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  1. He’s probably in another county by now
  2. I’ll put it back up as soon as softball games slow down. Got some angle iron to fix the buckled legs but I’m gonna hinge it on one side. That way all I have to do is remove a bolt and push it over when I need to
  3. Always had one out at my place but I needed to bring it down and do some work on it for it to actually work like it should. It pumps but the bearing balls and spacers on the swivel bearing were all out of place and missing half the spacers. Figured I’d get to it one of these days like everything else I need to fix but Oklahoma winds figured I need to make it a priority.
  4. Do your local post offices have slots on the boxes. Maybe I’m the dumb one for thinking they should. For some reason I think they did have slots for envelopes when I was a kid on individual boxes. on 2 different occasions in 2 different towns I tried to drop a payment off at someone’s P.O. Box and I couldn’t do it. One lady took the envelope for me and put it in the rural water dept box for the water bill and all was fine. Few years later I stop to pay my dumpster bill and she wouldn’t help me there. They were both addressed envelopes and the second time I still had to post mark it so they cou
  5. Couple of years ago I Had a title to a truck I bought that showed in route for days with fedex. Showed the last scan was at Tulsa being loaded for my local fedex 2 hours west of Tulsa. Little did I know that I drove past a bad fatality wreck I knew was a fedex truck involved and it had burned up. After calling around to Tulsa then Enid and finding that truck never arrived to Enid I remembered the wreck and asked a lady at Tulsa if that was on the burned up truck in the ditch. All she would say is the computer shows a delay in delivery. My vehicle title was burned up on the side of the road and
  6. I identify as a black female now so I’m all set. I fit that as well as Elizabeth warren is a a Cherokee Indian. Since I say it then it’s true
  7. Girl with knifes father telling cop you shot my baby but that wasn’t on the video. Why did he let her run around with a knife while he was there in person.
  8. Bring them on. I’ll start working outside in the nude. I’ll either get a bigger audience or they won’t want to spy on me anymore.
  9. Tmtbob

    The verdict

    People are to dumb to know that. The idiots are just tickled he’s found guilty. Who needs to read the fine print under the charges. Regardless of the verdict there will still be riots
  10. Yeah she’s pretty but I’d have to take a break while chasing her. Do they have any that are slower
  11. He’s in the wrong. I’ve never been charged or billed for an estimate. If you want to run a good business you don’t do that. Not that I claim to know how to run a business
  12. But you can join the stoners now so life is better. Right? Who needs to get up and make coffee in the mornings and go to a job to pay bills when it’s legal now to get high in several states. Join the woke crowd, get your government checks, and light another joint.
  13. Gonna have to watch this one
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