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Found 6 results

  1. Looking at buying a Case IH Maxum 5120. Has transmission with 4 ranges and 4 speeds. Both shifters are in an H pattern. Speed selector seems to be stuck in third gear. Range selector works as it should. Tractor moves forward and back and drives fine. Is this a serious problem or is it a simple linkage issue
  2. Ok first off thanks to the admins for the add, really believe this will be a great asset to my farm. I bought a case 5240 cab 2wd w/4400 hrs last year. now the PROBLEM- running the tractor last year it done great except if you turned to sharp and it would kick itself into neutral and the light flashes, a quick depress of the clutch and I was right back going with no light flashing afterwards . To my knowledge it done it in all gears. It was annoying but bearable. Well fast forward to a few days ago while I was spraying, the tractor kicked itself into neutral while turning (very possibly turned to sharp) but like normal I just clutch the tractor thinking it would take back off but it didn’t. I played around with it and finally shut the tractor off and started it back up. It is now stuck in 4th gear on the powershift side and doesn’t matter what range or fw or rev. Through this site I have got a 5 flash code on the dash and the light flashes constantly when running. I have checked the pressure sensors and they go as follows 3rd- 2 ohms, 1st- 4 ohms, 2nd- 0 ohm, 4th- 21ohms. So I changed 4th and it is still doing the same thing, is 2 and 4 ohms to much on the others? Should I just change them all? Are the aftermarket A&I sensors reliable or should I stick with Case OEM? Any help or other direction to go with this tractor is greatly appreciated.
  3. Is there any chance the Neuss BD154 and a D179 will bolt up to the same transmission?
  4. Hi folks, just curious if anyone out there has info on this. I'm replacing my 806 countershaft with a left handed thread one. Got the new one (used) in the mail today and noticed several differences between the old and new. The part numbers cross referenced ok when I purchased. The new shaft is slightly longer, has a groove in the middle, the non threaded end is different and the threaded end doesn't have a slot for the washer locking tab. Is this going to cause issues? Should I find a machinist to mill a slot out on the threaded end for the locking tab?
  5. As part of a full restoration, I am rebuilding the differential on my Farmall C. For most information, including fasteners, I rely on the caseih parts catalog online. However, the differential case bolts have no info there. I have the old ones... somewhere... But can someone tell me if these were torqued to yield, deformed thread, higher grade, or anything like that? I'm ready to put this thing together and my nasty innate analysis paralysis won't let me. Thanks KWRB
  6. Attached are some pictures of the transmission on my 1940 B project. I removed the gear shifter assembly and cover plate and shifting arms and put that in my electrolysis tub to soak. So, what's my next step? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc are most welcome. (I also sprayed as much as I could of the gears, etc with diesel and PB Blaster because I know this is all going to have to come apart at some point.)
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