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  1. Mounted 86 series marker lights on, and added the deluxe cab black mouldings on the headlight eyebrows, and installed nicer side marker lights. Little things make a big difference, only now waiting on ly brother who is not usually motivated to come wire the lights up
  2. I had an appointment to get a tattoo a few weeks ago and the shop shut down due to coronavirus, otherwise I was going to get this
  3. How will this one be set up? Will it get a belly tank or quick hitch? I know they didnt come factory with one but they sure look sweet with it,
  4. The first pickup was probably built friday afternoon and the second on on a Tuesday
  5. Maybe meat in a field sit 20ft from each other in a big circle, and have megaphones. Or you can get tin cups with tight string. Or you can start a buisness that is essential and hire you buddies.
  6. Wife had to be gone all day and left we me with the 3 week old and and my other 3, the baby has been nursed the whole time so I was worried big time that she would be doing nothing but screaming since she never had a bottle before. Well she never cried 1 time, never threw up, and only 1 wet diaper, I would say that's good news for me.
  7. Wife had to drive to the twin cities to get a ct scan and a pet scan to look for cancer tumors, she was worried about going into a big hospital up in a highly populated area. When she got there she said the hospital was like a ghost town, almost no one there, nurse said they at minimal staff amd wont let anyone in unless life or death, or coronavirus.
  8. Always trying to save money and use what I got, I bought a set of 7140 magnum 3 point arms to put on the 1456, so I needed a set of arms for the 544 and I had em so on they went, I kinda like how long they are, I wont be using heavy things just rake and maybe a back blade. I will make some cam sway limiter with the original fast hitch drawbar since it's very spendy to swap it to the original sway limiter. Also got the muffler reduced and mounted with clamp under the hood
  9. I would like to see the hand clutch set up on an o6 and newer, I never seen one, was it an original option or somthing like an m&w add on?
  10. I wish I could be contributing to the earth's population during this time but sad to say I have to stop at 4 kids, and it's really sad that I got a cab on the 1456 now, or known scientifically as the penitration station
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