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    460 Farmall

    Gas 460 needing engine work. A M engine wouldn't fit to the frames and bell housing would it ? What would fit in it's place with minimal adaption?
  2. Yup. Had a book covering a lot of these adaptions . My uncle was paralyzed at 14 on a brand new Farmall 400 in February of '55
  3. Happy birthday to all
  4. How steep ground are you mowing. My brother has a zd31 and he has to run bar tread to hold on the side hills
  5. Or every one of those on M tractors has a dedicated piggy back pump between the distributor and distributor drive. Might need a vertical distributor on a H
  6. I have seen 3 different behlen ps reservoirs for a M . Can be remotely mounted possibly
  7. I watched this sell in NY online auction Saturday. It brought 5,900 with a weak hydraulic pump. Seems like a good deal for a black stripe 14 with long axles. I saw it in person today picking up my auction score a DMI wagon gear for me to use for my sawmill venture
  8. We had a '69 single axle with a 392 and a 5+2 speed rear drive. It had air brakes. More than likely it will not be air brakes unless by '77 they had switched over to them mainly. Ours was a 16' wood dump bed we used for silage and grain
  9. I don't remember seeing that style dish in the wheel centers without full contact with the rim on 10 bolt hubs
  10. Wow 2 wheel drive tires even. Is that 9 bolt hubs or ten ?
  11. combined with the dollar being worth less . Availability of new is missing out of the pipeline
  12. Once found we have painted the dipstick and fill ports on some machines yellow to make them easier to find for hired help
  13. I would suggest widening the plate on the engine side then adding a brace under it moving the pillow block bearings further apart. Wider stance between them will add some capacity
  14. It possibly could be reliance repacked .....
  15. What does A&I offer ? Owned by mother Deere. I have an aftermarket recast LP head on my 450 from Riley and my head guy said it looked good casting quality. No idea where they source it from @Super A_sepa does Jesse have anything for these ?
  16. If you want to go from 20.8-38 to an 18' wide tire get step up rims and go 18-42. Overall same height between the two . 14.9r46 would also be the same height as them but duals would be great with them to try for some ride quality. Wenger wheel in leola pa is the best place I have found for rims
  17. I might have easily heard it wrong. I think Aaron is in Grinel? Iowa maybe it was him , maybe not
  18. I doubt it was from down there , it had a TA ... Was from Minnesota previously to the NY last owners. It also has the cam limited three point hitch
  19. Black stripe bound to go to the Midwest. Auctioneer said Sullivan Iowa if I wasn't mistaken. So is it anyone on here (Aaron????) . Has lots of potential, my brother just didn't want to spend enough for him to haul it home
  20. Nice to see you on Fred. Hopefully things are going well for you.
  21. bitty

    I'm free!!

    An update on the ducks we dismantled the stick pile and moved one mallard duck along with 10 some eggs and the last call duck and around 8 eggs with that to two different pens. Hopefully they will re-nest
  22. bitty

    I'm free!!

    The kids ducks have been out every day all winter except for the 30" storm we had. Most have disappeared ,we are hoping some are nesting and that they weren't all picked off by predators. One was dead in the driveway when I get home for lunch today . Wasn't any obvious reason for it's demise
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