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  1. Looking at purchasing a TD15B privately from a neighbor. After the owner passed away, it no longer gets used. The machine has sat for one year, but after hooking up a set of new batteries, it started on the first crank. I have determined that it has the DT 361 engine. The engine sounds and runs good. It seems to move fine and the hydraulics are working. It has the manual transmission, not the powershift. The tracks and undercarriage are ok. There is some wear but I am only looking to use this around the farm for small projects and for clearing some trees. One track seems tight and the other ne
  2. I have owned three 826's in the past two years. Numbers 8203 and 14343 went to new owners in Nebraska. I still own number 12776 here in KS which was bought new by my grandfather. All are open station, fender, diesel, gear drive, TA, wide fronts. I looked at buying number 12772 a year ago but never came home with it. It was a hydro gold demo diesel.
  3. I like the shifting numbers. I can't tell, are they painted or is the aluminum polished?
  4. Well I finally finished up the tractor about a week ago. Here are some pictures of it all completed minus the one white piece that I had been procrastinating on painting. The pictures might not be the best because I was just casually snapping a few after putting it together. I did not know at the time that this would be the last chance I would get to take pictures of it!!! I finished painting the last piece the same night the pictures were taken. A guy showed up the very next morning and took it home with him!! The paint wasn't even dry on the last piece! As I was finishing up the tractor, I
  5. I appreciate the complements! It's been a long process but is always rewarding in the end. The fronts are 11L-15's.
  6. Got the fenders, weight bracket, and the most of the other pieces attached today. Finished up just before dark so I didn't have a chance to get many good pictures in. All that's left to do now is finish wiring the lights up and finish painting one of the white pieces of tin.
  7. Hmmm, I've had the new seat on there for a few weeks now and I hadn't noticed the cushion being upside down. Good catch, I'll have to check that out this weekend. Guess that's the reason I post on here so you guys can catch whatever I don't. Yes it was fairly clean to begin with. Most guys probably would have just took her straight to the field, but there's just something about that nice shiny red paint that my brain tells me I have to have. After I painted my first tractor, I can't get rid of the urge to paint them all!! It keeps me busy in the winter so I don't go insane from sitting in t
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