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  1. If they are laying down with their heads up chewing their cud especially against a wall I’ll likely leave them alone. If they had heads down laying flat then they need up cause I don’t want to drag them off. With these bigger trailers now days they have plenty of room and I got by with leaving them alone. Most of my hauls were 1k mile runs and I’d want to lay down to if I had to ride that long. Back when I was a kid most trailers were 48x96 wide and had to pay more attention to them cause with calves they were pretty tight.
  2. You Sleep when you can. Sometimes you get plenty but then again you just get use to running long hours. Delta I’m not sure where your at exactly but dad pulled a lot out of meridian years ago when that was Meridian Order Buyers on the north edge of town. I did a little out of there but had my own deals in Ga. They would buy cattle all over the south then ship them west. Edit. I see your across the state from meridian. Loaded by a few fish farms there in southern Arkansas a couple times. Different world if you’ve never seen that stuff before
  3. Tmtbob

    1086 ac

    Either compressor Locked up or it wasn’t getting any juice to engage the clutch with your pressures the same. Try to spin the clutch by hand. If you can spin it Make sure it’s getting electricity to the clutch.
  4. Tmtbob

    1086 ac

    Compressor wasn’t running if your pressures were the same
  5. Iron that’s a good way to spend the evening. With Friday night lights, Saturday college games, and cooler temps this has gotta be my favorite time of year. And happy anniversary the other day. Takes a good woman to understand work has to be done and celebrations might have to wait a few days.
  6. Yes I could see that will easily be a problem. I made sure I had it open when it was all put back together. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and also think the hose I used could very well get a hole rubbed in it
  7. Good engine and good tune. Mines a 98 with over 2225000 on a Frankenstein cat but I’m on my 3rd block. Switched to industrial injectors with several other internal mods years ago and have to light foot it to keep a driveline behind it and tires on it. Don’t change to those injectors. You can get all the power out of the ecm if you know someone with the cpu to do it. Mines turned all the way down and I still have to drive like an old man with the fuel they put out. What is Espar
  8. Had a chance to mess with this today and without your pics I never would of found it. Had to look twice but figured out the hole is filled with that insulation and plugged off. And I had the drill bit ready to make it easy. Thanks again. It was a huge help
  9. You get use to the feeling in curves. Nothing to be excessively concerned about as long as your head is on right.
  10. Here she sits today needing a bath
  11. Seeing the sunrise was always tiring to me. Back then I was proud to tell people if I’m up at 5am it’s cause I haven’t been to bed yet. I was never a morning person but I could run all night till the sun started peeking through. Then I’d have to close my eyes for 30 minutes or an hour. I’m still that way now but I feel it more the next day than I did back then. Now most mornings I’m getting up at 5. The only person I ever really drove for was my dad so I never had a driving job cause I been on my own since I got my first one but he always got the calls and we figured out who was gonna do what. One Friday morning I was headed home for a good weekend. I had a hard week and was a couple hours from home when I laid down for a couple hours before I finished my way home. Dad called and said some good neighbors wanted me to haul a load of cattle out west to a Texas feedlot on Saturday. I quickly told him I’m done for a few days and they need to get someone else. He didn’t like that and said if your not gonna work you need to sell the truck. I’m not one to keep my mouth shut when my buttons get pushed and I told him I slept 8 hours in 4 days if that’s not enough your damn right I’ll go buy the signs. He never was a hard ass by any means so I’m not trying to make it sound miserable for me. I consider that a good memory and sometimes I’ll bring that up to him with a laugh when we talk about the dumb things we pulled or hard runs we made. He still is a hard worker but nothing like he was.
  12. Our fall run on a strong year was from the 4th of July till Christmas. Normal years would be starting about now till Christmas. I’d leave out on Tuesday morning for Georgia, load there Wednesday, back here Thursday, then go for another and load on Friday morning. Usually I’d end up back home Saturday morning before sun rise every week. I learned to run that hard from my dad. There was a couple times he loaded down there 5 times in 9 days and only once was I with him. The other time he did it alone. I could run hard and probably harder than he could but when I was pushing it that hard I was in my 20’s and needed my beer time with friends to keep my sanity. He just kept going.
  13. Grew up doing this with dad and knew that’s all I ever wanted to do. Learned to drive as an early teenager and every summer till I was in high school (when I discovered beer and girls) was spent hauling cattle from Georgia and Florida back to Oklahoma and Texas. Got my first truck at 20 and took off and now I’m pushing 40 and finding reasons to stay home. Still have my pot but I mostly haul grain and home daily to tend to my chores. Occasionally I’ll haul some for my neighbors but with other crops being common down here the wheat pasture numbers have gone down dramatically over the last ten years so now the cattle trailer sits most days. Now the grain is slow and I’m back in front of the pot and tomorrow I’ll be making calls down south to my old customers to let them know I’m back in the saddle again for a short time. Don’t mean to hijack the thread but cow trucks will always be an interest to me. All the memories with dad and the accomplishments I was able to pull off that very few could do when I went on my own. Heres mine in 06 when that trailer was brand new at Oklahoma national stockyards. That’s still the trailer I have and the same truck. Only difference it’s not near as shiny as it was then.
  14. Thank you for that. I’ll get a chance and open it back up with some thinner diameter hose and get it right.
  15. I knew it wasn’t right when I finished it but had hay I needed to bale and was anxious about trying it out with a cool cab so I went with it at the time. I read before that it was a plastic hose and maybe that’s my problem with the 3/8 rubber. It’s to big diameter to fit where it needs to be.
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