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  1. I just put washers in to fill the little bit of a gap that was in there on mine, still the same amount of spline as the 856 so it's strong enough. I did all this on my fake 1206 wheatland clone. Getting the old bushing out on the bottom suxxxxxxxxxxx.
  2. I live a mile from Sleepy eye, my dad actually use to work in the building that was the sleepy eye flour mill. My coke machine also was bought brand new to sit in that building and did from 1949 to the 2000s
  3. There's a turbo for this on Craigslist mn Wisconsin
  4. The problem with that is, with red flag laws a person can report someone they dont like or someone who votes for the person they dont like and then that guys rights are God as he gets screwed with, arrested, his family messed with and there a guy has to fight for his rights for no reason. I garrente that if they push these laws the one side who hates the other side will weaponize that. People who own guns to hunt will have there guns taken away because there nabor has a difernt sign out front every 4 years
  5. Would you take 171? Thats more than the one I got
  6. My wife is going to clean cloth diapers before I get rid of the belly tank haha
  7. I lucked out and got a cheap one, I look at as somthing I could always sell in the future if I need cash, till then I will enjoy it.
  8. I have a spare cover for that 544 battery
  9. I paid 170 bucks for mine haha,
  10. Won't last long for sure, if you want one and only 1 comes up for sale a year in your area, what else can you do when 300 people want the same tank
  11. This guy gets it, wifes love long axles.
  12. Might just be like that for ditch work to keep er from tipping
  13. I'm the hermit of Sleepy Eye, I dont get out much,
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