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    MTO, I don't have any experience with a Super A. I copied and pasted your Topic over in the IH Farmall Discussion Board on Yesterday's Tractor Website. The Topic is called : Growling Transmission I am trying to help not second guessing anyone on here, I found that Topic over there and thought their was some helpful advice for you. I hope it was OK with you, if not I can Edit/Remove it. Brian
  2. btred1466

    My SA

    MTO, I hope you don't try the Handful of Sawdust.
  3. Over the past few days we have absolutely seen that the board can be policed and all the undesirable topics locked or deleted Why was it not like this before?
  4. BJ, I was going to tell You did a Great Job on here before but now I can't have much respect for what you are doing! The way things were let go and how the Rules wasn't enforced when they were made and now how the Admin and You pick and choose what to delete/remove is just an absolute Joke! RedPower Admin= Big Joke Their eyes might open up or they might come to their Senses when Members' Magazine Subscriptions are Due! TREAT EVERYONE ON HERE EQUALLY NOT CERTAIN ONES WITH DIFFERENT LEVELS!!
  5. No Use to Dismantle your Tractor and have the possibility of Kids finding the parts and possibly losing them for you Ideas: Is the Tractor parked inside? Could you lock it up? Have the Lock Key Hid or Keep it where you only know where it is at. Park it with the Loader Positioned with the Bucket facing down with the Cutting Edge pointed into/digging in the dirt. (Acting like a Second Parking Brake), like a Bale Spear Pointing into the dirt. Taking off 1 Battery Cable Pulling the Wire from the Coil to Distributor Any Pins in the Throttle Linkage, or Choke Lever, Pull 1 out so it can't start that way maybe.
  6. Cool 1456 Gold Demo. Any evidence of the Black Demonstrator Decal?
  7. Brian Have you seen many 1466's with PTO Delete? Other 66 Series? My 1466 was and I added a 540/1000 PTO and the Linkage and Shaft with the 2 Couplers. I have the Plate. Serial #27999 (1975)
  8. Ziegler Bolt Nut House https://www.zieglerbolt.com/ You mentioned you are around Wadsworth OH right?
  9. My 1466 was sitting for a year, wasn't using it for anything didn't need it. Then I noticed this when I was Brush Hogging for someone. I was done and I found the Valve Stuck, pushed it and it Clicked/went back into place.
  10. What causes the Dump Valve to stick? How do you keep it from getting stuck again? My 1466 was coasting down hill (down a good size hill on a road with a Batwing Brush Hog behind) and I found the Dump Valve was stuck before. I think it is fixed.
  11. Farmall 826 Serial # 11685 For Sale located in Alliance, OHIO. It looks like it could possibly be a Gold Demonstrator. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/585618932110303 https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/195810363/1969-international-826
  12. 1970 INTERNATIONAL 826 Serial Number #11996 ://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/82735213/1970-international-826 Morrison Farms 8094 Eby Road Smithville, Ohio 44677 Phone: (330) 669-3815
  13. Also on Tractor House. https://www.tractorhouse.com/listings/farm-equipment/for-sale/43396617/1970-international-826
  14. Here is 1 For Sale: Evolution AG Lisbon, OHIO 44432. Serial #2510148U015886 https://www.fastline.com/farm-equipment/listing-detail/1970-international-826-evolution-ag-lisbon-ohio/7ed7d95f-61cc-43af-b9f2-996c567ed70 e
  15. Nice to see you have it Home BJ. Sharp Tractor. It Looks like Matt knows how to make a Tractor look better than when it came out of the Factory New! BJ, What are the Firestone Rear Tires on your Hydro 186? I can see they are Firestones and looks like Sidewall says SAT II 23, Bias? I need Rear Tires for my 1466, Right Rear is done, I think I want to go up to the 20.8 38's from the 18.4 38's. I want the Firestones.
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