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  1. Always have a key in the ignition of my pickup but I do lock the doors when I feel the need to. Also I have this anti theft device thats a 6 speed manual.
  2. Tmtbob


    That’s why he's at Kstate and not OSU
  3. Surely there’s a place that’ll take it. Even with taking a dock on it will be less out of pocket than paying for it to come back. We have a couple ports and several big elevators I haul to regular and it’s just a given if you get turned down at one take it to another. Only take it back if it’s real bad and that’s nowhere near 580 miles
  4. Doesn’t say anything about a burrito. Does anyone know if it’ll work for burritos. Hate to spent the money if not cause I really like burritos.
  5. Tmtbob


    I knew it wasn’t what I hoped for but I came to see anyway
  6. A town I use to frequent years ago had a town drunk that would use a lawnmower. Police would arrest him whenever they needed free labor. He painted the jail and a few other jobs over the years. Locals called him turtle.
  7. When she said give me my d*** ring
  8. Next time I get pulled over hauling wheat I’ll ask him if he even has a sniffer. Not sure what his answer will be but I guarantee the blank stare I’m gonna get. I have one that’s became a friend/acquaintance of that stops me once a year. Maybe in a blue state they will harass the public like that but not here. DOT has better things to do like stop hoppers and pull out the scales to check weight or checking logbooks on bullhaulers. Unless I’m advertising with big signs they won’t bother with a f350 and farm truck plates. Oklahoma doesn’t enforce it along with most states from Texas to the dakotas.
  9. We don’t have inspections down here except for commercial vehicles and I would bet that Nebraska doesn’t have emissions testing but maybe I’m wrong. That is definitely something to consider depending on where you live
  10. Yes they can be touchy. I knew what I was getting into when I bought mine. I don’t really care about horsepower cause it will have plenty for me. Now I care about longevity even though I picked the wrong engine to get it. I must be getting older. I thought about making a fummins out of it if engine replacement is needed but I’ll figure that out if or when that time comes. I agree with keeping power lower for knuckle heads with tunnel vision and inexperience but I would look into deleting it. Egr and dpf were very problematic on the 6.4.
  11. Always leave them in but I have several I switch out. One is never in long enough to rust
  12. Yes you can put a tune in it. There are several companies that have monitors and tunes. I couldn’t tell you what is a good one cause I haven’t figured that out yet with the research I’ve been doing but make sure the company is still in business in case you have problems with it. I’ve heard of several that have been bought out or gone but some of their stock is still for sale. Find a small diesel shop that knows their stuff and maybe they can point you in the right direction for the 6.4
  13. In defense of the horse. If he was standing there awhile and fell asleep that was his natural instinct taking over. I know you guys know that to and not trying to teach anything with it. I just need to see more of that animal to say you can’t do that on that horse. I know I can’t do that on it cause I can’t jump that high anymore. He very well could do that daily with it but the one time he made a mistake when horse was sleeping and all it heard was footsteps approaching fast and reacted. I made a similar mistake on one of my rope horses years ago. Was at a friends house in the practice pen and backed my horse in the head box then we visited for 15 maybe 20 minutes. I should of walked him out or at least checked him up but I didn’t. I made my loop and nodded for my steer and my horse first movement was up instead of out. I leaned forward ready for the blast off and when he came up he jammed the horn in my gut hard. Had a bruise that looked like I took a hoof to the belly and still feel the lump it made. Got the steer roped but I was hurting for several days and actually went to a dr about it and that don’t happen unless I’m miserable.
  14. What kind of kit is it that mike sells. Would it work in other vehicles cause it’s a flasher? I’m wondering if it would work on a late model ford without flashers.
  15. What kind of kit is it that mike sells. Would it work in other vehicles cause it’s a flasher? I’m wondering if it would work on a late model ford without flashers. This can be deleted. I’m not smart enough to find it if I can do that.
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