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  1. Took a DC-3 up there once in the 60s, chartered load of fishermen, I believe? best, randy
  2. Yeah, in the local vernacular, "Uff-Dah!" best, randy
  3. Not too sure where Avon is but I used to go down many times and see a couple of chums from the Confederate Air Force, Dudley Johnson and "Buck" Rodgers at Rolling Fork. Had a green Bell P-63 King Cobra. And used to be an Air Force base at Greenville, MS. best, randy
  4. In the days of my youth , used to stack flax straw bales for Archie-Daniels Midland at Brewster, MN. best, randy
  5. Good grief, I lose track, when I was still on active duty with the USAF I was stationed at Offutt AFB in Nebraska at one time. Can recall w-a-y up at the far end of the inactive runway 03 (nearest to Bellevue) SAC had several airplanes parked up there and recall once taking a photo while standing near one, a parked B-36. Must be that one that's now at their SAC museum since an overhead photo here on this computer doesn't show anything there. best, randy
  6. Yeah, but that effort to get a Peacemaker" restored fell apart, w-a-y bigger effort than they'd realized at the beginning. best, randy
  7. Mmmmmmmmhm, interesting, try'n to recall what we shot while qualifying with the 30 cal. and the .45s back when I went to USAF Basic and later when I was was in Aviation Cadets, mid fifties. best, randy
  8. Chuckle, prolly 250 knots indicated. best, randy
  9. Chuckle, chuckle, we used to do that a lot, I (now ) forget the name of it but we used to do it a lot trying to set off the ADIZ penetration alarms. "Terrain hugging" comes to mind. best, randy
  10. Head shakin' mode some more! ALL aircraft civil/government/whatever using the airways system have T/sponders. best, randy
  11. Head shakin' mode here, depends upon setting the transponder! best, randy
  12. Iz'zat why it seemed so dim in my past - no wonder it makes sense why now! best, randy
  13. Dunno for sure but have you looked at Mills Fleet Farm? best, randy
  14. Dimly/dimly/dimly seem to recall a couple in my youth? best, randy
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