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    featured on Ice Road Truckers as a guest for 2 seasons with the cats and sleighs plus the Screaming Ford 9000 semi. thansk

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  1. maybe she can send me some chocolates, cheese whiz is plenty in stock. I have a package here for a year of KoO goodies for you just didn't know which address to send them too. email me your address and when the money tree blossoms i'll mail them down to you. also we are getting older so our minds will be forgetful so we can chat about the same stuff each day thinking it is a new conversation, lol. thansk
  2. well captain crunch make sure your Dual speakers are cranked up to hear the Linn Tractor with the single stack preforming well during test filming we did yesterday. thansk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpgn3fuV-No
  3. is this your request captain crunch. the flex track of the linn tractor made in morris new York. i'm also a big time logger with tooth pick trees, lol. https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/Linn_Tractor_logging_sleighs_WEBPAGE.html thansk
  4. well it is official after 20 years of Dual exhaust on the Linn Tractor he is now a single stacker. exhaust fog looks good at -26c. thansk
  5. the cat is famous because captain crunch is the one who decided we leave the British BB and come back to America to talk IH crawlers. back in 2003 there was nothing on IH crawlers any where on the internet. it was tough times for us trying to get info and knowledge on these machines. if Thirsty was in the Kingdom then people around the world can see the cat that made single stacks cool, lol thansk
  6. not sure about that captain crunch, once the TD-14 named Thirsty arrives in the Kingdom we will see how much he really smokes, lol thansk
  7. on the td-9 known as the Twin both pumps didn't work but gave a great smoke show in the 4 hours of fun we had. when I went to get the engines going both had stuck racks and plungers. I free them up enough to run to get the 2 stroke oil through the pumps and to see if the engine were worth getting running. I lucked out with both engines in good shape so I took the pumps apart and cleaned up the plungers and racks. the Kleen Flow carb cleaner when sparyed on the pump parts works good because it has a lube where as the Kleen flow brake clean just drys everything out when clean. pay special attention when the plunger comes out of the housing. 50% it might be assemble wrong. thansk
  8. not many people on the BB have the bosch pumps. on my td-6 known as 920, I removed the bosch and put on the IH pump because it is common. did you ask on the tractor side of the BBs?? thansk
  9. well after 20 years the linn tractor is now a single stacker because the Dual exhaust will not look good for filming. now with both linn tractors have the exhaust stack in the original place there will be confusion like father's day here in WHO-ville, lol. thansk
  10. yes and I learned more and became smarter. I said I would do everything I possible can in the Kingdom. I sent too many things south and paid people to screw them up. I can do that here, lol thansk
  11. here is a little video of one of the Twins known as Free Fall running smoke-less and pulling a drag. the headlights worked excellent in the cat train trails around the Kingdom. thansk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkj0LXDy3qk
  12. sent again with the new email address. the other one didn't come back so it is lost for ever on the internet. thansk
  13. my cats become men when they get their cable tail which is wrapped up on the tail pole. very handy to have. thansk
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