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  1. mine is out on the mx230, price is good on your link
  2. Hello everybodies I already own the operator's manual, and the parts catalog for my 756 Farmall. I have even scan the parts catalog so I now have it in a PDF version! But I think it will be useful if I have the workshop manual! Did someone have it in a PDF version? And can send it me by mail? Thanks in advance guys 😃
  3. thanks for your replies I check the operator's manual and didn't find anything about the snap rings. Perhaps it is on the workshop manual? If someone has it in informatics version... I'm interested
  4. hello guys I was searching for remplace my brakes on the 756 and I found some kits with spings on it But I don't have any spring on my brakes. Does it exist 2 differents mounting? My 756 serial number is #17871 (it is an early 1970 model; serial number starts at #17832 in 1970 according to tractordata) You can see on the pics I haven't springs #10 but I have tubes #38. Is it normal or d I need parts? Thanks for your help!!!
  5. if it can help... https://www.laboutiquedutracteur.com/CT-4793-cub.aspx?FC=3749
  6. thanks for your replies I have some informations which tells about 2 gallons. In my case everything is dimantle and I will paint each part one by one, which will ask more paint I guess. But 2 gal is a good start! I will use an epoxy primer (with zinc in it againt rust) and a polyuréthane paint. Both with hardner. What color do you use in primer? white or grey? About brakes... I find kits to change all brakes but there is spings in the kit and I don't remember to have dismantle springs. Perhaps there was differents mounting?
  7. Thanks for the colors but if someone knows RAL... about red 3003 seems too dark and 3002 seems too clear, a mix between both isn't possible where I can have good quality paint (it is a paint maker, with prices 2 or 3 times cheappers than PPG, for the same quality)
  8. I don't find it here 😪 I will keep searching... It looks really nice, almost as a new part!
  9. Hello guys I'm looking for paint for my 756 What is the good (or better) RAL for a 1970's farmall? The compagny where I will take the paint can't mix two RAL For red, and white and silver (rear rims) Do you paint the exhaust manifold with a high temperature paint? what color do you use (I can choose between black and grey (silver))? and last question, how much paint will I need? A compagny can provide me PPG paint. I know you use this brand in the US, so what references do you use? Thanks a lot for your help!
  10. abbreviations are overused in french too, it is hard sometimes because there isn't any explaination about it, so imagine in an other language ? Thanks you for your help! If you are on Fb groups too, You will see few pics on it when spring will come!
  11. Thanks you! I remember OBO Don't know what it is too! My future life project will include english speaking... I try to improve it!
  12. hello guys I don't post a lot actually but it is winter and wheater isn't good. A lot of rain theses lasts few days and not even 1 day of sun this month! I have few questions because my english has its limits... I'm on few facebook's groups (axial flow, IH, farmall, magnum, harvest...) and I see often thoses "words" and I don't know what it means: _ ISO (I Search O??? I guess) _ boxcar (google tranlate says it is for a train) thanks in advance for your help; google translate helps but not enough for technicals terms
  13. A littlebit of sun in the middle of a cloudy sky
  14. There is much biggers open spaces in France, my region is between plains and bocage (fields or prairie surrounded by hedges)
  15. lot of rains theses days... it is annoying because we cried about rain during this spring an summer and now we have rain but too much... 1st pic: on december 6th 2nd pic: today, at the same place 3rd pic: panorama
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