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  1. Running a day late but hope you had a great day, Tony. jerry
  2. When I was young and ambitious I would light up a couple tractors and a piece of equipment for Xmas. My Favorite was the 1086 with Santa in the seat waving. The neighbor kids loved it. I haven't done it in a couple years due to my arthritic problems but the neighbors always ask if I'm going to do it. I always respond by, come and help me and it will be done. So far no takers. Sad! jerry
  3. SMOKER 1

    IH 48 DISK

    20 inch blades should fit. jerry
  4. Few years back my sister came home from a 2 week junket to find 2 feet of water in her basement. The 20 year old plastic water line to the fridge ice maker had failed. Plumber told her that those should be replaced every 10 years or go with copper tubing. We have copper but the fittings have to be snugged up often because my wife pulls out the fridge weekly to clean under it. Small task to have a clean house!! jerry
  5. That was aftermarket. I put one in later but it didn't make much difference except it held more dirt to drop on you head. jerry
  6. Rubber floor mat and some plastic that held radio and speakers. Rest was red steel. jerry
  7. I had a 986 open station new from the factory and the only cloth was the vinyl seat and nothing else was covered. jerry
  8. SMOKER 1

    Fender Radio

    We had 4 or 5 Tenna radios in the sixties. Got them free when buying certain amounts of cattle feed. They did not last long and no one could fix them, so they went to the junk. Sure wish I would have kept the boxes! jerry
  9. SMOKER 1

    Fender Radio

    When i rebuild them, I put 2 speakers in them. Have tried marine type and they won't hold up any longer. jerry
  10. SMOKER 1

    Fender Radio

    Just do it your self. Those type radios are easy to find an am/fm new radio to fit in the box. jerry
  11. 8th grade English class. Teacher broke down in tears when it came over the loud speaker. My best friends Mother died that day also. Sad day!! jerry
  12. SMOKER 1

    Blue Jeans

    Hey Wilson. Fuller Brush degreaser triple strength and hot water will take it right out. Jerry
  13. Bird crap can be a collectors worst enemy! Tony, I feel your pain. I hope you fare better than me as I had to have a hood repainted and the paint didn't match thus had to repaint the whole tractor. Since that incident, I carefully watch where I park tractors and bird poo gets cleaned off the minute it is noticed. Now that it has been mentioned, mine was a single stage paint. Never thought about that! Good luck, jerry
  14. If you have trouble finding the right bearing, it is the same bearing used on the JD 7000 corn planter seed closing wheels!!! jerry
  15. Wild, Wild West. Just thought it was entertaining. Jery
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