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  1. Chuckle, reading all this thread made me reminisce back to those days when I used to go down to Rolling Fork/Anguilla to fly my chum's (Dudley Johnston/"Buck" Rodgers) P-63 King Cobra and take it down to Harlingen for our annual Confederate Air .Force airshow. Buck and Dudley had their dusting operation (Ag Cats) at Rolling Fork's airport and Buck also had that cotton gin there. best, randy
  2. Chuckle, those places I'd mentioned were long before the DC-3/Convair/DC-9 days at NOR, was in a 46 Chevy coupe that my uncle was driving. But, now that you mention it, yup, concur. If we count those days at Watertank and all those other airline places, sure added a lot! We just talked at noon today about those apple dumplings that the co-pilot would run into the HON terminal to get 3 of for us when we passed through there in the mornings! Yum! (MOT, BIS, HON, MHE, FSD, YKN, SUX, OFK, OMA, MKC) best, randy
  3. RE your - "Location:N.E. South Dakota (half way between Henry and Raymond)" Been to Ree Heights, Huron, Mitchell, Brookings and up in the State Capitol building at Pierre. best, randy
  4. Chuckle, yup! T'wuz 18 in our high school graduating (1951, Okabena, MN) class. best, randy
  5. DD, color me likewise, guess that I'll ask at our regular retired's breakfast next Tuesday AM. Anyhow also, thinking back, IIRC, we had an altitude limitation of 45,100' on our 747s. best, randy
  6. Randy Sohn

    Broken H

    Guess somebody didn't check the H's anti-freeze for it's freeze level before storing it, huh? best, randy
  7. I sure dunno about that "bloating", wonder if'n there might be a vet on here that could tell us? I do recall my dad having to call "Doc" McCausland to come out from town a few times, dunno if it was about bloat or not. I do recall my dad having what they called a "trocar" (knife within a metal sheaf" for doing what Mike described above. best, randy
  8. CONCUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best, randy
  9. Concur, also I can remember when we called them "separators". best, randy
  10. Chuckle, we had one for display down at the Confederate Air Force hangar at Mercedes, TX (we had a little sign near it, called it the "Lee" Continental <g>. best, randy
  11. Concur! Guess that I pretty much have a "ho hum" attitude about aircraft (we went close to a million pounds on the 747 for takeoffs) but railroad engines have always fascinated me. Even that small loco kept in the Rock Island roundhouse at Lake Park, Iowa when I was growing up on the farm. (Try'n now to remember now what they called it - "Mudhen?????) best, randy
  12. I'd always thought it was a 4-8-8-4, now I dunno. Thinking back, when I was first hired at North Central I can remember flying DC-3s over the D, M and IR yards/activities near Proctor when landing at Duluth. That was the summer of 1960 and I don't recall seeing anymore of that in the succeeding years. best, randy
  13. Concur, wouldn't around here either!
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