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  1. I use anything that will plug it. Golf Ts and marbles have their places also. Jerry
  2. SMOKER 1

    $1.88 E10

    1.51 wanatah, indiana jerry
  3. Got new truck and camper ready to go and it may not go anywhere this summer! Told Smoker 2 we can meet our friends at the Walmart for a one camp out. Went to Walmart this morning and things were about as normal. Only thing they were out of was hand sanitizer and paper towel. Meat counters were full as normal. jerry
  4. SMOKER 1

    Local sale

    Troy - Buy that 656 black dash for a grand and I'll come get it!! jerry
  5. Don't watch it like I did years ago but there was an episode at least 15 years ago that they predicted Donald Trump would be POTUS! They blew it when they said Bart would be supreme court chief justice. jerry
  6. Tony - You're going to have to put a hoist in that new shed so you can clean the undercarriage on that thing. That would be a great job for the Grand kids! jerry
  7. Good find, Tommy! Got a lot of those old bills of sale with Bud Schoppel's hand writing. Which sale today? jerry
  8. The little back street cafe that I have went to for breakfast to for 25 years closed their doors yesterday. The gal that owns it said that 3 weeks closed will be the end for her. jerry
  9. When I had mine I pulled it with a 3688. No problems. When we went to a 20 footer we pulled that with an 8870 NH or 7130. jerry
  10. Thanks Chris. Not a lot of Massey shows around here so I had to break the Ice on the 2020 season with the Massey. Just got in from washing salt off everything. Drove in the snow and wet roads all the way home. Closer we got to home the more salt those idiots put on the road. Every thing was dry white this morning. jerry
  11. since you went to all that trouble, you should have put an air ride on it. jerry
  12. Good friend of mine and an original Forum member MMSkippy, Gene "Skip" Lee passed away today. Skip and I were the ones that started Chapter 33 back in 2004. He was also a charter member of the IH Collectors. He has had a rough go of it over the last 10 years with different bouts of cancer. Skip was also an avid Minnie Moline man and loved all color tractors. IMHO, He is now at rest in a better place. jerry
  13. Recently sold a 706 G wheatland standard drawbar with 6000 hours that was way worse for wear than that. It only had less than a 1/4 inch remaining. It Came from Kansas wheat county and all it ever did before me was pull a 14 foot swather. There wasn't much left on the pto shaft either. jerry
  14. I had the exact same problem on my 2006 2377. Turned out sensor was bad on the rock trap chain. Not a real nice set up where the sensor is mounted and as it turned out I left the chain run too loose and the chain was hitting the sensor eventually beating it to death. jerry
  15. I went to the factory and went down the line with my 2166 combine. The line chief wrote the number on the side of the machine with a marker on bare metal. When the combine was delivered to me, you could still read that number through the paint. jerry
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