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  1. Was in Wichita last week and the radio said it was closer to 150,000 acres burned and not 400 like they originally said
  2. This isn’t a feel sorry for me post. Just a funny how attitude and perspective can change post. I finally got a chance to slow down this evening and enjoy Christmas. I broke a leaf spring Thursday afternoon on my truck and located parts in okc to pick up yesterday and was told they would be open till 5. I planned on working on it over the weekend and have it running by Monday morning. I showed up at noon to find the gates were locked. I called a friend in Tulsa that works at the same dealer and he made some calls but all he could tell me was Tulsa had no idea okc was closed yesterday. Told him what I needed and headed to Tulsa. I get about 50 miles out and he calls and says they don’t have my spring and he can’t locate one in Tulsa cause everyone is closed. I was furious when I was leaving okc and if I was told they were gonna be closed I would have gone down Thursday evening to get the parts cause they were open till midnight. My wife had her family deal at her brothers yesterday and I was suppose to go with her until I had to make a parts run so I was also mad about wasting time driving to okc then to Tulsa while most people were with family or on their way. As I said I was furious when I headed to Tulsa and it did add to it when he called and said they searched everywhere and couldn’t find my spring but it wasn’t their fault but I kept going cause they had other parts I needed. I called Joplin and they did have the spring and I had time to make it there if I kept pushing but we had my family plans after Christmas Eve service at my grandmas like we’ve done every year as long as I can remember. Joplin would of been hard to make it back home in time and I had to pick up my girls from their moms and they were looking forward to our plans last night. Make it to Tulsa to get what they had and already planned on waiting till Monday to get the spring. I was visiting and b****ing about everything that happened yesterday with my friend and a few other parts guys and they were just typing in part numbers and checking different things and one of them spotted a spring they did have in stock but it was put on someone’s will call ticket and has been for 2 weeks. They go check and sure enough I had a spring. Since it was on will call it didn’t show to be in stock and it was pulled from the parts room. They ordered him another one and will have it Tuesday while I got to leave with everything I needed. Feeling a little better about the day but still wasn’t happy with all the work I had ahead of me for Christmas weekend. I was in a bad mood last night and really didn’t get to enjoy it like I should have with everyone visiting. Woke up this morning and got started on the truck. I tore the spring down Thursday so I was ready for the most part on putting it back together. Got it in place and ready to start tightening everything down but knew my girls wanted to hit off if the pitching machine we got them so I messaged my wife to send them out and they got to hit some balls. Fed them a late lunch and took them back to their mom. Got back home and started back on the truck. Suspension is done but I had a couple brakes I needed to tear down. New cam, bushings and a slack adjuster on one wheel and got it done today also. Tomorrow I just need to do one brake and the truck is ready to go. Should have it done and hooked up early tomorrow. After spending 7 hours in the pickup yesterday and knowing I wasn’t gonna get to have a full day on the truck today I was dreading it. I figured I’d be working well after dark to get everything done on it to have it ready tomorrow evening but I am well ahead of schedule and had time to feed before it got to dark. Like most of us here I’ve had to work holidays before and I’ve worked for days on little sleep so I’m very aware of what my job can turn out to be and sometimes within a couple minutes plans change and I’m fine with that but this time it felt different. I was more aggravated than I usually get when things go bad. In my younger days I liked the thought of getting stuff done while the rest of the world is sleeping or playing. This time I hated the thought of it but all turned out well. I got to pitch some balls to my girls in the sunshine and made good progress on the truck today so I could slow down and relax this evening. I’m almost a day late but I finally made it to Christmas. Even though nothing worked like I hoped it would yesterday it all worked out today and I’m probably more grateful this evening than I would of been if things worked out better yesterday. Sorry I’m late to the party. Merry Christmas everyone
  3. I found out last night myself. Had to throw chicken patties in the oven for me and my girls cause my wife had something to do with her work. I messaged her cause she had everything out and ready to go and I couldn’t figure out why there was a rubber mat in the pan. I didn’t want rubber chicken but it worked
  4. You are gonna have to ask around in Iowa and find out who does it. We have a lady close to okc that takes care of me and dad. She’s close enough to the city that if something comes up she can get it taken care of pretty quick. Just getting her the paperwork she needs from us is dreadful. Well worth it to hire it out
  5. Just to add to the old skinny cow. I didn’t starve her out to catch her. In fact she ran me out of there. I was walking her down the fence line on foot to a gate after looking for her on horseback without any luck. When I found her she was a couple hundred feet in front of me and headed in the right direction when she changed our plans. She stopped to look at me and figured chasing me under a cedar tree was more fun than walking a hundred yards to the hole in the fence where I could run her into a catch pen. After cracking my head on the tree and lots of cussing I decided she’s staying there for a bit until I could come up with a better plan. I opened another gate to let her in the wheat field I just had sprigged that has volunteer coming up but she was never seen out in the open since she tested my legs. 10 days after my marathon I saw her in the back of the pasture and somewhat close to the 2nd gate I opened for her. Grabbed a bag of feed and she decided we were friends again and walked right up to me for cubes. It was a week or so before I’d see her again but on the other side of the creek and was able to get her in another set of pens that she’s more familiar with. Unloaded her after dark with the other cows and the next evening she had them.
  6. My numbers are off. I meant the 6” oval backup lights not 6x9
  7. What are you guys using for work lights if you have any on your cake box. I’m looking for something that fits flush with the feeder so they don’t get bumped and broke. I know there are some that would work for aftermarket bumpers for pickups and Utv’s I could make work but was concerned on how bright they would be. I’m not looking for the brightest I can get but I want more light than a set of 6x9 backup lights will put out. I’d cut holes and weld some pockets in for the lights to sit flush was my original thinking but I’m not having any luck on finding anything to use. If I need to I’ll make them myself unless I find a better idea
  8. Finally Got this bag of bones home the day before she had twins. Moved everything home a month ago to calve but she didn’t want to leave. Heavily wooded creek area and she knows where to hide. Horses wasn’t much help either. Guess she got hungry. One on the left was a stillborn and the other looks healthy.
  9. I’d take the bulb out of the dash and run it. That’s what I did on my 98 Pete. Stops just like it did years ago
  10. Was there 20+ years ago with a cow truck going for a load of border calves. Seems like the only paved road in town was the highway through it but my memory could be fuzzy.
  11. Tmtbob

    Black 560

    I have seen clips of a black 1066 on TikTok but it didn’t look like a puller. Was a slick looking tractor
  12. Tmtbob


    Yeah we’re definitely in a better situation now aren’t we.
  13. Tmtbob

    Wright Tools

    I dug this thread up out of boredom I guess. I was interested in having a couple sets for my barn so I started looking. Prices are extremely high I think, but I haven’t bought tool sets in a long while. 151 piece metric sockets and end wrenches for 1562.00. For that price I’ll keep buying tools at auctions and my wife will grab what she sees at garage sales.
  14. We usually get 4 bucks a loaded mile around here would be a quick way to figure it
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