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  1. Wife's from Gretna. I'm a lot more "centralized" 3 hours west. Nice area, surprisingly more "country" than what I originally thought.
  2. I doubt AC was a factory option. I know even if it was my grandpa wouldn't have gotten it. I know they list the 1000 option but I have never seen one. Not that they never made any, but I would think it would be barely more common than a factory Super HTA🙄🤨. A gas NFE hydro with cab would definitely be unique.
  3. Yes. My grandpa bought a 656 brand new and had the dealer install a ICB cab as part of the sale deal. Still got the tractor, original paint and around 6000 hours on the clock.
  4. A 430 ih square baler is advertised locally. Priced pretty cheap, and I wouldn't mind having a square baler anyway, but have zero experience around them. Whats the good bad and ugly on them? It is twine tie. Thanks.
  5. Not as nice as Matt's, but 2 owner with under 5300 hours. Proud to call it mine.
  6. Wanted one for a while. I know they dont like tall grass and are kinda tempermental, but here it is. Ran it a couple hours this afternoon, am satisfied.
  7. There was a change in the valve from early to later 88s. The shim placement changed, that is the discrepancy you noticed. They need to be the correct parts, washers wont seal tight and oil will leak by, therefore not helping your regulated pressure go up.
  8. With a view like that I wouldn't want to leave either
  9. My greenshorts neighbors cant understand why I like red. Gets under their skin when I tell them their ain't a d*mn thing the green ones can do that a red one cant do on less fuel. Good friend of mine who only sees green and I were talking about an auction we both watched a short time ago. A 4640 on the sale he was watching brought around 18000, he thought that was cheap. I laughed and said you can get a 1586 for less than half of that, and have dual speed PTO instead of large 1000 only. He gave the standard response of yea but if you want to run a vac planter, to which I said I can by a lot of PTO pumps for the price difference. He wasn't happy with me.....
  10. Less than am hour away. PM me of I can help.
  11. I cant find any pics of the sheller in action but did find a couple from when we hauled out a truckload of ear corn that show the drag and elevator. Sorry the first one is sideways
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