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    featured on Ice Road Truckers as a guest for 2 seasons with the cats and sleighs plus the Screaming Ford 9000 semi. thansk

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  1. yes now that is a load of wood but not from around here because those are not toothpick trees, lol. thansk
  2. yes a lot of impressive equipment to salvage the cat. both my d6 cats were under water for 3 years. they will have that td-24 up and running no problem. thansk
  3. those are not tooth pick that we have up here so it was not me, lol. thansk
  4. in 2014 we took the Famous Black Cat swimming again. oh well thansk
  5. I just drank my sorrows away, lol thansk
  6. yes merry xmas and happy new years. so busy Mermaid Hunting I totally forgot about the holidays. thansk
  7. just change the head and if you do change out the pumps the injector lines might have different size nuts on them. thansk
  8. cheer up captain crunch, it took me 23 years to make the deal on the ford truck, 40 years of storage in 84 feet of water, low miles and all fluid are topped off. thansk
  9. had to fire up the 1983 IH paystar 5000 known as Thor the plow truck to do a little plowing at -30c but feels like -38c. it has Dual snow plows, lol thansk
  10. maybe she can send me some chocolates, cheese whiz is plenty in stock. I have a package here for a year of KoO goodies for you just didn't know which address to send them too. email me your address and when the money tree blossoms i'll mail them down to you. also we are getting older so our minds will be forgetful so we can chat about the same stuff each day thinking it is a new conversation, lol. thansk
  11. well captain crunch make sure your Dual speakers are cranked up to hear the Linn Tractor with the single stack preforming well during test filming we did yesterday. thansk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpgn3fuV-No
  12. is this your request captain crunch. the flex track of the linn tractor made in morris new York. i'm also a big time logger with tooth pick trees, lol. https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/Linn_Tractor_logging_sleighs_WEBPAGE.html thansk
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