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  1. I thought I had something showing our facer in action but I don't. We made two that are just a rake . One is visible in the video here that fits our 621 Case wheel loader. We can reach in excess of 25' up with this
  2. Not really. You want to pull down from the top to bottom. That way you aren't loosening up stuff in the pile yet and only what you are "facing" down
  3. You can always take a few planks and stack them up to ramp the front tires on. This would lower the elevator. I would doubt it is 10' as wagons were not huge back then . I saw a 400 with a NI picker on it and it was not a very high barn it was under . I think that had an adjustment for the height of that
  4. Saw one sell in the early 90's at Woods consignment sale. It was nice shape and sold around 10k . It was an open station iirc
  5. 99.99999999+ % of the people on fashismbook can't read in the add that you have no messenger even if you list the phone number first before anything else. My experience anyway But I do admit it was a good place to sell things
  6. You can split them quickly and reattach the yoke without draining the hytran
  7. I put a piece of plastic in the pipe as a bumper
  8. We face ours or else we replace many bent hydraulic cylinders rods
  9. They are my neighbors who pass the small ones. 130+" is their goal. The trail cam picture above was sent by them . I have the wide one in my pictures but not good quality pictures.
  10. Looks great Finney Because of the large size they have way more leverage to stress them than a compact excavation bucket. We have made our last one completely out of 3/8" AR plate . It's 9 years old and has had less done with it than any of the ones we bought did before they were junked
  11. Last mount I had done was delivered on November 6th 2017 and picked up the Friday of father's day weekend 2018 . Guy never wants any left to finish when archery season starts the next year because it cuts into his hunting time. I will only euro mount any at this point no matter how big . My brother sat with his son tonight and they had an 8 PT with split brows go by at 10 yards. Too many branches on the side it went by.
  12. Shouldn't hardly notice the wagons behind that
  13. bitty


    Lol 不不不不不
  14. I agree that the next owner probably won't like what you install now no matter what tire you go with
  15. Prayers Jacob. Along with the other things I think keeping hydrated is important
  16. Problem I have always found is most weld on ball sockets aren't near as beefy as the original ones
  17. Maybe the prices have climbed enough that they didn't have enough ink to write the price ?
  18. This horse might be the perfect power unit for a "hot rod" .......
  19. The 186 scheduled for a face lift? I need to repair or get a much better one for my 186. The platform is under the cab and stays on the transmission I am sure but I don't know what correctly lifts a cab off. We have a 3588 rear end with the platform still on it. I plan to use the 4 remote handles for the 186
  20. 235/85r16 on the 81 dually we had . Speedo said 80 mph . 454, .456 rears and a turbo 400 . What RPM would that be? Truck had no tachometer
  21. That would be awesome on a M chassis for a V8 puller .....
  22. Happy birthday in Virginia. Take that 1066 Magnum hybrid for a spin
  23. I will agree that Herr's is a great place to get something fixed if they can't get you going over the phone
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