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  1. I got a "parts tractor" that supposed to need a crankshaft. I don't think the block would have to be bad. If things check out the block should be ok. They only have three main bearings and this is possibly a weak point of them
  2. I have never had a M that strong. If I tried to get a 80-130 hp tractor in that price range around here it would probably have to be towed down the track ....
  3. Tweaked? What is that? All the tractors I have seen at the pulls are stock, their owners said so anyway
  4. I should be there for Saturday afternoon pulls . I was there at their new show location last year and it was pretty nice for a first time there . I should have the 450 there to pull . Hopefully be taking the 230 also. If anyone else is there you can look me up
  5. Duals for $22.00? ........ Not around here
  6. bitty

    656 Hydro

    This one is gas. Was available both ways
  7. Are you cooling it somehow? Asking for a fellow forum member Awesome shop, glad you got it ordered in time
  8. Pictures please .....
  9. I don't know much besides that it's probably worth more now than last year this time by a lot
  10. If you have a source of 4BT Cummins cheaper than what I have seen many of us want to know where
  11. I think if you want to be middle of the pack in performance you need to be pulling something like a M to keep the budget in that area . It all costs money. I just got 25 gallons of fuel and it was $252 ... with the tax
  12. I have run a die over a tierod joint. Try to hold the tapered part with a good pair of vise grips
  13. My A is a 46; and the original decals said McCormick Deering Farmall and had no cultuvision on the A . I got the only decals I found in '90 when I painted it. It needs to be done again and I will get the correct vinyl cut ones this time
  14. Did they have grain carts back then ?
  15. Are these water pumps rebuild able with a new seal and new bearing ?
  16. Possibly be the wrong cap replacement at some point in the past
  17. Definitely don't waste any time finding out. Who knows what bad things can happen to it. There is a 560 painted red on one side and green on the other side with the dividing line right down the center of the hood . This sad sight is sitting along the road in Quakertown PA
  18. When the fan didn't work that would have been nice
  19. This looks good compared to pulling out the transmission from the JD 8960 we had. That was packed in much tighter than this is for access to components
  20. I have a set of picker hubs on a front end for a M-450
  21. Do you have any LP setups for a 450 laying around ? safe travels and have an enjoyable trip
  22. Look better in your shed ....
  23. We are missing a few gears in the 12 speed PS transmission in the 9170 . Was a sudden development, there one minute, weak the next. We had our pressures checked out and it needs to be rebuilt. I am swapping out with a remanufactured one from Big Tractor Parts for time reasons. Really close to lifting the transmission out . I would love to do a decent paint job on it while it's easier to reach. All I have to do is lift the hood off to paint it and it couldn't be any easier to get it done
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