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    KINGDOM Lynn Lake Mb Canada
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    featured on Ice Road Truckers as a guest for 2 seasons with the cats and sleighs plus the Screaming Ford 9000 semi. thansk

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  1. yes the town of sherridon was moved to lynn lake in 1949-53 all by cat, linn tractors and sleighs. fun times. thansk
  2. hardtail is correct on quick visit to a rad shop. the ih light is on the track pad but the shake apart. for the Twins (2 td-9 winter freight cats) i mounted a simple rubber tractor light inside then put the glass lens back on with the steel mesh guard. works good and look like original IH too. thansk
  3. close up of the sleigh skis. thansk
  4. more details on the Lombard Cross Pole Sleighs https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/Lombard_winter_freighting_sleighs_WEBPAGE.html thansk
  5. excellent thread this has become. here are the Lombard Cross Pole Sleigh being pulled by the Linn Tractors. thansk
  6. since the Kingdom was a borrow pit and there are piles of rock shoved every where including the front driveway. there was never a problem with the big mound of dirt and rocks until I bought Thor the plow truck. no matter how hard you try the wing seems to find the rock pile and it was decided to move the pile today. the dirt and rocks were used for back fill in other places in the Kingdom so it was the 39 chevy and the green forklift known as the Rut Maker doing the hauling. plus we did a little toothpick tree logging too and if there was more trees I would have to buy a TD-14 for logging since they are not winter freighting cats, lol. thansk
  7. looks good because they are all paid for too. thansk
  8. I think every year it is getting harder and harder to work in the bush because nothing is freezing. keep us posted. thansk
  9. we worked the Kommunist Kat yesterday pretty hard with all the snow. more on this on my website that I got control of after being locked down for 15 months. http://kingofobsolete.ca/Winter_Drill_Roads6_WEBPAGE.html thansk
  10. oh my, we live in different world, never played with my cats all summer now I have 2 in the shop getting ready to go to work. the td-6 known as Kommunist Kat fired right up sitting out side at -18c with only having the block heater plugged in for 3 hours. thansk
  11. also on your new switch, you can buy the little rubber boot to fit over it so the rain does not get in. KoO
  12. the thermostats are easy, I just order 6 more from rock auto to be shipped to the end of the world where I live. stant 13436 I did 5 thermos today KoO
  13. bean away for yonks and lost cat forun adress and as you have or had cats you will know the login that i nead or will i nead to contact captain crunch to get a sencencible answer ha ha

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