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  1. SMOKER 1


    Give Mud Hog a call. They will answer all your questions. jerry
  2. I also have an IH mini anvil but you won't believe how I got. My friend (a JD collector) in Australia gave it to me when were over there in 2015. I'll have to ask him where he got it. jerry
  3. I have one and bought it new and still use it today. Made for gear oil and works real easy just needs a longer hose. Since it is always oily and kept inside, it wipes off and looks like new. From the rust inside, it appears that the one you have has never been used. jerry
  4. SMOKER 1

    Do women talk?

    No. Smoker 2 is just the handle Old Max gave her many years back. jerry
  5. When we were in Australia a few years back an Emu ran along side of us for a couple miles just about close enough to the car to reach out and touch probably about 40 mph. jerry
  6. SMOKER 1

    Do women talk?

    Happy wife, happy life!! Works at our house! jerry
  7. I think I have one. Will look when I got out this morning. jerry
  8. My brother had a 1985 Case 2394 (white not red) with the 24 speed powershift with the 6 reverse. Total piece of junk! Shifted jerky and you wanted to stay clear when it was in reverse. It didn't always stop. When the tranny crapped out the first time it cost him almost as much as the tractor did new to fix it. Second time we never saw it again. Good riddance!!! It was those tractors that CIH had fire sale on after the merger. He wished he would have gotten a 5288 for the same money. jerry
  9. IH 560 diesel that was in the shop more than the field. IH 1468 that the TA went out while being delivered new plus it was a gutless wonder even after we converted it to run on all 8 all the time. and 1486 that I spent nearly $30000 in repairs after the warrantee ran out (TA went out 3 times in warrantee and 4 times after. sure glad I got the lifetime TA after the first one went out. Dad bought a new IH honey wagon back in the 70s and on the 2nd load the wheels broke loose from the tank so we fixed that and then the tank collapsed. As for the massey 550 combine, it may have been broke down a lot but it harvested a near perfect grain sample and have not been for it, I may have not become an expert combine mechanic. It taught me to never leave home with a complete tool box and many parts Got traded for a 1460 and have been IH red ever since. jerry
  10. Your best bet is to go the route of finding old original bolts. I've tried a few of the after market bolts and they aren't machined quite right and the shank bottoms out before the hood is tight. I found most of mine at the old IH dealer in his buckets of misc bolts he collected over the years. I had some chrome plated but they will eventually rust. Zinc Plating is the best route to go. The guy I used to use died but I had enough done to get me by for a while. Don't know where I will turn when my supply runs out! jerry
  11. Tony - Just my 2 cents but I would do one of 2 things. Either take the weights and bracket off completely or find a set of weights that have the same patina as the tractor. That fresh paint really stands out on the nice original fade. jerry
  12. Good Job, Billy, as usual! If I had to vote for the most eye catching tractor at the show it would have to be the red Cockshutt. That thing caught your eye 3 rows away. jerry
  13. That is the hardest dirt in the world to get and keep a plow set especially this year. Last time I took a plow it had plowed almost 600 acres at home that spring and when I got there it was totally out of whack. Over the years guys have learned that a 1206 won't pull a 7 bottom and are now running 5. Another thing is the way the tractors are weighted. You might as well double your weight before you leave home. This year is an exception to the rule. We were there when Earthquake came out with 20 bottoms and at one point he had all 20 bottoms tripped at the same time. That has got to be the hardest dirt I've ever seen. jerry
  14. Been using k&m and hy cap since they started and every seat is still like new jerry
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