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  1. SJH

    Sneakin' beers

    I found a lot of those tab's a few years ago when I had to replace the water line to my shop that my dad and uncle put in before my time 😀
  2. Keep your chin up and keep going !
  3. I heard you honking finished plowing my last field today ! I was hoping to plant strawberries Saturday but it's pouring rain here but that's good for the raspberries I planted next to my house !
  4. So lately the flashers on my 7130 have been acting up and when I'd leave the field that have to kind of turn them on when I hit a bump and then start working but now I have no no headlights or flashers but I have tail lights is there a ground somewhere I missing or is the switch bad ?
  5. My neighbor had one of those and it turned into a 7810 John Deere really fast !
  6. All my berries look great and I guess on a decision I might regret planting silage corn !
  7. I would grab it but I still use those for cultivating berries
  8. Hi horn Honker a guy north of me and south of where you got the McCormick went robotic his cows production went up 10 pounds a cow from the gossip I was told ?
  9. I find it amazing when a guy is trying to save money the odd things crap out that happens to me all the time !
  10. Find a two wheel drive f150 or 250 and do body swap cheaper in the long run.
  11. Find a two wheel drive f150 or 250 and do body swap cheaper in the long run.
  12. The other half backed into my disc 😁 wanted to buy her a new tail light for Christmas oh man Chevy Colorado tail lights are spendy ! Don't worry it was still my falt ! LoL
  13. That's why I stayed home to watch the dog and prune raspberries !
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