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  1. gafarm49

    My new addition

    no duals, Its a 78. I wanted it for parts but if it runs ok well we will see
  2. gafarm49

    1086 cab removal

    You don' have an extra do you?
  3. gafarm49

    1086 cab removal

  4. gafarm49

    Looking for advice on my 1973 1468

    That's a sought after tractor
  5. gafarm49

    686 Followed Me Home Today

  6. gafarm49

    1086 front end

    Around 700$ for everything. I did it on my 986
  7. gafarm49

    MX180 vs. Puma 155 opinions

    I didn' like the puma 180 I had. The hyd levers were too far back. It caused shouder pain after a few hours. I bought it new and got rid of it after 1 season
  8. gafarm49

    What is on the back axle?

    I like the caboose!
  9. gafarm49

    I like the looks of these old Allis Chalmers 7045

    I had a 7020. It was my first cab tractor and I felt truly blessed! It didn' seem cramped at the time. Later I had a 8070 and liked it as well
  10. gafarm49

    Look at this nicely restored 1586

  11. gafarm49

    OT: anyone familiar with Smoker boats?

    This mine, it runs 35 mph and is so light you can handle it like a jonboat.
  12. gafarm49


    Got the rears moved, still got one side on the front that refuses to budge
  13. gafarm49

    IH Dealership in Perry, Florida

    You were kinda in my neigborhood. I'm 90 miles from there and do alotta fishing there