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  1. If you want to add a open station 1206 no Ta. S.n. 11049 to the registry I have it. Thank ya

  2. happy birthday brad, have an awesome day!!

  3. RPRU by boat

    Was the $1000 for a whole work crew or something? The website says 145 per ticket round trip and 182 per vehicle around trip. The Badger is the cheaper ticket of the two ferry companies.
  4. RPRU by boat

    We boarded the boat in Ludington Mi. which is about a 35 minutes north of me right up the Lake Michigan shoreline. The ride is about 4 hours and travels to Manitowoc, Wi. We left on the 8:30 pm EST ride and arrived in Manitowoc about 11:30pm CST. It is about 65 miles across. Spent the night in Manitowoc and drove about 2 hours the next morning down the Wi. Shoreline to Union Grove. Other than Milwaukee it was a nice drive. To go around the end of the lake it would have been a more than 4 hour drive so we didn't really save any time but we didn't deal with Chicago either. I could have driven it a lot cheaper but I new that long before we planned the trip. Plus the excitement in our 5 year old Grand daughters big boat ride was priceless. Thank you Danny for the comments. I totally missed the Thursday and Friday forum meetings.
  5. RPRU by boat

    Here is a pic from the overnight ride last night. The one is through one of the stairs to lower deck and it makes the tractor look like a toy.
  6. RPRU by boat

    Now that it worked I'll try a few more. Leaving the boat. our 7 month Grandson 1206 dreamin.
  7. RPRU by boat

    First off as others have already posted this was a great show and show ground. Wisconsin you did great! Someone had asked if I could post some pics of the 1406 on the boat so here they are. This is my first try at photobucket after BJ gave me a tutorial. The first pic is the rig sitting next to the Spartan which has been dry docked since the late 70's . I think it's basically a parts ship for the Badger.
  8. Test

  9. 1406

    It is a DT429.
  10. 1406

    I got it. Maybe I can have a tech savy forum member at the show teach me how to add a pic from my phone.
  11. 1406

    Alright so the pic did not post. Might need to get to my Laptop.
  12. 1406

    Ready to say enough on this project and take her to the show.
  13. I believe you will find a turbo on the late gas start diesels like in a TD15 or 20.
  14. DT 407

    Did you plug the pump back on to the pump drive yourself? On the ID of the pump drive shaft there is a timing slot. On the pump head there is a little timing tit (for lack of a better term) that sticks up. These have to marry together which you typically can't put the pump together if they don't, but. That timing tit is not uncommon to get broke which means you can put the pump on out of time. Also inside the pump you must time the timing ring to the head. Your pump guy should have known this. I just help a guy this spring with a 1456 same situation. After I sent several pics to him which he forwarded to his pump guy the pump went back to guy tore down and all the pump guy would say is he didn't have something quite right.
  15. Union Grove RPRU 2016

    We will be trailering the 1406 across Lake Michigan on the Badger car ferry spending the night in Manitowoc and heading to the show Wednesday morning.