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  1. Read it all and totally concur, I grew up on the farm (Northern IA and So. MN) in those days and that's exactly how we had it! best, randy
  2. Chuckle, I graduated from Okabena H.S. in 1951. best, randy
  3. Yup, "heavy on" that last fuel! Like jet fuel in a R-1820 engine. best, randy
  4. Chuckle, guess it was a cloudy day out there in Highmore, how's about Ree Heights? Separate thought just occurred to me as I was looking again at those photos, wonder if anyone noted that the 29 didn't have nosewheel steering, they had to get to the 50 (which many people can't tell from a 29 just looking) for that. And I see that Dutch Van Kirk signed that map, great guys, I'd re-qualified Paul Tibbetts in FIFI many years ago. best, randy
  5. Anyone wanna mention the rudder? best, randy
  6. "909"' was a B-17. "Witchcraft" is their B-24. Our two B-17s in the CAF are "Texas Raiders" and "Sentimental Journey". Re others, "FIFI" is the CAF's B-29 (tail #44-62070 that I'd ferried back home to Harlingen in 1971) named for Vic Agather's wife Josefine. "DOC" is the latest B-29 restoration (based in Wichita) which I'd found out in Inyokern, California at China Lake NAS, the Randolph AFB ID # on FIFI's rudder was #37 (they'd had it until they'd given a bunch of their obsolesent airplanes to the USN to use as targets).
  7. Chuckle - and I got an E-mail sent earlier today to all the CAF guys to NOT talk/discuss at all about Bob's "909". General thrust of it seemed to be not to indulge in "idle speculation". best, randy
  8. Sigh - - concur! best, randy
  9. Chuckle, concur. Also, this whole conversation made me recall a l--o-n-g time ago. Must'a been about the time when dad was first switched from horses to tractors, IIRC one of the barrels containing fuel that we used was "tractorgas". Dimly recall it, that stuff must'a been little more that kerosene re the octane? best, randy
  10. Chuckle - of a certainty! Pink colored gas, green colored gas, purple colored gas or mo-gas, mox nix! Did it all the time. best, randy
  11. Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Av-gas (80/86, 91/96, 100/130, 115/145), it'll all burn, makes no difference! Just don't put any jet fuel (kerosene) JP-4, etc.) in there. best, randy
  12. On our airline (North Central) our Station Agent at CMX (Houghton-Hancock) was a "yooper". best, randy
  13. Mmmmmmmmh, concur. And the thought just now occurred to me, gonnna be up in "Dilute" next month for our annual computer forum's (Avsig) get together and realized that I need to go past to see if I can find that old former manufacturing place. best, randy
  14. THAT'S the name that I always knew the company by. Or "Diamond Caulk" Horseshoe????????? best, randy
  15. Randy Sohn


    Good chum's daughter was flying one of those F-16s, concur. best, randy
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