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  1. Glad you got this caught and will be more attentive to it in the future Robert. I go for a yearly checkup for peace of mind if nothing else. My grandpa died unexpectedly at 67 years old. Same thing, knew something wasn't right but refused to go to the doctor. Was so bad he would take 5 or 10 steps and have to catch his breath. Still refused to get checked out. Dont know for a fact to this day what killed him, as Grandma refused have an autopsy done. Long winded way of saying pay attention to yourself and go to doctors if the "alarm bells" are going off in your head. I have been on the receiving end of not paying heed, and it plain sucks. Take care of yourselves, there are no do overs with mortality.
  2. Over 10 years of "training" so I'm getting pretty fluent 🤕🤪
  3. Leaves the lumps on your skull for you to "read"?
  4. We had a 4 or 5 thousand growing up. Dad always said he should have never got rid of it......
  5. Dogs "water" wheels.... (redpower friendly version)
  6. When you get to thinking your a big shot and can give all the orders to others, try bossing someone else's dog around.
  7. Sounds like all you have to do is drive over to new guys or iowaboy1965s place and I bet either one of them would unload them for you
  8. Liver and onions is good eatin yum yumm🤤🤪
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