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  1. the one that I'm restoring is 143444 and it has the shoe wear and the same governor as what is shown in the parts book and the serial number of the parts tractor is 143273. After further inspection of the parts tractor governor it appears to be missing some springs to bring the weights back in as the engine slows down and I can probably get my neighbor to make a new shoe for it. With how good of condition the rest of the tractor appears to be in I've come to the assumption that the only reason the tractor was parked was the shoe wear in the governor because most of the piston rings look almost brand new however because it sat so long the engine got stuck and a couple of rings broke as I was removing them from the cylinders.
  2. Well a lot has happened in the last few days. I got the engine unstuck on the tractor that has the good transmission which means I don't have to go to the work of pulling the block off the parts tractor. Dropped off the head at my neighbor's to get it cleaned up and the valves ground. Looking at the governor however I have an issue. One of the parts I was hoping to pull off the parts tractor was the front of the governor that holds the shoe and the shoe lever. This was because the shoe on the good tractor is flat spotted and looks to need a new shoe. The problem is the internals of the governor on the parts tractor are different to those in the good tractor considering the tractors are 171 serial numbers apart so they would have come out of the factory within a day of each other. The first tree photos are the governor on the good tractor and the governor that is depicted in the parts book with the third photo being the flat-spotted shoe. The last three photos after that are of the governor from the parts tractor.
  3. I noticed this difference today between the fan belt pulleys between the parts tractor and the tractor that I am restoring. I was wondering what the extra spot for a belt is for. I have read in the repair manual that it was possible to get lights on the tractor so was this meant for running a generator to power lights? However I don't see anywhere a generator would mount. Any information on this would be great.
  4. I'm not sure why one has an oil groove and the other doesn't. I was under the assumption that it was so worn so much that the oil grove disappeared. I still need to pull the corresponding pistons out of the block and check the connecting rod side of the bearing. I have also been in contact with a local machinist that has plastigage and will help me adjust the clearances accordingly. The only issue is that the engine that these bearing are out of is attached to a transmission that seems to be locked up and the tractor that has a good transmission has a locked up engine ... so an engine swap might be in my future. Also thanks for all the help I will update this tread with my progress and more questions as I am still new to restorations and have never rebuilt an engine of this size before.
  5. Looks really good i have a blue 69 Ford 600 that I am going to fix up once I have my current project running and this has got me excited to see it run again.
  6. That sounds pretty interesting do you have any photos of it?
  7. Ok I'll give them a call tomorrow and do you have any ideas where I could contact to get a set poured?
  8. Hi all, I was working on my 1930 22-36 restoration this weekend and when I was taking the pistons out I noticed that one bearing looked to be in bad shape. I know that they were originally babbitt bearings and am not sure on a course of action to take. I have considered just leaving it as the tractor won't be worked too hard once it is running again just plow days and plowing matches. The first two pictures are of the wear on the bearing and the third is comparing it to a bearing that appears to be in good condition. Any suggestions on what options i have would be greatly appreciated as I am hoping to get it running this summer so that my 83 year old grandfather can relive his child hood of learning to drive on a 10-20 when he was six.
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    Ok thanks for the clarification
  10. Gearhulk

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    In the guidelines there is a rule pertaining to the posting of buy/want adds for complete equipment. I was just wondering if this also encompassed the posting of buy/sell adds for equipment parts as well and if these sorts of posts were allowed where the proper place to post them is?
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