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  1. I attack gated pipe to mine. I believe ace might just let the water run up out of his to flood an entire field for rice- although I’m not certain of that. Center pivots (those arched things with wheels) need a secure base to attach to. Mine attach to a concrete pad. I pump my pipe lines every fall.
  2. They are just female ring locks coming out of the ground and then I just lock one of these onto them except in a 90 elbow configuration instead of a straight through like pictured. Mine also have an air vent built into them so a separate air vent is not needed
  3. What kind of risers do you use down there? About everyone up here uses Watermans or “alfalfa risers”. They are a screw type valve and it looks kind of like what you have there. I have been switching to Pierce valves which are a butterfly valve and I like them much better.
  4. I just want to reiterate my hate for this new site. It might be ok on a computer but I can’t even read the sub parts tabs without tilting my phone to the side and the part search within a model doesn’t work at all.
  5. I would say it has a newer front half rolled on to the older rear half. It doesn’t have pfc hydraulics.
  6. How could have the old site been hard to use? You typed in the model number and hit search. It literally doesn’t get any more simple than that.
  7. ZG6E


    Do those work with barbed wire?
  8. When has the media ever waited for official details before reporting on anything?
  9. Put a CO alarm in there if you’re going to have any sort of gas heat. Especially if you’re sleeping in there.
  10. The only pictures I got this spring were of roller packing some plowed ground that is going into edible beans. I’ll try to remember to get some when I’m planting them. I got corn planted as early as I ever have and earlier than my dad ever remembers. Started the 28th of April and finished the 1st of May.
  11. ZG6E

    1066 width

    That’s what the book says for my 145 rollover plow. Apparently not. A tractor set on 60” centers won’t be 30” from the inside of the tire to the center of the tractor. With an 18.4, a tractor set for 36” rows will run about perfect down the furrow, maybe even a touch narrow.
  12. ZG6E

    5288 Hard Steering

    Maybe someone resealed the hand pump and drove the bushing in a little bit crooked
  13. Whatcha got planned for the 7140 Troy?
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