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  1. dieselman


    well as i suspected the balancing gears let go and broke the block and cracked the oil pan, my 16 hp has a larger diameter crankshaft on the pto side so my electric clutch or the standard clutch won't fit, oil pan would have swapped over but the flywheel is also larger, i guess i will be looking for another engine.
  2. dieselman


    well time to start another project, picked up a 129 with tiller and mower, has been sitting for years with a rod out the side of the block, i have a 16 hp kohler i want to put into it, can i use the electric clutch off a 1450 and i also got a QA42A blower given to me, wil it fit on the 129? thanks
  3. hi ralph, i do lots of work on all makes of old trucks with the eaton 2 speed, there are new complete assemblies available that use a circuit board instead of the limit switches, i get mine from westrans in regina, not cheap but it keeps these older trucks rolling.
  4. most wrecking yards here in western canada would have all you need, not sure if your 7 speed is direct drive in seventh or over drive. i think if your going for that major of a change might as well put a thirteen speed over drive in.
  5. 2 speed usually reduces the ratio when in low range, not sure if you need more torque or more speed, hope this helps....dieselman.
  6. very good friend and neighbor called and asked if i wanted to buy his 1256, i said of course, has not run in many years but was in a shed, went over today with batteries, coolant and other stuff, starter is dragging bad but with a sniff of starting fluid it took off, drove it home 2.5 miles, runs like a champ, t/a works as it should. it has many oil leaks and poor tires. went back to pay him as we didn't talk about the price, he only wanted 500.00 dollars for it, i tried to pay him more but that is all he would take and included another 1256 with a blown engine that has around 100 hours on rebuilt t/a and trans and diff. i am so blessed with great friends.
  7. have had a-fib for 10 years and who knows how long before i was diagnosed, still put in long days until i turned 65 and said i was going to slow down, well seems my shop is still busy even though i tell customers no, but after being in business for 40 years and having loyal customers i find it hard to say no, but i am pushing 67 my stamina is slipping and i have some upper body strength which makes me mad i can't lift what i used to. so my customers know i am not as fast as i used to be and are very patient. not many young guys do carb work so the old guys are still in demand. frankly i am scared to quit as it seems that guys who quit altogether don't live long around here. now i only work a max of 5 hours a day and enjoy sitting with the my wife chatting and watch all the nature around us, when you are busy making a living and raising a family a lot of that gets over looked. i guess my thinking is it is time to enjoy the simple things in life, sorry for the long story....dieselman.
  8. dieselman


    we have many deutz farm tractors in our area they are all high hour machines some over 10,000, only problem has been in the transmissions but the engines are super tough.
  9. dieselman


    bought several fuel tanks at auction, this one fit the best, that deutz sounds interesting no rad problems to deal with.
  10. dieselman


    all the hoses are 7/8 heater hose and the metal pipes were on the engine, just had to heat and bend them to the shape i needed. the fan is from an old Polaris quad and i made my own mounts, took a bit of measuring and bending of the mounts in a vice to get it mounted how i wanted it. used that style of fan because of the low amp draw as my alternator is only 27 amps, worked very well. used for about an hour and a half pulling 2 diamond type harrows to help dry my yard out and it ran a constant 185 degrees which is thermostat opening temp on that engine. filled with fuel before and after at it used about a quart of diesel. i am having so much fun with it it almost feels illegal, haha.....dieselman.
  11. dieselman


    well it is all done and works awesome, got the cooling fan installed today, drove it around the yard and pulled a dead quad to the shop.
  12. dieselman


    finally found a fuel tank to fit, had to make new mount brackets, install the electric fuel pump in the steering tower and plumb it all, drilled and tapped a return line fitting into the plastic tank and made a new latch for the hood. now to make new battery cables and find a high cranking amp battery that will fit under the seat and finally get a cooling fan for it then its time to see if it will drive. also have new front tires to put on.
  13. dieselman


    i had a blast doing it, everything is one off not store bought parts got to use some geometry and math i haven't used for a while, having the complete apu helped as i got use the original voltage regulator etc, pust a new set of gauges in the dash, had to find the wiring diagram from rigmaster to figure out alternator wiring but everything else was not to bad, just an old man doing something out of the ordinary.
  14. dieselman


    no has to be installed with water pump side of the engine facing the hydro for the proper rotation, was a bit tricky making an adapter for the front pulley on the crankshaft
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