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  1. It's a whole lot closer to something then nothing is .....
  2. How many hours on the hydro? Our 3330 has 42xx hours currently
  3. Years ago Mom and Dad had the same type of noise. We finally got eyes on the opossum one night and fixed the issue
  4. Our current one a 2012 is just as full size suburban as our old ones 99, 99, and 97 were. The older ones had the spare inside, current one was under the back behind the rear axle. Not a tremendously bad place IF you don't live in the salt belt
  5. I don't do a 7 rotation. My biggest concern was that the spare was the wrong size. Correct size is a 215 and I didn't want anything bigger because of the poor clearance for the fifth wheel camper
  6. bitty

    Linseed oil

    I used linseed oil for stain and preservation on the wood sideboard/headache racks on my pickup years ago
  7. 2021 Illinois 2022 Springfield Ohio ? 2023 Grand island Nebraska
  8. Danny knew where this was, he has the first 1086. Make a nice lineup .... Someone send him a winning lottery ticket
  9. I put 7 new tires on my dually last year as it needed tires and I didn't like the look of the spare (that wasn't the correct size also ) . They lubed the holding device for the spare while they were at it. On my suburban when I put a fuel pump and line on it I had to cut the spare down ... Nervous as there was a bunch of gas fumes all around, at the same time I was really glad I was at the shop and not along the road
  10. I get nervous walking past some of the rides
  11. I am going to assume that her dad isn't a mechanic .....
  12. I stand corrected, it is Federal Mogul .... My mind is slipping with the excessive heat outside. Jesse Stoltsfus is who said they have had good luck with these kits
  13. Can I get a complete 1456 in awesome shape to bolt on the back of the weight bracket. Technically I am just getting parts to fix the tractor that I currently have that in it's current state consists of as just a weight bracket. Asking for a friend
  14. I have heard that Federal Mogul is a good alternative by a guy in Lancaster PA that sold 100 old tractors last year Edited, I incorrectly used the wrong name of the company ....
  15. It should have lasted longer than 3000 ....
  16. Guy who hauls cattle to market for us had 300+k on his last Duramax and the transmission was original yet. He got a newer truck when he had an antifreeze leak . 26+' 102" aluminum trailer
  17. bitty

    Red power pics

    So jcb didn't necessarily Pioneer the one-armed loader. And that F12 ? would laminate your man card for you as you run it
  18. Where is it at on the globe?
  19. It would have been a bit more work and uncertainty having a rescheduled show like this
  20. bitty

    Red power pics

    98% of them are in Texas now .......
  21. I turned one into a power steering resoivor for my M
  22. bitty

    Dead people

    I don't think we do ourselves any favors by trying to rewrite someone's history. We are not who gets to judge how anyone was. I am thinking that most people are saying things like this as to not talk badly about someone. Unfortunately it goes too far as they start embellishing things about them instead of saying nothing positive. There is plenty of evidence to support that Floyd wasn't a hero like some are claiming
  23. bitty


    One Scotch, one bourbon and a beer ......
  24. bitty

    I hate people...

    Sorry MTO. My guess is that he wouldn't have lasted if he was in active duty in the service .....
  25. I think you'll run the risk of needed bail money
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