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  1. Call Ed Lehman. I know that he has made some adapters for these conversations
  2. If he doesn't put many hours on its going to be cheaper to keep buying gas than a diesel will be
  3. My daughter got her first buck/deer tonight.. spike with only fifteen minutes to go. Phone went dead when I tried to get a picture. I will take a picture with the cape tomorrow. Recap of the season for me. Two of my kids got their first deer . Thomas got one two years in a row and I got one . We got 7 total buck at the farm. I am nervous if there will be any next year. My one neighbor was going to pass up a 140" ten point if they saw it. I should hear tomorrow if they know if anyone else got it. I am hoping it made it through the year
  4. Sounds like it's a normal IH 6 cylinder gas engine. They are thirsty gals . This is what I have seen anyways. The needle might be sticking or is this one of the ones with the solenoid shutoff valve ?
  5. I am thinking that we can ask everyone to waddle besides us ? Free ride is why no effort is needed to get by. Whether needed or not it's available for anyone
  6. Will you be old enough to run in 2024? Please ....
  7. I am lucky enough to not need a barber ..... We have had similar requests " My son is lazy, maybe you can find him something to do on the farm" Properly translated this means - " can you please give him an allowance for doing nothing "
  8. Similar but different while chopping. We can reach out a little bit further by moving the tip on the chopper spout but a good cart driver saves you from a whole lot of stress driving the chopper. My guess is that it is the same in a combine seat also. Here nobody has big enough equipment to warrant unloading on the go. We are not really a grain production area
  9. bitty


    I would vote for pulling pistons, try to lightly hone a cross hatch and re-ring the original pistons
  10. Nice looking 9330. Did you notice if it had PTO or 3 PT?
  11. bitty

    7140 that burned

    We have until the 15th.. do you recall how your making first cutting when our grass is just starting to get green in my yard? We are a different climate for sure. We do reclaim 90+% to reuse via a gravity system we call the beach. This is the stage one pit that gets the last ten percent of the sand
  12. Correct. Probably the reason that the wedge locks are more common now is that most of the clamp ones broke already and have been replaced by wedge locks. We took clamp ones off one of the two 1066 we have to put 10 bolt hubs and combine rims on instead. Our hydro and my brothers nicer ten both have wedges
  13. bitty

    7140 that burned

    The worst part of the hose swap besides the gasket gets sand in is the couplers are slightly egg shaped so they have to be persuaded together. Definitely is a better day with extra horsepower compared to when we used to use the 5140 or just one 1066
  14. bitty

    7140 that burned

    The stuff is thick and even with 250+ how you are only effective with stirring within about 20' of the pump. It's why we have found out that two pumps side by side work for covering the width of the pit. Then you back in further as you go to cover the length
  15. bitty

    7140 that burned

    What we are doing we have to stir the sand within reach and pump it out. As it is pumped down we move further in to reach more. I do make a floating pump with just stirs the pit. They are very ,very ,very ,very expensive. If we had our pump on a pontoon our hose would have to snake back and forth and then in between loads the sand would settle in it and the hose will plug. The way it is currently it backflows to the pit once a tanker is loaded . I have thought about making a power unit with an intergal pump for doing the stirring and pumping both. I think it would be easiest with two engines side by side. That would separate the pump and only stirring so it can stir uninterrupted. I have a truck 466 and 5 speed I was thinking to make a power unit. We have three different pits and two are tight to manuver the pump in
  16. bitty

    7140 that burned

    Our sand pit is approximately an 8% slope and we start out with the pipe cart , pump and a 17' hose. Once it's pumped down to where we can we replace the 17' with a 35' hose. Then we add the 17' to the 35' once it's pumped down enough. In the end we have a second 35' hose to add to the first. So 42' pipe cart 70' of hose fed by a 42' pump. Because of moving the pump often a power unit would be great in some way but inconvenient in other ways. I would like to have a secure park mechanism for keeping it out of the mess ..... I think here is a picture of the 17 and 35 together pumping a load with the 230 while stirring up with the 1066 hydro
  17. bitty

    7140 that burned

    I am sure it did. I think the tires were pretty new on it as he had swapped out the front tires to 16.9-28 from 18.4-26 . Front rims look like they are the newest version of the waffle wheels
  18. We took delivery of a crispy 7140 today. I was busy with pumping manaur and I have not looked at it closely yet. I have hopes of maybe making it a crude open station for the purpose of running manure pump etc. We would have to get a fair amount of parts to rebuild the engine. I have 4 tires that would work. We can make a minimum of what is required for the wiring. Make it's own dash. I would probably remove all of the rockshaft if that's feasible to delete the 3 PT. All the hydraulic hoses are bad etc. I will look at it and probably talk myself out of these crazy ideas but who knows at this point. Guy hauled it with the duals on a dual tandem trailer behind a F450 . MFD axle, 18 weights, HD drawbar, top link, 6 rims , dual and hubs are the main parts we wanted . Unfortunately it looks like the aluminum serial tags aren't very readable but I think the main serial number is on the right frame rail stamped in it
  19. My younger boy got a spike tonight, his first deer. Perfect shot, 308 @55 yards. My brother also got a doe with a gun he wanted to get one with ......his 50bmg !!!!! Exit side is unreal. Tomorrow is the last day. Taking the oldest out for a morning hunt. She could shoot a buck or doe. She did miss a buck last Tuesday ( unfortunately )
  20. If you have a stack of front weights take them along to weight the front of the trailer down? They can be moved and re strapped where needed
  21. Is this Photoshopped or did it slide around the corner on the bumper until the tires were off the ground by enough to replace the sewage tank without a jack ?
  22. I have one . Mine wasn't as cheap as that. Location is King for value. Mine did have all three new tires and new hoses , metal was good also but $1,200 We have used it for food plot behind my brothers 656 gas nf. You need some weights up front
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