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  1. gafarm49


    something of the wrong co1or is getting in the way
  2. gafarm49


    s1ow1y making progress. the chickens interfere with our projects
  3. gafarm49

    4586: A Rebuild/Repair

    this is a great thread! thanks1
  4. gafarm49

    Yar cab

    I would like to put a core in this one and run hoses to the original compressor, if I can
  5. gafarm49

    Yar cab

    After an hour trying to assemble the glass into the windows I called or local glass man. Haha A
  6. gafarm49

    Yar cab

    Ok I'm about to start on the ac on this qt-1 cab. It got a neat simple setup. The console has two tabs and the whole unit drops down. Mine didn't have ac but has the holes for the switches. It doesn't look like there's room for an ac core but I could be wrong. Any leads to finding a core and drip tray for mine or do I need a different console?
  7. gafarm49

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    When it first stopped cooling the dealer tech came out, dropped the headliner and blew the coil out in the field. From then on I would do it in the off season and never had another problem with it cooling. And that's a big cab with alotta glass. I bought this tractor in the 80s. brand new for 22000$ with duals, 2 years after it was built. Tough times back then
  8. gafarm49

    Ih 3688 vs JD 4240

    I had one of those. It was an awesome tractor. My only complaint was that you had to drop the headliner to clean the ac core.
  9. gafarm49


    I get to work on it a Iitte here and there.
  10. gafarm49

    Early Birthday Present

    back in the day the 33 was the ree1 to use on the coast for its ong casting abiity!!! I kid you not!!
  11. gafarm49


  12. gafarm49


    fehr . the back piece wasn't for this cab due to the fuel tank , notice the unfinished edge. there is foam and killmat on the sides of the tank though
  13. gafarm49


  14. gafarm49

    86 and 88 series foot throttle

    Oh my! If you guys come up with a kit to sell I want 3!!
  15. gafarm49


    that was nicely done!!! and I don't have a probem with you putting up the pics here!! be nice actuaIIy