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  1. I truly believe is no one ever reported on durp covid and no one was told about it we never qpuld have noticed it
  2. Getting this 6hp galloway tomorrow 3 hours away
  3. Thats awsome, mammoth or mastodon. I have a mastodon tooth
  4. We also name our deer qe shoot, my big buck i named Larry because of the show impractical jokers , the one guy always runs around like crazy looking for LARRY! and I been looking for this deer for a long time,
  5. Keep the pics of the deer coming
  6. I like how the rack looks like its giving you the finger, nice buck good job
  7. I had a good day, slept in the wagon deer shack all night and this guy was sitting in a circle of 6 does, I was after him for 4 years
  8. Who do you watch things like this on? Cnn, fox msnbc? I always watch it on louder with crowder, they do fact checking on both sides, but also make it funny wich takes away stress, I suggest you try there show, its on YouTube amd blaze TV.
  9. Havnt wore a mask, my wife and kids havnt wore a mask the whole time, we don't social distance, we don't do anything different than we did before, im not worried , my 67 year old dad isn't worried, and no one else around me I know is worried
  10. Henry Jones sr. A part of my childhood died
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