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  1. SJH

    Work boots

    White's smoke jumpers , lacrosse rubber boots , but mostly Salomon hiking shoes .
  2. I would just keep it simple and run the Spike's !
  3. Check you're tire pressure and tighten up the top link a little !
  4. I stick with lacrosse because black berry thorns won't poke holes in them !
  5. That show reminds me of my early twenties when California first started taking over western washington !
  6. Speaking of auctions did you get the magnum at murphy's ?
  7. I think it's a internal problem the spool might be hanging up in the bore maybe ?
  8. At that point I would make sure the fuel shut off solenoid is functioning properly !
  9. make sure the accumulators are charged to the proper pressure ! That helped mine but it still does goofy stuff once and a while and that was after the dealership went through the transmission control valve .
  10. Tomorrow I will send you picture of how a Norwegian did a simple fix for shifting on a 684 !
  11. It takes a allot of money up front just to farm without help it took me 10 years to make a bullet proof amount of money to come back to the farm most people don't want to get that financially invested !
  12. Mine started around the same time I figure I'm going for the platnum blonde ?
  13. Dealing with anybody In the farm bureau that's a good choice !
  14. SJH

    IH GEAR.COM ??

    Great hats and mudflaps !!! Almost time for more hats .
  15. SJH

    8930 MFD

    That's funny I just cleaned my 7130 up today and put it in the shed to prep it for paint !
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