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  1. I run a hiniker field cultivator with a buster bar and a remlinger flat bar it works great and the bearings are huge !
  2. I would be interested in the fuel usage compared to a gas version ! I run a super c for my berries and some corn cultivation !
  3. **** if engine is tired depending on the hours in frame it and run it ! Did that to my 7130 the rod and main bearings are huge !
  4. You wanted me to share them!
  5. I hope when you honked thru you enjoyed the tractors 😂
  6. Yeah tough deal in early August in mutual agreement we spent almost 5 k for surgery for the fur baby for a corn cob !
  7. The way things went on my place this year that might be a thing of the past !
  8. To much whining and it's on there lack of communication everything is last minute sorry had to vent !!!!
  9. That's why when the local tavern turned into a pub I quit going out for a beer !
  10. SJH

    Jessi Combs

    That's a sad end for a young person !
  11. SJH


    I just bought a 1500 lumen Bushnell flashlight at Walmart rechargable batteries and it came with chargers for both in the house and truck so far so good !
  12. SJH


    I got three days out of it and tonight hmm they don't like spot lights !
  13. SJH


    Tonight I had the cannon going blasted when I could see the cows ears on the fence line over the black berries ! I thought I was winning but kept hearing the clink of antlers so I aimed the cannon in that direction for a bit and it got quiet so loaded up everything go home . But then I got suspicious and drove into a fallow field next door and Bam 20 plus bull elk ! Oh boy it like dukes of Hazzard the 7.3 woke up it took 12 time's to turn them away from the corn field and the fallow field was only 16 acres 😀
  14. SJH


    I just got my propane cannon this afternoon and I just got home man it makes 270 sound like a fire cracker ! I'm pretty sure the neighbors are going to be pissed and in 3 more hours I will start all over again !!!
  15. SJH


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