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  1. Anyone buy this truck/commercial?

    Concur! best, randy
  2. A "fill your pants" flight

    I can! So, "close that f-------g door so we don't have to listen to it , we're busy up here"! best, randy
  3. A "fill your pants" flight

    You sure about that "retired"? best, randy ("former - or - ex USAF", not "retired USAF")
  4. tractor ride

    Ah-so, now on that last one (white paint) the left tire's tread is "mo-bettah". <g> best, randy
  5. For crying out loud---------!!

    Like I said to my wife earlier today - "Please tell me that it's already the latter part of April". best, randy
  6. RIP and God Bless Her Soul

    Concur! Best, Randy
  7. Lesuer MN swap meet

    Mmmmmm, better known as the home of H H Hornblower. best, randy
  8. Lesuer MN swap meet

    When is LeSuer? best, randy
  9. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    Chuckle, the MSP airprort was closed for several hours yesterday, all back to normal now. best, randy
  10. April 14, 2018 Blizzard

    Chuckle, used to overnight there at Hougton-Hancock a lot duing my North Central Airlines days. The CMX Station Manager took me along one overday to some great little cafe there. Still have a photo of one of our DC-3s in between two snowbanks there, snow as high as the cockpit windows on that photo. best, randy
  11. Wife farming money! 😃

    Try'na think back to what we always callled it at home - "Egg money"? best, randy
  12. Wife farming money! 😃

    "NS, L". best, randy
  13. Wife farming money! 😃

    Chuckle-chuckle, yup! IIRC, there once was a counry song about "the cold hard facts of life". best, randy
  14. Friday the 13th weather :-(

    "Standby One". best, randy
  15. Forum issues again

    Mismo! best, randy