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  1. The most we have ever done on anniversaries and valentines day is a card. We just spend the day together, maybe go up town for lunch and set by the fire and watch a good movie. This has worked perfect for 30 years and Smoker 2 wants no more or no less. Happy wife, Happy life!! Life is GOOD!! jerry
  2. Good Luck with the 55. I did one back in 2016 and followed it on this forum. Engine parts were a real challenge. I bought 2 donor tractors to get engine parts. One had a totally overhauled engine but i didn't use it because I wanted everything original. The reason being was that my Dad bought the 55 new and it was the first tractor I ever plowed with. It got away from the family but was never far from home. It took me 35 years to get it bought from the neighbors (They finally died and the kids didn't want it). Had the tractor been a Massey 44 most parts are still available from AgCo. jerry jerry
  3. No. Stupidity was the cause. He stuck his hand down to pull giant rag weed out and it pulled him in. Ring had nothing to do with it. I'm with you on rings. Only wear mine when getting dressed up, not in the work place. jerry
  4. I had a 3200 ground driven finger pickup with KPM4 monitor. It worked great and was very accurate and best of all, very little electronix. jerry
  5. Yes😱but didn’t look like a finger
  6. About 30 years ago my neighbor lost his arm to an IH 1044 corn head. The next morning his wife called me and asked if I would go look for his wedding ring. My helper had a metal detector so we took it out there and within 5 minutes we had the ring. One good ending to a sad tragedy. jerry
  7. I'm on my 5th Ram truck, the last 2 with the Aisen tranny. Not one ounce of trouble ever and the early ones weren't treated very well. I always serviced them annually and had it done by a Chrysler tech. The only ones around here that have had trouble tried to run them 100,000 miles with out service. I have no experience with Allison but they have problems, too. jerry
  8. I'm having a custom aluminum hauler bed built. Should be able to hook up everything from the ground with maybe a small step stool. After falling off the pickup bed several times while hooking, this has got to be better. This getting old sucks! jerry
  9. I see Tony got one of those high dollar tail gates. Those would be just the nuts for us old guys. Too bad every truck made doesn't have one of those. jerry
  10. Bought this 856 3 years ago and wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. It had a Westendorff loader on it that I immediately got rid of. came with wide front and 18.4x 34 rears. Tach shows 6xxx hours on a working tach but seller said it had rolled over. So thinking it has over 16000 hours. It has an IH turbo and manifold off a TD 15 dozer we think. It dynos out at 135. Spring of 2018 I plowed 300 acres with a 5/16 510 plow and it pulled like a new tractor and only used 1 quart of oil and used 5.6 gallon of fuel per hour. Had a few oil leaks that we fixed before painting. Local dealer put in the front engine seal for me and he said that engine has been apart more than once. I had the 30.5 combine tires with some stubble damage on rims.Next we found 10 bolt hubs off a 4366 and a heavy duty narrow front. Front tires are 11Lx15 8 ply. Back in October I took it to young guy starting out in the paint business and let him work his magic. I did all the smaall stuff but he did a fine job for his first red tractor. The first question you will ask is am I going to pull with it? NO! It is going to shows and be paraded. I have a restored 7 shank 55 chisel I'm going to work it some with and maybe pull my 770 6/16 pull plow land hitch some. I still have to figure out how to make a bracket to mount 1/2 weights inside rear tires. I don't want to use any fluids.
  11. No. Red 11 stays until I'm gone. Only has 82xxx miles on it. jerry
  12. My new one is here but won’t be functional until may 1. Can’t get bed built until April. Should be ready to go to red power
  13. Bought some equipment there years ago. jerry
  14. most guys leave the left dual on for convenience. Takes time to pull it of and on. It usually doesn’t touch the ground so it doesn’t really do anything. jerry
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