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  1. Matching rear tires I like to see . Looks like a great one to start with
  2. Get 4 have-a-heart traps and live trap four skunks and put one at all four corners of the trailer, problem solved ..... Sorry I don't have any ideas besides would tarping it completely help ?
  3. No, end hood folds up the side of the Heston and front hoods fold up like the NH does . NH has solid sides. I prefer the NH shielding and the Heston drivetrain and cutterbar
  4. Fold up end guards for the hesston cutterhead. I actually liked those 15' Hestons we had a lot. Our main problems were they were well used and the conditioner bearings were an issue because the rolls were out of balance from too many rocks through it. The assist roller was the worst for beat up
  5. I'm confident that it is Heston lineage. We had a 8315 and a dc515 and they were both Heston. Picture of the back would confirm my thoughts
  6. Hesston ? If so they have a cast housing bearings available that last much better
  7. bitty

    6080 allis ?

    We bought a new one in 1981 . Got rid of it finally around 92 . I'd take a 706 or 656 gas over the 6080 . Back then we planted with it and a 4 row 385? Deutz Allis planter we got new at the same time or close to. By the late 80's it was common for it to have transmission trouble before the corn was planted. It was a pain to be without because we had a 150 or 200 gallon tank on the front to spray while planting. We didn't have any other sprayer at the moment
  8. A super C has a lifted fuel tank, hood and taller grill . Maybe that holds true for the super A also ?
  9. Did you look under the seat on the left seat support? Engine if it has C123 on it indicates that it's more likely a super A
  10. Little progress again. Was hard to see where you were and where you need to be . Been getting a shower almost everyday
  11. I just saw this last night on Farmall Fanatics channel . Wish I had known in time to bid on that 450 . That had lots of potential
  12. Leave lots of room on your trailer to haul back a full load ...... 😁
  13. Time constraints is the bigger issue on my tardiness. Most likely the closest to me it will be unless it's at Bloomsburg in the future again
  14. Ok so this brace is not different but the tanks are, I was just concerned that they could have been different . It must be somewhere where it is the same shape. I know the 89 is rounded and protruding in the wheel area wrapped around the axle to add capacity, 72 wasn't.
  15. It would be different on an 89 series as auxiliary tank was different on them . I thought 71 and 72 were different than each other also. Tank capacity was 97 on 71xx 110 on 72 series and 117 on 89 series all by recollection I might be slightly off the volume
  16. I will joke that at higher speeds on our Cyclo the centrifugal force holds the seeds in the drum .... 😁 We plant with a 1200 pivot 12 also and I don't notice much difference between the two in accuracy. Previously we hired a 1200 pivot 12/23 to plant corn alongside our Cyclo . Guy crawled along as a matter of fact forum member @taylor1566 nicknamed him the turtle 🐢. Our Cyclo had a more even stand than his 1200
  17. I go 10th gear on the Magnums, 1700ish rpm , 6-6 1/2 mph with the 955 Cyclo air , no-till
  18. Just bought 4 fronts (16r30) and 8 rears (18r46) for the Magnums in Firestone. Was just shy of 20k for all ....
  19. We ran some of those three point disk mowers for some years. They are hard on the three point hitches
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