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  1. Beautiful truck! I am not sure I am ready to wet sand, but have had good luck with Meguiars on my vehicles as well. May pick up some polish and see what that will do with the buffing wheel. I appreciate the ideas and feedback!
  2. Yeah, they are. These (and the rest of the tractor) will never look as nice as #20!. Been thinking about you and trying to keep everything somewhat original. Working on these while the tractor is torn down for some rear end work and rewiring to avoid a future shed fire.
  3. Thanks for the comments all, I did think they turned out well. I was hoping for a way to work smarter, but it sounds like there is no replacement for elbow grease.
  4. These hoods started in poor shape, having sat on a stuck tractor outside for 8 plus years near a bunch of pine trees in northern Minnesota. I am not a paint or body guy, and spent quite a few hours buffing by hand to get the big pieces, and then followed up with a buffing wheel to finish them up. I don't know that I can push them much further, as I don't want to burn through the paint. They will end up back on the '69 1456 they were pulled from. After all this, I was curious what you folks use as far as products or methods to bring old paint back. I'd like to think there is an easier
  5. I'm probably one of the weird ones that pulls fenders to put these old cabs back on. It probably makes a difference that I don't make a living getting in and out of one every day. I picked this one up to put on my 1967 model 1256.
  6. Yep, my one and only. May be that way for a while...the new shed in the background is already full. You paint a vivid picture about neighbors... several honks when these few pictures were taken. I’ve also come to find as everyone has always said, they sure have a sound all of their own. I hope to be a good caretaker of it and don't see changing much of anything. I'm not much for chrome straight pipes, and may try to track down an original. Too nice to change much else up on it.
  7. Thanks for the comments. Will have to work on a video somehow. The paint has been touched up in a few spots, but best I can tell it's original. The only way I know to tell if a Coleman could have been installed at the factory is the AWD emblem on the dash cowling as Dale pointed out. Granted this surely could have been done after the fact as well. Would be neat to know how many are out there wandering around. I appreciate the tip on the new boots not being the best. Abilene Machine lists them for 100 bucks so they aren't cheap. Not sure what to do there now. The tractor won't
  8. I bought this in October and believe I'm the third owner from what I've learned. Sold new in St John, Washington at St John Hardware & Implement, which i see is still open today. I was told it lived its working life in Alberta pulling a 60' harrow. A jockey got hold of it in 2017 and sent it through a Mecum auction after which it briefly ended up in Wisconsin. It is atypical of rigs around here having a swinging drawbar, Coleman, and long axles. It's in fairly good shape as it sits. 7240 hours on original working tach, Solar turbo, believed to be factory AWD. Front axle is tight
  9. If I ever get out to Washington, I owe you a cold one. This was the last model I needed to have all five of the demonstrators represented. I appreciate that it's so different from most I've seen. Have drug them home from coast to coast and points in between. Thanks for the history you were able to find and share. The story is always fascinating. It sounds like Eastern Washington has been good to me of late. I bought this 1206 that sold new in St John earlier this year. Would be cool to learn where the 656 came from after being demonstrated.
  10. Don't believe so. Guessing the top plates are different?
  11. Good eye. Mounting plates not in the picture.
  12. Thought I'd share an update. Your last comment about the narrow front 656 going to Kansas left me with a phone call to make. Ended up getting lucky after making it. The tractor followed me home yesterday. It is tucked away today with lovely rain and snow falling, so the pictures aren't the best. The engine runs very well. Poor starter as the glow plug wiring is a mess. Pop a charger on them and it fires right up. Hydro needs to be gone through as expected. Different looking tractor in this neck of the woods.
  13. I picked this up an an auction years ago and it sat around without a home until now. My brother made up a frame for it out of scrap from my late father-in-law's corn crib that was demolished last year. Put it on the wall in the new shop and like how it turned out. No idea as to its origins, and never seen another quite like it.
  14. It has gotten accustomed to not having white winters, and will stay there for one more. The goal is to finish buttoning up the cab and some other odds and ends next spring, hang and plumb the belly tank, and take it to the field to work out any last bugs before dragging it home. It is night and day different from what we started with.
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