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  1. Randy Sohn

    Anybody using LEDs like this?

    If they're that white bright like the newer autos I meet on the road, would like to see them made illegal! best, randy
  2. Randy Sohn

    Mark Levin

    Was great tonight. (16MAR19) best, randy
  3. Randy Sohn

    New Zealand

    Concur, same here! best, randy
  4. Randy Sohn

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rode her bike to work today

    Same-oh here. best, randy
  5. Randy Sohn

    Today's Happenings

    Made me think w-a-y back to the 1952 Chevy 6400 2 ton (174" W/B) we had when I was growing up on the farm near Lake Park, Iowa. 8.25X20s all the way around, 10 plies. Some used 9.00s. best, randy
  6. Randy Sohn

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    Quidado, mi amigo!!!!!!!!! I - it - didn't say "experience in THAT model", said TOTAL experience! best, randy
  7. Randy Sohn

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rode her bike to work today

    CONCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  8. Randy Sohn

    Boeing 737 Max 8

    Same here. I don't recall ever flying with a co-pilot that didn't have in the thousands of hours, look's'ta me like now some can't even read the (in English) instructions! Plus some politicians just have to offer their opinion - even if they have no idea! best, randy
  9. Randy Sohn

    More Scenic Nebraska

    Yup, twisted wires. best, randy
  10. Randy Sohn

    More Scenic Nebraska

    That snowfence photo made me recall something from l-o-n-g ago, the snowfences along #9 across northern Iowa and/or those along #16 in southern Minnesota. best, randy
  11. Randy Sohn

    Alexandria Ocasio Cortez rode her bike to work today

    Concur, same-oh here for Miss Milbrath! best, randy
  12. Randy Sohn

    And we complain about the winter.....

    Ya know, I wuz just thinkin'/remembering about that blizzard/deal and remembered listening on our farm at Lake Park, Iowa to the radio (Geo. B. Germain "The traveling reporter", WNAX-Yankton) about it. Still can recall them telling of C-119s dropping hay bales to stranded cattle. I don't recall any mention of B-25s doing it, be awfully hard to do it from one of them or to carry enough hay to make it worthwhile but the Fairchild C-119 sure would, made to haul cargo and a large door opening at the fuselage's rear end. But it sure seemed to be a desperate mess/time and they sure used desperate measures. best, randy (haven't been able to watch that video yet, no audio)
  13. Randy Sohn

    Photos from the Nebraska sand hills yesterday

    The "sandhills" were where our feeder calves came from when I was growing up on the farm at Lake Park, Iowa. They'd passed through Wagner, Garrison & Abbott (commission firm) at the stockyards in SUX, we fed them until fat steers and then - back to SUX for sale. best, randy
  14. Randy Sohn

    Airplane guys, recognize this part?

    Lifevest (called'em "Mae-Wests"), used to wear them all the time during our annual ditching drills on the rafts. best, randy
  15. Randy Sohn

    Airplane guys, recognize this part?

    Dunno for sure but I'd guess cowlings/manifolds for some radial engine. best, randy