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    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Mike, it seems your IH fleet has a bit of a thing for playing in the water,...is that the same creek you "bathed" the 86 in the other day.πŸ˜„ Good looking old Binders though mate, I'm guessing early/mid seventies when pic was taken??? How the heck did you manage to remember those colossal three digit phone numbers??πŸ˜†.....I guess the "I PHONE ZERO" must have had specially calibrated software back then eh LOL. It's funny how many different descriptions of AACO and ACCO come up over the years. the versions I know are : AACO Australian 'A' series cab over : ACCO Australian "C' series cab over. rumour has it that they skipped "ABCO" because it sounded too much like 'ABBO' (Aboriginal) .... very PC are our OZ matesπŸ˜‰ Cheers, Heath

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Perkins engines were also fitted to trucks and combines produced by IH in Australia. Heath

    5240 Maxxum: Name that ungodly noise.

    Not to be a smart a$$ Or any thing ,but is there plenty of oil in the tranny ??? my first thoughts were much the same as cihtech ,but now after hearing it I'm starting to think differently. like Jeff said ,oil going through a relief somewhere or maybe air in the system somewhere when the pump is on demand. Apart from the noise , does the steering actually work properly??? Could you try using the power shift while holding the steering on demand and let us know what happens please???? I'm wondering if there is a problem between the steering circuit and the regulated circuit which caused the pto to stop when using the steering. If I remember correctly , the steering priority valve and the regulated pressure control valve are housed inside the same valve body, and I'm wondering if there is some kind of interaction going on between the two of them ( o' ring blown maybe???) I hope I haven't confused the issue or started a wild goose chase. Its been a while since I worked on these, so I am a little rusty on it sorry, just my 2 cents, it will be interesting to see what cihtech thinks. Heath ,NZ

    Good old 10% horsepower increase

    Great information George, thanks a lot for sharing that, I always appreciate your comments and knowledge of this stuff. would you mind expanding a little on the "service factor of 1" terminology please?? I'm guessing it's similar to a duty cycle rating ?? Would a factor of 1 mean 100% ??. I presume you have an engineering background, did you work for IH by any chance?? Thanks again for your comments Heath ,Nz

    Thursday forum meeting

    good to see at least one of our Kiwi boys made the effort to show up πŸ˜‰. good on ya Al , hope you are having a great time meeting up with all the forum crew . I'm sure its a great show Heath

    Just found Serial #1 Dodge Ram pickup

    Hemi or Cummins?? never knew they made a COE pickup like that......will it pass emission tests???

    Owen's IH bike

    I see you stayed with the open station but where is the ROPS uncle Mikey ?πŸ˜„

    German Diesel DT402

    Don't forget the 402 has a taller block deck height than all the others, so putting this crank into 358 would mean changing rods and or pistons Heath

    IH collection in New Zealand

    Wanaka is in the lower half of the South Island in the central Otago region, beautiful spot....I hope you manage to make it that far Heath,NZ
  10. IHKIWI

    German Diesel DT402

    Very scarce down here too guys , I'd say Europe would be your best bet. ironbull do you have a Dt 402 ?. If so what is it fitted to?? Heath , NZ
  11. IHKIWI

    New Zealand tractor rally

    Marty.....great pics ,thanks for posting those and thanks for making the effort the come up for the show. It was a fun weekend apart from the mud. nice to see a really good variety of machines in display, and of course nice to catch up with Sherry for a little while. Good times, Heath
  12. IHKIWI

    Excitement here at the Proving Grounds

    Way to go Danny, that's a great find and in really good shape. A little brother for the 10'.....very cool . The CEO here at the southern proving grounds instructs you to now go find the missing siblings, 6,7,9,14,1586 . That oughta keep you out of trouble for a couple days great work, Heath.
  13. IHKIWI

    New Zealand tractor rally

    Thanks for the fun over the weekend Sherry, really pleased you came all this way. nice of you to support the Oliver fans down under.........and us red critters too Enjoy the rest of your stay and have safe travels home Heath, NZ
  14. IHKIWI

    Where is Sherry Schaefer???

    Oh boy is this lady lost!!!😳 Must have super long range tanks on that Piper super cub😊
  15. IHKIWI

    Red Power Round Up 2018

    Some of us will Arrive with a "southern drawl"..😁 But it won't sound like our "northern" friends from AlabamaπŸ˜„πŸ˜„