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  1. metamora farmall

    Prayers requested

    Prayers for your daughter and your family.
  2. metamora farmall

    Bitty and Tjoker are getting older today!

    Happy Birthday to everyone
  3. metamora farmall

    Hauled in 18.5 ton boulder for grave stone

    My condolences. Great idea for a grave stone. Hopefully it will make some think about it.
  4. Happy Birthd guys. Have a great day.
  5. metamora farmall

    Tom's a hero

    Sounds like a great guy. Glad to hear they are all alive. Great job Fish.
  6. metamora farmall

    Runner where abouts

    Hope you feel better soon. Are your nurses (harem) taking good care of you.
  7. metamora farmall

    Finished my work for the day

    That's showing your son how to be a good father later in life. Work comes first then family fun.
  8. metamora farmall

    #3 potato planter

    Looks like they took a pipe cut it full length and rolled the metal.
  9. metamora farmall

    Mark Levin

    Some on here need to really watch this.
  10. metamora farmall

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  11. metamora farmall

    prayer request

    Thoughts and prayers
  12. metamora farmall

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  13. metamora farmall

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday guys.
  14. metamora farmall


    I'm posting this for jingles 1928
  15. metamora farmall

    Happy birthday, Wi IH, Bgriffin 856

    Happy Birthday