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  1. SMOKER 1

    When your excitement isn`t shared

    I can't seam to get a picture off the internet to load but my first drive was my Dad's farm car and we fed cattle so you can imagine what it smelt like. Maybe one of you guys could find and post a picture for me. It was a 1962 Dodge Dart 4 door sedan plain jane, green with small hubcaps. Six banger with push button automatic. It was the UGLIEST car on the road but it was way better than setting at home. I would have driven that Zephyr in a heart beat. My next car wasn't much better, a 1960 Mercury Monterrey 2 door hardtop. The best thing about it was I could get 8-10 of us in it and go cruising and the trunk was almost as big as today's pickup beds. It was a boat!! jerry
  2. SMOKER 1

    Dreaded starter button thunk.

    While you got it out, I would get the starter checked. I just recently had the same thing with my 766D and it turned out the armature was bad in the starter and my flywheel was way worse than yours. I did no work on the flywheel and the rebuilt starter makes it work like brand new. jerry
  3. SMOKER 1

    RFD Mecum Chuckle

    I saw that episode and caught that plus several other glitches in other episodes. One of those announcers I am sure knows better than that! A friend of mine took an AC to a Mecum sale a couple years ago. They promised him the world but when it didn't meet the reserve they charged him an outlandish fee to buy it back. I don't trust them and don't watch anymore. jerry
  4. SMOKER 1

    Combative Forum Members

    Man Alive!! This thread sure took a left turn from the original post!!! jerry
  5. SMOKER 1

    Oil filters

    As tight as I can with hands then 1/4 turn with wrench. Over the years I've noticed the wix filters come off easier than any other brand but have never Had one come loose. My farmall 95 had a filter that wasn't available at first so I used CIH. Every time I had to drive a screwdriver through It get it off. Jerry
  6. SMOKER 1

    Are we tired of winter yet???

  7. SMOKER 1

    Take the "Older Then Dirt Quiz"

    I remember them all even the tube radio like the one in my bedroom when I was 5 years old! Maybe I'm past the dirt stage and heading into being petrified!!! jerry
  8. SMOKER 1

    Combative Forum Members

    I also feel the same way as BZ. I like the younger guys input and questions and sometimes I am wrong but don't argue with a guy that spent 16-20 hours a day seat time, making a living on those old tractors, before they were born. jerry
  9. SMOKER 1

    Hey High Cotton

    You guys have any damage from the Sunday tornadoes? Hope you guys are alright!! jerry
  10. SMOKER 1

    The million dollar question?

    At my age I don't want for a lot of things so First couple million would go to Shriner's Children's hospital and a couple mil to Riley's Children hospital for research, then pay off all the kid's mortgages and make sure all the Grand Children have a nice trust fund for their education. Next would buy a few acres on the big island of Hawaii and live there at least 8 months out of the year. Then if there is anything left, Smoker 2 and I will live comfortably the rest of our lives in warm weather. If I would win 100,000,000 and pay 40,000,000 in taxes that leaves 60,000,000 to carry out my plan. I'm done collecting tractors at that point and will just keep a few around to remind me of the old days! If it all works out the last check to the undertaker will bounce. jerry
  11. SMOKER 1

    IHCC Winter Convention

    Leaving home now. Should be there by 10. Jerry
  12. SMOKER 1

    GoPro Ride along on the IH 480 disc

    looks good! IMHO the 480 disk was the best one ever built. We had 2 21 footers back in the 60s and 70s. The fact that they don't flex makes them easy to set so they don't ridge. jerry
  13. SMOKER 1

    17 gpm hydraulic pump - what's the best source?

    I've bought all mine from Brian but has been several years since the last one. At that time he was pushing the Hy Capacity one. jerry
  14. SMOKER 1

    Question for today

    Thanks guys. 2705 is what I came up with also. jerry
  15. SMOKER 1

    Question for today

    Thanks for all the replies on value but that is not the main question here. I would really like to know how many SMDTAs were built. jerry