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  1. gafarm49


    will do, thanks
  2. gafarm49


    cant find much time to work on it. I started putting whells on it and some cab mounts from triple r
  3. gafarm49

    1466 Rebuild

    That's a beautiful tractor! Awesome job!
  4. gafarm49

    86 series cab mounts

    levi who?
  5. gafarm49

    86 series cab mounts

    Ca you use 3/4 in threaded rod when changing mounts. Do you need that square threaded plate.?
  6. gafarm49

    Family reunions?

    My mother is one of 13 children. I have close to 50 cousins and we meet at my place every thanksgiving. We really enjoy our reunion.
  7. gafarm49

    1586 follow up

    I posted earlier about this 1586 I bought off a repo auction. it needed either to crank. well it turns out fresh diesel and new fuel filters is all it needed. the hyd filter was clean, ac works as well as all lights. the digital tach works but is not reading right. the cab mounts are shot, especially the right rear. it needs a headliner. front end is tight. wish me good luck as its definitely not a parts tractor. plans are for some brand new radials for the rear this winter as well as cab mounts and a cab kit
  8. gafarm49

    Ih building

    That's awesome! You didn't buzz my daddy on his f-20 did you? Haha
  9. gafarm49

    Ih building

    Moultrie, ga. Billings tractor co. It was a happening place back in the day
  10. gafarm49

    1086 rear wheel bolts

    Does anyone know what finish will be on the bolts. Websites don't specify
  11. gafarm49

    1086 rear wheel bolts

    thanks !
  12. gafarm49

    1086 rear wheel bolts

    I need a source for the square head bolts to mount the rear wheels to the centers on my 1086.
  13. gafarm49

    1086 front engine seal

    thanks everyone, im going to replace oil pump while im there as well
  14. gafarm49

    Thanks to Tripple Tractor

    I'm getting close to the point of calling him and loading the wagon. Dang farming's getting in the way