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  1. Have you tried Mike Links @88seriesrestorer? He would be the first one I would go to, and IMO, your best bet.
  2. I came home from work tonight to see my son, 8, who seems to have a stomach bug, laying on the couch reading a book. He has been reading this book at nights for the last several nights. It is not a book I ever read to him or tried to get him to read, this is all on his own. It got me to thinking that maybe I should grab my version and follow suit. The book: his Picture Bible. Thought this might be appropriate.
  3. Sounds like October or November in Nebraska. Then it gets real interesting in late March/April 🙄
  4. Looks like he fell in a tackle box
  5. The plate fits in the middle where the arrow is pointing to and connects the the tie rods where the circle is.
  6. The four bolts that connect the plate at the center by the tie rods to the tractors steering are different. An m is about half a hole wider than a h. They will not interchange without modifications. However I think the plates can be swapped to make it work. Not a direct fit but doable.
  7. Mine did that a couple years ago. Was a stretched cable, although I didnt do the measurements you did
  8. Had a Sheltie when I first moved out on my own. He would eat whatever I ate. Carrots, sure. Cabbage, yea why not. He would burp all the time same as yours. It is pretty doggone funny when a dog burps by you then cocks his head a bit as if to say "what?"
  9. My great uncle in Oregon had this setup. I have that cord. Never will use it, will cut the one end off before I use that cord.
  10. South of me, so not it!🤪
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