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  1. 6.5 creedmoor all the way, love that caliber and match grade ammo is cheap
  2. we were not forced to go to war with Iraq, we destroyed that country,
  3. Make sure you watch this video, its hilarious Watch "How Ford Owners Fight - Amiri King" on YouTube https://youtu.be/2eZLBKrHE_E
  4. I love it, looks mean and also a way to have a 1456 different from the rest, now ya need one with round fenders
  5. Will also be tucked into a grove at the edge with one side poking out to the field
  6. So far only spent a total of 80 bucks, not the prettiest but neither am i
  7. most people here had it before we even knew what it was and before the news started talking about it, everyone was fine. Nothing should have shut down, i am sure there are more suicides and drug overdoses from the fear of this than actual deaths,
  8. Windows will be whatever sheep I nes I get my hands on, so far the whole thing is built with spare materials amd free stuff
  9. now I can bring the kids with or just sleep in there the night before so i don't scare em away
  10. this is Zeke looking at a city he just conquered
  11. The reason so much equipment was painted grey was there was tons of battleship grey paint after ww1 and it was sold cheap to companies for equipment, after it started to run out then all the other colors slowly started showing up, I used military paint on my 1917 mogul 1hp and the paint matched almost perfect to the paint chips that were still on the engine
  12. I spose power is like boobs, to much is a good thing
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