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    featured on Ice Road Truckers as a guest for 2 seasons with the cats and sleighs plus the Screaming Ford 9000 semi. thansk

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  1. yes that is true, i really don't have many memories of the first wife because i was buying cats, the Red Crane and the Famous Black Cat at the time. she hated everything i did but like my money to get a bachlour of religion and masters in teaching. if one person emails or messages me for dressing Naughty Natalie in the back of my 37 Dodge in the story The Weekend i will lose it. that is not what the story is about, lol thansk
  2. the alexander read is now my 5th book My Wasted Youth. it is still raining so i'm working on the the 6th book which is turning 18 years old with Naughty Natalie and driving the 37 Dodge all over. since these storys are before i became famous as the King Of Obsolete i can push the boundries with the outfits Naughty Natalie can wear. these book we be around the $12.95 since there are no pictures because the first ex-wife destoried everything, lol thansk
  3. just posting a few pictures for a couple Kingdom Followers to understand the filters on the TD-18 cats. plus it was another rain day yesterday in the Kingdom so i wrote another story of growing up in Alexander Manitoba. yes i'll never forget her eyes and smile till the day i die. thansk https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/Chicken_Fun_Alexander_MB_WEBPAGE.html
  4. close up of the sleigh skis. thansk
  5. more details on the Lombard Cross Pole Sleighs https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/Lombard_winter_freighting_sleighs_WEBPAGE.html thansk
  6. excellent thread this has become. here are the Lombard Cross Pole Sleigh being pulled by the Linn Tractors. thansk
  7. I use lots of never seize on the bottom pivot so it is well lubed. put the deck plate on and lots of never seize on the steering fork and the bushing. it is when you hook up the fork to the steering clutch lever is when you need everything in the right places. the trick is to use channel lock pilers and hold the steering fork tight against the bearing as you figure out where the arm goes on that joins the linkage to the levers. also the fibre horse hair seal will be gone in the bushing so stack old O-rings up and when you push the little arm down till the bolt goes through this will seal the O
  8. in 2017 I bought an AG cat which had a blown left final drive. running short on td-6 final drive parts I put what I had in and got the cat up and going. now it is a real pain in the bum because you are always pulling the steering clutch to keep straight. this is not good when the cat is used in the winter for snow plowing. this summer I hop to take both final drives apart and count the teeth. thansk
  9. since the Kingdom was a borrow pit and there are piles of rock shoved every where including the front driveway. there was never a problem with the big mound of dirt and rocks until I bought Thor the plow truck. no matter how hard you try the wing seems to find the rock pile and it was decided to move the pile today. the dirt and rocks were used for back fill in other places in the Kingdom so it was the 39 chevy and the green forklift known as the Rut Maker doing the hauling. plus we did a little toothpick tree logging too and if there was more trees I would have to buy a TD-14 for logging sinc
  10. if you work hard and don't say "I Do" then you can have fun toys too. the beer flu lock down as me finishing a lot of projects I started which is nice. thansk
  11. yes the Green Toy is great fun to have around the Kingdom and i'm getting a lot of project finished with the beer flu lock down. I even raked the grass yesterday but used the Hoe, lol. thansk
  12. it only took 10 years to whip up this Skinny Ski Sleigh and of course to wish the sleigh best in it's life as a winter freighting sleigh we did the first pull with a TD-18 which is the biggest winter freighting cat back in the day. now if we used a non-winter freight TD-14 cat, the sleigh would still be 1/2 on the Sleigh Table because the td-14s were not sleigh pullers, lol. thansk
  13. yes keep us posted. just working a my 10th set of all steel sleighs in 22 years of building. thansk
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