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  1. 100 percent right, if people font have the skills to pay the Bill's they should practice all year. There are way to many tool boxes out there wounding deer, and in my opinion, practice and get good or dont shoot at all
  2. I've dropped every deer hard every time I used the ar, can get the bullet right through the heard or lung ez, I've seen alot of slugs guys just mutilate deer and ruin meat or gut shoot because 50 yards is to far, I can drop a deer at 300 ez like that amd clean with the little 5.56 , and I can shoot the head of a shunk with it and it wont even spray, I love 5.56, it worked for me in iraq and still does now, but 6.5 creedmoor my new favorite
  3. Alot of special operation guys are using suppressed 300 blackouts now for more punch and quieter, I'm sure you would like it, my ar15s shoot everything from deer to skunks and it works great with all of it with 5.56
  4. I was working at a Turkey farm when I heard about how our country was attacked by people within our own country setting up one of the biggest false flag operations of all time, countless lives lost for people to gain power and more, sickening, I believed the lie and went and joined the army and spent almost 2 years in a country that had nothing to do with 911 amd had no wmds
  5. I'm pretty sure it looked like this, you can see the on the frame it has the same mark where the industrial deal bolts up to the side of the front frame rails, also has light mounts in same place and all yellow
  6. I'm wondering if it was a 2544 being all yellow and maybe someone put the panel on when it was repainted since o do not see yellow on that panel, but that's still confusing since it looks like a clear f on the serial number
  7. I would leave one with cab and one fenders then tou can enjoy different tractors not twins
  8. Cant tell what the serial number is, is there any other way to tell what year it is? Was all yellow before so I'm guessing was a county ditch mower
  9. A standard had no adjustable front and a wheatland could get adjustable if wanted
  10. Quick someone get this man a 1468 and hurry!
  11. That b is awsome love the loader, I always wanted a one arm loader for my cub to clean manure
  12. No it's the old school twine only and needs a guy better at balers than me to get it to work right
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