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  1. Reading this makes me hungry 🤣
  2. I would question the quality of parts used at this point !
  3. So I planted a 110 acres of yamhill soft white winter wheat the next dry spell I'm going to put some fertilizer on it . It's going to be interesting on what I do with it round bale or combine it and big straw bales . What are you're guys thoughts 🤔
  4. A neighbor is selling their house across the road from my farm the potential buyer must be a Karen !
  5. Today I had a real estate agent trying to pressure me to say what I apply on my crops and when because the person looking at the house was Well 🤣 ! We just kept repeating the facts we're a conventional family farm we use pesticides !!!
  6. Best places to fish was down river of slaughter houses according to my dad !
  7. Most likely the ta clutch throw out bearing and pressure plate ! Pull the inspection cover and have a look .
  8. It's going to go buy soil types some of my fields will be a 100ft buffer and some will be 225ft and a sovereign nation will be put in charge of the whole thing it's a land grab no compensation and we have to pay 30 percent of the planting of native trees and brush !
  9. It's a great big slap in the face and udderly disheartening if it passes !
  10. Thanks we set them up in a different place every year !
  11. We as in she decorates the super C and 200 the 504 is the big finally !
  12. SJH

    pickup prices!

    That's exactly why I'm keeping my 97 power stroke going the amount of money for a new truck is stupid ! Probably going to buy another tractor instead honestly !
  13. SJH

    $170k !?!

    That thing reminds me of the 5088 mfd we had short wheel base rough riders !
  14. Yep it ate a valve ! My 504 did it this year !
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