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  1. Hand painting the logo on the fin, still could see the original paint and filled it in. Hopefully I can get this up in a week. A buddy works for a well company and they got a 30 foot crane on one truck and a 40 on the other, he going to bring one out and help get it set when he has time
  2. Well what about an abortion when the dad don't want it done, they kill babies but protect animals.
  3. I would love to do that on my 544, 4bt turbo would be so awsome
  4. We all know Cherokee hair is the most absorbent thing for tampons
  5. So I am new to turkey hunting, always hunted deer but never turkey. So I wanted to try it with a bow to get practice for this year deer hunting since I am new to archery. My boss is a really good turkey hunter with all the gear and loves to go so he went with me to teach me what I need to know. As we were sitting there he wanted to try my bow to see how the hoyt ventum draw feels vs the mathews, well he grabs it and drew it and the thumb rest bumped his check and bam! Dry fired and blew the strings off.he was horrified and felt so bad, right away he said he wpuld pay for it. At that exact mom
  6. That's one of the meanest looking 650's I ever seen, I want one so bad, ether that or a wdr9, my dad had both years ago, the wdr9 had duels and a cab.
  7. The guy I bought it from completely rebuilt it with new bearings bolts and everything it needed . He has done a bunch of them so I am lucky there
  8. I never mounted one before, if anyone has pointers for me I wpuld appreciate it
  9. The missis grew up on a farm that had a 70+ foot superior windmill, so she always wanted one. I always wanted one also but it's alot of work. Well since the 1800s barn is gone from our farm I miss the old farm look so I broke down and found a windmill. It's a 35ft challenge.
  10. Spose should have had a topic asking who was all going, could have had some meet ups there. I was there Friday, took home a hit and miss engine
  11. My family goes through a full angus a year, and that 4 lbs of meat part could be a thats what she said joke
  12. No that was just at first, I had a guy weld up an original 1206 cleaner to work with mine, its aluminum so I had to find someone to do it and I just though somthing on there to keep it clean
  13. Well this thing followed me home like a lost puppy
  14. Update, he is at home doing great. They didn't think he would live and if his mom didn't do cpr right away he wouldnt have. Completely amazing and for sure tye prayers helped. Thanks everyone
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