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  1. SMOKER 1

    Wow, 28 years already...

    Oldest son serve there. jerry
  2. SMOKER 1

    How do u store ur weights

    I store them on a pallet. Since the body isn't as strong as it was 20 years ago, they are on a pallet and when I need them put on a tractor, I put the pallet under the electric shop hoist, then drive up tractor and commence to using the hoist to lift them onto the tractor. Almost faster than lifting by hand and the only muscle required is pushing the button and twisting them to line them up. jerry
  3. SMOKER 1

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    Finally got some snow to push🤷‍♂️ jerry
  4. SMOKER 1

    Oil change on a non IH product

    Howard. I change oil and service my ram diesels at 150 hours regardless of mileage. May farm one is usually about 4000 miles and the camper puller is all over the place in mileage. Jerry
  5. SMOKER 1

    New sign for shop

    Who the heck is Randy?🤔
  6. SMOKER 1

    New sign for shop

    Got my sign up today. Night pictures not real good but is cool as hack to the naked eye.
  7. SMOKER 1

    Plastic suitcase weights

    Introduced at Half Century of Progress 2013
  8. SMOKER 1

    New joke

    That there is just plain funny as he!!. jerry
  9. SMOKER 1

    Plastic suitcase weights

    It’s not about affordability. I used to haul 5 large frame tractors on a 53 ft drop deck and 5 sets of cast weights made a difference if I was running legal or not. I still have all my steel weights and put them on if I take a tractor to a plow day but why haul all that weight to a static show🤷‍♂️ They must be pretty popular as chapter 33 has sold over 1000 of them since 2006 jerry ps. I hold the CIH liscence to market these weights
  10. SMOKER 1

    Plastic suitcase weights

    These are the 75 lb style.
  11. SMOKER 1

    Life in Alaska

    Those touch screens are a germs paradise! I refuse to use them. jerry
  12. SMOKER 1

    Plastic suitcase weights

    I've got a couple tractors set up with plastic and steel together and they work fine. I prefer to have the steel in the middle and plastic on the outside and fasten all like factory and they won't move. Ill get some pics today and post them. jerry
  13. SMOKER 1

    A warmer topic, 175 days until RPRU

    Plan on being there again this year. We have been to the 2 that they have held in Bloomsburg in the past and Chapter 17 knows how to put on a good show. It is a great facility. In the past we have moteled it but this year we are taking the 5th wheel and heading up to Niagara Falls after the show. jerry
  14. SMOKER 1

    Its snowing! lets see your winter gear/toys

    If we ever get any snow here in NW Indiana, I will post some new pictures!! jerry
  15. SMOKER 1

    New sign for shop

    The signs are 8 feet tall and are heavy! They are made by Jeff Foreman or as he is known on here as The Emblem Guy. There have been several posts on here in the past about them. I'll let him chime in here with the rest of the details. I will say that I gave all the measurements and specs to our local sign maker and they were 3 times what Jeff gets for them, plus, Jeff's are a much better quality. jerry