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  1. Anyone here win that 656???
  2. I posted this one in a thread a while back for those who haven't seen it.
  3. Hello Tom i trust all is well with you and your family. I can only hope you dried up enough so you could plant. It is dry-dry dry here in Texas. so dry that a tropical storm came ashore and disapated as soon as it hit land 40 miles south of Corpus christi the mositure was sucked up by the dry ground. This was according to the weather channel.

    God bless

    Gary Cartwright

  4. Tom, I have a 1456 coming from IA and I am looking for a place in Northern IN that I could have it dropped and I could pick it up this weekend. Wondering if you would help me out? I was going to meet the guy off I80 tomorrow but I don't think I can get off work. Thanks! Brad Twiss. Work #231-767-7471 Cell # 231-286-9594

  5. Tom whatis the different between a Hydro and a standard gear driven tractor. I hope this doesnt sound too dumb but I have recently purchased a 72 model 1066 which has a low high range with 4 selectable gears in low, high or reverse like m 856. But the 1066 does have a T/A. The 1066 is lots more tractor than the 856. Please advise

    Thanks Gary C.

  6. Great topic! I hope people keep contributing to this. If you can find a copy of A Corporate Tragedy, I recommend it, very good read. Keep the posts coming!
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