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  1. Like I said I might be having the same arguments with mine in a few years and I will feel like I failed if it happens. Me, my wife, and their grandma are doing everything we can to show them right and all the praying we can that it sticks.
  2. Not trying to be rude or start a fight but I think your bil needs to do a better job of teaching to his kid. I obviously don’t know them or the situation but He’s been brainwashed somewhere by someone. If my kids think like that I would feel like I failed as a parent. I Know there is a good chance I will be feeling that way also with my kids mother being clueless on things and having no problems taking handouts.
  3. Tmtbob

    Problem or not?

    Yes and I shouldn’t of called it that. The housing is fine. I meant replace the diffs not the pumpkins. Must of been tired when I said that or just to much on my mind
  4. Tmtbob

    Problem or not?

    If you decide to fix them I would buy a complete pumpkin. Front drive depending on your model of rears would be around 3500 and rear is around 1500. A lot of those bearings are China made and don’t last as long as genuine Eaton rebuilds but I also understand about not spending money. With what you use it for I would look for a yard with a used set to put in it. That tooth chunk looks like it’s from a spider gear on the power divider. Best case scenario when it goes is your done and gotta find a place to pull over. Worst case is one of those gears will fall in the front part of the housing and lock up the front axle. That is odd but possible and I have first hand experience of that. I had it going again the next day but my cost was doubled cause it ruined 4 new drives when it locked with a load on.
  5. Yes 160 acres in a quarter. That goes back to the land runs out here. Had everything marked off in mile by mile square sections and 4 claims per section. Since then roads were built so you do lose some for that but we still call it 160
  6. There are 2 quarters coming up for sale later in July close to me. Not sure what they’ll bring but my guess is 250-300k. Unless some big spenders get in on it then they’ll go higher. One of the guys that was known to pay outrageous prices passed away last year at 102. The year before he grabbed a quarter for over 500k from the seat of his pickup at auction. Those prices are unheard of really for around here unless oilfield is going big in the area And minerals are selling but that’s been dead for about 10 years now. Usually about half that is what they been bringing but family feuds and stubborn pride with cash in the bank can make it interesting for us. We picked up a quarter this time last year for 242k. I would say they are steady for the most part since our last oil boom
  7. My cousin grew up with red equipment but now works a ranch for the owner of groendyke transportation and he supplies them with new green machines. He told the parts guys at jd how he grew up and never knew a parts salesman his whole life from our case dealer but he knows every **** one of the jd guys by first name now. He said they were speechless
  8. Heard on the radio that he’s sticking to his story and says he has proof of pictures. FBI says they have pictures from the same garage 6 months before with the same “noose” garage door pull rope
  9. I am one that is against the newer emissions and believe older technology is more reliable. In my experience with def when it’s deleted it’s dependable and more power is gained. Dad sold his 2000 w900 cause of the miles it was getting and he was scared of having to put to much money in it and picked up a 2012 Volvo. In the years he’s had the Volvo he’s lost more loads and paid bigger shop bills than he ever has with the w900 in the 10 years he owned it but now he has nothing of value to trade cause it’s a Volvo. It’s hard for him to swallow when his truck is in the shop due to def and I see his old one running down the road. My department went through the same discussions when we were looking for a new pumper Several years ago. We ended up with an 01 Kenworth that has been very reliable for us but we have several members that are mechanics and we keep up on it. If something is spotted it gets fixed before it becomes an issue. Any parts we can’t find locally we get through the original apparatus manufacturer. They have serial number on file and that makes it easy for us. our newest truck is probably an 08 6x6 Freightliner we got from Oklahoma forestry department. It originally came from the U.S. military with very little miles. It was donated to us and as long as we had it built for our purpose within a certain time we get to keep it so all we paid was I think 120k to build into a tanker. It also can fight fires with corner nozzles and a remote nozzle on the front bumper so as long as getting stuck isn’t an issue it can do more than haul water. We have a couple places that build our grass rigs and tankers to whatever specs we want or can get depending on how the truck is built and we gotta go through the county and get bids from them.
  10. Tmtbob

    Say it ain`t so!

    Google who she really was. She was a successful black woman That accomplished A lot in her time. Pulling her picture off is racist
  11. I got 2 of them. Definitely handy but I’ve never used one like that. Me and my wife set a pole barn back on its stem wall with several of them. Termites ate the base boards up on the back wall and heavy wind blew it off. We got it up high enough to put new boards in and set it back down and screwed them in. Worked like a charm and saved the building. Had to borrow everyone’s jack in the county I think for that.
  12. No those are western stars
  13. That’s what good people do. I borrow a few things from my cousin and always try to return it better shape than I took it. If it has fuel I fill it up before it goes home and if it breaks I’ll fix it and cover the costs. I feel bad for asking him but he has never told me no on anything but I also only ask if I know it’s sitting and he won’t need it.
  14. Put no trespassing signs up. We all know they will read and obey the signs
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