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  1. trucker1

    TD 6 compression release lever

    Just to add on a little, I dug out one of spare clutches and looked at it and there is a ridge on the inside that centers it on the flywheel before it is bolted on. 3/16 high, so the clutch has to be pried back off the flywheel before lifting the assembly out. My clutches are off T9s and TD9s but a 6 would be the same, just a little smaller. I am sure the mouse crap is holding it on. George
  2. trucker1

    TD 6 compression release lever

    Service manual says there are 6 bolts that hold the clutch to the flywheel, so I think you have all of those out. But you have to have the clutch engaged, like the handle was pulled back. That gives you the extra room to get the assembly out. Don't feel bad if you didn't do it, most people don't realize it and play with them for a couple of days before someone tells them. Get a couple pry bars and pry between the ears of the coupling and it should snap in, but be careful to NOT snap off the ears. Or put the bolts back in and pry between the coupling and the throw out bearing. Only snaps ahead about 1/4 inch, but the whole assembly will come out then. Clutch is probably just rusted to the flywheel too. George
  3. trucker1

    TD6 Clutch replacement

    I have done them on 9s, so I think a 6 would be the same. Clutch and pressure plate will come out the top, but the flywheel will not unless you grind some access notches in the chassis housing. Myself, I would opt to take the engine out, a lot easier to get the flywheel off. The ring gear can be taken off the flywheel and turned around. AND you can change out the rear main seal at the same time. They are prone to leaking when they get old. If you do take the engine out, get a chassis service manual if you do not have one now. And before you can pull the engine forward, you have to drop the big spring or cross over bar from the bottom of the flywheel housing, so you can jack the main frame up and the adapter plate on the back of the engine will clear it. George
  4. trucker1

    Oil Filter Conversion

    My old wix catalog lists 2 different filters, for the TD14A with a D461 engine. Serial numbers 33815 to 38237 uses Wix 51146. Serial numbers 38238 to 39300 use Wix 51149. It does not list the IH filter you were trying to cross over. Hope this helps. George
  5. trucker1

    TD-6 61 series details

    Engine service manual says the 281 was used from chassis number 39974 up. George
  6. trucker1

    1951 TD6 Fuel Filter Issue !!

    I've got a couple of number for you to try. Aux Fuel Oil Filter Sleeve # 271320R1, and then they list a field service package for all tractors from 501 to 50049. Aux Fuel Oil Filter Field Service package # 271322R91. This was a factory upgrade for all tractors to use the newest canister filters. It includes The sleeve for the bottom of the filter. I doubt if you can find the Field Service Package but you should be able to find someone with the sleeve adapter. I remembered I had a spare filter base so I looked, hoping it had the filters still in it, but it does not, but the Aux does have the bigger hole like yours. Number on the casting, behind the filters is 9310DA Hope this gets you headed in the right direction. George
  7. trucker1

    1951 TD6 Fuel Filter Issue !!

    Bigiron, can you give us your serial number. They list about 4 different numbers for the auxiliary filter, the first was the spiral wound one, and then they went to the canister style, the same as the final filter. but they also had a adapter plate that will make the new style canister filter fit the original style base. I ran into that with one of my TD9s, which use the same fuel filter numbers. If the filter you took out was a canister style, and fit good, look at the bottom of the old filter for this adapter plate. It is just a sheet steel cup that fits on the filter base. Pry it off the old filter and put it on the new one after you wash it off first. George
  8. trucker1

    Diesel in oil - TD15 151

    Good that you found the problem and hopefully it didn't cause any other damage. I was thinking that the primary pump was not pumping, but being it was a new pump, I didn't want to say it out loud. Good that they are standing behind it and sending you the parts. George
  9. trucker1

    Diesel in oil - TD15 151

    Fuel will fill the aux filter by gravity, it "may" fill the final filter by gravity but it has to work thru the pump before it gets there. Procedure is to vent the aux first, then start the engine on gas, open the vent on the final filter and the pump will pump the fuel to it. When you get fuel out of the top vent, close it and then crack the throttle and vent the injectors last. George
  10. It helps to let us know where you are located. someone could live just up the street from you, you never know. George
  11. trucker1

    TD9 series B transmission issues

    I bought my service manuals from Binder Books. Very happy with them. George
  12. trucker1

    TD9 series B transmission issues

    I agree with Kevingweq, sure sounds like it is in two gears at once. just ordinary wrenches and sockets to get the top cover off. I will bet you will find a broken or badly bent fork that has slipped out of it's groove on the gear. George
  13. trucker1


    I found some more info on your PTO, it says to use the same kind of oil you use in the transmission, so lets say 80-90 gear oil for example. It take about 1 1/2 pints or whatever that would convert over to in liters if that is how you measure things. The fill plug is on the top, the level plug is on the lower right side and the drain plug is on the bottom. I can see the level plug in your first photo. Take that out, fill with gear oil at the top until it runs out that hole and put the plug back in. Run for a bit and then check the level again. I found all this info in my operator's manual. George
  14. trucker1


    That is a "reduced speed power take off, 535 RPM", listed as an attachment or special order by IH. I have no idea about what they take for oil or how much, but there is a shaft seal between the PTO and the transmission, so it must have it's own oil. The pipe pointing down in the third picture is listed as a "breather" and should be pointing up. Also, what series is your machine, TD9, TD91, or TD92. It might make a difference as to why the original owner put the pump on the back. George
  15. trucker1

    TD9 91 loss of Hydraulics

    Hey Hector, I just measured up a spare shaft that I have that I know came out of a TD9, but it has 14 teeth on the crank pulley end, outside diameter is 2 1/2, and the other end is the same 1 3/4 by 6 teeth. This shaft is from a pump for an BE blade, so different than the one the OP listed. and is only 10 inches long. Did you count the 11 tooth end right? as I think all of the crank pulley ends should have the same number of teeth. If it does have 14 teeth then I think yours is the one that he needs. George