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  1. It all helps. Thanks for the opinions. It’s a round top quonset barn. It’ll be around 30’ tall. I didn’t measure the height of the loft but it’ll be around 8 to 10.
  2. Sure hope those pills the ER dr gave you weren’t little blue pills and I hope you didn’t take one tonight. If you did it’s gonna be a long night.
  3. Be a good time to get the del grande washed and waxed to take the mrs out. Just don’t let her eat to much and think about going to bed to early this time
  4. Looks like I’m gonna get a chance to concrete my barn this year. It’s roughly 40x70 but most of the floor use will be on one end. The original builder put 2 small granaries in one corner that I’ve just been using for storage but I’d like to follow that line the full length of the barn with a loft to keep things off the floor. I have quite a bit of engine parts that are going up top along with my compressor. That would take about 10’ of width but I still need some lights above and below the loft. Underneath the loft would be work benches, tool storage, and welders. Do you guys have any good ide
  5. I just tried to pull up only fans and I couldn’t get in without opening up an account. They don’t have a browse button to hit. That’s the last place I need to be a member of so I won’t go that far no matter how much I love farming. So someone had to be a member or someone’s partner is a member for her identity to come out. Not only do you want the world to judge her but you are pointing fingers at your own life by making it known she is on the site along with you and/or your partner. I say partner cause it could be anything coming from California. Sounds like someone else’s kids should be sen
  6. Farming Jeff. Farming... Get your head out of the gutter
  7. This was last nights baby. Somehow I got lucky through all the cold and snow we’ve had the last 2 weeks with only one calved before the big snow. I knew what was coming and kept an eye on her. Threw him in my pickup to get warm and turned him out in the world. How did I get so lucky. I heard rumor that a neighbor lost 20 with the weather. This is the only one I had to worry about in the cold. We had a nice visit.
  8. Could be but I don’t think so. When it first died you couldn’t read the filter number it was so cloudy then after the heat I could read the filter and could see that build up on the back side. Now the fuel has a normal clear yellowish look to it again.
  9. That happened to my bull a couple months ago. A neighbor drove by and saw it while I happened to be in the house. He was pretty calm but if he started swinging it all I could do was get out of the way. After some twisting he got himself out of it but not before bending that feeder into the shape of a football
  10. Here’s what my filter looked like Friday. Truck would start and run for a few minutes then die. I poured howes directly into the filter housing and it would start again for a few minutes. After 3 times of this I put a heater on one of my tanks that was in the shade then moved the heater to the filter housing. The wax is on the backside of the filter that the heater wasn’t blowing on. I’ve never seen this before but it’s also the coldest temps we’ve had in my lifetime and any other time I was in that kind of cold I drove through it. Finally I changed the filter.
  11. My brother in law bought a new kabota to hay with a few years ago. I guess he’s had problems with it though. I don’t know what has happened with it but my sister said it needs to go down the road.
  12. Your probably right on 10. I haven’t shot hers in a long time and almost asked her if I was right on it holding 9. I would of had to get out of my chair to check if she told me I was wrong.
  13. I like my ruger sr9 and my wife likes her sr9c. With the magazine extension she can use my mags. That’s the only difference between them. Full size has a 17 round mag and the 9c holds 9 rounds. I carry other pistols most of the time but for 9mm the sr goes bang every time.
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