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  1. 1086 t/a install question

    The locator bolts are to hold the pto driven gear forward in place while splitting tractor. The gear has to slide off splined shaft and then you drop gear out from below. I made some with a couple of short bolts welded to a rod after I left IH shop.
  2. 1086 digital tachometer

    I think we are going to have to go back to square one on this. The only data center (what you are apparently calling a tach) that does not have a number 9 pin is for the 50 series tractors. They are also a Dickey John and similar appearance. All 9, 10 14 and 15 86 series tractors use the same data center. The original ones used a different plug in module in behind the box and the later replacement Dickey John units used the switches on back to adapt to each different model. Also, realize there were three different versions of reading rpm's and mph. There was a cable drive , round unit, a smaller square digital unit that had a knob on face and then the latest was the touch pad data center. We had so much trouble with the original design that IH switched suppliers to Dickey John at the same time they were using them for the new 50 series tractors. I don't really remember just how the 3688 was set up, but no doubt used Dickey John. The 30 series 2+2 all used same as 86 series and the 60 series 2+2 used the Dickey John.
  3. Cream puff 2+2

    Those hoods could be hard to open at times so it looks like cutting out the sides you could check the oil easier. Speaking of that hood, I had a method of setting it down on a creeper and wheeling it out of the way like a wheel barrow. Just leave me alone, I will do it myself was my way.
  4. 1086 digital tachometer

    If you have switches in the back of the data center you have the replacement model Dickey John unit. Original were Newport models. On a 1086 you set the switches number one up, two , three & four down, five up. This is looking at switches from back of unit and left to right. It should go through a test sequence when turned on an then display tire loaded radius. On a 1086 with 18.4-38 that would be about 25 and is adjustable with phillips head screw next to thumb screw for exhaust gas temp. Like said, power on number one, ground on two and power on nine. Those inline fuses are a problem area and corrosion gets to them and sometimes they are even hard locate in that mess of wires down by other fuses. A rpm transducer will usually read something on a ohm meter but being a solid state unit it has no set ohm value as it will show different readings at different settings of an ohm meter. If you have a meter that automatically chooses reading range it gets really confusing. Just be sure you can read power (I like a test light) from one and nine going right to number two ground terminal in harness.
  5. 6588 dome light and door switches.

    google part number 1262107C1 and switch's show up. c
  6. 5088 gauges quit

    The top fuse in block is for gauges. Make you have power on both ends of fuse blade holding fuse and if so , go up an unhook connector at gauge and check for power there. Move onto ground connection if you have power and no gauge works.
  7. 1466 cavitation

    Boy, not another one of these subjects. I can tell you this much, that I replaced a lot of sleeves on low houred 400 series and a couple 300 series IH engines before water filters and DCA additives were in use. Put a whole lot of filter kits on tractors and the crud that came out of those engines was bad. I even saved a coolant sample from a new tractor that I was installing a block heater on to show the IH rep. It was bad. I removed a lot of radiators on low houred tractors due to plugging the top end of the core. After we put filters on and after IH installed them from new, the radiator problem basically went away. I always used distilled water long before anyone was coming with their pre mix anti freeze solutions. When you drain an old engine that has had a properly maintained system with a filter, the coolant still comes out looking good.
  8. Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    I worked a few years at a Deere dealer just before I retired. The service manager, (good friend who actually worked under me when he started his career while at the IH dealer) who is a died in the wool two banger lover, says to me. The H is not really a John Deere. Pulley running off camshaft, backward from all the rest along with other weird innovations. His words, not mine.
  9. 1466 cavitation

    Cavitation of cylinder sleeves and the block of the engine has always been a problem with a wet sleeved diesel engine. What I would recommend for your tractor is a complete coolant change. If you go with premix coolant like CaseIH or Deere or others use, then just change the filter with a regular maintenance filter. If you use another coolant that does not have the DCA etc additives for a diesel engine, use distilled water for your mix with the anti freeze along with a prechage filter. That filter will add all the necessary additives. After that , periodic testing with the test strip and changing the maintenance filter as necessary to keep levels in safe range. Also, if old coolant looks cruddy, change that new filter out after a few hours of use. I have seen those elements totally plugged from dirty engines. And yes, there is a filter element inside, not just a additive package. Have cut more than a few apart.
  10. fuel supply line dt series

    The factory correct line dampens the pulses from primary pump. This dampening stabilizes the governor in pump.
  11. I worked at the IH dealership during that time and my wages stayed the same form 81 until 88 and some years were down some. Boss had just built a new building on new location and I moved my tools in June of 80 to new shop. Tractors on floor plan were sinking into the ground with interest being paid on them. Boss would go up to bank and borrow some more. He would sell any tractor that he could get close to invoice out of. I know he lost his rear on a two plus two that sat for about a year and a half. Then the darn thing had all kinds of problems right out of the box so had to let buyer use the tractor he traded in. Then, we were Case dealers one morning. Holy cow, all those years running down their equipment and now we were supposed to sell and service it . Turned my job upside down and I never really recovered. Boss retired in 91 and then new owners really screwed it to you. Hate to admit it , but I turned Green down the road a 1/4 mile. They treated me good except for all the razzing about the red. I know of one young farmer that threw a chair at the banker. Some big operators lost it all. FHA wanted me to refinance my house. Savings and Loan wanted 19 percent interest. Balloon payment in three years. I would owe a lot more on the house after that three years than I did at the time. He laughed and said, well, what you going to do . I said, they can have the house. I have been renting for many years before that so it would be nothing new. The FHA relented and gave me three more years. Then gave notice again to refinance which I was I the process of doing for 10 percent. In the mean time, wasn't progressing fast enough I guess, FHA sends a letter pretty much threatening me to forclose on me. I got them their money and wiped my hands of them. Still have the dam letter he sent also. Now he is Bank President of the bank I use. He has no idea who I actually am but I darn well remember big shot.
  12. 1066 Factory T/A delete MCV gasket kit

    When I was still working at the IH dealer, we always got the kit of gaskets and O-rings that took care of both TA and Non TA tractors as well as the thick and thinner mounting gasket, plus the extra gasket for 66 series tractors that had the extra plate. Lot of extra and wasted gaskets but that is how it was done. Parts dept would not order separate gaskets, kit takes care of it is all I ever heard.
  13. 856 charging problem

    You need a wiring diagram of that charging system to make sure the wires are correctly hooked up. One of those small wires in that two plug connector is to excite the system through the red light. The other wire is to provide power to the relay in the regulator . After the system starts charging the relay provides the power to the field circuit and not through the resistor or the red light. Need to verify all connections are correct and if they are, you have a bad regulator. I would take cover off regulator and put a insulator between regulator points just to double check that regulator is problem. It should quit charging at that point. I do not know of any possible problem inside the alternator it's self that would cause an over charge condition but stranger things have and are happening in this world.
  14. Super MD Questions.

    You straighten it on a flat surface with cautious use of a hammer. Then a belt sander or sand paper on flat surface. If that retainer is bent and cannot seal, you have a guaranteed leak. With todays gasket sealers on the market, you have it made as it does not need to be perfect. . Back 50 years ago it was much more difficult. On the felt, if that felt is not big and fat, much wider than the groove and require considerable effort to get it in the groove, it will also have a guaranteed leak. As far as the lip seal, you also need a different retainer for that seal and it is not that great anyway. The old cranks have grooves to disprerse the oil and that new seal does not like them grooves. They have to be worked over to not damage the lip style seal. Felt is fine. Worked for many many years . All old H & M's had felt seals, along with the smaller models tractors as well. When we started to have rear seal leakage problems was when IH came with the one piece lip seal on the 6 cyl engines. Lord only knows how many tractors I split due to those seals leaking. Then you could not get a speedy sleeve thin enough to repair worn groove in crankshaft. Now days, my machinist says he can get a very thin one. I even wrote the IH Co. at one time and they even answered. Said, it was not possible to get a thin enough wear sleeve, so, there we were.
  15. Guns

    You sir , are a real gem. I like it that there is so much water between us.
  16. Does anyone clean spark plugs anymore?

    If you spray a little brake cleaner or starting fluid on them you can often dry them up. I have a little sand blaster and clean plugs when ever they need it . Just be certain they are dry and you get all the sand out. There is nothing wrong with cleaning a plug, the problem is, and I believe Briggs even denies warranty if you clean spark plugs with sand. It isn't the plug that gets hurt, it is the sand left in the plug damaging the engine.
  17. Doesn't the county commissioners appoint viewers to asses the benefit to each land owner. Local paper just had a notice last week of a situation where viewers determined runoff from one farmer who claimed he had no need for tile therefore he felt he should not be assessed drainage fees. His water was running off into another man's acreage causing that farmer to have to install additional tile.
  18. Nice day to tear an engine down

    That is too much pitting. What we used to do sometimes was to turn the sleeve 180 as it is the thrust side of the sleeve that gets the pitting where only slight pitting and that was above the o ring position. Totally your call though. The main reason there is a problem reringing a diesel engine is that most all use a keystone top ring and some even second ring, or half keystone. What happens is the ring groove wears in such a way that a new ring will touch that groove and keep ring from fully seating in the groove. A lot of people don't seem to realize a ring has to seat on it's side as well as it's face. I do not know of any successful method of machining a keystone ring groove to accept a spacer . I have had a groove cut out and used a regular rectangular ring on an old beast once upon a time when shop simply said no to new pistons. I have thrown many a good pistons except for that wear in the top groove. Also, I would have absolutely no problem using a sleeve from another engine if it was in good condition and using your original piston if you are going that way.
  19. 656 gear drive clutch

    I overlooked the part about the TA needing adjustment. Follow the procedure in book carefully. Those 656 models are more difficult to adjust due to the type of linkage they have. That 1/16 inch gap they call for with pin out, ta lever back and using a drill bit or similar pin is critical. That controls the full release of the TA clutch when lever is pulled back to low. Then you adjust the bumper stop (which the rubber is normally shot) to get the free travel on TA throwout bearing when in direct drive, lever ahead. You want about l/8th or 3/16, what ever is called for, inch gap at the headed pin which will give you the proper movement of throwout bearing to TA clutch fingers. Now, you adjust that cam with the slotted bolt hole so that the cam starts to move as soon as you start to push clutch pedal. If you get it adjusted properly, the clutch will release the TA just as much as pulling the TA lever back. I have had to enlongate those slots in many tractors because of wear in linkages and they don't give you much to work with even when they were new.
  20. 656 gear drive clutch

    Wide open throttle high idle speed is 1965 + which gives you a pto speed of right about 600 rpm. Rated load, which is what the engine should be running at with a full load applied after you started out at high idle speed and pull it down is 1800 engine & 540 pto. You can always reduce engine speed some to 540 pto speed on light jobs if so desired but not necessary. The only 656 that ran higher rpm's was the hydrostatic drive that ran up to 2300 high idle and 2100 rated load. They lost so much drawbar horse power in the hydrostatic drive that the increased rpm's made them close to equal to gear drive at drawbar. A pto load was totally different . First hydrostatic we demonstrated the complaint right away was no power. Put it on dyno and it shoed 72 horses. Gear drives were walking all over it on a semi mounted plow. Sold it to a guy who traded a older 400 or m and he was very happy with it.
  21. D310 question

    I cannot remember about taking the rear main bearing out. Don't recall splitting it to do it but not sure. The plate under the rear seal would be the determining factor. You don't have to take the balance weights off but they sure are in the way for removing the rods. Of course they need to be removed if crankshaft has to be refinished. That bolt is metric and we had a special tool but now days that should not be a problem to find the correct tool.
  22. 1586 oil cooler

    It is only necessary to have correct hose installation on tractors with wet bolster. On them the return line is on leak off side of bolster .
  23. D310 main bearing number

    I don't see the new part number but what I think you have is the part number for just one half and the other half will have a similar number just one number off. Then they are OR WERE sold as a package under a different part number which would be 3055132R1 standard bearing assembly. All the undersize bearings used part numbers quite different from standard ones.
  24. parking brake on 986?

    First off, the cab never has to come off to do any external work on the park or shift linkages. Even if you have to pull the range transmission top cover to get at the park linkages inside it is all done through the floor. As far as rolling when in gear, try it on an incline to find out. Put it in forward gear and see if it will roll back, or put it in reverse to see if it will roll forward. It will definitely roll forward while in a forward gear and vise versa. That being said, poor poor idea to leave it in gear when parked, kids or no kids around.
  25. How to deal with elderly parents

    You guys are making me feel pretty darn old here. Just went up to ER the other night as my chest was hurting terrible when I coughed or sneezed. No alzheimers that I know of though. The did the usual x-rays, blood work , ecg etc and decided it was bronchitis not pneumonia. I am pretty much care taker of the wife who has rheumatoid arthritis among other problems. She quit driving with no fuss a couple years ago due to double vision problems among other things. Got that corrected pretty much but just let her license expire. She calls daughter and gets her excited so she comes down for a couple days. We have talked about trying to get into facility that is connected to hospital her in town but haven't done anything yet. What do we do with all my our stuff. I think we will stay here for a while. And so it goes and I am only 81 and wife is 80.