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  1. metamora farmall


    Great pictures. You and the ladies do a great job.
  2. metamora farmall

    45 years ago

    Congratulations Bill!
  3. metamora farmall

    Introduction and questions about IH trucks

    Welcome to the group. You might want to post this in the coffee shop also.
  4. metamora farmall

    Wire Harness Late H

    Agri services. Best one out there.
  5. metamora farmall

    Happy birthday,SD6788,TheIHman

    Happy Birthday
  6. metamora farmall

    Sunday Gunday

    Great job. Now they may have a better understanding of guns.
  7. metamora farmall

    Tractor Show Today

    Great looking show. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
  8. metamora farmall

    tractor time at the local fair

    Good job Bill. Glad you got third with an actual stock tractor.
  9. metamora farmall

    Life in Alaska

    Congratulations on your first sale. Now to start clearing more ground so you can plant more.
  10. metamora farmall

    Liver & Onions

    Love liver and onions. Thin or thick its the best supper there is.
  11. metamora farmall

    Happy Birthday,Alex UK,NOSIH,The Dukester

    Happy Birthday, have a great day.
  12. metamora farmall

    706 Project Finishing

    That looks great. Nice job