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  1. Red diamond is another good brand. Been down south a lot. Milos is good tea
  2. No I didn't add the front bracket to it. I used plenty of bolts on the sides and decided it was probably overkill. It is a good idea though. Not bad idea for a grill guard either. No I don't have any idea on a closed center system. I'm sure it's been done and figured it be easier to do with closed center but I'm not having much luck when I search for it.
  3. Yes it's Plummed like power beyond would be. Had several ideas to run it but figured the easiest way was to use the supercharge line at the end of my valve stack.
  4. I saw a set sell on a 1586 about 2 hours away from me without a front axle. Figured it would go cheap and I'd have my brackets. Think it brought over 5k. Yes I am open center
  5. Those are 5 1/2" pipe post caps from my local metal supply yard. I didn't like the looks of just a square welded on the end and I could see myself ripping my jeans on that.
  6. Finally made time to get this finished. After getting it put on and raising it up the first time I notice I had hairline cracks in the chrome on one of the boom cylinders so I pulled it off and sent it to a machine shop. They kind of priced themselves out of business so I ordered some new cylinders and had to change them up to fit but got them to work. Also got my remotes raised up and everything in a comfortable position to actually use.
  7. Think somebody swapped out buckets from mine to yours. My loader has never been welded on or cracked that I could tell but the bucket is another story. If I find one at auction it will probably get replaced. Even the brackets are broke up.
  8. Tell him no more rides in the del grande. Problem solved.
  9. Tmtbob

    Wire fire 5288

    Do away with the splice
  10. Couldn't they figure the difference between the meters and compare it to your last bill
  11. Tmtbob

    Dump inserts

    I'm glad you added the del grande part. It's just not as classy without it
  12. Had that happen around here years ago. I was out of town when it hit and came in that night to a population of 50k+ town that was pitch black. We were out for a few days or maybe a week but some of my relatives were out for over a month due to damage that the smaller coops couldn't get to. That storm brought down the big cross country lines. Uncle lost some cattle that was standing under those when they came down.
  13. MTO builds up talk on a dodge caravan del grande on the coffee shop side that he acquired and I was giving you crap over your minivan with the quick hitch. Seems he's quite proud of it.
  14. You wouldn't happen to be following the del grande trend are you. I hear they are nice.
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