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Found 22 results

  1. I need a new module card for my digital tach. Does anybody know where I can buy one?
  2. I’m fixing up the cab on my 1486. What are the best cab kit options out there? Also need to replace the seat cushions. What are the best cushion options that will hold up and not be sunk in in a year? Are the plastic formed headliners worth the extra money?
  3. Anybody ever tried tractor interiors llc seat cushions in a 1486? Thinking about ordering some but wanted to see if they are any good first.
  4. It's not quite a minute, but it's a good 'un!! I've been sitting on it for a while, wanting to get the whole thing copied & cleaned up & it just isn't happening anytime soon. Here's what's up.... (cue small violins) The record for this filmstrip is in decent shape, but has an arced scratch that crosses most of the the grooves on side A at near-parallel. If anyone knows of a place I can send the record to, to get repaired, please let me know. There was a place out in.... Seattle (I think?), that would do the job of straightening the grooves, but they seem to have disappeared over the course of the last couple years or they just aren't turning up in a search. It doesn't just need a deep cleaning or to get copied & transferred. Enough of that turns up in my searches & that isn't the only thing needed here. None of those places will touch this job. My only other option would be to send the record off to someone in Rome, Italy to tackle it. Not a fan of that idea. The place on the West Coast was an actual shop & had been there a while. The guy overseas could be legit, could be a scam artist. Don't want to risk one of these records to an unknown individual. Or.... if anyone knows of a neurosurgeon with a microscope that would like to earn a few extra bucks.... Anyway.... On to the feature.... (I'll even post it first & add the boring bonus Gehl ones after it. ) Enjoy!! Mike
  5. Just pulled the pan off my 886, has a broken sleeve.. not to happy about it. just wondering what rebuild kits do you guys use that isn’t junk? Ive read a couple threads, and they don’t seem to really say a good brand. Or there piles of mixed opinions. thanks
  6. I have an interesting problem that I figured would be of some interest. My dad bought a 1972 (I believe) IH 3500A backhoe at an auction back in the later 80s or early 90s. My uncle and dad have since used this machine countless hours for many different projects. Lately it gets used to repair tile lines in farm fields, so still finds good use every year. The major drawback we recently discovered is the top main bushing/seal are shot on the hoe pivot and we may have a bad bottom bushing/seal as well. We have the parts, service, and operator's manuals for the machine but have run out of places to go for parts. The local RMS (Road Machinery Supply, Komatsu dealer) basically recommended it all be custom-fabbed as no one there knew anything about looking up parts for the old IH construction equipment. Our problem is we don't have parts specs or original parts to go off of and are hesitant to remove the hoe if we can't put it back together. I will update with pictures soon, attached now are 2 pictures showing the area I am referencing on a similar machine I found in old auction listings. Right now I was wondering if anyone knows where to get either parts or part specifications so we can fix this issue? Below is a link to a very similar issue another forum ran into: https://irate4x4.com/threads/international-3500a-loader-backhoe.378370/ I have found a few forum topics related to different issues with the 3500 Series A, but those all appeared to be in Europe. I’m located in the Midwest USA. Thanks!
  7. link to archived topic Ok so my old topic was archived. I figured I would start another to show my latest task. A 263 punched out to 291cid. So this is where I am at at this point tractor is split. Awaiting on parts from machine shop. Short block is assembled. This is not your normal 291, it has no Reliance parts. It has custom built pistons with modern .062, .062 and 3mm oil rings. NOS crank and rod bearings. Compression is right at 9:1, I have thermo coatings on the chambers, piston tops and exhaust ports. It has extreme duty valve in the head (Stainless) with good quality seats and broze valve stem bushings. Cam is a Vogul regrind.
  8. Overhauling a dt436. Any recommendations on what brand of kit to purchase? I’m doing an out of frame. Thanks
  9. I know it’s been asked a dozen times. But who has the best ta for a 666. ? Working on one for a guy.
  10. Anybody have a good 436 crank for sale or know where I can get one? Ones I see online are 2 grand. I’m in northwest Indiana
  11. Getting ready to overhaul my first tractor. Dt436. I’ve got the tractor split and the engine on the stand. Any tips or tricks on these motors to save me headache and time? I’m doing a crank, sleeves, pistons, rings, gaskets. Are new lifters and rods usually necessary? Also doing wrist pins and one new rod
  12. I picked up this IH 3800 Industrial Backhoe Last week.. Doesn't run well. Pretty smokey with strong unburnt fuel smell.. Almost like there is a exhaust valve open.. Have valve cover gaskets ordered so can get in there and check it out and adjust the valves if needed. I just got in the Owner, parts and engine service manuals (D282).. Looking for a transmission manual and injection pump manual and if possible a brake master cylinder manual (MICO) The machine had a fine layer of what I assume is dried oil and dirt which is about 1/8" thick over everywhere under the machine. I've taken a 4400psi pressure washer to it and the stuff is stuck on really, really well.. I started to think it's some sort of undercoating.. I have never seen such tenacious grime is that is the case.. I then went thru and greased every fitting I could find with Mobil CMM moly grease. The paint is really nice and shiny under the stuff. I am in need of a transmission filter and hydraulic filter. Any known dealers for Industrial IH products left? I started a facebook group.. There is nearly no information on these really cool machines..
  13. 6 months ago I bought my first IH product. '68 Fleetstar 2010a, 478 w/ a 5 speed (75k on the clock), 16' hydraulic dump bed, knuckle boom crane. I bought it for my forestry business, and it's been a real treat (other than fuel costs lol). For last season I hauled about 130 cord of split firewood, 200 cord worth of logs, and a fair bit of slash/brush. It's slow, hot, and stinky, but man I love it! I purchased it from fellow member Edward Porter (through local Craigslist post), I believe he was the original owner of it. Since then, I've made only minor repairs (air leaks, power steering hose, lights, alternator, etc) and only added some side boards (built out of metal stakes, plywood side boards, and 2x6" top rails), and put in some Hella offroad headlights. Plans are to keep the ol girl going for another 10-15 years at least! She's a work horse, and a show truck all in one. It does well for hauling, rolling advertisement, parades, and cruising!
  14. Need a cheaper option for a bucket cylinder for my 2250 loader. IH wants almost $800 for one and $350 for a seal kit cylinder part number is 852985C91 is there any cylinders that cross with it? Any good, cheaper places for seal kits?
  15. Hi. I have an IH 1455XL which I have taken apart, because it jumps out of gear, typically 3rd and 4th. When I opened it between the gearbox and the bell housing, the bolt with the Big head stopping the top shaft from the gearbox, had came loose. The thread was totally gone. Also the head had pushed agianst the Bell housing and made a crack and a dent. I have bought a new bolt with the big head, that I can put in the shaft with some loctite. Does anyone know the tightening torque for this and how I tighten it without the shaft in the gearbox turning? Could this be the reason it jumps out of gear? From a video on YouTube, I have seen that there are three small pins behind the bolt against the bell housing. Does anyone know what their function are? Thanks
  16. So long story short, I was able to buy back my grandfathers 1972 ih 664. He bought it used in 1974 and traded it in on a brand new 1980 ih 686. The only info we had was it was sold to a farm 15 minutes south of our dealer. Well 42 years later a fellow ih collector here in Ontario Canada calls me and said I found your tractor. So we went to look at it verified it was it (the custom step and the dealer sticker ) and bought it back at the auction. (+ 2 other tractors) currently it’s in my shop getting all the hydraulic fluids and filters changed. It will never leave the farm again and will sit beside the tractor it was traded in on as well as the other 664 I brought back from Texas in 2020(there only 8 units apart by sin) funny how one went south one came north
  17. Hello everyone, my brother and I are working on restoring an International 1944 UD-14 power unit. Does anyone know where I could find a pdf of the owners manual? We have the service manuals but would really like to own the owners/operators. If anyone has any rare info on this these D461 engines or (especially) the UD-14 also I would be ecstatic. First time poster so I believe it wont allow me to post pictures yet.
  18. I'm not familiar with the Farmall H, Super H, H-TA, HD, etc. I have a general idea of how to operate one but it's the gear pattern that has me perplexed. I've only operated a Super C at the moment and have plans to buy a Super H so, I want to know at least the basics of like, what gear is where and what I need to maintain after (number of hours). if anyone could help me figure out the H, Super H, HD, H-TA, etc. that'd be helpful.
  19. I have a new IH U-123 Power Unit with Pulley Assembly that was used as a teaching aid in an ag engineering lab its whole life. It was used to teach the basics of valve adjustment, timing, etc. It has always been under roof. I am to the age that I am ready to down-size my lab equipment including this IH engine. I hope to find a large IH collector that would like to add it to his/her collection. I do not know the value of this one-of-a-kind engine assembly. I also have the original Operator's Manual and serial number information if someone is interested. I can be contacted at 830-644-2555 (landline, no texts) or send an email to GFC4320@hotmail.com
  20. So first off I have never posted anything to a forum ever. So I have no idea if I’m in the right area. I pulled this cab off an old 806 I’m putting a clutch in the owner doesn’t want it. I was going to scrap the cab and I pulled the glass out. The glass that is broken is the right side pane, the rear, and the upper door glass ps. If there’s no interest I’ll take it to the scrap yard by Friday. Email me phil2875g@gmail.com. I’m thinking $200. obo... thanks
  21. Hello everyone - Greetings from Charlotte, NC. Unfortunately, my father passed away recently (he was 58) and I'm left with three Internationals: 1966 806D (pictured), 1967 806D, 1974 1466 These tractors were never show ponies - always work horses on a dairy. He bought the '66 806 before I was born (I'm 29). Because of this, they're all in need of a good amount of work - particularly the 806s, they both need a new clutch. I don't want to sell the tractors - I'd like to keep them and restore as I find time & money. Although I spent the first 20 years of my life milking cows, stacking hay, and cutting silage - I stepped away from that after college and now work in engineering. It's safe to say that these old tractors inspired my fascination with engineering and mechanical stuff. My first goal is to get them all running - some have been sitting for a few years, but were all running when parked. The '66 806 just required a new battery and a shot of ether to fire right up. I suspect the others will be the same. This will take years of work and tons of money, but hopefully it'll be worth it in the end. I'm sure I'll need the help and support of this community. Pictures of the other tractors to come shortly. Thanks, -Chad
  22. Howdy, I'm new here but not new to the Red World! I am currently in the middle of restoring a "L54-A" plow to use with my 1953 Cub. The "Correct Police" may squawk at the "L54-A" identification, but I choose to label it thus since my plow is composed of components from both the Lowboy L-54 and the regular Cub 54-A Grader plow. That said, I have also posted a video of my progress so far on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/ourpassthyme I look forward to enjoying this site and getting to know some of the others here. -Tom The direct link to the video can be found here:
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