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  1. If you are absolutely sure you have a supply of clean air free fuel to the injection pump pull the inspection cover from the side of the pump. Observe the plungers as the engine is cranked. Are they going up and down? try moving the control rack in the pump by hand. It should move relatively easy and return with spring pressure. When the engine has been stopped the spring behind the diaphragm should push the control rack to full fuel (vacuum pulls it back if it has the vacuum governor. ) there is also an excess fuel position on the shutoff lever on the side of the diaphragm housin
  2. A friend has all new Holland-Ford. He has run 8730 for a few years. Put a few thousand hours on it and worked it pretty hard. Been trouble free. Just routine servicing. Injection pump should have an oil feed to it. Some parts can be a bit pricey. Overall he’s pretty happy with all of his tractors. only problems he’s had were with a tw20. Dual power clutches and pto clutches.
  3. England806


    My mistake. I was reading into his comment on using the cold start and assuming it needed the excess fuel to keep running.
  4. England806


    We put new injectors in a high hour ih784. Was not easy to start afterwards. It transpired that the pump was quite worn The extra pressure required to push fuel through the new injectors was causing more internal leakage in the injector pump. the old injectors were very badly worn and injector opening pressure was very low. Fitted a recon pump and it started so much better. Hopefully in your situation it’s just low temps.
  5. Very nice! Looks very original.
  6. I wouldn’t be afraid of it if the installation is done correctly and everything works as it should. It also depends on how it’s been used. See how it starts from cold. See how much blow by you have hot and cold. Check oil pressure hit and cold if possible. Do the hydraulics all work as they should hot and cold? Oils all look clean? If the seller will let you ask if you can drop a little oil and check drain plugs for metal particles etc. (Be quick to shove a finger over the hole or it’s gets messy in a hurry) Good luck!
  7. I made a power beyond plate for my 806. Used 1 inch thick and threaded it for fittings. Cut the o ring grooves with an annular cutter. Looks crude but it’s been on there 18 months with no leaks. Although even at 1 inch thick when you dead head a loader function you can just see a tiny bit of movement in the plate. I would rather have bought the correct part but hard to find in the Uk and shipping and taxes makes it expensive to import.
  8. If brakes steering and loader are weak that would suggest a Hyd fluid pickup issue. Is the filter clean? (Filter supplies hitch pump and Mcv pump) Did you overfill or was it like that when you got it? Maybe it was overfilled to cover a long standing problem. There are others on here who are far more knowledgeable on these tractors than me. Maybe someone else will chime in.
  9. Yes. You are right. I should have looked more thoroughly!
  10. Hey Lorenzo ! Let us know if it cures you problem. My 806 does the same thing. But not all the time. Sometimes I can use it all day and it works fine. Another day it will correct every few seconds. Good luck with your repairs!
  11. I used to weldwith an 8 shade but it was usually so covered in spatter it was as if I was looking through a 13 shade. Used to be able to get no 8 but now most of the auto darkening helmets start at 9 in England. I sometimes struggle to see enough with a 9 especially if there are any lights reflecting back at me. some of the more expensive helmets have much better optical clarity and a bigger viewing area. If you weld a fair bit they are well worth the expense.
  12. As j mech has said sprang is out. Even with no hydraulic pressure and flow the sprang will still drive the tractor forward. (Unless you have stripped the main clutch splines but that wouldn’t be intermittent. Just wouldn’t drive at all)
  13. Yes. I would assume it’s so the marks are visible I’m not fully conversant with all the balance theory. I have a training course book from Sulzer diesels coveting engines from one cylinder to 14 cylinders. It’s rather complex.!
  14. Recently did an MF50HX. Four pot Perkins. With no 1 at TDC the balance weights hung at their lowest natural point. There were marks but with the timing cover fitted it’s not possible to see them. The weights rotate at twice engine speed to cancel second order vibration. Have a look at four cylinder balance theory and you should be able to find position for the weights. Weight position relative to crank should be the same for any inline four. (I think!!).
  15. Some years ago I was asked to do a complete overhaul on a David Brown 990. Bores looked worse than yours. His idea of complete overhaul was new rings and big end bearings! Incredibly it’s still running 5000hours later. As you said oil consumption was the problem. Exhaust was a little smoky but he was happy. Interesting project. I have never seen one. I knew IH had a tie up with komatsu but that stuff is pretty rare in the Uk. good luck with your project. I’m sure with your knowledge and experience it will turn out very well!
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