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  1. Tmtbob

    Almost made it a week

    Learned my lesson on extended warranties. Bought my wife a newer Honda with 25k miles a few years ago and she takes it to a honda dealer for warranty work to find out nothing is covered. Never again
  2. Tmtbob

    What's this?? The bug guy doesn't know.

    Tennis rackets do wonders on the wood bees. Best use of a tennis racket I ever seen.
  3. Tmtbob

    Cattech- what engine is this?

    45k is pretty steep. Half of that is more realistic
  4. Tmtbob

    Fireworks legal in your state?

    Can basically buy whatever you want except for bottle rockets in Ok. I was a kid when they outlawed the bottle rockets and was told it was due to a lot of people with wood shingles and catching houses on fire when they came back down and popping on roofs. Someone always brings them in from Missouri every year though. Our towns will outlaw them in city limits but legal statewide. Of course that means the townies will buy a bunch and litter up our dirt roads and driveways to our properties. Most won't pick up after themselves and leave it scattered. Growing up we didn't have no till like we do now so working ground at least once over was priority after wheat harvest. In my early twenties we'd drink a few beers then go run people off so we didn't have to clean up their mess
  5. Tmtbob

    col chuck

    Use that thermometer to see if you have any significant temp changes in the coolant and radiator From the intake and discharge
  6. Tmtbob

    6nz kitty kat problems

    I guess there's idiots everywhere but if I paid 5k for that block it better be machined and ready to build on. I'll stick with the 1lw or 2ws for less than half. There's nothing a 6nz can do that those other 2 can't. Not to mention the 6nz is a post 2000 engine so that means it's got to have a EOB on it. Of course there's ways around that. Not that I'm griping at you. I'm just blown away what they say it's worth.
  7. Tmtbob

    6nz kitty kat problems

    Sounds pretty high. Last block I got had a stripped head but liner pack cores and oil pan for 2500. Unless I'm wrong on what you can get a 200k engine for
  8. Tmtbob

    6nz kitty kat problems

    What are his plans for that block.
  9. Tmtbob

    How did I ever live without one?

    I've been highly considering one myself. My atv is old and gets used most days year round. Has several things wrong with it and I might need to pull the head on it so I might as well overhaul if I get that deep in it but I don't want to part with it more than a day or so. Thinking of getting a spare so I have something to use while I fixed my old one and I'm thinking more serious about a utv. Sure would come in handy during calving and feeding. Especially after I ran over 2 calves this year. Luckily both survived without problems but I don't want to chance it again. Once was in a pasture that I mowed last fall and never seen him until he started bawling after the axle knocked him in the head.
  10. Tmtbob

    New Ride

    Very true. I'd like to see some pics of it. Don't shy away from the 1lw or 2ws for other projects. They are Also good blocks
  11. Tmtbob

    Good read...

    That was awesome. God bless them all
  12. Tmtbob

    New Ride

    Looks like a pre unibuilt cab. If that's right it's between an 87 and a 94 model. Also would be a mechanical b model or c model. 6nz was about 10 years later
  13. Tmtbob

    Trucker question

    I have the same visor on mine and the only lights I have a problem with are the ones that are mounted in the middle or on the same side of the intersection that I'm stopped at. I've only ran into that in Georgia.
  14. Tmtbob

    Trucker question

    It's nice to stretch my legs out and sit comfortably. Especially when I have 1000+ miles to go with a load of cattle. I don't do that much anymore but when I did that every week I'd already have 1k miles behind me before I'd load. I also moved my seat back away from the window so the back of the seat is almost in the sleeper. If I need to be up in the dash to hit all the switches all the time then I'm doing something wrong. Full view of mirrors and gauges with hand on the back side of the steering wheel
  15. Tmtbob

    Any high mileage 4 wheelers out there?

    That's impressive. And I thought 10k was alot