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  1. after the peanuts are harvested the residue is baled. its some really good hay
  2. ran down beside the flags after laying out my citrus orchard. it had repacked. heres a video
  3. i grow nuts! here is a video of the digging
  4. let us see the whole tractor!!!!!!
  5. i like running 5 gal over so it runs longer before it needs more. maybe i should fix leaks, haha
  6. I have none. So I can go either way if I can find mounts. Its gonna be tough down here
  7. Thanks, I have a 986 not doing much if I could find mounts I just think it'd be better at handling bales. Are the mounting brackets the same for the 2250 and 2350?
  8. it looks to be too small on further investigation so i need to hunt 674 brackets. am i right?
  9. bought a 2250 loader off a local auction and had intentions of putting it on a 674. i see pics of them on 86s. Will it work? i will just be moving 4x6 hay rolls. Also when i went to pick it up there was no brackets like the listing said.. now i need brackets. they said they would give me a refund but i took it anyways
  10. gafarm49


    Im somewhat especially fond of my 986. I don't particularly know why
  11. went to radials from biased on my 1586 and made a huge difference
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