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  1. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Eric Best. He just acquired it late last summer. Has been restored back to original without paint. I can't remember the guys name where it came from. jerry
  2. w30 clutch

    Yes. I did it several years ago. Fairly easy once you got the fuel tank out of the way. jerry
  3. C-C-C-Cold!!!!

    Got to +65 here today. Supposed to be freezing by morning. Crazy weather! jerry
  4. 20 Most Important Red Tractors

    Lee - Also up the road 2 miles from me sets a running 30/60 Titan. Not exactly what year it is but it is a real beast of a tractor. One of only 6 running in the world and it is a beaut! jerry
  5. Stu's show IH equipment

    We were supposed to be there for Stu's show but things came up and didn't make it this time. Show has sure changed since we were there 4 years ago. Should be there next year. Can't wait. I wanna do the drive to the Villages. jerry
  6. RAIN

    Just dumped 4 inches and not over yet. jerry
  7. i was wrong!😱 The extension adds 6 inches although it will still be hard to instal with the loader arm in the way. The cover parts you need you can get from bates Corp. If you are not upgrading to a 17 gpm pump, you won't see any difference in performance of the hydraulic. I've got 5 tractors converted with both pump and extension and it does make a difference. It will kick up you hydraulic speed but won't give you anymore lift power. IMO I would just put the bigger pump on and forget the extension. It will work fine as long as you don't run hydraulic motors. Jerry
  8. I don't think 7.5 will work. I have several and they seem to be between 8 and 10 inches. I will measure one tomorrow and post it here. jerry
  9. IH CAT II/III quick hitch repair

    I have one like that but I did it because it wouldn't hook to a one of my plow hitches. I ground it down and you can hardly tell it was torched but it makes it work. What did you use to build it up? jerry
  10. Anyone used SumaGrow?

    Over the years I've tried many of those snake oils only to get screwed in the end. Always went back to commercial fertilizer and manure! jerry
  11. When AM was all we had

    I stopped LoJack when he left wls. Switched to WGN. Guess that is about the time I grew up😱, jerry
  12. Calls on Cell Phone

    On a regular basis. 2-3 a day. Got one from myself last week. Really pi$$es me off. Went to Verizon and pitched a b!tch to no avail! jerry
  13. When AM was all we had

    stupid computer! Or it might just be stupid operator. jerry
  14. When AM was all we had

    I had one of those Larry Lujack stickers on my car! jerry
  15. When AM was all we had

    I had one of those Larry Lujack stickers on my car! jerry