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  1. Magnum 8910

    As 3588 said rpm communication with the dash and calculation with the ground speed makes the dash say what gear it's in . Could be dash issue but more than likely the sensor is bad
  2. Albums that really turn you on

    My first cassette tape was Elvira from my aunt Sue and uncle Bob. I was around 10?
  3. Farmall A value

    I have a 6' woods deck on mine currently. I tried to mow with it most of the time last year to keep the ol girl limbered up. I had used it for pulling a NH 256 rake in the early to late 90's
  4. Farmall H decals

    Yes the original ones on that year didn't have the IH square and said McCormick Deering Farmall instead of just McCormick Farmall. My A is incorrect as all I found available when I restored it was the newer ones
  5. Farmall A value

    I bought the one from my uncle and dad 28 years ago for $850 with airlift cultivators and front and rear weights. I think what you are describing sounds like a $1,000 give or take nowadays
  6. 1586 aftermarket drawbar

    I think that the dual speed PTO on the 66/86 series the shafts are offset how far back they are and the same position is used for either of the dual PTO applications. 14" for 540 16" for 1000 (1 3/8) 20" for 1000 (1 3/4)
  7. Meet Boomer ! The Holstein dog

    Looks cute for sure
  8. fencing pictures

    How do you attach the sheeting ? Self tapping screws ?
  9. Foam filling tires

    We have two sets of clawdaddy airless tires. They are 9-34-16 to replace 12-16.5 . We wore out one set on one skidloader, the other set we took off with 40% tread. They are better than foamed durability wise but hard on axles and the ground gets tore up bad because they are narrower than the 12-16.5.
  10. life in our corner

    I wasn't referring that those with much debt (like me) can cut hardly anything. I am just saying that the smaller guys can survive if they have a lower break even price. We looked at everything and tried to find stuff we to cut. Unless I win the lottery ( I don't play) it's going to be hard to get buy.
  11. life in our corner

    We had our quarterly meeting today. The vet said that the way it's going that she feels there won't be any vets left to service what farms stay going. We are in a sparse area that is going to have less dairy within a certain amount of time. I am praying that we can/will continue to milk cows and be profitable enough to get by. I think it is going to be worse for dairies on the east coast within the next year as the '80s was on the grain guys. I hope that I am wrong though. Big key is cost per hundred weight AND having an available market
  12. Foam filling tires

    We had in the past foamed some. For limited hours like you probably are it can make sense. I forget the price of what they were per tire but we run Recaps on our skid loader and then once it was foamed it cost an astronomical amount of money to recap it, and that's why we went away . We did have some Rim failures the rims had been cracked before we foamed them and we didn't realize it (that's where a leak was) and the rim ended up splitting and we lost a foamed tire that way . It does add considerable weight which going to be an advantage for counterbalance to lift stuff but it's a disadvantage if you're in the mud I would only do it to new tires
  13. IH Dealership in Perry, Florida

    I'd love to have that building at my house for my tractors.
  14. The "In jail" scam.....

    I got the call from the" electric company" stating that my electric was overdue and the funny thing is I'm Auto withdrawal
  15. life in our corner

    Unfortunately I don't think it will take a turn for better very soon. A feed guy who we know has a son who is in Wyoming and sells nutrition also. He says that there is places milking thousands and with sexed semen they raise all the heifers. If they see the price rising they add heifers, otherwise they beef them. I hope that I am wrong though
  16. Tractor to Start Farming With

    That's because we are in PA. It's amazing how much the price drops when you drive 12-20 hours west
  17. Tractor to Start Farming With

    That was how we ran our 86 series and even the 3588 on the mixer. I prefer open station but want shade ( canopy )
  18. steel price

    Doubt that went up yet. Sent 13,800 lbs today..... I will see what it's done when we get paid
  19. Tractor to Start Farming With

    My choice would be a 1066, second choice would be a 1066. My cab tractor would choice be a 1086-1586
  20. Place I am speaking about was Histands in Doylestown PA. I think it is a cousin who we deal with Histands in Rome Pa. One in Doylestown used to be Gehl, Kubota, and I think that they did stuff with others. I was too young to remember much.
  21. Any Canadian dairy farmers on here??

    I have no problem with the lost leader marketing. The thing that infuriates me is in PA there's a minimum that milk can sell for a gallon. So the consumer pays for it and the middle man gets ALL the extra money in times of low farm milk price.
  22. Back in the late 70s early 80s Dad talked about when they would buy equipment they would talk to the local dealer to get two silage wagons with the agreement in may we pay for half of it then pay for the other half in June and then pay for the first half of the other Wagon in the fall etc. This was pre arranged when they made the deal and the dealer was fine with it. All handshake dealing with them. Times have changed. I agree with the fact that too many people are stiffing others and this is making these dealings a thing of the past