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  1. hub caps worth more than the cart! Nice haul. jerry
  2. Never saw a whit coon but several years ago we had an albino skunk in the woods. We saw him nearly everyday that summer but not since. Jerry
  3. I started with a bag phone. I have every one that I’ve had since the beginning except for the one that went for a swim in Lake Michigan. jerry
  4. When I was farming I had both my semis with super 10 speeds. I loved them and agree with Danny. Plus most pastime drivers could run then without tearing them up. jerry
  5. Just watched weather and they are calling for rain tonight for Payne Ohio tonight. Please let us know as soon as it does If it does. Don’t want to make the trip for nothing. It will take me 2 hours to get there plus I am an hour slower, so I would have to leave around 6. thanks. Jerry
  6. That happened around here a few years back. You had to use or graze the hay yourself. No selling. I traded mine for a couple sides of beef. jerry
  7. Not this year😟. Family wedding on Saturday and some health issues that need to be dealt with. Hope those going have a great time👍 jerry
  8. We had that happen 30 years ago to a hired hand. The next day we burnt all wooden ladders! jerry
  9. Looks like my king bro’s set up
  10. In my eyes, he wasted his time putting on notil cutters! jerry
  11. I'd like to see more of that 4 remote set up. jerry
  12. Take them to your local blacksmith shop. He can get them out and possibly fix the hammered threads or make new u bolts. As for the dealer, the parts he is talking about won't work plus he is nuts at that price. If you needed them for a 1466 or 86 i've got a set like that I'd sell for 200 each but they are for a 3.5 inch axle. jerry
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