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  1. thats What I’d be looking at. I’d try testing it with an ohm meter but I bet that’s the issue
  2. Without seeing the switch I would guess it is in the switch. Especially since it’s from the mid 90’s
  3. Cousin sent a text to several of us this morning that he went to tractor supply for ivermectin this morning in case it got hard to come by. They told him that they received an email to pull all ivermectin off the shelves because something was wrong with the product but they let him have a bottle before they did it.
  4. Does anyone know who Tom Parks is. He did car commercials for a dealer in okc back in the 90’s and I would also see him doing The same commercials in Atlanta. Bnsf needs an ego check. They are a little big for their britches.
  5. Good to hear she’s getting closer
  6. After more thought on the trip she won’t have much problem in Wichita either cause she’ll be on the turnpike. Depending on which way she goes either Topeka or Kansas City would be her next high traffic areas but from what I hear there just isn’t much traffic anywhere right now. I’ve always carried cash for the ks turnpike and there are plazas on the turnpike for food and fuel so she could get cash if she needs it. Couldn’t tell you if they take cards for payment cause I’ve never tried it. The first toll around Wellington ks she’ll just get a card that says where she got on at and when she gets off is where she’ll pay. The toll card also has the prices for different exits so she will know how much she’ll need before she gets there. Unless it’s changed lately it’s always been like that on Kansas tolls but the last few years they are set up with Oklahoma pike pass and I don’t have to stop anymore.
  7. I’m 30 miles off 35 in northern ok. Pretty rural areas from okc to Wichita and even Wichita is an easy drive with traffic. Hardest part for her was Dallas area. Should be smooth sailing the rest of the way. If she has any problems let me know. I’ll check occasionally to make sure I do t have any messages. Cheapest fuel is gonna be the 214 on the east side of the interstate and around the 222 Blackwell exit and also around the 230 for the Braman ok exit or highway 177. They are cheaper than Kansas
  8. Not selfish at all sandhiller. We all need to relax and get away from the stresses of life occasionally and just enjoy things. Happy birthday
  9. Yes he put a dog bone on it to keep the axle centered
  10. I don’t need ammo to hunt. Can hit all the deer I want with my pickup. I figure I hit so many without even trying could you imagine the death count I’d get if I was aiming at them
  11. Tmtbob

    The cattle thread

    Couldn’t ever be that easy. Not with cattle in my experiences but I’m a slow learner and keep dealing with it. We had our only heifer give birth last night and to my surprise all is well so far but it didn’t start out that way. Went to feed and she was missing. The day before I was just thinking she was about 8 months bred so I should be pulling her up quick but like everywhere else things are muddy so a few days won’t hurt. I was wrong. Found her across the creek trying her hardest to push but wasn’t having any luck but I left her alone a bit before I moved in. walking up on her with my rope (not sure what I was planning on doing with it but I had it ) she gets up and walks away and she has feet hanging out. This happens 2 more times across 2 creeks before I get her close to where I want her. Then she goes in the horse lot where I got tired of her making me exercise so I just threw a rope on her ( still not sure what my plan was since I was on foot but I like to wing it and don’t plan very well). She heads back up my main alley and my wife cuts her off from going back out in the pasture with the ranger. My pens and gates are not done or this wouldn’t of been a problem. With her stuck between us and exhausted I decided to deal with it here. Wrap the rope around a post and have my wife work the front side while I pulled. No luck with that so I put a rope on the calf’s legs and pull with no luck again. I called in reinforcements with a calf puller cause between me and the heifer we were both exhausted. Help gets there and we get the calf out and alive. After several checks through the night the calf was on his feet and had tried sucking but was still pretty weak so I gave him some colostrum just so I would feel better. As of 10 this morning both were fine. I cuss them Up and down when their instincts Are telling them to run from me and fight for their lives but at the same time I love that I have the opportunity to take care and raise them. Here’s the little guy.
  12. I’d also add a 15 cause that’s what I grew up on but the 13 and 18 are preferable and handle more torque. That’s the problem with forums and texting. Sarcasm is hard to pick up sometimes
  13. When I build an engine wanting 800 horse the last trans I’ll put behind it would be a 9 or 10 speed. They make a 400 horse gutless and if you think that’s a big trans then you haven’t been around any of it very long or only been a company driver and just clueless. Nobody in their right mind would pick a 9 speed for pulling and I’d bet money most of the guys that want a good pulling engine don’t have a tall shifter. Most of these guys are also owner operators and didn’t have to drive a company truck governed at 60 while cussing everyone that passes them thinking they must have a 500 horse Detroit with a 9 speed in those rocket ships going by
  14. I’d puta 5.9 in it. I been looking for an 08 to a 10 model long bed with a manual for a swap but apparently what I want is an odd combination. To find the manual 6 speed is almost unheard of. To find it with a long bed and crew cab is like hunting dinosaurs
  15. It can get better fuel mileage when driven right but if he drove it foot to the floor all the time it would get worse. The voodoo cat trim codes do pull a little better but also mileage drops. Better to put the right codes in it and as for the injectors I’d also leave them stock or no bigger than the 550 injectors. You can get all the power you want out of tuning the ecm on those big cats. Definitely not worth the industrial injectors in them and I’m not talking about a little more power when you go that route. Ask me how I know. As for the cam differences I think j-mech nailed it
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