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  1. My thoughts are if you spend 5000$ making a 7000$ tractor comfortable you are ahead compared to the price of a new one
  2. Yes we tried it with UGA looking at tomato spotted wilt suppresion. It worked. That was my last year doing tobacco. 4.00$ fuel got me out
  3. first to midd1e of march it was probaby in the 1ows 50s. you know how us southerners are
  4. I guess I grew it in 2009, my memory is bad
  5. I grew 75-100 acres up ti11 2006
  6. if you are replacing it with something else do you cap the lines or hook them together
  7. gafarm49


    The doors are surprisingly in good shape. Kinda rare
  8. gafarm49


    Well we got 3 inches of rain so I decided to go alittle further
  9. After several attempts I put a 6 ft 3in 28 year old on a sledge hammer and told him it had to come out tear it up if need be. It moved
  10. I've bought alotta used tractors over the years and mostly its been bulbs. You would be surprised the times all bulbs would be blown.
  11. gafarm49


    well I bought this 1586, you may remember, for parts, mainy the cab. well everything worked hydraulic filter was clean so I decided to show it some love. tilt steering, steps and cleaned and refoamed the cab roof around the ac. I have the door cylinder kit and a cab kit is on the way
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