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  1. Mine did that a couple years ago. Was a stretched cable, although I didnt do the measurements you did
  2. Had a Sheltie when I first moved out on my own. He would eat whatever I ate. Carrots, sure. Cabbage, yea why not. He would burp all the time same as yours. It is pretty doggone funny when a dog burps by you then cocks his head a bit as if to say "what?"
  3. My great uncle in Oregon had this setup. I have that cord. Never will use it, will cut the one end off before I use that cord.
  4. South of me, so not it!🤪
  5. Prayers to the family of the officer too. Should have said that first.
  6. Dad retired from my local small county sheriffs dept. after nearly 30 years between part time and full time. Last 20 years were full time. He got out just in time in my mind, I wish he was still here so I could ask him his thoughts on the current state of things. It wouldn't be good.
  7. Mine is one of the last 282's. 37155
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    Sure, why not 🤪
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  11. The reason for the electoral college is to give the little guy a bigger voice. Our founders rooted for the underdog, and sometimes so do I.
  12. You forget IH, making M1 Garands among other things to help the war effort. I dont agree that a mask alone can defeat this, but neither could a M1 Garand. They are tools to fight and win a war, but not the only tool in the toolbox. Common sense should be the number one tool, but too many times it is the first one thrown away.
  13. Really? 1st cutting Light 2nd cut was 2580 lbs! Not bad when you want 1500lb bales🙄
  14. A friend of mine who hauls hay says the same thing. With a Juan Deere baler the middles are softer. When you pick up a bale from a NH/CaseIH from the side, they dont flex a bit. Love my 564
  15. I farm under 160 acres and have a 1586 and a mfd 5488! My thoughts are you can get done quicker, and the tractor is built heavy enough in 3pt, axles etc that I shouldn't have a repair there. Not to mention those tractors are kind of a niche tractor. Too big for a small guy, too small for a big guy. Congrats, 656's are a rock solid machine. Here's mine.
  16. Wife's from Gretna. I'm a lot more "centralized" 3 hours west. Nice area, surprisingly more "country" than what I originally thought.
  17. I doubt AC was a factory option. I know even if it was my grandpa wouldn't have gotten it. I know they list the 1000 option but I have never seen one. Not that they never made any, but I would think it would be barely more common than a factory Super HTA🙄🤨. A gas NFE hydro with cab would definitely be unique.
  18. Yes. My grandpa bought a 656 brand new and had the dealer install a ICB cab as part of the sale deal. Still got the tractor, original paint and around 6000 hours on the clock.
  19. A 430 ih square baler is advertised locally. Priced pretty cheap, and I wouldn't mind having a square baler anyway, but have zero experience around them. Whats the good bad and ugly on them? It is twine tie. Thanks.
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