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    featured on Ice Road Truckers as a guest for 2 seasons with the cats and sleighs plus the Screaming Ford 9000 semi. thansk

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  1. my computer can't find the pictures I took of the alternator conversion on the D6 9U I did in 2005 so I snapped a picture tonight in the dark. thansk
  2. also too busy running around thinking i'm making money by doing work for other people and not getting paid or having to wait for the money. 2019 I decided to slow down and do my projects and only work for people that pay. thansk
  3. thank you, it was all guess work. nice to finally have a charging system instead of plugging the cat in to start by charging up the batteries, lol . thansk
  4. in September I did both of my TD-18 cats with alternators which makes it nice for starting when you forgot to charge the batteries. https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/TD-18_IH_alternator_WEBPAGE.html thansk
  5. in 2011 I bought this td-18 known as Blaine now it has become a true winter freighting cat. https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/TD-18_INTERNATIONAL_BLAINE_WEBPAGE.html thansk
  6. it was a non stop day to get the td-18 known as Blaine back together before the weather turns nasty. I just welded the gas valve closed and buff it smooth and put the other green head on the back of the motor. that green head has a welded gas value from 2008 so I don't see a problem. in 2014, I upgraded the 12 volt starter so the cat really doesn't need the gas side of the engine to start. by 7pm the engine was up and running and by 8pm the hood was bolted on and done for the night. thansk
  7. my cup of coffee is always 1/2 full, i'm gald it broke in front of the shop before I bolted the hood and stump pan back on. working for a living has got me a few new toys but not much time on the internet. thansk
  8. thanks, I was locked out on this BB and with the new computer I was able to get unlocked. i'm thinking this new computer is more drama then the old one. they are making the internet a harder and harder place to enjoy. thansk
  9. I have been busy making a living not having fun like I used to do, lol thansk
  10. yesterday I started the TD-18 known as Blaine on gas then switched to diesel. as I was doing other things the engine started to sound funny. when I got back to the cat it was running out of control and I had a hard time shutting the motor down. once the engine was off I found gas pouring out of the intake manifold and even more when I popped the spark plugs out. turns out the gas did not shut off in the little carburetor when the levers are switched to diesel. the gas tank is about 2 gallon and mounted on the top of the rad which is higher then the intake manifold. basically the gas flowed in to the engine while running on diesel and got everything a little hot. by midnight last night I had popped the heads of to see the damage and the one gas valve was burn off and sitting on top of the piston. oh well thansk
  11. we enjoyed some nice weather this week and it only took 2 years of having the cat parked in from of the shop to finish the under carriage change over. then the head decided to put bubbles in the rad so we did a head change out too. once that was down we dragged the heavy sloop from the front of the Kingdom to the back where the loading ramp is. it was a good week of having fun. thansk
  12. it is a 1982 IH paystar 5000 which was speced for military use. it is one tough truck but does not look military. only problem is that it has not snowed enough to plow since January 12 2019 which is a minor detail on making money with the truck. thansk
  13. yes I added some new steel strips to tighten up the idler slide. the cat went on a 40 mile round trip with no problems. i'm having computer and internet troubles plus I was finally able to sign in here on red power. it is never ending with computers. oh well thansk
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