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  1. Always wanted one but wife said too expensive. Now that we have it, she says we should have gotten it years ago. Go figure😱.
  2. I was in the army when they introduced the GammaGoat. I was an upper echelon wheel vehicle mechanic in the army. Those things were a piece of $hit. After working on them I almost wanted to change over to an infrantry soldier 😱😠. When they worked they were fun to drive! jerry
  3. Glad to see you going home. Please take care of yourself and maybe you will make it to more shows in the future. jerry
  4. Going to bring the camper down for a couple days. Looking forward to seeing everyone as I didn’t make it 2 years ago due to health issues. Jerry
  5. Friend of mine is getting a new serial plate made for his restored SMTA gas. His is so bad he don’t know which plate to get. He has the number. Can anyone with a SMTA take a pic if the plate and post it? thanks in advance. Jerry
  6. Even though I’m retired now and this tractor is now a trailer queen, not the same tractor but the one we farmed with in the early 70s was and will always be the best tractor ever owned. I ran the snot out of it back in the day and loved every minute of it.
  7. I was watching Pickers this morning and they were in Minden, Nebraska at the Warp Pioneer Village. Being it is only 54 minutes from Grand Island, I thought it might make a nice side trip for the day during Red Power Roundup. Does anyone have any thoughts or know anything about the place? Jerry
  8. Thanks so much for the kind words. My health won’t permit me to do the big tractors anymore so I’ve down sized to these little guys. They are darn near as hard to work on as the big boys. as for the hat, I’ve been an avid Purdue basketball fan for over 50 years. I’ve accomplished everything on my bucket list except for one thing, a national championship banner hanging in Mackey Arena! So you will only see me with a Purdue hat until the end of the season. After the season I will only wear an IH hat. By the way I’ve worn that same hat for over 30 years. thanks again , Jerry
  9. That is a great place to visit. Where next, Billy? jerry
  10. I was a co chair 2010 Laporte, Indiana. Believe me it is a lot of work. We got lucky with help from other clubs and generous volunteers. If. We’re 10 years younger I would try it again but as of today, I would be 78 years old before we could possibly bid for one. We have some younger guys in the club that are tossing around a bid for northern indiana but they need to step up and get it done. on another note, I was totally amazed at the turn out at Springfield , both exhibitors and people. Who would have ever thought that the high fuel prices didn’t stop people from traveling to the show. My hat is off to all attending and the Ohio chapter for making this one of the best shows. jerry
  11. Been to this place. Quite awesome. Where to next ,Billy? jerry
  12. Lot of arrivals yesterday. Very nice grounds. Lots of room. I think it is going to be a great show despite the heat.
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