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  1. Looks good. Used one last year and was surprised how much time they save
  2. I know it’s like anything else that few people can screw up for everyone else and that’s what we get out here. Years ago They kicked dogs out in front of my cousins house and 2 of my uncles confronted them on it right before my cousin pulled up. Cousin heard them say they have permission to hunt there as soon as he was getting out of his pickup and it was game on then when the hunters were informed whose house they were in front of. They’ll kick out dogs and get out of there and wait for dogs to run the yotes to them from a mile down the road. Our problem is the dogs don’t just run coyotes
  3. We've had several run ins with dog hunters out here. Took a lot of years but I haven’t seen any kick dogs out around me in awhile. They would run their dogs through our cattle and then have to fix fences and round up scattered livestock. They didn’t get permission and didn’t care cause they wasn’t sticking around long enough to worry about it. We don’t want yotes around for the same reasons sandhiller mentioned but we'll deal with the yotes ourselves than let a lying sob with a dog box have any fun doing it. They cost us more than they help us.
  4. yeah the 18 yo kid did a great job and Sam helping him in round one. I thought that was reason enough to make the 2nd round but I’m not a judge. The thistles they used as colorful flowers was driving me nuts though
  5. Don’t spoil it for sandhiller. He had to dvr it
  6. You can average it better than that. It’s at least a 2010 model
  7. Tmtbob

    RIP Neil Peart

    I posted this in The very famous guy was once a ih parts manager thread. Guess I’m looking for brownie points
  8. Just heard the news Neil Peart has passed away from brain cancer at 67
  9. We picked this one up last year. He’s got doc bar in Him on both sides. Hoping he’ll make a good head horse. I call him Charley This is one of my better head horses. Won a lot of money and saddles on his back and another heavy bred doc bar horse. I picked her up cheap for a practice horse cause she’s another one that takes an experienced rider. She’s one of the faster ones I’ve had over the years and I don’t remember ever being outran on her. Little goofy and I call her h3ll b!tch. My mom doesn’t like that and calls her Hillary. I’ll let you figure out where that name came from. Yes they are all fat and probably lazy now. Seems like my plate always gets more on it with things I have to do instead of things I like or want to do.
  10. Don’t have a picture of him cause the access to phone cameras wasn’t good when he was in his prime and he was teaching me to cowboy. He came off the Drummond ranch and he could definitely cow. He was a better ranch horse than an arena horse and green riders was scared of him with cattle around cause he could change direction without shifting gears. I got him as a blown up head horse. I worked him through his arena and box issues and made something out of him again. For a long time he was my go to mount. Even after I retired him he was my trusted pasture horse when I needed him. Last year he was at the ripe age of 32 when the other horses came up to feed and he wasn’t there. He was the top dog and the rest followed him so I knew something was up. Jump on the atv and go searching and I found a newborn calf I didn’t know I had yet and also found him laying peaceful beside the pond. Still alive but I couldn’t get him up and knew it was his time. I talked to him for a while then I left him beside the pond. I’ve had to shoot other horses of mine when the time came but I didn’t have the heart to do it to him. He wasn't struggling or suffering and that was the spot he picked so I wasn’t gonna take it from him. The next day I went back to see him and cut off some of his mane for memories. Sorry for the long post without pics but I didn’t want any pics of him being retired. I wanted pics of him kicking butt and I don’t have any. Just good memories. I’ll take some of my others and get them up when I get a chance
  11. Tmtbob


    Some of your guys relatives make me feel like my family is normal. Or in your relatives opinion we're all nuts and I can live with that to.
  12. Wondering if all that heat melted the housing. I just installed led lights on mine and was thinking about that. It’s got exhaust heat on 3 sides around the light and I don’t think that housing could last very long like that.
  13. Thought you were talking about me in the first half of your post. I was gonna have to break it to you I’m really an a..hole but then I realized it’s not about me at all. Mark sounds like a **** of a guy
  14. I agree on the salesmen. They were up front and honest with me. They could of left out the part about the engine so I’d drive several hours to get me on the lot. They do deal with their fair share of abused machinery though.
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