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  1. Randy Sohn

    Wow, 28 years already...

    And I went the other way with 74s, DC-10s to Europe and mideast. best, randy
  2. Randy Sohn


    Chuckle, same-oh ('cept read 40s). best, randy
  3. Randy Sohn


    The "Tulip Festival". Originally from Lake Park. best, randy (not Arnold's Park and Okiboji, just nearby)
  4. Randy Sohn

    Is This Torque or Horsepower at Work?

    Chuckle, CONCUR! best, randy
  5. Cuidado, chum. I simply don't know but got to wondering if possibly some classmate (not female) of hers is gonna be pulling there at that event? best, randy
  6. Randy Sohn

    Glass of Milk taste good once in awhile

    Mmmmmmm, really? Never drank it! Looking back - too much of my time in my youth sitting on a milkstool with a galvanized bucket between my knees getting swatted by some milkcow's s----y tail. Lotta years ago - nada mas! best, randy
  7. Randy Sohn

    Shooting down a drone

    'Fraid that "in range" of a shotgun's blast pattern/effect is pretty close! best, randy
  8. Randy Sohn

    Shooting down a drone

    Concur!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  9. Randy Sohn

    Opinion on saying.

    Prolly varies by location, I dunno. In No. Iowa/So.Minnesota it was always - "were'ya BORN in a barn?" best, randy
  10. Randy Sohn

    Not a good day to be an Oscar Meyer wiener

    Same for me at MSN, tho I only recall there being one, guess I forget. best, randy
  11. Randy Sohn

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Not too far from Lorenzo, huh? And yup, defoliating was a big source of income for them. best, randy
  12. Randy Sohn

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    Chuckle, I easily solved THAT problem! best, randy
  13. Randy Sohn

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Chuckle - and on the Idalou Hiway (and still on the Caprock or High Plains). best, randy
  14. Randy Sohn

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Chuckle, yup, can still in my mind's eye hear, used to spend a lotta time with when I'd go down there to get the Bell P-63 King Cobra, had a unit in the CAF (chums of mine) from LaFayette, LA. Went down there for crawfish boils. Anyone interested could prolly "google" it. best, randy
  15. Randy Sohn

    For Randy Sohn and the fly-boys

    Yup, I always had good luck while overturning RPMs on those W-670 Continentalsl best, randy