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  1. It isn't a tractor but a 3pt Hardi sprayer with a 200 gal tank and a 40ft boom that I had my eye on went for about $4500 at a sale near me last week. I did have about $2000 worth of Raven rate controllers on it but I don't think the sprayer by itself was worth $2500. Especially considering I picked up the exact same sprayer with a orchard style blower for $100 back in October - November. I blame the corn and soybean prices for the current auction prices.
  2. We keep our dog out of the sweetcorn with one of those invisible fence units that we have had since she was a puppy. For racoons we have live traps that we bait with sardines and the next morning they get 1200 foot / second case of lead poisoning. We usually start setting the traps early - mid march when the weather starts warming up enough for them to come out of hibernation so that we only have to deal with 3-4 get rid of them before the little ones become a problem. We will keep baiting the traps about 1-2 time per week through the summer to get rid of the ones that live on the neighbors properties that decide to try to move to our property. Once the sweetcorn starts tasseling we will move the traps to the corn patch and try to set 1 on each side so they will have to pass a trap to get into the patch. Sardines I think are the key because they are smelly enough to get the coons attention when the sweet corn is ready. I found this last year I had more trouble with squirrels than I did with coons at my house because the squirrels were pulling the cobs up into the tree to feed on. Also another thing I did is I put the waste that I didn't sell in a pile a little ways away from the corn patch in-between the patch and the nearest forest so that the coons would get into that before the good corn left in the patch.
  3. The story of my life. I'm trying to stop buying equipment until I get my 22-36 running again. Last year I was using my dads 140 one row side dresser setup for cultivating and putting down some nitrogen. I managed to find a 2 row setup on Kijiji (Canadian Craigslist) with a bunch of other cultivator parts so I'm planning on using that this year. Also the reason that I bought the 4 row planter was because what I payed for it with basically brand new disc openers was the price I would have payed for a set or brand new disc openers.
  4. That's my neck of the woods I farm about 30 minutes south west of London Ontario.
  5. And I thought the skid of corn gluten that I had to go through at work yesterday looking for good bags was bad. Boy was I wrong.
  6. That's a nice little setup you have there J-Mech this is what I used last year for peas, sweetcorn, sunflowers and a little bit of popcorn (with a plate that was planting either doubles or triples. I did purchase a 4 row 56 planter this summer for $350 CAD that I might be using this year to plant my 3/4 acre sweet corn and other veggies or I might just pull off 2 sets of the 1 year old disk openers that are on it and put on the 2 row planter.
  7. So an update I called the company that sells the new plastic plates and what was causing my confusion is that they list their dimensions differently than IH does in the manual. They list the cell dimensions Length - Thickness - Depth as opposed to the thickness - length - depth and that is why I was having trouble finding a comparable plate. They don't have a plastic plate that is 12-24-14 like the 1853 A but they do have a plate numbered C30 in 16 or 24 cell that is just a bit bigger at 14-26-18 so 2/64th bigger all around. As an added bonus the C30 doesn't require a filler plate so I can save some more money there. I'm going to take a look at the collection of plates my old Pioneer dealer has stashed away in his barn looking for plates for some of my sweetcorn seed that I need so I will look for some C30 plates while I'm there as well. Thanks everyone for helping me figure this out you have all been a great help.
  8. Thanks for all the help I'm in contact with the place that sells the new plates to see if they can recommend a plate and filler combination that is similar to the 1853A popcorn plate and the corresponding filler plate. If I can't find anything close I'll probably pick up those cast ones from Duffield thanks for that tip as I completely missed that listing on their site. As for why I'm not spreading it. I have a set of side dressers and cultivators for my Super C that I am going to be using to control the weeds and so I can get more use out of my new to me hand tobacco primers that I bought off of a neighbor that was getting out of the sweetcorn business that he used to pick sweetcorn for years. Sorry for the photo being sideways but I cant for the life of me get the photo to be right side up.
  9. Check out https://lincolnagproducts.com/store/ I was looking at buying some plates from them but the USD - CAD exchange rate kiboshed that idea. Another good source for plates are old seed dealers. They used to lend them out as the seed size will vary with lot size and year (the reason for so many corn plates) so they usually had a decent stock pile of them and they often got piled in a corner of the barn once people slowly stopped using them.
  10. That was my plan to either buy some small rounds and try to modify them to work. I doubt that anyone in southwestern Ontario would have the specialty popcorn plates anyway. Yes the website is Lincoln Ag Products out of Colorado, the only problem is the plates are $40 US each so that would be $200 with the exchange rate plus shipping to get a 4 row outfit to Ontario and double that if I need filler plates. So my plan to mess around making custom plates is to pay my friend with a 3d printer to model the plates in CAD and print some blank plates to test with and hopefully save some money. I think that I can get the population low enough with a 16 cell plate my only worry is doubles as I used the wrong plate for sweetcorn last year and had a lot of trouble with doubles so thats why I'm buying the plates I need off our old seed dealer this year.
  11. I am going to try to grow some popcorn this summer and plant it with my 4 row IH 56 planter. I don't currently have any plates that will get me proper singulation. I am going to one of our former seed dealer's later this week to dig through the old seed plates they used to lend out for planting and was wondering if International ever made round corn plates small enough to plant popcorn with or were they special plates just for popcorn? Any help would be greatly appreciated as my sweetcorn seed came with plate recomendations on it but unfortunately the popcorn seed didn't. TIA.
  12. Ya they are great tractors. I learned yesterday that we used to have 2 on the farm for planting with an IH 56 4 row planter, cultivating and pulling beans with a 4 row bean puller. The second one was bought used and was traded in well before I was born but this Super C will never leave because it was bought new by my great grandfather in the 50's so I won't ever sell it. It has always run but last year was the first year that it was used for field work in a long time when I used it to plant peas, sweetcorn and popcorn to sell at the road with a 2 row IH-56 planter.
  13. With some help from my grandfather I was able to get the cultivator frames and side dresser drives mounted today. Man have these parts seen some abuse there are a lot of parts welded together however some of this might be from the modifications done so it would fit on the 200 that it was on before I bought it. The one fertilizer box has even been rotated 90 degrees so that the box doesn't interfere with the touch control. I couldn't get the sprockets and chains hooked up today though as I need to move the drive sprockets on the side dressers in and shift the wheels out so that I am still able to fit down the rows of sweet corn and popcorn. I am also planning on removing the original coiled tubes and replacing them with rubber so I don't destroy the original parts as I am guessing that they would be about as easy to find as a hens tooth. However before I can get that all done I need to get the starter on my Super W6 rebuilt so that I can get it moved out shed so that I am able to work on the cultivators without having to climb over and squeeze between both tractors. Also M.C.farmerboy I think everything is all from the same source from what I can tell from the reprinted manual that I got from Case IH. Also I think that I have everything that I need to get it running but if I find something that I need I'll send you a message.
  14. Sorry for not responding sooner all my time was taken up with school and farm work so working on the side dressers were set aside to be worked on at a later date. Now that its winter I have some time to work on adjusting the side dressers to fit on my Super C. Here are the photos that I took of the side dressers and other cultivators that came with them. They aren't the best and I will take some more photos tomorrow when I start working on getting them mounted to the tractor.
  15. I Just purchased a bunch of cultivators for my Super C as a part of the of the pile of cultivators there was a pair of side dressers with a sticker saying 217A Fertilizer Unit. I was just wondering if anyone has any info on them or know where I could find the manual for them? TIA
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