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  1. That's really helpfull!!! I didn't imagine the switch was in this position! It is a bit weird because it's crooked but they do it like that!
  2. Bolts and small pins are coming back from zinc plating! I have got new IH bolts And my rims were paint with a powder paint (epoxy), very good job! And I put new tires on them of course
  3. I use a FM750 and an EZPilot (electric drive) on a MX230, it does a good job but an EZPilot on a 7200's cab is not as easy to install than a MX
  4. in my case I have an AFS700 on the axial flow 7230 (with GPS by an antenna 372 and hydraulic control) I asked my dealer if it was possible to use that equipment on the magnum 7210 (the tractor is used to seed; obviously it is not in the same season than harvest!) He says it is not possible, but I think he doesn't want to search, and would prefer sold an other equipment...
  5. nobody? or perhaps an easier question: I have got a 4 positions switch it is a ON - OFF - ON - ON or a OFF - ON - ON - ON ?? I have to know if the switch is in the vertical position when it is off thanks!!!
  6. you don't use a GPS guidance (trimble autopilot)? my dealer says we can't use an AFS700 just to control a GPS (instead of a FM750 or another model)
  7. I need help again the previous owner did a bad job on the dashboard... I made a washer with the notch to put the lights switch, but I don't know where to put the notch on the dashboard... towards the left, or right, or up, or down??? It is a 4 positions switch: https://histoparts.com/ih4113___rotary-light-switch-farmall-international/3 If someone can help me, thanks a lot!!!
  8. Hello guys I'm searching someone who is from Australia and who can talk to me about the country! I have a few questions about agriculture of course, and life in general! Thanks in advance!
  9. and finally we have visited a grain silo along the Rhine (river between France and Germany) It is a huge building, the 3rd higher of Strasbourg, at the top we can see the cathedral!
  10. last week I have organized a school trip in the extreme east of France, in the region of Alsace (I have ever post some pics of this region) My students really enjoyed the trip! (and me too, I love this region) We saw: A mirabelle plum orchard (1st pic) The Kuhn plant in Saverne (where they made discs mower, tedders, rotary rakes, and power harrow, + others stuffs!) (2nd pic) the European parliament (with deputies!) in Strabsourg (3rd and 4th pics)
  11. thanks for your reply! I haven't any lamp when I bought the tractor (only used by day I guess 🤣) If someone has some time to waste... Could you post some pics of around the seat, and the platform and the steering column (where there is all switches) thanks a lot
  12. hello guys I was looking my olds pics and I can't remember what the part in the circle was for? I don't see its utility 🤔 I am cleaning a lot of bolts to put them zinc on it, "zinc plating" by a company! It's cheaper than buy new ones (US bolts are rare here...) and I keep originals bolts!
  13. Spring has come and we drilled barley and oat! last hectares of plowing, tillage, spreading and drilling
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