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  1. Hi Brian, Thanks so much for your input......interesting all the different combinations and meanings they came up with. I imagine it would be an absolute minefield to try and list and decode all of them.....my head hurts just thinking about it 😳. Thanks again, Heath
  2. Nice work, fun project you have going there.....I’ve never really thought about modifying some of those die cast models like that ......good job 👍 Heath,NZ
  3. Welcome to the forum, nice to have you on here and thanks for bringing up this subject....This is something I am curious about also. I understand the country of manufacture and basic serial number of the machine, but like you it is the “ kind” and “code” that I am a little unsure of . I understand the “kind “ to be the basic model of the machine as known by the engineering/ production departments........Is there a list anywhere of the different models and machine numbers???? From what I gather, the “ code” refers to various options that were built into the machine at assembly......again is there a list of what these option codes meant ????? .......probably far too many to put together in one list.....the possible combinations must be mind boggling. Example : Here in NZ we have a bunch of 3388 2+2 tractors with slight differences in the “code” digits, ie 288 7U 9488....and 288 1U 10883. Can anyone please tell me the meaning of the “7” and the “1” Immediately before the “U” ....I have a hunch it might be the interior trim type....ie western or std red type. ”7” and “1” are the only two codes I have found so far on a 3388 down here. Very nice 584 you have there👍 Thanks for any help , Heath,NZ


    No problem at all and no need to apologise......perhaps I didn’t project my thoughts properly the first time around. ive always found that the best resources anybody can have are the other people around us.........I wouldn’t have nearly the knowledge I do if it wasn’t for others passing it on to me......I think (and hope ), that I appreciate this more as I get older. Taking any opportunity to learn and/or teach can only be of great benefit to society in general.....a true “win-win”. I guess it’s most often our pride that gets in the way......man kind can easily be his own worst enemy. Perhaps we could start a thread where we can all share our most unusual/strange/head scratching/frustrating experiences and how we managed to come out the other side......I bet there will be some “ doozy’s” LOL😂 My apologies also to “Lazy WP “ for sidetracking the original thread. Have a great day everyone, and thanks for keeping this great forum going.....onwards and upwards 👍👍 Heath,NZ


    My point was not to call anyone “dumb” or incompetent in any way at all.....my apologies if it came across that way. My point was simply to say that it is a pity that people are not taught these kinds of useful skills anymore ( and why aren’t they???).....you just never know when it could be very useful ( ie the tyre shop guys are unavailable for some reason) .......I totally understand the “ time versus money “ situation and agree with what you say completely......it’s just a pity people are missing out on learning handy skills. Do any of the tech schools teach this kind of thing???? When I went to tech school , I taught my tutors how to change a tractor tyre.........again I’m not judging anyone, just pointing out that these kind of basic skills are disappearing. I am no longer working with in the automotive world , but I did get to teach a young farm guy how to change his own tyres for a restoration he was working on and saved him a few bucks by being able to do it himself. I hope you get my angle on this .....not judging.....just a little disappointed that useful skills are being lost Heath,NZ


    I agree completely ... we used to have exchange water pumps on hand for our common engines and rebuilding them was perfectly normal practise.... same with things like wheel bearings ... now days just replace the entire hub as a unit . How many young guys in a tractor shop would know how to change a tractor tyre these days using an old bead breaker and tyre levers???? .... one of the first jobs I learned when I started there after school
  7. Happy Bithday Wilson, I hope you are having a great time today
  8. Happy birthday fella , and thanks again for all your input of knowledge and experience into this forum..... I trust you have a great day 👍
  9. I bet that "curbed" his enthusiasm for a day or two 😂
  10. Hey Lee....now look what you have started ....I hope you realise this is all your fault fella 😉🤣 I went on an archeological expedition and uncovered some fossilised remains from the Jurassic era of IH model trucks🙂👍 The Scout 2 kit is still in its original plastic wrapping.....not going to open it . Dad started the Payhauler back in 198? something......TBC...... SS II is an original kit,....opened but never started.....same for the 4300.....even found an original brochure in with it 👍👍 Now all I need is a spare couple years to get all these built.....along with some other “projects” currently undergoing R+D in the “Skunkworks” down under. Enjoy, Heath.
  11. Hi Lee , thanks for kicking this off...... the penny has just dropped😉.... I've seen your 4300 on the modelcarsmag forum . I'm not a member over there but maybe I should sign up. I actually met Dave Carey about 11 yrs ago where he works at Scout connection in Iowa, but never knew he was Dave the model guy.... wish I had spent more time chatting with him... seems like a pretty good fella and does nice work with those resin castings. Im thinking about getting some of his day cabs for lonestar and prostar. I'm still getting back up to speed with all the parts and suppliers that are out there now days ... it's been a long time since I had the model kits out but enjoying getting back into it . Thanks again PS .. we still have an original 4300 stashed away somewhere 🤔... must drag it out Lol
  12. LOL ... ask away Lee,..not pushy at all fella 👍 Most of mine are still packed away since we moved house about 20 yrs ago... they might take some finding🙄
  13. Auckland had 3, the rest of us have done 2 (so far) . south island has had the best of it . north island is on and off a bit , but no huge flare ups
  14. Glad you made it through mate....good on ya 👍...I hope your health is picking up after the stroke cobba.....😉 Sorry I don’t know OZ very well, but going out for a good old cruise around sure does wonders for me at times mate👍👍 All the very best for your recovery and future plans , Take care , Regards, Heath,NZ
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