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  1. I can picture a 544 with a cat 2 quick hitch, full set of weights, dual hubs , fender radio, and sitting next to a 1456 with all the same options, like an ih mini me
  2. I just had a carb done at dennys , he did great work but that 3 day GUARANTEE turned into around 3 or more weeks, and then they lied about what type of payment they take, so after a ton of messing around our bank made us the most secure bank check they could make, dennys sent it back and said they only take the less secure money orders, and there not rude anymore, cant be rude if they never talk to you at all, if they hired a polite sweet girl to run the phone there business would take off
  3. Sorry, not an ez thing to go through
  4. That's awesome, start em young, cant see but he is driving the cub in the pic
  5. You must be in good shape throwing around red iron all the time working on them
  6. I had one just like that but in worse shape, that is a real one, I sold mine for 500 bucks 10 years ago and there was a foot round circle of rust on each side over the ih and not neon left, i found it next to a river barley sticking out of the ground, i wish i would have kept it but i was more short on cash them days
  7. To see all of your tractors posing in a field at the right light would probably turn my brain to gravy then make me explode,
  8. Are them 14l 16s on them pics or 11l16s they look big, I like it, especially the diomond Goodyear's
  9. The 27th will be my first pull with it in Lafayette mn, if nothing goes wrong, I only pulled at 1 other pull in my life and it was with a farmall 300 and I got 3rd in 6500lb farmstock and i was so happy cause i beat the John deere guys and it was me and 2 farm m's, so it got the tractor pull bug in now
  10. Love the matching set of older style tires , that looks like one of your better ones for condition
  11. That looks like a great place for a couple to go on a honeymoon, looks so romantic
  12. Looks sweet, love it, matching duals would be even better
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