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  1. This is my first post on Red Power. I purchased a 1967 1206 (see pictures below) a few years ago to restore and I'm now to the point of starting the project. I have a few questions before I start the project. I've been on many websites, online parts stores, I've read many threads, but I seem to get a lot of different responses on the best place to buy quality aftermarket parts. I'm open to suggestions on where I should purchase the following items? I don't want to purchase cheap parts to save a buck. I need fenders, fender mounts, u-bolts, 1206 emblems, turbo decals, Farmall side emblems, steps, complete pre-cleaner assembly and a seat assembly. Did a 1967 come with 10 front weights? What size tires do most go with when they restore a 1206? I've seen many different combinations on restored 1206's. Do you prefer a specific tire brand? The gentleman that will be painting my tractor prefers automotive paint over paint from an IH dealership. Thoughts on using automotive paint? If you have time, please share any and all ideas/thoughts on restoring a 1206 (I want to do it right). I really appreciate the help! Thank you.
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