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  1. Wouldn't the tag denote it as a 2544 model as well?
  2. Guessing this is the one: https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/grd/d/mequon-international-3688/6975151835.html
  3. Love all of the small details, down to the part number on the quick hitch. Superb!
  4. Don't know that I can say I found them, more they found me. Got a text out of the blue from a guy in Kansas who remembered me looking for them. He decided to let them go as he was never going to use or mount them. My lucky day! Looked and looked for years. Have been fortunate to find three in the last 45 days and four overall in the last 8 months.
  5. Starting to get them cleaned up. One is done, the other needs to be blown apart to clear out the grease and grime. It's soaking now with the Hope's of getting it apart when I get back to it.
  6. I doubt I will have the opportunity to duplicate this haul ever again. Well worth the 525 mile round trip hike. Can't wait to power wash them and get them mounted up.
  7. Was browsing around this evening and came across a sale bill with these two units. Not quite sure what to thing about them. Nice belly tank on the 1568 though. More pictures in the link below: http://www.maringauction.com/auction/347774/collector-tractor-collectible-auction-for-lowell-marlene-klinepier-estate/
  8. The 20th 856 off the line is supposedly for sale: https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/grd/d/rochester-international-856/6911467041.html Side note to Aaron: I just picked up the 1256 twin to your 856.
  9. Next time you want to show some tractor porn like this, at least warn us and tag the thread not safe for work. That last set is stellar!
  10. Not much dust flying up there! Looks like a breezy day on the 14. How many acres will you cover on that rig ahead of the planter? It would be fun to put some hours on.
  11. Nice looking load. Always a bonus using someone else's Bobcat as a bug shield.
  12. I wouldn't either. Original paint? Looks very good if so. Only original once. Buff it up and be proud, she looks great! Find some of the detail pieces like alternator shield, PTO shield, seat shield, battery covers and it will pop all the more. Nice job with what you've done.
  13. Good deal! This for #20? What are the odds one guy sells two quick hitches that will end up on two of the first 20 1456s?
  14. Not at the moment. One sold yesterday on Big Iron for $750 that had been torched in spots. I bought the one on the left in the photo above and the owner wanted to keep the other for his 1206. Keep an eye out; you'll find one sooner or later.
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