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  1. Really seems to be starting to get more progress at this time. Praying for more progress every day in sonic proportions
  2. I never plowed until I was 19 . We had chisel plow and got a conservatill when I was 15 . Our plow hadn't moved in years . When we moved up state we got a 5-16 Oliver 575 plow to use. If I started this topic it would have to say something about liking to pick rock, lots of it as we are very rocky up here
  3. Ours has a 3pt also. I might have to use it to drag some logs with my 3pt winch someday
  4. We bought a new 6080 in '81 , new 8050 MFD PS in '87 . We traded a 656 hydro on the 6080 and a 1066 on the 8050 . You had to be close enough to plug in the AC tractors in cold weather about 50Β° F warmer than the IH would start in easily. Those pumpkins weren't half the tractor the IH was at least in our experience....
  5. 20.8-38 on both sides, 14.9-30 fronts. It might be uneven where it's parked . Both of the 72's are 18-46 rears ... when I look at it now I think I is distorted like a wide angle lense photo.... Hydraulic tilt also so you can grade the driveway while plowing the snow 😁. Has PTO but unfortunately it doesn't have 3pt or you could feed your animals with it 😁
  6. Thanks. I'm hoping so too. Had a guy we know test drive the Steiger on his way past last weekend and I have had a fair amount of interest in the Magnums . Hopefully the weather is ok for the sale. Snow is possible for that time of the year here yet
  7. I'm not familiar with that skid loader but on the Case XT series we run (two digit numbers) I would rather drop 20k in a hydro and engine and reconditioning of it than buy a new skid loader .....
  8. Good luck with your bear hunt. In Pennsylvania there is bear almost everywhere during the summer and fall
  9. Hopefully in a week or so we will be doing pictures. Have a lot to get ready yet . Sneak preview of the 7240, 7250 , and 7140 from left to right
  10. I had round fluorescent lights looking like that and they were constantly going bad. I replaced them with 8' long covered LED lights and am very happy this first year and a half since installation
  11. A 265 tote is just shy of $4,000 so it takes 3 to qualify
  12. I have 2 totes of hy-tran and one of 15-40 so I would have met the minimum I'd say
  13. $10k in initial order or every order ? I should have become a dealer for ourselves at that unless it's different than that
  14. My brother got one recently. It needs a TA and paint , has new rear tires. I think it was a decent buy . I have seen most sell for 6,000 and up restored
  15. I got a red 87 Chevy Silverado short bed from my cousin. He had 33 and I put 35 mud-trains on it .. I sold it when I bought my house..... what a mistake....
  16. bitty


    It had always got 10 mpg loaded or empty Ran the same empty or 3 ton on the bed ....
  17. bitty


    7.4 liter .... I have an 81 dually drivetrain yet 454, turbo 400 .456 gears front and back
  18. Inlaws H has that style hydraulic pump and rotor. On the H it's more necessary for the distributor to be vertical because of the cap almost interfering with the oil filter, this eliminates that issue
  19. Stick the pin tightly in a vise , insert ring in one hole, use vise grips to wrestle the second side in the second hole . Sometimes a pry bar is an additional tool helpful to assist
  20. Great way to get it accomplished
  21. A year before our 9170 needed a transmission it lost a few gears . They were the bottom ones in the shifting solenoids and got contamination in them. We hardly use the tractor but it's got a remanufactured one in it from Big tractor parts now .
  22. I'd consider just polishing that up if it's original paint ... I'm having difficulty breathing looking at the 450 ..... 😁
  23. bitty

    If only

    I spread sand on some more icy places this morning. Needs to melt off or add traction before the next coating. Luckily we have lots of sand from cleaning out the deep bedded stalls before converting to beef feeders .
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