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Found 10 results

  1. 1086 Dash Gauges

    Have read all the threads on the 2 fuel sending units. non of the fixes seem to apply to me but what do I know??. The 4 gages don't make any since, to me. I am including pictures of the Tractor running and the Key in Run and Off position First Key in Run position Sedond Key in Off Position Any suggestions other than dust the dash off.
  2. 1086 will not start

    New to Red Power and New to my IH 1086 SN 54,xxx. Of course my first problem was to get the transmission stuck in high and park. knowing nothing paid 500.00 to get it unlocked. that lasted 3 days. so have to learn it for myself. since I didn't know where anything was and could not make out anything with my flashlight or the (service manual NO help) Have Chassis Only Service manual, parts manual and operator's manual. I have taken the seat out, the seat support and the platform sub panel out. now have a clear view. what a dirty mess. Linkage really stiff, clean all the linkage oiled all the connectors, took pictures so I will not have to remember all of this. Now I can work through all the gears with ease. One catch it will Not start. Yes it is in park, yes I have raised the governor control, full of gas, batteries fully charted, turn the key on and NOTHING. have plenty of other questions but will start here and take them one at a time
  3. 1086 will not start

    New to Red Power and New to my IH 1086 SN 54,xxx. Sorry for the double post. don't know how to delete it.
  4. 86 Series Clutch Linkage Update

    I am in the process of updating our 1086 Tri-stripe clutch linkage. I bought the heavier duty replacement bracket but I am not what other parts I need to allow the bracket to work. As you can see from the pictures the old bushing won't work. It has a washer welded to the end that was on the open side of the old bracket. The parts breakdown shows two bushing, is there two that fit together now? Do I put a bolt all the way through rather than thread into bushing as the old one was? An guidance is appreciated. This piece had bent once before several years ago and I straightened, welded it and ground it back smooth. When it bent again I checked the parts book and saw it had been updated. The new part is much heavier duty. I am probably lucky it didn't fail at an inopportune time.
  5. Checking IPTO pressure

    I am going to soon be using a new to me 15' batwing mower and I would like to check/adjust the IPTO pressure beforehand. I see in my service manual how to but was wondering if it was necessary to have the IH orifice 384-328 R1 screwed into housing or if I could just use a threaded nipple with a 300# gauge? If I could use just a threaded nipple does anyone know off the top of their head what size nipple is needed? I'm at work now and would like to stop and get what ever I may need on the way home in the morning rather then go home and find out and just to have to turn around and leave home to go get whatever I need. Sorry, not lazy it's just I live in the middle of nowhere and I come within 10 miles of a CNH dealer on my 60 mile drive on the way home, otherwise after I get home nearest CIH dealer is 35 miles. I'm just trying to save some time from running the roads. Gotta love livin in the sticks.
  6. 2355 vs 2350 loader for a 1066

    Someone has a 2355 loader with mounts that had been on a 1086. I wonder if it will fit my 1066. Can anyone help with this
  7. 1086 TA not working in low range

    I initially posted this to another thread on TA issues: *********************************************************** I have a 1086 that I have owned for several years. The TA was not working when I bought it, and I rarely have a need for it, so have never bothered to check it out or repair it. I just leave it in high. Have never had it tested, or tried to figure out what is wrong with it. Are there any tests I can do without splitting the tractor that might indicate what is going on with the TA ? I just assumed that to repair it would involve splitting the tractor. The TA doesn't work on my 560 either, which was my Dad's tractor that he bought new in 1963/64. He had it repaired once, and it failed again, so it was not repaired again. It also just stays in high range. ******************************************** Forum member Matt Kirsch provided this response to my post on that thread: ******************************************** north of 60, This probably belongs in a thread of its own, but if the tractor stops when you shift to low TA, then the sprag is out and the clutch that prevents freewheeling is also out. That requires taking the tractor apart to repair. Unfortunately with a hydraulic TA, if one side is out the other side is not far behind. They don't work like the mechanical TAs in your father's 560, where if the low side goes out you can run the high side indefinitely. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Thanks Matt. I have been running the 1086 in high range only since I bought it several years ago, so either I have been pretty fortunate with the high range side, or the problem with the low range is something other than the sprag being out ??. I was always nervous to try the low range more than just a couple times, thinking I might cause more damage to whatever isn't working properly. Is there something else I can do confirm what the T/A low range issue is ? Grant
  8. Leaking fuel tank

    We have a 79 1086 and we have trouble getting a good seal on the hose from the top to the side tank. Any ideas
  9. 1086 Clutch or MCV

    Looking for some input on this. Using round baler on IH1086 and while ejecting round bale, in low, range 3 gear. I had clutch pedal depressed and the tractor started to move forward with clutch pedal fully depressed. After shutdown, I found that the linkage pin connecting the rod to MCV dump valve spool missing. I replaced with a new pin, but the clutch still will not work. Did two things break at the exact same time or am I missing something?
  10. 1086 low water light

    So have been cultivating and disking for the past week and a half or so with dads 1086 and the low water light has been coming on a lot but every time you check the level its fine but it will come on for a bit and sometimes it will go off on its own and other times if you turn the key on and off with out shutting the tractor off it will not come back on for the rest of the day. So what I was wondering is what would cause this because the level is good so would it be a bad sensor or bad wires or what. Any thoughts would be appreciated thanks. Ps still trying to figure out how to post pics or I would put some on.