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Found 12 results

  1. I need a new module card for my digital tach. Does anybody know where I can buy one?
  2. My "cover lay"? That the dealer put on when he converted my 1486 to dual pto has fell off and I'm guessing I misplaced it because I can't find it. Are these available anywhere today? Just dirty and old gluey, values change when I push the buttons
  3. I’m missing the trim piece that goes above the front headlights. Anybody know what this is called or where to find it?
  4. low idle low idle overhead fan on low fast idle fast idle overhead fan on low What are my options for a correct reading voltmeter and is @.5 volt drop normal for overhead fan op
  5. I’m fixing up the cab on my 1486. What are the best cab kit options out there? Also need to replace the seat cushions. What are the best cushion options that will hold up and not be sunk in in a year? Are the plastic formed headliners worth the extra money?
  6. Anybody ever tried tractor interiors llc seat cushions in a 1486? Thinking about ordering some but wanted to see if they are any good first.
  7. A 1486 that’s been all cowboyed up. It’s as rough on the inside as it looks on the outside. These are in inconvenient to get into but almost impossible when the steps are bent forward. 2nd tractor is a IH 1206 with the wheatland fenders
  8. Overhauling a dt436. Any recommendations on what brand of kit to purchase? I’m doing an out of frame. Thanks
  9. Getting ready to overhaul my first tractor. Dt436. I’ve got the tractor split and the engine on the stand. Any tips or tricks on these motors to save me headache and time? I’m doing a crank, sleeves, pistons, rings, gaskets. Are new lifters and rods usually necessary? Also doing wrist pins and one new rod
  10. SeanP


    Anybody have a dt436 or dt414 for sale close to northwest Indiana? I’ve got a tired 1486
  11. I pulled the plug on the clutch housing today to drain some hydraulic fluid on my 1486 and only 1.5 or 2 gallons of oil came out. Yet when I pull the dip stick on the back of the tractor the fluid level reads nearly full. Is this normal?
  12. https://www.proxibid.com/Ben-Higgins-Realty-Auction-Co-LLC/YOUNG-FARM-EQUIPMENT-AUCTION/event-catalog/225138
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