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  1. SJH


    Those things are pest last year a herd of 17 came in and wiped out 40 acres of corn in less than a week !
  2. So far gloves and hand sanitizer are good masks are a mystery and washing stations are very hard to find !
  3. Just go buy the tool kit I got mine for less than a hundred bucks and I repack all my cylinders !
  4. We are going to go for it ppe is very challenging to find for the employees ! I figure roll the dice at worst gay Inslee will shut us down !
  5. What is your plan for safety for workers and customers ?
  6. Most of those hitches are pretty sketchy !
  7. I'm pondering taking a year off ! All the rules and regulations and how stupid people are a u pick is out window 😡
  8. I'm going with 13500 per acre double ears make $
  9. Well could be worse are little Chev Colorado saved myself and the other half and dog in a head on last weekend on the cow path !
  10. SJH

    Corona virus

    School is out 4 to 6 weeks starting Monday oh crap ! I hire allot of high school kids in berry season this will be interesting !
  11. Pretty tough to find in Washington state most of them got beat to death as loggers crew buses !
  12. I'm changing my corn planter over from 30 inch rows to 40 for sweet corn .
  13. I run a hiniker field cultivator with a buster bar and a remlinger flat bar it works great and the bearings are huge !
  14. I would be interested in the fuel usage compared to a gas version ! I run a super c for my berries and some corn cultivation !
  15. **** if engine is tired depending on the hours in frame it and run it ! Did that to my 7130 the rod and main bearings are huge !
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