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  1. Dunno 'bout that, but at home my dad always told me that GOATS would eat anything. best, randy
  2. Concur!!!!!!!!! Did'ju know that Lecil was a on a B-29 crew in his former life? best, randy
  3. CONCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  4. Concur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  5. Remember well those Wisconsin V-4 air cooled engines on the red/yellow New Holland balers. Also recall the IH engines but they were on the combines in my memories, small square gas tanks. best, randy
  6. Seems like I worked for the "Peter J. Sweitzer Co". stacking flax straw bales. B-i-g stacks, IIRC at Brewster and Windom, MN.
  7. Yup, chuckle, saw it this AM! best, randy
  8. Ernest had been a Navigator (or some crewmember like that) on B-29s. Took him along with me on a flight or two in the B-29 down in the Valley at the CAF when we first got it. Great guy. best, randy
  9. Chuckle, that Lone Star beer looks good also. best, randy
  10. Jerry Clower - all the way from Yazoo City in Mississipppi's delta! best, randy
  11. Randy Sohn


    Yup, caused me to remember Clyde King at Lake Park, Iowa so many years ago! Sharpening plowshares. best, randy
  12. When I was growing up on the farm at Lake Park, IA we used to feed/fatten steers and then truck them to market at the Sioux City stockyards. We also bought replacement steers there from the "sandhills" of Nebraska. best, randy
  13. Ah-so, well, I'd pretty much thought so, thanks for the answer! Our neighbor on the farm had one and I can remember looking at the oval side exhaust and grey paint compared to the our F-20. That was all a l-o-n-g time before I left to enlist into the USAF and found chums down at Rolling Fork and Anguilla and the gin and such in the CAF. best, randy
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