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  1. Watch "1456 ih pulling at butterfield big rig roundup 2020" on YouTube https://youtu.be/CrgtwjYIMp8
  2. I was the only one in my class with a stock drawbar and what sounded like a factory fuel and turbo setup but I wasn't last and I wasnt to far behind the guy in front so fun day for me, video to come
  3. I think I'm the only stock tractor here, alot of these tractors wouldn't plow all day
  4. I am taking the 1456, the smallest stock class is 13klbs so no 560, mostly hot stuff, i don't want to get into that hobby to spendy for this guy.i acutely enjoy pulls better when the tractors slowly creep to get feet
  5. tractor pull today in butterfield MN, anyone plan on going? I will be there.
  6. no pedal pull, kids worked there butts off training and they canceled it do to durp covid,
  7. Tractor pulling with fireworks right after the pull, what a wonderful way to enjoy freedom
  8. I've let my kids go in the bucket before, when the thing is in park at a full idle, and thats IT
  9. Have a compressed air engine that also has a air compressor built it so it wpuld fuel itself, i seen old steam engines hooked up to compressed air
  10. Getting a case threshing machine in a few weeks from a local place, now to find a place to put it
  11. I just put my m&p shield in a pocket clip holster in my hip pocket or when I'm wearing bibs right in the front pocket, I don't care if its open or the handle shows, I mostly open carry ever since the durpy riots and what not, I think its a good thing to have intire communities let each other know they carry, to prevent people from starting stuff in your area
  12. First one is my cousin, both are records in his area , the other is a buddy of mine
  13. Got it back from the taxidermy last week.
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