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  1. Not good, not worth it. A little time saved is not worth risking your life, been a few deaths last year around here, 1 a guy got out and combine creeped forward and pin him between head and combine, another is my coworkers 19 year old son didnt block up a spreader he was welding, that was a hard funeral to go to. Just dont risk it, EVER!
  2. That would be sweet if they had a intire section dedicated for this type of stuff, instead of the coffee shop it could be called somthing like the back shed, then it would be completely separate from the standard ih talk and what not.
  3. I get what your saying😉
  4. I auger corn upstairs in the grainery and mix it with oats and bale with the 1456 or 1206 wheatland, Watch "1206 ih wheatland baling with 430" on YouTube https://youtu.be/9E4S36fPyE8 Watch "Ih 1456 and 430 baler" on YouTube https://youtu.be/ZHlrWYfvRR0
  5. This is my big time operation
  6. Same thing with my 560, it's a 61, I think linkage inside is broken
  7. You will really want to get good stuff right away, I have a 430 in baler that is completely terrible and needs to have a guy who knows what hes doing go through it, also a 375 dollar haybine and a 210 swather, everything I bale with gives me grief, if.tpu spend more you want cry about it, you will enjoy the smooth day of baling
  8. Today I started with slow stretching and setting my foot on floor and slowly adding weight on it, those are all things they said to do even if the mri turns put bad, even if I need surgery I need to make my ankle strong before they would operate, so I think I could walk in a week hopefully
  9. So a bear walks into a bar and says" I would ............like a drink" the bartender says " why the large pause " Paws
  10. So a mushroom walks into a bar and asked for a drink, the bar tender said" sorry we dont serve mushrooms here" then the mushroom says " why? I'm a fungi"
  11. You can see he has wieghts in the rock box, haha, just loving life
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