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  1. Tmtbob

    Wright Tools

    I dug this thread up out of boredom I guess. I was interested in having a couple sets for my barn so I started looking. Prices are extremely high I think, but I haven’t bought tool sets in a long while. 151 piece metric sockets and end wrenches for 1562.00. For that price I’ll keep buying tools at auctions and my wife will grab what she sees at garage sales.
  2. We usually get 4 bucks a loaded mile around here would be a quick way to figure it
  3. That was a different time WP. We might have been rowdy but most of us were taught to respect and teachers were not indoctrinating
  4. Several sites are down. TruckPaper is also down with my local auction companies. Anyone that uses cloud flare whoever that is
  5. Try to stay moving. Heard someone say it was hard on him but thought it helped him the most to get up and walk around as much as possible. Prayers sent
  6. 986 is about 10 horse less than a 3688. Wouldn’t think 10hp would make much difference
  7. If you have nothing better to do and finished haying up there I got 2 pastures down here you can come do. I’m normally done with them by now but I been waiting to get a good rain on them before I cut it and that doesn’t seem to be in the cards this year. Another week or so and it’s getting cut rain or not. Keep the bailer hooked up and head south. I’ll let you know when you get here and I’ll let you use my swather. By the time you get here I should have my wife convinced that we need to feed you
  8. Did you make it down here already. Where are you taking these to.
  9. Wife works for fsa state office and was at county office before that and hasn’t heard of anything like this going on. I’ve seen several videos of it and don’t buy it. One farmer was mowing beans with a new zero turn mower because it leaves a smaller carbon footprint. I knew that was bs for several reasons
  10. We always had 3 machines and one cart. A good cart operator could usually keep us running. If my uncle was on the cart he’d try and stop you to give you another beer. We didn’t cut wheat drunk. I think he would be so wrapped up in it and wouldn’t remember giving us one on the last dump. He wasn’t our best cart driver but was the most generous. Hauled some out of the field for a bigger family this year running 7 machines and 1 cart. All green combines from a 9600 up to an s670. That cart operator didn’t have a chance to keep up.
  11. Great. I see I have another expense coming up soon.
  12. Haven’t seen one split but I was thinking try and find pipe to slide inside for extra strength and weld it up
  13. Man who walk through airport door sideways going to Bangkok
  14. Had a friend who bought him a 359 Pete with a 6x4 mainly as a toy. He leased my pot from me to haul his own cattle but it was basically a hobby for him cause that’s what he drove years ago. Took me with him to get a load of cows for another friend and had me drive the whole trip. Was a fun experience I really enjoyed. My dad is in his 70’s and been driving his whole life but never handled a set of sticks. I wanted to buy that truck when my friend passed but I couldn’t justify a 40k yard ornament. Good memories.
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