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    The old tractors in my brother's and my collection currently include a '49 Farmall M, '51 Farmall H, '48 John Deere A, '48 John Deere GW, '51 John Deere G, and a '47 MM UTU. We show 'em a lot and pull 'em a little

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  1. Wow, quite a display alright, you would think it was one of those John Deere mega-dealers lot.....sure has to be a lot of money tied up in inventories like that. JD, do you think there's a market for all that equipment in your area?
  2. Uh, I'm not sure it's a single tree...I'd guess it's the whiffle tree or neck yoke that goes on the front end of the implement pull tongue and you fasten each horses collar to it with a snap. Hitched this way it holds the tongue up to about front shoulder level of the horses
  3. First tractor job I had when I was nearly 8 years old "summer of 42" was driving a nearly new John Deere B pulling a hay wagon/flat rack and a New Idea loader in the fields loading loose hay. The tractor had the rear wheels slid wide and the drawbar angled so the hay windrow went between the front two wheels and the rear wheel on that side then under the wagon to the loader pulled behind it that brought it up and over into the rear of the wagon over a short standard. The 2 mem loading usually got the load at least 8 to 10 feet high on the 7 X 14 flat rack. Unloaded the hay at the barn or stack with the track and rope outfit and 4 tine grapple fork system pulling "drafts" of maybe each about 1/6th of the load up, off the wagon and over into the mow or stack where the forks were tripped dropping the draft and then the hay was placed and tromped down by hand.....a bad job to have to do......hot, dirty, dusty, work.
  4. Yeah, I felt that way too.....until my second day at Pinecastle AFB near Orlando, FL in 1954 and a guy brought into our barracks a 4 ft. long Diamond Back Rattler he got right behind Base HDQTRs. Thing was as big around as my arm.
  5. Nice tractor.....a real jewel, you don't see many older ones as good as that one of any color......
  6. Found a plow coulter assembly in 1951...my uncle said he had lost it off his 2 bottom John Deere plow he pulled with his Farmall H "back about 1942"...I was plowing with his W-6 McCormick Deering and No.8 Little Genius 3-14's. Uncle said he had "scoured the field" when he saw it missing, but just couldn't find it........Field had been plowed several times since the coulter I found had been lost. Guess I was plowing too deep or something.........
  7. Sure, in modern times wide front tractors are much better for most all tractor jobs, but in their time the narrow fronts were quite practical for midwestern general diversified farms because of their universal adaptability and maneuvering capability. I've got extensive experience running both type front end tractors....Super M NF, W-6 WF, John Deere GW and John Deere G NF., and 560 IH's with both front ends. In tillage work the wide front rules, and in transport duty seems much safer, but in most other jobs I still favor NFs......and they sure look sort jaunty on the bigger IH models.....Not so on John Deere's, though.....too much nose overhang.
  8. If you see Wally's Caps at a show he has some decent ones, will make you a. "Tailor Made" cap if that's maybe what you want. I don't like the new small or medium crown types either.....look cheap like most imported rubbish.
  9. Good looking American tractor, good looking American family home and place.......God Bless America!
  10. Yeah, before you can go out in public you must wrap your fists in a minimum of a 1 inch layer of approved closed cell foam plastic to render you incapable of punching out some poor ignorant offender who innocently is panhandling money for food....and essential drugs to maintain an "alternate lifestyle". Eliminate all possible weapons of offense and incidently defense too.......
  11. It's an absolute horror to know that someone in our education system can spew language like that anywhere, God forbid in our schools of learning. It shows the communist efforts of decades ago are presently yielding opinions expressed in a filthy manner that we cannot forbid still to this day.....Radical efforts to further degrade our society........
  12. Congratulations, and I hope there are many more in your future.
  13. Good looking outfit, my brothers and I have the same rig....fun to plow with, those M's can really handle 3-14's real good as long as they are in good shape. Those M's helped pay for a lot of farms in their day and their day lasted several years. The "Standard" by which others were judged.
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