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  1. Hello guys I'm searching a few informations about the "great harvest" across the US/Canada. If you work in this industry, can we have a discussion about that thanks in advance cheers from Europe
  2. I reassembled the whole system this morning all is OK, the pulley turn perfectly round thanks a lot for your help!
  3. something like this would be easier, but engineers had their reasons I assume
  4. that's a complete procedure! with torques, what can I ask better??? It is perfect! Thanks a lot!
  5. I have just found the 2nd conics rings set so there is 2 sets of conics rings, and 2 straight rings Now the question is: in which order reassemble the whole?
  6. I have a problem with the crankshaft pulley on my 756 I have 2 conics rings, and 2 straight rings could you help me of how to reassemble the whole?
  7. update... I have get back my last parts from zinc plating they just lost the 4 stoppers for the injection pump, and the bleeder from the injection pump😭 I will call them on monday, and I hope they will find them... But I like the red with the zinc plating which is shinning 😎
  8. and do you know the pressure on the hydraulic system?
  9. you don't have bulbs behind the panel?
  10. here is mine... I think it was cut... I will have to waste some time again...
  11. about the hood, Do I have to keep the crap metal inside of the hood? The new one I ordered is from a 826 hydro
  12. Not so much answers Perhaps a bit more about this... Houston, we have got a problem... new box for the shift levers, but the hole is not in the good place... About the levers, I have a pin on the right lever (gears), but i'm not sure it is from factory... Could you confirm it is?
  13. I will make an all new harness with fuses and relay to protect the whole system
  14. here are some pics from google for those who wants to know where Laon is. And a pic from google streetview from the plain
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