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  1. Look at how pretty it looks when you use filters on your phone to bring out color
  2. If theres a collector that wants a part they will pay up to get it otherwise they go years without it, even for me a small time collector with just a machine shed with projects looking for belly tanks and quick hitches its tuff, had to go to canada to get my belly tank amd in 3 years inquired 2 hitches and still need 1 more hitch and 1 more tank, might be 10 years before I get the stuff bit if a guys got enough money I could see someone buying a whole tractor for a part then resell the tractor or add to there collection.
  3. I didnt mean it was real loud, just ment you can hear it, sounds about the same as the other ones around
  4. Buddy's dad got this monster, and for around here it's a monster, they own alot of land and let there deer grow, it pays off
  5. If ya take it apart dont loose that tiny spring that looks like it should be kn a click pen
  6. I had the same issue, had to use a nipco to get er going, but it would also loose when I would steer sharp, i just bought a kit amd went through mcv myself on the kitchen table wasnt that bad, then put new expensive fluid in it and on a 20 below day works perfect, its louder but that's fine with me, let's me know its working
  7. I kinda like pretty girls with big noses also, small noses are boring
  8. If it didnt have the m w stuff it probably would have went for 12k it's that little extra stuff that get people excited at auctions, I know a guy that has a pile of belly tanks and he said he wont sell em because if he sells a tractor with the tank on he can average 5k more for the tractor
  9. I think so to, rather use a 656 for parts that's less rare and fix both 544s up
  10. That's to far for me to go, cross country for an engine that needs work is to much,
  11. I shot somthing a few times with a 50.bmg but it wasnt deer
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