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  1. Pretty sure Sept-October was my last one.......I think NZ must be on the covid naughty list or something.......not complaining....no body’s fault....just the way this crazy old world Is these days with the mail systems all messed up.....not to mention the shipping costs have gone through the roof.....even small items cost more in shipping than what they are worth to buy.☹️
  2. Canadian???...... "honk eh" 😂
  3. Pretty sure I know that guy!!!!🤔..........Donny Underson, ......Durtboyz ,Finland LLC 😉😂
  4. It’s the hillside model 😂
  5. Sitting here scratching the ol noggin trying to work this one through🤔...not pretending to be any kind of expert or ruffle any feathers....I respect everyone’s experience and point of view A few thoughts : Is it possible that we have two types of leak going on at the same time ??? The external leaks from poor sealing of the water ports between block and head( possibly poor quality gasket and / or surface imperfections) The internal leaks ( into the cylinder) caused by either cracked head , or leakage from behind the new valve seat inserts. Was the cylinder head pressure tested before or after the new valve seats were installed ??? It seems a little strange that the head gasket would leak around the water ports and leak past the fire ring into the cylinder as well.....although it is possible. ( look at the picture of the cylinder head.....water appears to be leaking at all of the water ports ,but only one cylinder is wet) Is the sleeve protrusion of the “wet” cylinder ok ???....is compression ok on that cylinder??? ....are we sure it is coolant in that wet cylinder and not Diesel fuel or oil ??? I have had a situation where a valve seat was replaced and when the machinist bored out the original seat, he accidentally ,Just broke through into the water jacket of the cylinder head and did not realise. The new seat was fitted , engine assembled and test run until warm then shut down . Some hours later the engine was started and Idled for a short time and then suddenly stalled and locked up solid .....What happened????? After the first warm up and shut down , the now pressurised coolant had leaked from around the valve seat and made its way into the oil pan .....the oil pump then inhaled the coolant, lost all of its lubrication and seized solid , stalling the engine. I know it’s quite a long shot , but possible that something Like a leaking valve seat has occurred and let coolant into the cylinder.....let me know your thoughts Just trying to think outside the box and pass on a little experience that I have had . I would appreciate your thoughts and input.........somebody please tell me that I’m completely off my rocker and barking up the wrong tree ....which is more than likely 🤣🤣.... between us all we can figure this thing out I hope you guys can follow my ramblings 😆 Thanks, Heath, NZ


    Oh wow uncle Billy😳.... really sorry to see that stuff going on..... might be time for that special tin foil hat to reflect the inbound interference 😜.... just kidding fella .... you make sure you rest and heal up real good ... all the best buddy 👍
  7. Nice work , those are really cool 😎 👍.....well done
  8. Yes , it will be a European tractor. The PRO series was a late update to the 5100 series just before MX arrived on the scene.......most probably built 1996/97. I don’t think they were produced or sold in North America, but they certainly were for the rest of the world. They came to NZ but not in big numbers...we see the odd one around. Main upgrades: raised roof ,extra work lights, larger fuel tank, power shift on range lever like MX, new graphics and a few other minor changes that I can’t recall. Maxxum model number format went something like this as best I remember: 5100 series : North American models assembled in USA at Racine plant along side Magnum . 5100 series: Rest of world production assembled at the Neuss plant in Germany . 5200 series: This designation was North America only. ( first major update for Maxxum......neutral for shuttle etc) 5100 “ PLUS” series : This was basically equivalent to the 5200 series but Labeled as the 5100 PLUS series for the rest of the world. Assembly moved to The Doncaster, England plant approx mid 1990’s. Serial numbers started at 30,000 5100 “PRO” series : This was a late update for the 5100 series for most of the world, but was not seen in North America. MX series : North American tractors built at Racine plant,....rest of world tractors built At Doncaster, England. A few notes as best I remember : Transmissions built at the St Dizier plant in France.....cabs built at the Croix plant in France . North American PTO system was unique to them so I believe. Euro built tractors had the selectable PTO lever inside the cab . I hope my old “forgettory” has got this right......feel free to update any of it . Heath, NZ
  9. Welcome to the forum, nice to have you on board. great job on your projects so far ....looking forward to seeing more of your work. Appreciate you posting nice pics of your work👍....great stuff. Heath, NZ
  10. Dang!!!....you boys better get planting.......I don’t think those Apache’s get great mpg on corn fuel 😆.
  11. Joe Dirt's Russian cousin??😂
  12. Just got me one of them real "beefy" new fangle ride on mowers
  13. I live next door , does that count?????.........on a still night I can hear the penguins squawking 😜 rumor has it there is a spare quad track in the bottom of the pond between here and there .....very low hours and definitely no fading of the paint work 😂😂
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