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  1. 1480man

    Most Regretted Farm Purchase

    Dad bought a JD 7020 and a 8 bottom IH 700 plow. Great plow, gutless tractor. Traded the next year for a 7520 (turned up), that was a good one for us.
  2. 1480man

    50 series- reception?

    Every farm in our area had either a 1466, 1086, or 4430, 4440. There where a few 5x88s in our area but not too many. Most wanted one but not many pulled the trigger due to the economy. The ones that bought them liked them alot as I recall. Even one "green" farm bought a 5088, as of 10 yrs ago they still had it. Not sure now. Several farms traded 2+2s, 86 and 88 series for the Case IH 3594MFWD, most are gone now.
  3. 1480man

    How far would you drive a tractor home

    Dad drove our 4568 60miles when he bought it.
  4. 1480man

    66 and 86 Tractors - What Are You Getting Into???

    We traded a 1466 with nice cozy cab for a nice 1086 back about 91. The 1466 probably had a few more hp but the cab on the 1086 was a huge improvement in my opinion. The shifters and door on the 1086 weren’t perfect but it was so much quieter and comfortable to operate. That said,,,, both where darn good tractors that served our farm well for years.
  5. 1480man

    7588 #501 selling this morning

    Anyone have pictures of the interiors of these beasts?
  6. 1480man

    18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    We had a 4568 with 20.8s, much more traction than the Steiger with 18.4s that replaced it. The versatile 835 also had 18.4s and lacked the traction. All 3 weighed close, similar power. john
  7. 1480man

    Stay or evacuate

    I say evac. Ike hit us hard, I had a young family so it was a no- brained. Ike destroyed the power grid and made a real mess of things. Things that can be replaced! We lived with no power for 2 weeks or more once we returned home. We chose NOT to evac for Harvey, it was the right call as we live on higher ground and got very little wind but a crap ton of rain. We had no damage. I'd evac if you are hit with CAT 3 winds or higher... cat 5 could move your house for miles,,,,piece by piece as you already know... best of luck, john
  8. Dad ran a low profile 915 for many years before trading for a 1480. Both machines served out farm well, the 915 was a very good machine. The 1480 was better! We combined with my uncle's 7700 quite a bit, the 7700 could do more in wheat and barley but the 915 did more in oats. The 1480 ran circles around his 7700. He traded the 7700 for a 8820 and in small grains and soybeans, the 1480 and 8820 were pretty much evenly matched depending on the toughness of straw. Never ran them side by side in corn,,, I'm guessing the 1480 would have out done the 8820. We had very little down time with our 915 but dad always cussed the fan. In SE Nodak, the wind is always blowing, so one direction it had too much wind, the other direction not enough. The fan design on the 915 was not very good imo. John
  9. 1480man


    On the topic of evacuations, I was here for Rita which happened a few weeks after Katrina. Everyone saw the rescues of Katrina and wondered why those people didn't evacuate, so as soon as Rita became a reality, MILLIONS of people tried to evacuate. Most spent 20-30hrs in traffic jams going to Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. Temps were in the high 90s, cars overheated, People ran out of gas, people DIED on the road trying to get out. Lesson learned and not forgotten for most. Also, Rita hit Houston with more wind. Harvey hit Rockport and Corpus with the wind, Houston got the rain but very little wind. I firmly believe the Mayor of Houston made the right choice to NOT issue mandatory evacuations. John
  10. 1480man


    We had 52" rain in 48hrs here in Friendswood Tx which is between Houston and Galveston. I've never seen so much rain and water destruction in my life. Today water was receding at an amazing rate and it was SUNNY!!!. We were able to get out and help some friends who had 2ft water in their homes. Our local officials said one in three homes here has water damage. We are so fortunate to not flood and power stayed on the whole time!I
  11. 1480man

    Fred B----hurricane Harvey

    I'm in Friendswood Tx, about half way between Houston and Galveston. We had several inches of rain Friday, then last night we had real close to 20",, it was raining harder than I've ever seen! We live on higher ground away from the creeks that flood so we have been ok so far however some friends close by have gotten up to 2ft water in their houses. Power has stayed on and the water has all drained away. It's a mess for sure! John
  12. 1480man

    1680 cleaning fan and sieves

    On our 1480, we used a steel grain diverter very similar to the Maywes diverter. It really kept the grain flow even over the sieves and didn't overload one side. Dad bought it out of a farm magazine around 1989. IIRC, it clamped to the concave hanger tube on the R/H side of the rotor and layed against the auger bed. It worked very well! It's still laying in the old shop in a scrap pile. John
  13. 1480man

    Original paint 806

    Sweet old 806! Not a fan of the allied grain auger though, we had 2 of those hard cranking sob's
  14. 1480man

    Mechanic`s stool

    That's a good looking ass jack! Funny,,, I work on 50 million dollar jets and sit on a milk crate...........
  15. 1480man

    1976 Case 1570 with 85 hours at the Racine plant

    A few years after I left the farm (1997?), dad bought a 30ft great pains drill. The 1086 really struggled with it, not enough traction or power. Dad bought a 1370 that was turned up to 180hp, in great shape and for little $. He loved the case, It was very reliable and served him well. I operated the 1370 a few times, loved the power and I liked the powershift, but I felt the cab on the 1086 was better except for the door which was backwards imo. The Case could pull!