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  1. Some of those 573 engines used a Roosa Master pump and if your has one the flex ring in the pump has probably gone bad. As been mentioned change the fuel filters first.
  2. All o-rings for those pumps are a standard size and can be had from your local hardware.
  3. Dan, The o-ring size is 9/16” OD x 3/8”ID x 3/32” thick. On the RD the o-ring groove is in the collar that’s pressed in the housing. It’s been mentioned before of the o-ring groove being on the shaft using the Roosa master o-ring you mention but I have never seen that style in the several RD pumps I’ve worked on.
  4. You can repair them on the tractor just takes some patience. Here is a link to a youtube video I made a few years ago. It ends fairly quickly but if you reverse the process I show you can put it back together. I have help several people through this process over the years so feel free to reach out to me for help.
  5. As much as I hate FB and their political intervention that's where most have gone including myself. I think the first time I was on this sight was like 99 or 2000 on the original platform. But now I'm on 4 or 5 different FB groups with thousands of IH people. I glance on here from time to time but this is the first time I posted on here I think in a few years. I happen to laid up with Sinus surgery so I'm surfing. LOL!
  6. I updated my 706 to the Bosch VE pump from the 1st gen Cummins. I took a little work but was well worth the upgrade. Had to change to the pump flange bolt pattern on the engine from 2 bolt to 3 bolt and I had the pump hub taper reground to fit the larger VE pump shaft. Set the pump for a new number 1 because IH and Cummins are different. The new pump does not have a timing window so I timed it with a indicator like a Cummins to match up with the 14 degrees IH timing. Hooked up the plumbing and she starts and runs great.
  7. If you want to add a open station 1206 no Ta. S.n. 11049 to the registry I have it. Thank ya

  8. happy birthday brad, have an awesome day!!

  9. To the best of my knowledge you might take the trophy of the owner with the most running 1206's. Red Reaper may be able to confirm.
  10. We have 7501,7502,7604,7505, 7506 and 7510
  11. So I have a poll question. If serial numbers 501 and 7501 were sitting next to each other for sale which one would be most valuable? Assuming everyone knows the story on the 500 serial numbered tractors.
  12. We have a nice bunch in Michigan but I'm sure there are more hiding around the corner.
  13. The 500 serial were not general knowledge by almost anyone until the serial list started gaining steam. I remember when the owner of Wheatland 501 wrote what he had and it was really not believed until he showed a pic of the serial number.
  14. The last number is 15903. The highest on the list is 15878 although has gotten a few newer numbers of late.
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