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  1. New question, perhaps it will have more replies! What is the color of the oil radiator: black or red? And what is the color of the front grill: silver or ivory?
  2. in the US you haven't any external hoses, and I don't know how it works 🤔 pic from the internet
  3. On my 756 I have trailers brakes It is a part (I think it is a distributor?) from Bosch I don't know if this part was mounted at the plant in the US, or if it was mounted in Europe by the dealer! there is 3 hoses from the pump to the distributor. My question is: do you know what are those 3 hoses? I think there is a pressure, a return and the 3rd??? thanks in advance for your help!!!
  4. Zedelgem is 230km away from me. Two and a half hour of driving. It is a nice plant, I visited it twice (I hope I will can do it again in 2022... covid will decide) but we only see the combines harvester. Perhaps we can visit the part where they build square ballers? I have also visited Massey Ferguson which is in France, nice plant too; but bad reception compared to NH!!! (Belgians know how to do ) I would go to claas and John deere in Germany, it must be impressive too!
  5. About cooling system on my 756, I have to replace hoses. The one at the bottom is #396355R1 and according to the next website link it is the good one: https://www.messicks.com/part/396355r1/hose-radiator The other on the top should be #406766R1 but it exists the ref #396354R1 (if I understand correctly it is for tractors with serial number before 15185) My serial number is 17871 so do you confirm it is #406766R1? You can the a pic of the tractor to compare, I am talking about the yellow circle Thanks in advance for your help, those parts aren't frequent in Europe and I don't want to order for a wrong ref! The one in red is # 3132912R1; it looks right: https://www.messicks.com/part/3132912r1/hose
  6. the best way to learn a language is traveling! For some reasons I never had a chance to travel with school or by myself. I haven't much difficulties with writing, but when I watch movies or series or even englishs TV channels it is really hard to me to understand... I think if I am in an english speaker country I will shall learn really fast 🤣 We don't find relics from the two world wars, and it is better for us!!! sometimes we found a part from a shell but that's all. About 40km from here there was a big battle at "le chemin des dames". every year they find a lot of relics, and some of them are still in order to explode! there is accidents every years 😕 I prefer rural to cities too. We are here in an area without big cities. I need to drive 1 hour to find a big city: Reims, the town of champagne (200,000 inhabitants); or belgians cities (I live at the border between france and belgium). The closest town has a population of about 10,000, and it is 10 min of driving; at an half hour of driving we find middle size cities (about 50,000 to 80,000 inhabitants)
  7. I'm glad you enjoy my pics 😊 If you want to talk about agriculture in general, I will be happy to improve my english, especially with technical words!
  8. july the 18th, oat is flat and finally winter barley harvest and spring barley harvest!
  9. Hello guys I take advantage of the rain during this summer to post some pics from the spring to last week. after a december and a january really wet, we had a good february and a good march, but a cold and dry april, to finally have a good may. Since mid of june it is another story...rain, rain and rain again... and too cold! we had 190L/m² on june and 130L/m² on july (I don't know how much it represents with inchs, but for us it is about 6months of rain). Perhaps you have seen floods in germany and belgium on mid july? I was at the border of thoses events. You will see on pics that ours crops are flat... and now we can't harvest them beacause it rains again! Last year it was too dry, and this year too wet! The grass is green, it is the only good thing for cattle farmers! Go to the pics!!! seeding spring oat on early march and fungicide on canola on may, and fertilizer spreading on february (on canola too)
  10. I have the same problem with my 7210 magnum: To dismantle the batteries box, 2 bolts with 5/8 wrench, 2 others were with 18mm wrench, not 11/16 or 1/4!
  11. I received the paint few month ago the primer is white/ clear grey I choosed the RAL3002 because I prefer clear red than dark red... It's my taste! I have some questions about tools... I own those tools: https://catalog.kingtony.eu/fr/2031-1216sr and https://catalog.kingtony.eu/fr/1647-4526sr04 But I always need a wrench which isn't into theses combinations... I can do the work with a metric wrench but I don't understand... Does it exist others wrenches dimensions than I have?
  12. mine is out on the mx230, price is good on your link
  13. Hello everybodies I already own the operator's manual, and the parts catalog for my 756 Farmall. I have even scan the parts catalog so I now have it in a PDF version! But I think it will be useful if I have the workshop manual! Did someone have it in a PDF version? And can send it me by mail? Thanks in advance guys ?
  14. thanks for your replies I check the operator's manual and didn't find anything about the snap rings. Perhaps it is on the workshop manual? If someone has it in informatics version... I'm interested
  15. hello guys I was searching for remplace my brakes on the 756 and I found some kits with spings on it But I don't have any spring on my brakes. Does it exist 2 differents mounting? My 756 serial number is #17871 (it is an early 1970 model; serial number starts at #17832 in 1970 according to tractordata) You can see on the pics I haven't springs #10 but I have tubes #38. Is it normal or d I need parts? Thanks for your help!!!
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