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  1. Yup, only problema is that 4 of those R-3350s on that Mars get really thirsty! best, randy
  2. Guess'ya could fish even closer with a Grumman Widegon <g>. best, randy
  3. Look's'ta me like storage! Close nose to nose stuff. Although I sure dunno what that PBY Cat's doing in there! Or that Douglas B-23, used to be one over in Green Bay (GRB). Favorite? Varies, prolly the 747. Tho sure not the DC-10. best, randy
  4. Ummmmm, just seems to be my hearing. Just over 6,000 T/Os and L's in that 2600 hours in B-25s. We entered in the Form 781-1 (logbook) the number of SL's and L's (supervised landings and demonstrated landings) so that's the reason that I can know. We pretty much instructed with the handheld mic IIRC, except when we had to drop it to grab the controls and recover one. Had tried a throat mic a few times but wasn't happy with that at all. Reese AFB (at Lubbock, TX) and Hobbs. Come to think of it now tho, the DC-3s prolly didn't help. The VA has furnished me with two (in the ear) hearing aids but I honestly don't believe that they've helped. best, randy
  5. Chuckle chuckle, try 2600 hours of instructing in B-25s! best, randy
  6. Guess that another vivid memory was seeing a county/township??? rotary snowplow come past. Wow!!!!! best, randy
  7. Guess THAT made me recall the most vivid memory, a #12 scoopshovel!!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  8. Ah-so, copy-copy! Dad came from Primghar or Paulina, his dad from Germany. Growing up south of Lake Park we always figured that the Clay Co. fair at Spencer must be the biggest thing in the world. best, randy
  9. And now that I recall more, we had a couple of Dutch farm neighbors on our schoolbus ride/route (early 40s) to Excelsior School south of Lake Park, IIRC we referred to them as "Hollanders"? best, randy
  10. Wow! That's the name that I was tryin' to think of! That was a big deal to go to when I was growing up. best, randy
  11. This whole thread made me recall many years ago (circa early 40s) on our farm in Dickenson Co, Lake Park, Iowa when dad called to me to "Quick, come look out the window at the snow plow coming past to clear the road (gravel), that must be the counties's new rotary that I heard they were gonna get". best, randy
  12. Ah-so on Ocheydan. I grew up just a few miles south of Lake Park. And look's'ta me like you're over there in the corner of the state not too far from where we drove trucks thru Sibley to the SUX stockyards. And now that I recall those days, seems to me like there was a big festival at Orange City every year? Changing the subject here to the WX, snowing again here up in the Cities, not a lot of wind. best, randy
  13. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  14. 25 miles SE of FSD must not be too far from my B-I-L's farm at Ocheydan. best, randy
  15. Yup, can't recall ever having to dump from the 74 but knew well where I'd go to dump, sure would hate to be that Deltoid captain having to 'splain dumping over all those endless populated areas/suburbs when appoaching and landing to the west at LAX. best, randy
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