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  1. I fit in the "others" category, but thank you just the same 😃
  2. The older IDI ones (like my 89)you could hear the solenoid cycle. My 99 PSD you cant. The light would come on when the plugs on my 89 were energized, even with the on one second, off one second after the first "full on" cycle ended. Like Jass said, new ones light never comes back on, but doesn't mean they aren't cycling. Back on track, I have a set of fast plugs from diesel RX in my 656, and a set of the older, slower heat ones on my 706. Both will start well cold. Having good batteries to spin the motor fast is key on an IDI motor IMHO.
  3. My cat jumped on top of the wood stove to get warmer once. She must have learned her lesson, has not done it again......
  4. I put tilt steering from a late 88 in my 1586. A thousand percent easier to enter exit for a littlefeller that is a little more "round" than he used to be. I also added flat straps about 6 inches long to the hydraulic levers, at around a 45 degree angle back from the originals. Much more ergonomic for me.
  5. I have seen big 1000 to 540 one piece adapters. Would have had to buy one for my 5488 if I hadn't been able to find a dual speed to put on it. Happier with the dual speed, one of the best ideas IH had in my mind.
  6. Even a broken clock is right twice a day
  7. One thing that we were taught in Government class was "A democracy requires a well informed society." The problem is we are now a highly MISinformed society. And there is a large number of people who work harder working the system than doing anything productive.
  8. Try mags. They will put some starch in your shorts (or take some out, in my case)???
  9. And go figure that they would fail a guy for being "too good"
  10. Sounds like driving a semi. No need for a clutch once you start moving, and no synchros. Granted, I'm sure the modern transmissions are easier to shift than a 40's era truck.
  11. Sounds about right. Worry about the integrity of horse racing but not an election....
  12. I have a copy of that book too. I should reread it this winter.
  13. The first Winchester designed for smokeless powder, to clarify.
  14. .44-40 was originally a black powder round, but the 1892 Winchester was the first one designed for smokeless powder. I have a 92 in 44-40 and a 94 in 44 mag.
  15. Roll on Mississippi was one of my favorites. Another good one gone....
  16. I've had a few (a lot) of days like that....
  17. Ace Dont know if it matters or not, but the 50 series and magnums are a lot heavier than the 86/66 series are. The 50s and magnums also have tougher internals, including front ends (mfd axle). I know you said there is a hardpan underneath, but many people have said that their 86 or 66 series would go through soft spots that their 50 series fell through and got stuck. I dont know a thing about rice growing or your soils, so this may not be pertinent, but I felt you should at least hear about it. Take care and good luck, hope the future brightens up for you.
  18. Have you tried Mike Links @88seriesrestorer? He would be the first one I would go to, and IMO, your best bet.
  19. I came home from work tonight to see my son, 8, who seems to have a stomach bug, laying on the couch reading a book. He has been reading this book at nights for the last several nights. It is not a book I ever read to him or tried to get him to read, this is all on his own. It got me to thinking that maybe I should grab my version and follow suit. The book: his Picture Bible. Thought this might be appropriate.
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