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    KINGDOM Lynn Lake Mb Canada
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    featured on Ice Road Truckers as a guest for 2 seasons with the cats and sleighs plus the Screaming Ford 9000 semi. thansk

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  1. yes the town of sherridon was moved to lynn lake in 1949-53 all by cat, linn tractors and sleighs. fun times. thansk
  2. little video from last April 2020 thansk TD 18 Pulling Little Hill King of Obsolete - YouTube
  3. 5th book -- 8 years old in a farm town having fun and living at the age of 17 years old because mother was not happy with a lady friend staying the night in my bedroom in the pink house My Wasted Youth Alexander MB Book (kingofobsolete.ca) 6th book -- turning 18 years old and traveling in my 37 Dodge hot rod truck to golden BC to minot ND in the summer of fun. i trusted Naughty Natalie with my life and she trusted me because the 37 Dodge got speeding tickets of 145mph. Love is Trust Book King of Obsolete 7th book is the continuation of the 6th book but add Liz to the fun in the 37 Dodge. the story is about Liz's failing military marriage and the fun times we had in western Canada plus a few plane crashes. Dominatrix School Book King of Obsolete these books are written for the ladies in Europe to read and enjoy with a lot of history and things explained what 1985 was really like 35 years ago. also too this is when i started buy cats to have fun with too. thansk
  4. those are part of the King of Obsolete stories of moving to the end of the world to freeze to death and can not be released yet. the new books 5-6-7 are written when i lived in the south and was 18 years old enjoying fast hot rod trucks, fast times and faster women, lol. thansk
  5. nobody has a cold or flu anymore, it is all big drama. lots of business will go bankrupt and the gov cut back are unreal right now. going to be warm all week here so not sure what winter we will have. thansk
  6. we have no flu or cold up here and no covid, more people dieing because of the free money the gov gives them and they just party. i shake my head on this scam. thansk
  7. even at the end of the world we are locked down with covid 19. oh well write my books about my wasted youth. thansk
  8. we had the Famous Black Cat out yesterday for a spin pulling the drag. once the cat train trails get packed down then the Linn Tractors can come out for some fun. thansk
  9. hardtail is correct on quick visit to a rad shop. the ih light is on the track pad but the shake apart. for the Twins (2 td-9 winter freight cats) i mounted a simple rubber tractor light inside then put the glass lens back on with the steel mesh guard. works good and look like original IH too. thansk
  10. yes that is true, i really don't have many memories of the first wife because i was buying cats, the Red Crane and the Famous Black Cat at the time. she hated everything i did but like my money to get a bachlour of religion and masters in teaching. if one person emails or messages me for dressing Naughty Natalie in the back of my 37 Dodge in the story The Weekend i will lose it. that is not what the story is about, lol thansk
  11. the alexander read is now my 5th book My Wasted Youth. it is still raining so i'm working on the the 6th book which is turning 18 years old with Naughty Natalie and driving the 37 Dodge all over. since these storys are before i became famous as the King Of Obsolete i can push the boundries with the outfits Naughty Natalie can wear. these book we be around the $12.95 since there are no pictures because the first ex-wife destoried everything, lol thansk
  12. just posting a few pictures for a couple Kingdom Followers to understand the filters on the TD-18 cats. plus it was another rain day yesterday in the Kingdom so i wrote another story of growing up in Alexander Manitoba. yes i'll never forget her eyes and smile till the day i die. thansk https://www.kingofobsolete.ca/Chicken_Fun_Alexander_MB_WEBPAGE.html
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