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  1. Tmtbob

    What do you know? Michigan wheel loader

    Hard to kill but easy to lug and get to run backwards
  2. Tmtbob

    why is my fuel filter always empty?

    Checked the filter on my welder again tonight and has plenty of fuel in it. That wasn't the case before with the low micron filter. You could barely see any fuel run through those and it would hiccup and occasional sputter when under load generating power and I don't have that problem anymore. Try a greater micron filter for no more than they cost or do like other said and pull it off since your running a bowl.
  3. Tmtbob

    something got,Lost one of our Turkeys

    That was my thoughts.
  4. Tmtbob

    Carved Jack-O-Lantern 🎃 Last Night

    Not my talent but it cracks me up
  5. Tmtbob

    why is my fuel filter always empty?

    It's been a year or so when I had that problem but If I remember right I was searching the part number on the filters I was buying local and that's how I found their micron rating. I think it was the wix 33001. On their site it shows 12 microns.
  6. Tmtbob

    why is my fuel filter always empty?

    What is the micron rating on those filters. I had the same problem on my 3 or 4 year old miller 250 welder and my atv. Kept buying filters from the local parts stores until I figured out those filters are to restricted for carb engines and by looks it's identical to the ones I was buying. Micron rating could be 10 and below on efi engines but for carb need to be around 40 microns. When I replaced them with the right filters I don't have the hiccups like you are having and they seem to hold the fuel like they should. That could be your problem.
  7. Tmtbob

    Washing Engines With Electronics

    I've ruined 2 abs modules on my 01 ford. i find out when the speedometer quits because it's wired through the module. The first one cost me 1500 years ago at the dealer when it first happened. The second I found on eBay for a couple hundred and also found out washing the engine is what caused it. I was careful with the pressure and kept it away from all the electrical but the module is mounted between the fender well and fender. Just from washing the lower part of the engine would reflect pressure into the module. My engines stay dirty now
  8. Tmtbob

    More fun with flat tires

    My bead breaker is a sledge hammer. Works most of the time
  9. Tmtbob

    Northwest Arkansas

    If you get time to drive 40 miles east Eureka springs has a lot of history and a haunted hotel. Had a good time just checking out caves and Victorian style buildings there.
  10. Tmtbob

    Saw this pulling into Home Depot

    I always liked the look of the petes and kw cabovers and still do but They were on their way out for the most part when I was growing up except for the big companies still running Ihc. I found this 92 k100 with a 425 b model cat with 13 a few years ago and thought it be cool to drive so I spent some money on the engine and turned the pump up, stretched the frame 8 ft longer, put a bigger 13 speed tranny in it to handle the torq I wanted and hired a driver for my 379. First trip out I was asking myself what was I thinking. That thing is full air ride and still came home sore and stiff from the ride and I was in my late 20's when I got that brilliant idea. 3 months later my driver lost his license so I jumped back in my pete and parked the kw. I sold it a year later with no regrets. Second pic is from the guy that bought it after a paint job and fenders
  11. Tmtbob

    Oh My Gosh

    My wife wouldn't have a problem with changing her own tire. Was raised with 4 brothers and is more mechanically inclined than they are but is also a lady when she needs to be. First and only woman I dated that had her own tools. Those guys definitely should of helped the ladies but they probably called triple a when it happened to them. As for the guy wearing sandles. Sometimes they look ok but most times a guy in sandles or flip flops in public just looks lazy and sloppy to me. I won't wear them. But I'm also the guy that goes out to start my equipment in my underwear and boots to let in warm up while I shower in the morning.
  12. Tmtbob

    Programmer for c15

    What rears and tranny does it have
  13. Tmtbob

    Programmer for c15

    I don't remember the year of engine this is but your fuel psi is fine. Only way you'll get it any higher is to stretch the pressure spring on the transfer pump. Boost psi sounds good to unless twin turbos run higher. Never had twins so I'm not sure about where they run at. Why are you lugging it down to 1100 on a pull. That's getting to close to idle speed. Depending on the hill if I need to drop one with a lot of pull to go I'm dropping at 1500. If I'm close to the end of it I'll let it go down to 1400 but never past 1300. Keep your rpms up
  14. Tmtbob

    IH 856 TERP

    definitely a waste of good equipment and makes no sense. Shame that tax dollars are wasted on that crap. Any chance you ever come across 2350 loader brackets on deals like that
  15. Tmtbob

    86 series tilt wheel kit

    Who makes them. That's something I'd also be interested in