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  1. I have had zero luck bow hunting so far but it is early yet, let's get some pics of your bucks does or anything hunting for this year.
  2. Dad is looking at a 2005 mx 285, has 6700 hours , new tires , looks well taken care of. It's at a dealership. What are things he should look put for and is this a good fit for him, he will use it mostly for digging and v ripping 300 acres
  3. President teddy rosavelt actually tried to pass a bill that would change the spelling of many words to how they sound to simplify them, but it didn't go through cause he was made fun of for not know how to spell very good.
  4. The platform came with. He is going to do rubber , paint rear duals white front rims red , even tho I think it should be red duals, then polish the thing up and put a rock box on it
  5. Good call, it was a factory cab and fender delete and they added a cab right away when it was new yet
  6. He finaly dosnt have to hang his head when he sees my 1456,
  7. Just get em in close for doing stuf like stalk chopping and moving wagons and what not
  8. Buddy just bought this 2700 original hour 1466. Was bought new and the owner said if it wasn't working it was in the shed. Working ac , original interior looks like new yet, hydraulic seat. Even the leveling screws on the 3 point turn easy. Owner said they never used the pto ever and didn't do many acres. He wanted a 1466 for years but was holding out for this one. Will get tires and a polish and set to 30 in rows. Also 20.8 38s.
  9. Only thing I could see is they had 23 degree tires I had 45s and his wheels were spread out a little more
  10. Mine had the same hitch and clevis and the other super c
  11. I also took the weights of the front and added some on the rear before the pull
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