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Found 6 results

  1. This past summer I bought a 1486 that my cousins bought new in 77. Before I bought it they let a friend borrow it and he blew it up while using it. It sat for probably 5 or 6 years so I was able to buy it dirt cheap. The engine has never been touched or overhauled. The friend told me that it blew either water or oil out of the exhaust stack and he shut it down right away. So he says. I figured he blew the head gasket and possibly warped the head. I dropped the fluids and oil and water both looked clean. Next I pulled the head and sent it to a machine shop to have it worked over. They told me e
  2. I wound up sticking some mitas radials on my 1486. We will see how they hold up. Time will tell.
  3. We wanted a good representation of the people taking this poll so we found a crusty, bald headed, pot bellied sonofacuss who was literally "out standing in his field". Asked him what he thought of the newly acquired 1486 ahead of the baler. A big grin and two thumbs up before he said to get off his ?hay meadow and quit ?trampling his unmowed grass. If we didn't take the mic out of his pie hole he'd ?stick it where.................................whoakaaaay back to you Bob. Seriously, George loved his horses, liked his cows but had machinery out of necessity. I knew his maintenance program
  4. https://youtu.be/lhzdjtyvhng https://youtu.be/s8odclu1fLY https:/youtu.be/wZnL1wxUCk I know at least the one link works. Maybe someone smarter than me can fix the other 2. Enjoy!
  5. Brought home a 1486 with 5800hrs and a 826 with 4800 hrs that has working air/conditioning. 14 has r12 in it yet. But I'll convert it to a r134 and a sanden pump
  6. Me and little man decided to check the corn. Took some pics. Hope you all enjoy.
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