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  1. gafarm49

    Old Willie still after it

  2. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

  3. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    it works
  4. gafarm49

    86 series seat

    well I went and took pics of mine and they are different.
  5. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    It works fine behind this 4755, just had problems with a 4430. It was probably wore out at the time.
  6. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

  7. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    this is the cart
  8. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    I think its hamfull to run a quadrange too full. I drove one to a farm 30 miles away and oil temp got high. I called service manager and he asked if it was over full. it was
  9. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    would that be the case with a quadrange as well? I was running the combine at the time and the guys said it was full of fluid
  10. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    have you run a kmc cart behind a 86 series? did it work ok?
  11. gafarm49

    1486 red power and a boy

    that's a real nice tractor
  12. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    well damn!! aint thought of that. but it always did. the cylinders have 2 hoses so they are double acting. we ran 1 one season for a week behind a 4430 and it would start chattering at the top. I guess if I hook it up and cycle the cylinders and then check fluid it should be ok.
  13. gafarm49

    1586 on a dump cart

    I have a dump cart that when used with a 30 series deere it almost runs out of oil to raise it all the way to dump. will a 1586 with 5 gals over full be a better choice? will there be a risk using the 1586 for this?
  14. gafarm49

    986 shift levers

    the shift levers were extremely loose so I found time to take it out. it wasn't as bad as I expected. the hardest part is that heavy seat. when I did I found the bolts were broke out of the side panel that holds the shifter in place. Got it fixed and now have park again!!!! Win win!!
  15. gafarm49

    986 gear shift levers

    I need to rebuild the gear shift lever mechanism. Are all the parts available as a kit? Aftermarket? Thanks ahead