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  1. Been to the museum several times. Always stop when going by. Pete, did you get a good look at dirtboyz' fathers' Ford semi tractor? jerry
  2. We're going over Wednesday and staying until Saturday with the camper. Planning on dry camping with the same guy as 2 years ago. Smoker 2 will be going along for the first time. I don't think she knows what to expect as I've been to all but 2015. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Never a boring moment at this show (unless you're waiting in line to plow). Jerry
  3. We had our 50th last summer. We also did 25th. Amazing how you don't get as drunk 25 years later. We were a class of 60 but only 15 showed up last summer. Had a great time at 25 and 50. Only a couple I haven't seen over the years. One guy had white hair all through school but last year he shows up with nice dark brown hair and no grey. He said that when he turned 50 his hair changed color on it's own. Have to believe him because he is a retired Lutheran Minister!! jerry
  4. SMOKER 1

    RPRU how many?

    Been to every one except for 2015. The reason we missed was we were packing for 6 week trip to Australia. Jerry
  5. Wow! Our second planting finished up a week ago. Wish I had some more. jerry
  6. I remember having them on a 560 but not sure if they were on it new. jerry
  7. SMOKER 1

    Favourite Job

    I didn’t care what color the tractor was I liked to plow and still do. Even today when I drop a plow in the ground and get that first whif of fresh dirt an exciting chill comes over me. Jerry
  8. When you crossed Indiana on I90 you came within 8 miles of me. Jerry
  9. That video is the first I've seen with a motor. Ours was a PTO. Still had the big pulley but the drive pulley was in front and low off a 90 degree gear box to the pto. I just can't imagine baling at night with the dew on. We always ran at the hottest time of the day here in the midwest. jerry
  10. 503 rests up the road 2 miles from me. jerry
  11. Dad had a NH wire tie in my early days and switched to the 56W when I was about 10. We always used hooks everyone had their own hook and you didn't lend it out for nothing. I still got my hook around here somewhere. Need to look for it one of these days to remind me of Dad's 80 lb. bales that were NOT handled mechanically!! Here we shot for 3 cuttings and 4 was a bonus. Dad always had about 75 acres of alfalfa and 25+ of clover and grass. Our big thing was straw. Would bale 25000+ small straw squares yearly from anyone that would sell it. Back in the early 70s when my brother and I were running the show and bought our first big round balers we would shoot for up to 1000 acres. Of course now the boys bale corn stalks for bedding and what little straw they get goes to the feed ration. In my opinion the greatest invention in baling was the big rounds with net wrap and a no touch system from an a/c cab. We still have the old 56W setting in the back of an old shed. The last thing I would ever think of is restoring it. I hated baling! The only reason we still have it is it is buried too deep in the shed for the $100 we would get at the junk yard. It does have nice tin work as it never sat outside over night. Dad was somewhat anal about that! jerry
  12. Can't see it in the pictures but the red is bent too hard and paint is cracked. Silver on the bottom is smashed up and caved in real bad. Luckily if that be, the trim is all reusable. As for the flat bed, the only one I would consider for that truck would be a custom aluminum hauler bed that a local parts tore here makes. It is beautiful and would color match the truck but It would be March before he could get one made and the cost is (grab your seat) $26,000. If I was getting a new truck, I would consider it but not on a 9 year old truck. Just going to get it fixed for now. My other farm dually has had a flat bead on it since new but it is turning into a rust bucket because the powder coating Knapheide pushed is crap and it was new in 2013. Tony - I'll keep my eyes out for the membership card. Good thing my flatbed is steel or it would have to go to the body shop once a month. At least I don't back into other vehicles, just posts and tractors. jerry
  13. We definitely live in the salt belt but that truck has only seen salt once and that was by accident coming home from Florida a few years back. Just clicked over 75000 miles and 95% of those pulling a trailer. Priced a new one last winter and made the decision to keep this one around a while longer. Jerry
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