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  1. I would put a support under the front of the transmission so it just takes a little of the weight. I also put a support under the oil pan I usually use timber to avoid bending the pan. Only need to support it. Not lift it.
  2. If it has no t/a you can pull start it. If it has a t/a then no.
  3. Welcome to the best forum! You could try Napa. Or see if you can cross reference the numbers on the net.
  4. Also Mercedes. MAN. And MTU. Liebherr as well I think.
  5. Does it have a loader on it? Did you check levels each time with loader and three point hutch in the same position?
  6. Hey mike. Try Engine fixUK. That’s where I got gaskets pistons and liners from. I think they will ship worldwide. Prices were reasonable as well. Neil is the best one to speak to. wish I still had my 634 county. There are three farms near me that have several different county models. All in a sorry state. I think the owners are hoping they are going to be worth a fortune but they are all sat outside rusting away. friend of mine looked at a county 1474 a few years ago for £20000. He turned it down as too expensive. He’s kicking himself now after that suction.
  7. Real nice job!! Looks better than new. Wish mine looked like that.
  8. My 806 used to do the same. Sometimes it would crank fast and start or it would crank then slow tight down. Cleaned all connections. Bigger ground cable as it was getting warm. New battery. Cleaned starter and new brushes. It made a difference but still not great. Went to tighten the solenoid connections and one of the threads stripped. Put a new solenoid on and all my starting problems vanished. Took the solenoid apart and the contacts were badly eroded.
  9. With the gear on you should’ve able to turn it by hand. There will be some resistance but it should turn smoothly.
  10. The 504 in my 2294 seems to be a decent motor. Always starts easily. Lugs pretty well and doesn’t use any oil. Guy I bought it from has had several over the years. Always seemed to give him good service. Couple were getting up to 14000hrs. Think he had one liner go porous but he wasn’t very hot on his maintenance. He certainly had power shift problems but all seemed to be down to dirty oil and lack of filter changes.
  11. Hi Jim. You have sent it to the wrong Andy! Afraid I wasn’t involved in that project. Would have been interesting though. Andy.
  12. Front wheel assist option made by roadless traction. (Not my tractor. Mine isn’t as tidy!) hi
  13. They aren’t that common in the Uk Don’t think they were made in big numbers. rice farming? There’s an idea. Will need to be a bit wetter though.
  14. Yes I would but I need to find a replacement first. Not had much luck yet.
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