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Found 6 results

  1. Large Auction with lots of RED coming up in Perryville, MO on December 2nd. featuring 1st SN 1486. Also: 1586 x 2 1456 (nice straight tractor) 1086 886 826 706 narrow w/IH diesel 706 WF, clean, German diesel, loader 350 x 2 Assorted IH weights, suitcase, wheel, slab, frame. IH cylinders. And more. Please contact Matt Sullivan for more info.
  2. First 1486 for auction

    Saw this on stalkerbook. Link to Machinery Pete. Apparently first 1486 made is coming up for auction. I thought first production number was 501?
  3. 1486 Electrical

    I'm currently either fighting an electrical issue, or poor quality switches with my 1486. The first image (sketch) is looking at the end of the plug. If I jump across the connector to pin label 1, headlights and dash lights come on. Ok, good. I can jump and make nearly everything work except the interior dome light (pin number 5) and the flashers because the harness was cut earlier in its life. So I ordered a new switch from All States Ag Parts... plugged it in... nothing. Tested the switch out of the tractor by connecting power from a battery and test light to each terminal... only got power out of #2 (flashers). Believed bad switch and got it replaced. Plugged new one in; same story. However, it was in the headlight position. I can get more lights to shine using the old, original switch than with these new ones. Even tried connecting power feed to pin 2 just in case I was wrong on which pin was the feed. Didn't matter. Is there something I'm missing here? I've gone through the wiring schematics and can only think that if the harness pins got switched around in the connector, but if my sketch looks right to those with more knowledge than myself; I'll chalk this headache up to poor quality switches. If the switches are indeed the culprit, where are yall ordering switches from? I appreciate any help!
  4. What is this on 1486?

    Can't get a pic to work, but on the side of the mcv there is a little block with a push button valve and linkage to press it when you step on the clutch. It was disconnected, my friend who has worked on these tractors since they were new said he's never seen one before.
  5. Been on this forum a long time and curious if u guys agree. Of all the tractor models produced I think the 1486 may have been the most abused model there was. They were clearly at the upper design limits for hp already from the factory. Then guys loaded them up and turned them up andwondered why they failed. It's ironic that the final drives were supposed to be better than say a 1066 but it seemed like the 10 and twelves held up better long term with higher hp than the 14s. Anyway what model do u guys think really took a beating?
  6. 1486 + S2E... exhaust sleeve spacer?

    I've got a new S2E on its way from Injpumped for my 1486 with original aspirated muffler. I also have the appropriate muffler eliminator from Thomure Mfg. that will be going on at the same time. I'm needing to order some various other parts from All States Ag Parts and would like to get everything at once... so, my question is: do I need the exhaust sleeve spacer for this combo? The original is seized pretty tight in the muffler. I'm hoping to have all my ducks in a row when I'm back at the tractor after Thanksgiving; I'm in Tomball and it's in La Grange. Any help is greatly appreciated!