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  1. Too much to do and not enough time to do it!
  2. Yes I realise that. I was responding to Hardtails post. Your method should be fine.
  3. I take it you mean external balance as used for Chevy 400 small block and 454 big block with weights on the flex plate/flywheel and harmonic damper? This is usually done due to insufficient room to add weight to the crank for full balance. On a four cylinder diesel there is usually enough room for counterweights. a lot of four cylinder diesels use a drivenbalancer for some reason. Possibly it’s more effective for certain harmonics.
  4. Good luck with your project. I’m interested to see how you get on.
  5. You might find that crank is better for your application. At least you can try different combinations without too much trouble. That’s a pretty heavy flywheel. The 212 was criticized for a lack of torque compared to the IH engine. I don’t know how they compare on paper.
  6. The Perkins 212 certainly isn’t very common. Even in the Uk. 236 is the most popular. the balancer is designed to reduce vibration caused by a difference in piston acceleration/deceleration throughout the stroke created by the changing angle of the rod. From 90 degrees before tdc to 90 degrees after the piston does not experience identical motion to 90 before bdc to 90 after bdc. Hence the secondary vertical vibration which the balancer hells to reduce. That vibration will still remain with the counterweights but not as bad as no weights. Be interesting to see how it would behave with bo
  7. Just another thought. Have a look at part numbers and see if the same connecting rods are used with both types of crank as there may be a difference in weight which will have some effect on secondary balance and vibration.
  8. I have just looked into this a bit more. Some cranks are counter weighted to reduce secondary vibrations so please ignore my previous advice which is incorrect. If you use the counter weighted crank don’t use the balancer. My apologies. You may find that a counter weighted crank will vibrate a little more than an engine with a balancer but shouldn’t be as bad as neither.
  9. I would use the balancer assembly with its rotating balance weights complete. The balance weights are intended to compensate for harmonic vibrations caused by the angularity of the connecting rods during rotation. (The rods only balance each other at tdc and became). Balancers are usually used in rigid mounted applications like tractors to prevent excessive vibrations shaking things apart. Truck engines that are flexibly mounted don’t usually have them the counter weighted crank should be fine as is. The counterweights help reduce peak bearing loads (main bearings). Make sure that the co
  10. So sorry for your loss Ace. Condolences to you and your family.
  11. I’ve often wondered about this. The British bd264 and bd281 are a three bearing crank. Bd264 crank has smaller journals (I bought bearings for a 264 and they were smaller!!) ive had a few b250. 275. 414 614 and 634. We all used to curse their poor starting but once we discovered the excess fuel on the inline pumps and decent battery and glow plugs starting was never a problem ( if you happened to stop the engine on the 614 and someone walked past eating an ice cream you’d need to give it a bit of heat to start again.! Finally found it had broken top rings on three of the pistons). Over
  12. De yes. Definitely pull it and change the o ring. Check the groove is completely clean and make sure the o ring is lubed.
  13. If you have it at tdc with weights hanging at their lowest point that will work. I think the balancer rotates at twice engine speed. if you start breaking fuel lines and things start falling apart you’ll know you have it wrong! I have pulled engines apart where balancers are one or two teeth out. Corrected them and you wouldn’t notice the difference. Had a leyland tractor that would regularly fracture fuel lines and injector pipes. Balancer shaft had broken. Different machine once it was fixed.
  14. Hey all. Took the front diff out of my farmall 806 and the teeth are in bad shape. I guess it was run without oil for sometime. Although the bearings are in pretty good order. Does anyone know if that ring and pinion was used in trucks or other applications? I read that the pumpkin was made by Eaton? there are a few Coleman Howe axles for sale on the web. Would any of them use the same ring and pinion? (Think the ratio is 7.17:1). I’m going to run the front diff as it is for now but no idea how long it will last. The tractor won’t be doing any real hard work. Maybe some chain harrowing a
  15. That’s just an access/inspection hole. The missing cover is to keep dirt out. Not supposed to have fluid in that part clutch is supposed to be dry
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