' windrows wide I just don't have enough rake to reach. I do look to upgrade rakes in the near future.
  15. Yeah I have found the middle setting with the locking pin is about right most of the time for me. But I'm cutting this hailed down 3rd as I type this so I've got it tilted all the way down to cut underneath everything.
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