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  1. Hang in there. 2020 is almost over then you can start out fresh next year. Here's to a fast recovery. jerry
  2. I bought this 1972 656D new, January 9, 1973, the day my eldest son was born. It is still in original condition with 7000 hour on the clock. Picture was taken 5 years ago and since has a 2250 loader on it. This is original paint! I doubt it will make it to Ohio but you never know. jerry
  3. as it stands today. The rear weights are the original 34 inch castings that I had a machine shop water jet the outer ring off of then put that on the existing axle. Put long bolts and added 1/2 weights until it filled the rim. 5 turns on each side. Nearly 2000 lbs. as for the belly weights there are 12 75 pounders on each side but those are plastic weights for show. Another thing I discovered since the original post is that it has a King Brothers turbo. Also Dirt Boyz rebuilt the fuel pump and it is running the Dyno at 195 and there is a lot os screw left. I has it on a 13 ft chisel last week
  4. Not the same. Been down that road. jerry
  5. Not exactly but one in the same. There several configurations but all will work.
  6. If the 55 kerosene is like the diesel and gas, they are all the same manifold. Good luck finding one. Mine came from Australia when I restored the one pictured below. jerry
  7. Drank a lot of beer and chased a lot of wild women and oh ya, studied some. jerry
  8. I was born into it and here I stayed through retirement and still watching over it, 71 years later. jerry
  9. Congrats!! I put a lot of acres under a Fox like that 50 years ago. Also froze my but off a couple times! jerry
  10. PS - Just pay it and then add it onto your depreciation at the end of the year.
  11. UTV's are not sales tax exempt in Indiana, even for farm use. Some guys say they got away without having to pay, but if the dealer gets audited, you will pay plus the fine. Been there, done that. jerry
  12. Just go to Tractor supply and get a pair of new adopters. for no more than you will use them they will work just fine. If you were closer, I have many pair in the tip bucket I would give you some. jerry PS Don't over think it. for your small job no need to change tips plus having a set the next time you need them, you will be glad you got a set.
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