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  1. as far as newer movies i liked fury
  2. dieselman

    last one

    well finally got to the super m over winter, pulled the hood and grill only to find the rad had shifted or got pulled ahead a little and the original top rad hose slid off the inlet of the rad, new hose and some tinkering with the rad and the leak was solved. next the starter, took it apart and cleaned it, undercut the armature and some new bushing and battery cables and it starts fine now, had to do seat bushings, tappet cover gasket and the manifolds of my parts w6 and she runs mint, the intake runner from the carb is slightly smaller in diameter but the old girl will never pull hard again. had to put some new internal thread valve stems in it to stop fluid leakage on the rears and a new tube in one front tire, the belly pump seems to work ok although i know they are a low pressure system, now have a leak under the belt pulley and pto output shaft seal, also did the left side foot brake, got all my parts from steiner and they all fit perfect and work great. straighened the hood and grill out , changed the fluid greased every thing and it works awesome, also had to pull the clutch pedal and rebuild the inside back to original id and touched up the brake lever cross shaft. tractor has awesome oil pressure and a good thermostat as it warms up to the bottom of green on the temp gauge, now the dilema do i strip it down and paint or leave it, sure it has never been shedded its whole life.
  3. i have a super m gas with a starter from a 450 diesel on it which is 12 volt and the matching generator, works awesome had to put a 12 volt coil and lights on it and a push button starter switch.
  4. also have 67 656 with fluid from day one, rims are like new, also have factory weights on the rear outside and weights from a fordson major on the inside, removed the loader and will be removing the fluid to get the weight down for transporting
  5. dieselman

    chevy k2500

    tbi is very low pressure, the vortec engines starting 96 use a form of multi port and require higher fuel pressure, have had to replace a few pumps in these if they were at 50 psi, once running they will start all day but left to sit overnight they will not light off
  6. dieselman

    chevy k2500

    low fuel pressure, needs to have about 60psi for cold start
  7. likely out of oil or the seal that goes over the shift fork has ruptured and allowed gear oil into the motor case. easily rebuild able.
  8. don't know if you guys know who invented the bag pipes but it is of german decent, they were very frustrated with the instrument so they threw it on the manure pile, a Scotsman found it and they have been blowing the crap out of them ever since.
  9. dieselman


    just did a 966 for a customer, first time in all these years i cut one of those rings, now i stock an extra set, should never say never i guess.
  10. up here we used them to control engine temperature in cold weather or it would never warm up mostly on the diesels, my sw6-ta diesel has them on it so does my daughters c but it is a thermo- syphon sytem so they are used to regulate temp on that engine also.
  11. yes ralph they are a really good tractor, every thing built has a breaking point us included. we have lots of deere tractors in this area and they have been awesome to their owners.
  12. not sure if they are called a spindle but you have to remove the planetaries and housing plus the stub the planetary housing rides on, not to bad of a job, think they break because of overloading (two bales at once). when they quit they have a old 706 that gets pressed into duty until the repair is done and i have yet to replace a spindle on it.
  13. front hubs mount to a spindle held to the axle by upper and lower tapered roller brearings, have changed four of them, usually break at the tie rod eye, jd is very expensive but there are jobbers making them now thinking about 1400.00 each. yes these units are used on large cattle operations.
  14. we have a couple in our area, they are getting high hours on them but have had many problems, clutch, wiring, a/c, oil leaks and had both of them snap many front spindles from carrying large round bales, these are a Mannheim built tractor i don't think they are heavy enough for what our guys do to them.
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