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  1. My great uncle in Oregon had this setup. I have that cord. Never will use it, will cut the one end off before I use that cord.
  2. South of me, so not it!🤪
  3. Prayers to the family of the officer too. Should have said that first.
  4. Dad retired from my local small county sheriffs dept. after nearly 30 years between part time and full time. Last 20 years were full time. He got out just in time in my mind, I wish he was still here so I could ask him his thoughts on the current state of things. It wouldn't be good.
  5. Mine is one of the last 282's. 37155
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    Sure, why not 🤪
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    How to tell

    Good luck.....
  10. The reason for the electoral college is to give the little guy a bigger voice. Our founders rooted for the underdog, and sometimes so do I.
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