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  1. Would make a nice play house for a IH child mounted way up on stilts along a field if no chassis is found....
  2. Different than each other. I have a 240 utility parts machine but too many miles between us to make it feasible
  3. Today was the opening day here. I got out by 5 PM. Passed on a decent 8 point and saw a spike and 3 point all close by. The 8 came out at 12 yards . The spike had one point coming out weird and maybe he'll be neat in 4-5 years . I didn't get the picture of the 8 until a half hour after he got out when he was at 50 yard's
  4. Been too busy changing injection pumps to be online complaining.... We have spent probably around 3X the money and time for maintenance along with increased prevention costs from more fuel additives since ULSD has shown up here. Done way more injection pumps since the lubrication is almost nill compared to with sulfur. We along with everyone else farming in the area have also had to add sulfur as a source of fertilizer since the change
  5. Mom didn't have a job but volunteered part time at a local nature center. My wife has only part time worked for the most part and our kids are homeschooled since COVID. My blood pressure rises when I see all the half days we send kids to school. Costs just as much as a full day for transportation but I would doubt it has changed since I was in school. We rarely got any learning in on a half day....
  6. Good luck and have a safe harvest. Our beans are close but we are getting showers and rain really often now.....
  7. Hours on the machine are not as relevant as what parts need to be replaced because of wear . One machine might be field ready and the other might need 15,000 of parts and labor to make it equivalent
  8. Where are you located? I'd trade your cast center's for the ones that fit double bevel but I'm in central pa
  9. That sounds like a pretty high serial number one for a hydro as they were phased out with the hydro 100. I'll have to look at our hydro serial number X2
  10. Envious of the shop. Floor space looks all available yet 😉
  11. Our Rhino batwing has 3 cylinders that are phasing. Put new hoses on last year and it took a little bit to get them bled correctly
  12. Sounds like it likely has warped clutches in it . Should be able to check pressure on the clutch pack . If it has pressure all the time then there is a problem with the engagement valve
  13. I threw up in my mouth when I saw all that color stuff ..... 😁
  14. bitty


    I was there when I was a kid
  15. First time I chopped with our Class I chopped 5 acres for the neighbor that was out of corn silage. I didn't charge them anything as I figured I wasted enough corn missing the trucks .
  16. That should have enough hydraulic to easily rephase then . Have you tried to hold the hydraulic for a few minutes each way both up and down? Sometimes that does it
  17. What tractor are you using to run it? Sometimes they have to bypass a valve in the cylinder and it takes higher pressure than just raising does
  18. I see small choppers wasting silage between the spout and the wagon also. The chopper is the most expensive part and keeping the spout tip busy is most efficient way to maximize the investment
  19. Neighbor just added power beyond to his 5230 from a junkyard
  20. I never realized that the studs were smaller on the H although I realized that the bolt pattern was different
  21. Milking 111 yet until base is sold . Probably be two days chopping because of what fields were planted late .
  22. bitty


    Yes. Taken some 4 times now. Lose money every time but cheaper than keeping them longer 😁
  23. bitty


    I haven't found that free time yet...
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