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  1. In my eyes, he wasted his time putting on notil cutters! jerry
  2. I'd like to see more of that 4 remote set up. jerry
  3. Take them to your local blacksmith shop. He can get them out and possibly fix the hammered threads or make new u bolts. As for the dealer, the parts he is talking about won't work plus he is nuts at that price. If you needed them for a 1466 or 86 i've got a set like that I'd sell for 200 each but they are for a 3.5 inch axle. jerry
  4. As of the middle of last week it was still a go. I really don't know how they will do social distancing with a show that size. Plus it will more than likely have record crowds since everything else has been cancelled and people are looking for places to go. We really miss the shows with swap meets as we are avid shoppers at flea markets. jerry
  5. Same here. Have had a problem with some half weights on a wedge lock wheel but a simple spacer or nut on bolt solves the problem. jerry
  6. Got mine all hooked up and ready to go. Made a few passes in the wheat stubble last week and she is ready. Gonna bring the 1026 GD and 4/16 #60 plow. No problem pulling it!! jerry
  7. Started cutting wheat today. Really early for us but this past week of hot weather really made it ripen fast. Making 85 bps. Very good for us with only a shot of N this spring.
  8. As of now, I've got nothing going on that day, so will try and be there. Thanks, Mark. jerry
  9. My only problem is it should have been on the Cover!!! jerry
  10. That there is one sharp truck.👍🤓😃 jerry
  11. Jump on that for 200. They may be foreign made but they are a very good quality. I have a lot of CIH tools. jerry
  12. Was called an 816 flick bar mower. We had one back in the 60s. Didn’t stay around long. They put the reel on it in a recall and made it worse. It would plug the sickle in perfectly standing alfalfa. Dad always said that was the worst piece of crap IH ever made jerry
  13. Sold cheap enough if it was a good runner. 7350. jerry
  14. Change the drive pulley on sickle. Parts book shows several sizes for 1020 head. I ran the fast one for a couple years at 7 mph. Drawback is it will wear out the sickle and guards twice as fast. jerry
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