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  1. Repainted hood skirts, New and refurbished emblems installed. The hoods were really rough, so they got sanded quick and will likely be wet sanded again next trip. Helped bring back a bit of the red buried underneath. Hope to wrap it up come spring and get the cab on it.
  2. Replaced the blown out hydraulic breakaways with a new set, finished off the steering with a new wheel, replaced the slide shims, and cap. Couldn't find a good 56 series hydraulic seat to replace my blown out cushion set, but was able to find one out of a 1566 cab tractor that I painted. The color is a bit off, but is vinyl paint and will work out for what I need it to do.
  3. Another go at it. Was leaking oil from the rear main seal, so while that was being replaced, a new clutch, IPTO gear, pressure plate went in, and had the flywheel resurfaced. The IPTO gear was ragged, and the clutch pads worn down to the bolts. Amazing that it showed no signs for as worn down as everything was. Had another slight oil leak from the head gasket, so that was retorqued and seems to have stopped the leak for the time being.
  4. My gold demo and early 69 model currently getting some attention.
  5. The tractor is 1 of 59 built, and is the same one you posted but with a different seller now. It found a new home temporarily the way it looks. I saved a picture from the first time it was sold. Note the patina in several areas, rear wheels, tires, and weights, paint spots on the muffler, and the extra light mounted above the stock cab lights. Same machine when put back together with the original rear end.
  6. Rick, I gave $160 for mine when it came out at the dealer. I don't keep receipts, but log everything for insurance reasons. The box should have a date on it I would think. Will double check mine tonight.
  7. My work in progress. Needs a lot of love yet. 1967 model.
  8. All with the same owners. They have all models of the industrials, and a pair of 21456s. Neat folks to talk with. They were used in Kansas with wildlife and fisheries contracts. They could not use red machines, so bought these to use back in the day. A treat to see one in person.
  9. Knocked it all down yesterday, and like clockwork, turned the 10% chance of rain today into 100%.
  10. Been at it a bit more of late. Had the injection pump redone, a new dampener pulley, and seal. Had a recored radiator done up and all new hoses and different uncut fan shroud. Rebuilt the steering bolster and added a rebuilt clutch assist. Completely rewired, replaced the fuel, air filter, and oil pressure gauges, and added a factory horn. New fuel float and tach drive cable Freed up and replaced some broken three point linkages, cab style PTO lever, and added an HD drawbar. The tilt steering is rebushed and tight again. The hydraulic seat has been rebushed, resealed, and had a different accumulator put in. New turbo rings and exhaust elbow done. Brake seals and booster are rebuilt. After all that, we stabbed on some temporary sheet metal and a seat and took it to disk up some ground. That went well and revealed a weak hitch pump, which we then replaced. The rear main seal leaks, and will lead to a split for that and clutch work at the same time, although it seemed to be fine. The TA held, turbo checked out, and everything else hung together. One oddity relates to what appears to be oil leaking from the head gasket on the front left side of the engine above the oil cooler. Have seen this happen with coolant, but never oil. Unsure if the head needs to be retorqued, or come off for a deeper look and replacement. Any thoughts from the experts?
  11. Final walk-around courtesy of Long Farms. I have an extra set of sheet metal that will get painted gold when I get it back home. Outside of a cab kit, it's done! It's been slow, but come a long way from the beginning. Many thanks to Brian for all of his help.
  12. I have one, as does dad. The gold demo is a work in progress that I have several goodies to hang on yet. Both are used regularly. About time to knock first cutting down, and am looking forward to it.
  13. Did get a small report from today. The 1206s hammered from $7,800 to $9,000. The gold 1456 for $14,750, and the other for $9,000.
  14. Blaine, if it finds a way to red power, I plan to be there Thursday and Friday and can drag it back to my place if you aren't able to make the trip. Guessing you'll have more parts here to chase after again sometime.
  15. I have a tired 826 that still wears a loader and puts in an honest day's work. Have slowly been bringing it back after it spent a large chunk of its life working a local cattle yard and didn't get the best attention. No idea how many hours, but still runs well.
  16. I have a 1456 that sold new in that part of the world, and know of another originally delivered as fender deletes. By 1970, ice cream box cabs had been replaced by diamond cabs, and were fairly expensive in relation to aftermarket. In researching, dealers in that area sold quite a few fender deletes, only to retrofit them with various aftermarket cabs at a lesser cost than a factory installed diamond cab. My 1456 wears the same platform, has rub marks on the cowling, side lights, no wiring through the cowling for a factory cab, nor was it wired for the factory turn signal assembly. Unfortunately, the bracket you still have is long gone. Neat find!
  17. The 826, 1026, and 1456 are gold demos. Have I544, F656, and I656 gold demos here too along with some others.
  18. No favorites other than whatever is running at the time getting the job done. They all bring the same smile to my face.
  19. I own one. Was sold new in St John, Washington and spent its working life in the wheat fields of Alberta in front of a large harrow. Somewhat odd being a Farmall with a swinging drawbar.
  20. A few more pictures. The 400078r2 on the face is on top of a 400078r1, and shows the differences in the arches. This becomes more important to clear dual hubs when stacking four or more circles. The 400078r2 on the back sides is often much harder to see, as the size of the numbers is much smaller and less prevalent. They can be a bear to see.
  21. About done. Lack the radio and a few decals that's about it. A world of difference from day one. May paint rhe sheetmetal back to gold one day, but enjoying the cleaned up look for now.
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