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  1. Tmtbob

    Go t a baby that nobody wants

    I got 2 little girls that would be glad to take her. Don't know why. They've had a couple bottle calves over the last few years and it just means more work for me
  2. Tmtbob

    Case Cummins issue

    Doesn't that have to have ecm recognize oil psi to fire.
  3. Tmtbob

    Farmall super A with cracked block, What's it worth?

    If you do decide on it be sure to drill the crack ends to stop the spread. A few guys will weld them up with nickel rod and do ok with it. Temperature control is key on cast blocks. They have to cool down very slow
  4. Tmtbob

    Valentines Day

    Always did the same before but she's pretty good to me. Let's me buy cows and toys. Keeps me fed and occasionally she challenges me to a wrestling match so what more can I ask for. All while looking good to
  5. Tmtbob

    Valentines Day

    She already knew it was coming. If I didn't get it out of my pocket fast enough she would of reached in and got it out for me. Now I put stuff in my pockets and hope for the same results but usually end up disappointed.
  6. Tmtbob

    Valentines Day

    Mine said in her exact words. Give me my damn ring. So I did.
  7. Tmtbob

    3788 light switch

    What j said. Check wires close to the switch that are moving whe you move it into the dash.
  8. Tmtbob

    Stumbled onto this cute little guy today

    There is an 80's era chevy for sale on Craigslist that's similar. Has camper shell and the ad was saying they offered a Winchester 30-30 or a fishing pole and tent with it when new.
  9. Tmtbob

    The cattle thread

    First one is a new heifers calf she had before a freezing rain. Luckily we got them in the barn right before it started. Third one is of them starting their ambush for cubes. That British white was my wife's Valentine's Day present a few years ago and her last calf looked identical to her out of my black angus bull and the last is the calves stealing off the back of my pickup I added another. that last close up calf is our miracle calf. His momma was the first one born on my home place from that herd and we kept her but never could get a calf from her. She was gonna go to the sale and should of already been gone but she decided to give us a calf and earn her keep for another year
  10. Tmtbob

    Cattle motivation, What do you use?

    I use every option in my arsenal if I have to but most of the time just a stick is all I need. I use the old hotshot brand rechargeable green hotshots but they stay in the pete and truth be known the batteries are dead so I would have to plan on needing them to use and according to my wife I don't plan anything. As for gathering or searching it's always the atv. Horses are great but most of the time I need to find a cow and only 30 minutes of daylight left. I'm up and gone at 5am for 12 hours of the day so morning feedings don't happen. Throwing a quick rope from outside the pickup works if I just need to give 1 or 2 a shot without pens. once they figure that out it's unlikely I'll get that close again without a feed sack so you better catch If I had the choice I'd take the good cow horse over the atv. In my younger days horseback was the only way I went out checking. I had a horse that knew more than I did and I grew up around cattle. He didn't work to good as a rope horse cause he'd get hot and blow up but he was golden in the pasture. You could trust him to get you through some hairy situations without a stumble. I just lost him back in December. He was 33 years old. He'd been retired for his last 10 years and kept his muscle tone till the last 2 years then his age started showing. Sorry for the novel but good horses ( I have a couple others but he was the best cow horse I ever threw a leg over) and good stories of how we use to work cattle can be hard to come by anymore
  11. Tmtbob

    Power beyond on 1086

    Now I'm having a change of ideas. Thinking I'm gonna hook to the pressure line before my aux valve stack instead. Of the 2 steel lines that come out of the unloading valve to valve stack does anyone know which hose would be the pressure line to use.
  12. Tmtbob


    Good place to occasionally grab a bite. We don't eat out often but chick fil a is one place we will stop at. Much rather have beef than chicken but their sandwiches are pretty good to
  13. Tmtbob

    Power beyond on 1086

    I would just use the remotes but I'll be using this tractor for haying and probably never take the loader off unless I have to for splitting it or repairs. I didn't like the idea of the hoses going all the way to the back and I knew there was an easier way to use it. Also haven't extended my remote handles yet and that's a pain with them down by my knee. extending them another foot is something else I'll be doing soon.
  14. Tmtbob

    Power beyond on 1086

    Thanks for the replies and advice. I've read those threads and several others but didn't like the idea of tying a remote open or flipping valves between my remotes and loader. I get what you guys are saying about not running the hose back to the mcv and taking the chance of sending trash through that pump but if I used the power beyond wouldn't that eliminate that problem for the most part. Maybe I'm wrong but I thought the oil from loader use would run back through the exit side of the loader valve and back to the tank.
  15. Tmtbob

    Power beyond on 1086

    It will be cable controlled. I didn't want the heat in the cab. and the valve would be in line before the mcv and after the hitch pump. After thinking and reading on this I believe i need to use the power beyond fitting to the mcv and the valve exit back to tank. Just looking for confirmation that this is correct before I hook it up wrong and cook the system What I mean is I'll have a pressure side from valve stack to loader valve. Power beyond line from loader valve back to the mcv And loader valve exit back to the differential