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  1. When I was a kid, a neighbor had one fail and broke his leg. That same day the ones we had went to the dump. I make a scrap run once a year. Can't stand having unusable junk laying around. I like to have about 10 nice pallets around and all the rest get burn't. Now I have about 20 totes in the woods and don't won't to take the time to cut up the plastic tanks to recycle. jerry
  2. I went through the same thing 3 weeks ago with my 7130. Put new fuel shut off and no change. Turned out to be the cab solenoid . Can';t complain, got 28 years out of the original. jerry
  3. I bet that was a real challenge working on that motor with that bean cutter mounted. jerry
  4. SMOKER 1

    trimble gps

    Depends on the signal you are using. The 15 will only work with WAAS. If you want to use Trimble's RTX you will need the 25. If your dealer didn't have the answer, I would be looking for a new dealer! jerry
  5. Looking good Bill. All the plow days up here got cancelled this year due to rain. Sad for me because I love to plow. As of today it is still too wet to do anything. jerry
  6. I have a P 2000 that came from the local CIH dealer when they sold out. Had a few cooling issues but Pete1468 told me how to replumb it and it works great. It will make a 350 hp tractor beg for mercy. I have all the attachments and pto shafts but no books. Can't help you out there. On a side note the new CIH dealer has one of those computer dynos that even tells the time and date when check is made. They charge big bucks to test tractors so I have a steady stream of guys wanting there tractors checked. I charge a few bucks and everyone goes away happy although I cant produce a computer printout! jerry
  7. Wonder how much it would cost to get that tank to Indiana?😱 Jerry
  8. SMOKER 1

    New joke

    Know a guy that doesn't have a pickup but a new escalade and he pull NH3 tanks, hay wagons and anything that will hook to it. Some day I will get a picture. jerry
  9. The 1146 key also fit the early JD gators. jerry
  10. Those are Ausco- Lambert brakes. I have a 49 M with those and the original owner told me they came from the factory with them. They are very good brakes. jerry
  11. I guess that I don't get today's mind set! 20 years ago I was doing 1800 acres with an 8 row 30 planter and 15 ft. drill and no 4 wheel drive tractors (2 7130 2 wheelers and a 656 on a 40- foot 500 gallon sprayer with only part time help and Smoker 2 keeping us fed. Granted we worked long hours but we always finished in a timely fashion. Plus everything was paid for with a little money borrowed to pay for seed and fertilizer. That was also about the time we started notilling beans but was still worked the heck out of the corn ground. Farming has changed so much in the last decade it is hard to believe. Kinda glad I retired to just being someone else's driver. And today you lose money with average crops and these prices!!! jerry
  12. Nephews boys started today. Since I retired and they rented all my land, I’m now the gopher, which suits me just fine. 79 here today with 15 mph south winds. Perfect planting weather. Good thing they got auto steer or they couldn’t see going north. jerry
  13. You are correct. Thanks for correcting me. Needs electric not hydraulic. Been many years since I had that planter. Now that I think of it, the guy that bought mine hot wired a 12 volt battery to the hitch solenoid so he could pull it with a truck. That said, I still wouldn't pull it very far like that. Better off to haul it. jerry
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