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  1. SeanP

    Dt 436

    Going through a Dt436 out of frame. I bought a used crank and sent it in to a machine shop to check it over. They went through it and polished, magnifluxed and straightened it. It is all standard still. Today I went to assemble the piston assemblies and my cylinder #2 rod cap won’t fit. The sides of the cap are hitting. If I try to put the cap on top of the journal it fits on just fine. Looks like one time something ground the crank web next to that journal. Any ideas on what could have caused that? Hopefully I don’t have to take the crank back out and have them go through it again for something they overlooked
  2. What lifters do I need for a 436B engine? serial number is 437TT2U107373
  3. Overhauling a dt436. Any recommendations on what brand of kit to purchase? I’m doing an out of frame. Thanks
  4. Anybody have a good 436 crank for sale or know where I can get one? Ones I see online are 2 grand. I’m in northwest Indiana
  5. Overhauling a dt437. It must have been an early b series because it still has the original style crank and manual says to set intake valves at .020. What rings would you guys use? I have a top breather, a little blow by doesn’t bother me I just want a reliable well running tractor that doesn’t use oil. I’ve heard the blow by from the wide gap rings help lube the rocker arms? What is everybody using?
  6. SeanP


    It’s a 1486. I don’t have the serial on the tractor at the moment. I’ll take a picture of it tomorrow. There should be a way of utilizing both tractor serial and engine serial to confirm engine is original to tractor
  7. SeanP


    Can anyone tell me what year this engine was manufactured? I thought the tractor was a 1977 but the rod bearings have 79 stamped on them. Engine serial is 437 TT2U107373
  8. Getting ready to overhaul my first tractor. Dt436. I’ve got the tractor split and the engine on the stand. Any tips or tricks on these motors to save me headache and time? I’m doing a crank, sleeves, pistons, rings, gaskets. Are new lifters and rods usually necessary? Also doing wrist pins and one new rod
  9. SeanP


    She had a spun bearing and my caliper shows the crank is .050 out of round. Rather than replacing the crank I thought about just pulling the motor. Camshaft also has some wear
  10. SeanP


    Anybody have a dt436 or dt414 for sale close to northwest Indiana? I’ve got a tired 1486
  11. The tractor is on level concrete. The plug I took out has a 1/2 drive and is in the very lowest part on the bottom of the housing
  12. I pulled the plug on the clutch housing today to drain some hydraulic fluid on my 1486 and only 1.5 or 2 gallons of oil came out. Yet when I pull the dip stick on the back of the tractor the fluid level reads nearly full. Is this normal?
  13. Got a spun bearing causing a rod knock on cylinder 5. Crank shaft is out of round over .004 so it’s gonna take a new crank. I’m only 28 and this is my first time replacing a crankshaft, didn’t know if there was a trick to getting it out other than splitting the tractor
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