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Found 17 results

  1. So my Grandfather purchased a 1086 new in 77’. It has worn duals it’s whole life and has one 6 hole cast center and one 12 hole cast center. Uncle said that one Wedge lock got sloppy and was replaced somewhere along the line. I’m 95% sure it came with 12 hole centers but I know I have seen them either way. Danny’s #1 has 6 hole centers if I remember correctly. Are either one correct for an earlier tractor like a 1977 model? Were they just using up what parts they had? Any insight?
  2. Well they are cleaned up and ready for fall. They all have original paint for the most part. 706 may have had some spots repainted or touched up its hard to tell. I did repaint the rear rims on the 1086. The 7120 is a 1988 with 8600hrs and has 100% original paint. I believe I'm the 3rd owner of the 7120 and 1086. Nothing special but they are mine and they are paid for.
  3. Ready to install my pto after rebuild and can't remember which direction the pto shaft couplings go. One end has splines to the end and on the other the splines are inset. Which direction should it be turned? I hope the pictures uploaded.
  4. New song same dance. Working my 1086. primarily using for root plowing and box blade stump ripping. Seems like every time I start there will find a new problem of some sort big or little. learning how to fix a bunch of them my self. First. Hydraulic filter is NEW, Fluid is FULL, Fluid is clear and fresh (I keep bursting steel hydraulic lines). (Minor leaks (as with all original older tractors) but nothing major. This one is intermittent (started before filter change). when I start the day the 3 point lifts and drops at the flick of the lever. As the day progresses the lift works great but the drop will take from 15 to 20 count to drop, often missing my intended target. Can work around it but a pain in the &($%$$#. Any ideas???
  5. The TA handle on my 1086 is disconnected just inside the firewall. It has been that way since I bought it. If I reconnect the rod to test it. What am I looking for and will I break anything????
  6. I am attempting to convert the AC in my 1066 deluxe cab to the 86 series condenser. I have a hydro and it seems like the oil cooler is very large, I dont know if the hydro oil coolers are larger than the gear tractors, but it seems like they should. Anyway, the 86 series condenser wont fit in enough to put the grill back on. has anyone had to make any modifications to get the 86 series condenser to fit and still be able to get the grill back in? any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. 3 of the 5 86,s. My redpower 1486 left,1086 with 2500 hrs,and my Dads early 78 1486 with 13500 hrs. Missing are 2 other 1486 one mine other Dads
  8. I am including a picture of some of the linkages inside my 1086 and am wondering if the piece marked is supposed to be attached to something. It is an open-center hyd. system if that matters and the draft and position controls are both all the way forward with exception of the position control, it is not pushed down into the lowest slot of the quadrant.
  9. I live About 50 Miles South of San Antonio. can any one recommend a good mechanic for my IH 1086. Having problem finding correct parts and mechanic locally. Local Case/IH dealer parts don't fit or mechanic has no clue. Any recommendations, suggestions. I am new to the 1086. Since retirement I have moved back to the country. clearing mesquites, planting pasture and raising long horns. guess you can say this is an expensive hobby. Getting to old for the heavy lifting, but making a lot of repairs and upgrades myself. Need a good mechanic when I get over my head.
  10. Rich

    1086 Gages

    This one is complicated. at least for me. Engine running in both pictures. Key Off Above The Coolant Temp and Fuel gauge will not work with the key ON but the fuel gauge works with key OFF. Temp gauge only worked for 2 days. have another posting on the issue Fuel Gauge is Correct. main tank almost empty auxiliary full Key On Below Any Thoughts will be appreciated.
  11. Where is the temperature sending unit. My IH dealer says it is in the head? They have been wrong on every thing I have done with them. gage kept pegged to the left. put a new gauge and it is pegged to the right. Have several questions so will past them separately.
  12. I put 2 new Optima yellow top D34/78 batteries in my 1086 in July. They will not hold a charge. Must admit I have left the key on but I have NO lights or accessories. having trouble recharging them. so I bought a Optima 400 charger. it will charge to about 25% just enough for the starter to growel low. after 24 hours the charger tells me it can not charge check batteries. both batteries indicate 12.5 which is top range of my little meteor. Optima tells me that I have to disconnect the batteries and charge each separately, because 2 batteries creates a 24 volt system. 1086 and my truck both have 2 batteries and are both 12 volt. ask for supervisor and get a dead end voice mail. Have I just wasted a lot of money on over priced batteries???? any suggestions!! will start hounding optima again. Thanks in advance.
  13. Not near my shop manual but how do I test my temperature gauge on my dash, ohm meter? What range? Mine is stuck near the red and rises from there when it warms up.
  14. Replaced shorted batteries, replaced alternator, Batteries dies after running for 30 minutes and will not start again until external charted. once started will run on alternator alone, but not charging the batteries. Both Batteries properly grounded. The red wire from the alternator appears to be connected to the solenoid, there is a heavy wire from the solenoid to the left battery and a cable running from the left battery to the right battery. can charge batteries, disconnect charger and try to start next day and won't start. do not "find" any frayed wires, but have some wires with the casing broken. will clean and put liquid electrical tape on them to seal up. obviously have a short some where but. where is the problem not sure where to test for failure??????? New 30 amp in line fuse for left gare panel, put in a new main tank fuel sending unit fuel gage still set to full. All 5 Fuses test OK. some other right hand gages 't work. volt gauge reads battery area. Just a over view of electrical problems. don't know if any related. AC is disconnected, have put in new parts yet. Gee aren't OLD 1086's fun, especially if you don't know what you are doing LOL, learning!
  15. Rich

    1086 Filters

    Here I go again. Learning curve number 765!! changing Filters just because don't know what shape they are in. I have been sent multiple filters. 1. Baldwin B299 indicates Oil filter. 2 filters. Right side near Cab 2. Baldwin BT261 indicates Filter, Full-Flow Lube spin on Case A58672 am told this is a hydraulic filter. don't know where it goes. Can I use this one as a Fuel Filter 3 Baldwin BF979 Fuel Spin On Primary BF979 ih 702251c1, 7025143C1, 703420C91 This one is 8 1/4" long Only 1 filter. Don't think I need it?? My Fuel filters are on the left near cab there are 2 and they are approx 7" also have water filter that one lines up I am not sure what I have. I find 4 7"filters and 1 4" water filter 2 fuel, 2 oil, and 1 water. Not finding filters in the parts manual that match up to anything on the market!! PS have already changed the Air filters. looked good but wow what dust in them. As usual any assistance is appreciated.
  16. Multi tasking. I just replaced the Main tank sending unit. There are 2 Tubes that come off the unit. 1 on the Right is small and approx 6' Long, believe this is a Vent and goes no where. The other on the left is larger and have no idea where it goes. if I pull on it it is tight and provides no give, where does this one go and what does it do?
  17. Just a Shout out to Mike at Triple Tractor. Thanks. Right Door Handle on 1086 Your advice was Right on.. it works it works. HIgh Low Up grade on 1086. My local understands what to do thanks to you. coming out Friday?? to replace. For all you guys new and old tractor guys. Mike at Triple Tractor is the go to guy for parts and service. I am a Hobby rancher with an old 1086. Mike has been a Great and reliable source for parts and help. Many other sources at red power great sight for the new be old be
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