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  1. dieselman

    1450 diesel conversion

    thanks rainman, this will help lots, still in the planning stages.
  2. dieselman

    1450 diesel conversion

    yes please and thanks.
  3. dieselman

    1450 diesel conversion

    just starting on putting a 2cyl perkins diesel in my 1450, will need a rad for this anyone have any ideas? rad will be placed behind the grill, have lots of room to move the rad back and forth. would a rad from a 782 work? looking for ideas. will post pics soon thanks.......dieselman.
  4. dieselman

    71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    we only used the discer for seeding never for tillage, always used a cultivator another lesson learned from the thirtys
  5. dieselman

    71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    we did learn from the dust storms and with true direct seeding that problem is gone but now with every acre being seeded we have a new problem, prairie fires. had a bad wind storm in october this past year winds over 60 mph, had a fire start 11 miles southeast of me and within 20 minutes it was within two miles, thankfully we got it stopped only burned one vacant old yard site, all this at 2 in the morning. now realize we need better fire gaurds.
  6. dieselman

    71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    i liked the smell of the fresh turned soil and how black the soil was when turned, the whole field looked cool after it was seeded. we used to put granular avadex down in the fall for cereal grains to control wild oats and granular treflan for oil seeds to control wild millet and some wild oat control, would rent barber spreaders from the elevator, what junk those were then we mounted gandy boxes on our deep tillage, much better.
  7. dieselman

    71 Years Ago, Up Near Lethbridge, Alberta

    us guys that used disckers were some of the original direct seeders, have ih 300 discers, grew some mighty fine crops with those and seemed to be a lot less stress involved.only problem was the small fertilizer attachment but it was doable. rough fields was a problem but if you worked at them you could level them pretty good. used to go around the field one way one year then do a backwards cut the next.
  8. dieselman

    More snow!

    another 5 inches last night here and still snowing, hopefully can push it with the truck, road is blocked glad this hit now not in october.
  9. dieselman

    More snow!

    got about 15 inches of heavy we t stuff, hard to blow
  10. dieselman

    More snow!

  11. dieselman

    Guess ill spend the night in town....

    had no snow all winter here that is until yesterday, have about a foot on the ground and more coming today, haven't started my tractor all winter got it plugged in now but the temp is right around 32 degrees so it is going to be tough to blow it without plugging up.
  12. dieselman

    block heater fire

    neigbor of mine lost his 986 with loader and new bale shreader attached, he built a wind break out of bales, theblock heater dhorted out and it all went luck was with him it burned up to his shop and jd 644c and went out. about a month before i did a complete clutch job on it including i shaft brgs and seals and new flywheel and external linkages as well as new rear tires. he had good insurance but lost a real good tractor. i do not like to leave things plugged in in the shed or shop but in this climate it is a must.
  13. dieselman


    its an 1105 with the twin transplant, got it out of a snow bak and haven't had time to check it out yet, thanks for the reply
  14. dieselman


    hi guys, picked up a 1105 with a 16 hp briggs twin in it, how much of this tractor is cub cadet and how much ccc? motor turns over by hand and have not had a chance to work on it yet. any info is appreciated.......dieselman.
  15. dieselman

    Mel Tillis

    saw him in regina sask.last year, great showman and awesome band, these legends are almost all gone, sad day for true country music fans, loved his song burning ,memorys that he wrote for ray price and then he recorded it, went gold for both men.