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  1. I believe you can swap tumblers. Dentist picks maybe all you would need. Had to repair the switch on a w900 a few times and pull the tumbler out. Not sure what all I needed but it is a simple job. There is no u in peterbilt.
  2. I have used a thin coat of black silicon on the water jacket seals just for extra security. Ive had one start leaking a few years back on the backside of the block. My local machine shop will cut the erosion section out and replace it with a stainless ring that’s better than a new block when they are done.
  3. He just proved we are all the idiots. Been doing it all wrong for generations. What was my dad thinking teaching me to put posts in upside down.
  4. Seems to me when any arguing starts is when they go poof. That's fine it's best to do away with it before any tempers get hot.
  5. A test light will tell you what the problem is. Or a multimeter if you don't want to hook up to it.
  6. How we became a country. A lot of great people agreed with you and fought for what was right. I mean red tractors can pull blue tractors up and down the rows like they are pedal powered.
  7. He said they ground at the fixture. If several lights are out it wouldn't be a ground and I bet it's wired in parallel so that would be a power problem
  8. Grounded like that would only affect the light with the bad ground. Not a whole side of the trailer. You got a joint that came apart.
  9. Problem will be in the trailer and sounds like a ground for the left side lights. Can you get a wiring diagram for it. That could help to find the ground location. Check your wiring on the lights themselves. Could also be a joint came apart that feeds the left side lights. If you don't have power to the lights you need to follow the wiring from the plug back through the trailer
  10. Amazing how fast things can happen sometimes. Glad you are ok
  11. had a buddy that had a t post stab up through the floorboard of his pickup into his door on a 90's chevy while he was out checking his deer feeder one day. He didn't know about it till he got home and couldn't get his door open. Had to crawl out the passenger door to see the bottom of the post sticking out of his floor. Had a good silhouette of the post when he got it out.
  12. Highly disappointed. Thought I was gonna see some crazy Floridian beating on an alligator
  13. If she's not real happy with it I would let air out of one of her tires that first night and then you can show her how nice it is to have around first thing the next morning.
  14. I'd check out bulk loads now and see if you can post them up there. I have never used it but I would check it regular to try and put something together. It just never worked out for me. I think there is also a broker list on there you could search for your area and maybe get some numbers from. Maybe wp has an idea also
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