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  1. Dad running at mom when the kids are outside
  2. Takes guts to be an organ doner
  3. I mean it will be 3 to 4 years before them fawns are big enough to shoot
  4. Already getting pumped for deer season this year. This will be my first year hunting deer with a bow. I have no idea why I havnt been doing it for 20 years already but I spose I never new others who did it to get me into it. In 1 year I went through 3 bows and 4 sights and 3 releases to really find what works for me and fits me. I ended with a hout ventum 33 with 80lb draw and abb strings. I ordered a spot hogg fast eddie 3 pin sight so I can have 20 30 and 40 yard pins for hunting and also the slider for out to 100 yards. Shoots 550g arrows at 293fps and a cut on contact solid broadhead. I have 3 targets and I have been going in several set ups to practice, I have a rolling 17foot stand I practice from and even the deer wagon stand. Since I have no experience I need to put myself in as many situations as possible to get ready. So far I have archery tag, the city of New ulm hunt wich is 2 tags , the camp riply hunt, slug season and probably won't do muzzle loader. Been learning alot from the show "the hunting public" and "ranch fairy" I'm sure I would have went out like an idiot not know a thing if I havnt watched so much of there stuff.
  5. Your a good husband to do this for your missis, she owes you lots snuggle time for this
  6. They have a ton of videos, Mook up matbest11x on YouTube
  7. It's works skid trailer, my gooseneck is getting a 3rd ramp made
  8. Mine with 5088 wheel castings and hubs, heavy duty drawbar cam style sway set up, and other goodies
  9. So they had 2 sleds and I was spose to pull 6500 on the small sled then 7500 and 8500 on the large, well the large sled was moving along faster so they said I needed to pull 7500 first. Well that sucked so I ran and threw 1000lbs on, then got back and they said the small sled broke, so went back and took 1000lbs off, the pulled added 1000 then pulled and added 1000. Didn't leave the track till 1130 and had a 1.5 hour drive with 4 kids and a missis. I'm tired haha
  10. Had the 560 apart for paint and also have not had it under a load since I did a bumch to it. Well a buddy said there's a pull 1.5 hours away so I hurried up and put it back together and went . I was a little worried since it wasn't tested. The thing died right away before I got hooked up and had to get pushed off. It started with starting fluid then ran. Got 2nd in 6500lb farmstock. Then pulled again and got 2nd in 7500lb, then it killed in front of the sled again and I needed to get pushed aside, it started on starting fluid and I pulled 2nd in 8500. So definitely somthing in the carb.
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