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  1. ok thanks!! I didnt know if I had to bleed the the air out at the master cylinder
  2. gafarm49

    684 brakes

    just replaced the master cylinders, do i need to bleed them or just bleed from the back?
  3. they were the mackdaddy in the circle track classes that required a stock head
  4. we painted it and put the rear tires on it
  5. 1086 that i put the yar cab on has had the clutch fail, water in the oil, and TA is slipping. my 1586 i bought cheap for parts is running every day with no problems
  6. no, its local built. it tilts
  7. This is one we built on the farm which I drove. It was a wall magnet
  8. I was half owner of this one. I was not the setup guy in the organization
  9. after the peanuts are harvested the residue is baled. its some really good hay
  10. ran down beside the flags after laying out my citrus orchard. it had repacked. heres a video
  11. and here is my little combine
  12. i grow nuts! here is a video of the digging
  13. let us see the whole tractor!!!!!!
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