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  1. Got to work the 1586 alittle tearing up winter grazing so I can plant some peanut and hooked the case ih 165 to the ugly deere. 850$ to replace blades, slides and shin
  2. Is it blasphemous to admit that I have one
  3. I like my 86s but that don't mean I cant like others. I'm multi-cultural
  4. Alittle tlc and some radial tires make a nice tractor in my opinion. And I have green ones too
  5. I had this one, no power steering. Motor went bad and I sold it on an auction for maybe 5-600$ I don't remember exactly
  6. my first tractor was a 1466 black stripe. I bought it at a farm auction in 1982 for 4500$
  7. I heard he traded them all in on a fleet of mahindras
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