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  1. Tmtbob

    Cheaper round baler!

    I sold an old jd 535 with net for 2k a couple months back so they are out there. Bought a challenger rb56a and its 10 times the baler the old jd was.
  2. Tmtbob

    Humor, funniest things your kids have said

    I had my oldest daughter with me in the pickup when she was about 3. Went to town to run some errands and got us some burger and fries in the drive through while we were there. She eats her fries and falls asleep with maybe a bite or 2 gone from the burger. I hate seeing food wasted so I take it on myself to eat leftovers when my wife or kids get full so I ate her burger. Probably 2 hours later when we're a few miles from home she says she wants her burger. Of course I had to break it to her that I ate it and was sorry. Few months later we're stopping at the same place for burgers and I ask her what do you want Chicken or burgers. She says I want a cheeseburger and don't you eat it.
  3. Tmtbob

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Don't run it on 3 bolts. If they break cause of stress with 4 grade 8s 3 will definitely shorten the life span
  4. Tmtbob

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Looks good. If you have been squirting much penetrating oil in the holes don't be surprised if your clutch slips until it burns off. Some of those holes do go all the way through the housing.
  5. Tmtbob

    Lessons you learn after the fact

    Lot of truth to that. Very common around here for grandparents to be raising the kids. I figure That's 2 generations of lazy screw ups
  6. Tmtbob

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    I used a rosebud for heat on the bellhousing and seemed to help also
  7. Tmtbob

    The same thing happens every day

    I get asked this on a regular basis also. If we're getting dressed for a function of some sort she will also always ask how she looks. I tell her she looks good and then she will go change into something else.
  8. Tmtbob

    Broken bolt in bell housing

    Haven't read what everyone is saying yet but do not heat it. You will make that bolt so hard you could barely drill through it and that's what you're gonna have to do. Ran into the same problem on an e model in my pete. Tried blowing through with torch but that didn't work. Had to drill it out with a little pressure from a prybar because a good hard bit wouldn't touch it after I heated it. You might be at that point now since you welded on it. Get a hole in it then easy outs is what worked for me. Believe I put a jack under the oil pan bolts to the block and raised it up above the frame rail where I could get to it.
  9. I been looking for an eaton 6 speed for my dodge 2500 for awhile. They're easy enough to find but I really don't have the time for the project so it's gotta be cheap for me to jump on it now. I have seen 9 and 10 speeds are easier to come by and saw a couple on eBay for 500 or so.
  10. Tmtbob

    Truck navigation ap?

    But If I had my choice I'd still be doing it horseback. I'd need more than a couple days of clothes though. My normal georgia to Oklahoma run would of taken closer to 14 months than 14 hours
  11. Tmtbob

    Truck navigation ap?

    I always called where I was going before I got into the cities and got a good set of directions but most of my loads was cattle and drove straight through.
  12. Tmtbob

    Naive customers

    Good idea. I was mainly joking about that. A friend and I was laughing about him doing that a few years back and anytime something like this comes up I can't help but laugh at his story.
  13. Tmtbob

    Naive customers

    Don't have a machine. I'm using prybars
  14. Tmtbob

    Naive customers

    Never seen that brand in person. I use the cheetah brand and they are definitely a timesaver. I don't say half the cuss words I did before I got it. Kinda a pain on my atv tires though. Gotta go chase them after they blow across the shop
  15. Tmtbob

    Truck navigation ap?

    Do it like they had to years ago in the Stone Age. Look at a map and read the signs. Gps is for rookies.