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Found 2 results

  1. It has been a few years since I have updated you guys on the 1206 serial list and to be honest I haven’t been too active with it since my son’s accident back in 2008. So, I will give credit where credit is do to Red Reaper for carrying the torch and keeping things going. He has recently sent me his most updated list and I have spent some time sort through and drill into some detail. After breaking down the tractors in each state I have to think there are many more tractors out there that could go on the list. There are probably some who don’t want their tractor on the list and if you don’t I want to assure you that over the years Kristin and I have been very careful in respecting people’s privacy by not publishing the list and sharing owners information. Matter of fact on many we don’t have names let alone phone numbers. It’s nice to have that information but if you don’t want to give that up, a town and state is good enough. Also this list was started back in about 2001 and I’m sure some of our serial numbers are out of date with all of the 1206 activity over the years. Hope you guys enjoy update. This is only an update for the FARMALL list at this point. The list has 1494 tractors. Sets of sequenced numbers is 175 3 numbers in a row is 35 More than 3 numbers in a row is 9 The most in a row is 4 One number apart is 53 The most interesting number grouping is 7785 7786 7787 Missing 7789 7790 7791 7792 Sure would be cool to have 7788 in that bunch and have all 8 lined up at RPRU. Here is a breakdown per each thousand. 7000= 121 8000 = 211 9000= 172 10000= 173 11000= 165 12000=165 13000= 150 14000= 173 15000=164 There are 5 of the preproduction 500 numbers. Listings by state: AR=22 AL=1 AZ=1 CA=2 CO=8 DE=1 FL=1 GA=3 IA=248 ID=2 IL=166 IN=116 KS=28 KY=20 LA=2 MA=1 MD=3 ME=1 MI=94 MN=110 MO=157 MS=12 MT=1 NC=7 ND=8 NE=68 NJ=2, NM=1 NV=1 NY=30 OH=63 OK=4 OR=3 PA=28 SC=3 SD=24 TN=15 TX=26 VA=8 VT=2 WA=11 WI=113 WY=1 State not available= 54 Country: Netherlands= 3, UK=1, CAN= 23
  2. New Holland tv-145 Bidirectional. Having issues with shift solenoid getting the proper voltage. Sent the dash computer to ag express they said not repairable. Found the only new dash eic available in new Hollands dealer network. $3,000 plus shipping. Got dash today and it has 2,466 hours on it and doesn't supply the shift coil with the proper voltage. I'm have no ideas where to continue. So I'm wondering if anyone could help me. I do have the service manual. All 2,000 pages. I've identified lots of things and have traced it to the eic not putting out the proper voltage to shift coil. In the attached picture it shows the volts and amps for the 3 ranges. How can I make something to supply the right volts and amps? Im at a loss. The max speed I can get out of it is 6.1 mph with the old eic dash. The "new" one will not shift it out of range 1.
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