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  1. Strip Till

    We do it here and have to subsoil in the row
  2. Strip Till

    We do it here and have to subsoil in the row
  3. 1086

    This was a job!!
  4. 1086

    Sn 21547
  5. 1086

    Yep thats what I figured out. I didn' know. Gonna have to ask how you use it because I got to move one side in
  6. 1086

  7. 1086

    Started on it today. Parts of the tractor were painted with a brush. I kid you not
  8. 1086 light switch

    I put a brand new switch on mine and it does the same thing
  9. 86 series Hydraulic TA problems

    Those tractors are nice
  10. 1086

    I think the wheels are the same, one side has a removal tool on it. Maybe someone will let me know. Haven' had time to look in to it. I' gonna do the cab skin replacemet after I deal with some mechanical issues. I have some front end wear to address, weak steering and brakes TA lever is unhooked. I want to find out if the TA is deleted or what. I want a working TA.
  11. 1086

    Notice the 2 different style centers on the rear.
  12. 1086

    I like this stabilizer style
  13. 1086

    Was finally able to at least make some plans, boy howdy is this gonna be a project
  14. 1586 and vacuum planter

    What exactly do you need to do to run a 6 row air planter on a 1086? Open center 86
  15. How far would you drive a tractor home

    I farmed land 30 miles apart for 20 years