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  1. Thanks everyone, heres one we did with a plane. https://www.facebook.com/1200242017/videos/1266489437497210/ And our first grandchild with an off color tractor
  2. We are soon to be grandparents of triplets and this is a video https://www.facebook.com/1375729662/videos/294143170019603/
  3. Did the hydraulic outlet conversion and changed a broken radio antennae on my 1586. This was my last tractor to get the conversion so no more adapters needed
  4. I found these on Amazon. They are sold for a deere 6000 series. They don't vibrate at all and are easy to install
  5. Daily cow feeding. It appears to be currently slot nicer down here
  6. I priced a 4450 at 32000 and bought a massey 3545 that had sat on the lot for 2 years for 22000 with duals. the 4450 price didnt include duals. The massey was a great tractor.
  7. he bought my 8070 to do his conversion . he converted 2 of my neighbors 8070s and made an excellent tractor out of them
  8. every tractor here in the late 70s and early 80s was over worked
  9. My 8070 ventilated the block at an early age. I was overworking it though
  10. working on my peanut planters today
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